Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts FRIDAY!!

- I know, I know...I've been a bad blogger. I can't believe my last post was over a month ago. I'm so sorry blog fam - I'll try to do better. But a blogger's been busy!

- Thanks for checking out my articles on though - you all are awesome and the support means so much!

- The boo is making breakfast and I'm off on a Friday. Don't get no betta!

- I'm in the playoffs in Fantasy Football - but my luck may be running out. Should have put Jackson or Williams in instead of J. Maclin. Oh well.

- That probably made no sense to anyone but Rameer :-)

- Shonda Rhimes is a beast!

- I have a lot of holiday shopping to do, so I can't be lazy today. I have a lot of writing to do not sure how I'm gonna get all of this done. Today - write. Weekend - shop.

- Also going to check out my Godson Lee in his performance of The Nutcracker. Should be great!

- Just found out a friend of mine is preggers! Yay! Babies on the brain!

- Not my brain....right now anyway....

-  What to write about today?

- I want a house.

- Time to put up the Christmas tree too...I'm all late.

- What were the highlights of your 2012?


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been MIA - but I'm baaaack!!!

- PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! That never gets old.

- Between Hurricane Sandy and this Nor'easter - I'm done. Mother Nature....please relax for a lil bit.
- I've been watching Living Single and Martin marathons lately. I miss the 90's.

- I LOVE that the heat is on blast in my office. People keep coming in complaining about how hot it is. THEN LEAVE. I have work to do anyway.

- I think I'm dehydrated.

- One more week left til the end of the Biggest Loser competition at work. Watch my smoke!

- Then watch me Thanksgiving that is :-) Can't believe how fast the year is going by.

- Any ideas for me for my articles on Madame Noire?

- My sister got me hooked on this Swiped Gems game. Been playing it like crazy on my iPad. Even almost missed my stop on the train!

- Where can one find gas in Queens? This ish is ridiculous.

- Forgot to take my vitamins. I'm tired.

- I'm slipping in Fantasy Football...leaving all my damn points on the bench. Dammit!

- So...the Game says that women would fair better if we lived in a polygamist society because all men cheat - so if they went into a relationship assuming/knowing this, all would be right with the world. He also said, however, that he would not stay with a woman who cheated on him. What say you about this fuckery?



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I have writer's block like a mugg! Thanks to everyone who is helping me come up with ideas for articles - and keep 'em coming!

- Talk about chilly! I actually wore gloves this morning!

- Losing weight is so much harder this time around for the Biggest Loser competition at work. I damn near have to drink my food in order to see any results - but if that's what I must do, then I WILL!!

- Does anyone really care that Chris Breezy and Rihanna are "friends" again? Is anyone really surprised?

Subway pet peeves:

- First, I get on the train and sit down...and there's a seat in between another woman and me, which had a newspaper resting on it. Some strange dude gets on at the next stop and works his way to the empty seat between us. He looks at ME, not her, and points to the newspaper. I assumed he was asking me if it belonged to me, so I said to him, "No, it's not mine." He has the NERVE to say, "Well, can you move it?" I promptly replied, "Can YOU?" He then looked at me like I shot his dog and walked away.

Who do I look like...Kizzy?

- Next up...the big booty woman.

I know how wide I am, which is why I don't try to squeeze into seats between folks knowing I can't fit. After the newspaper dude walks away, another woman comes over, moves the paper, and then practically sits on my lap. Then she wiggled her booty into the seat after using me for leverage. And then she looks at me like I should move. Chile please. Not today...not today.

- If you are no longer a teenager, you should not wear sweatpants that have ANYTHING written across your ass - especially the word JUICY.

- I try to keep change on me every Friday, because every Friday I give the same guy some money for singing the same exact song...every Friday. He just makes me smile.

- Anyone watching the Vice Presidential debates tonight?

- Why is it only 51 degrees at lunch time? Brrrrr! It's nice and sunny though, so that helps.

- A woman who's been dying to pitch her TV show idea to me sent me a bottle of tequila as a way to get on my good side. First off, I don't drink tequila. But even more weird is that the bottle is in the shape of a skull. It's "Halloween Tequila." Creepy much?

- I also have a Duck Dynasty "Chia Willie" if anyone wants it. Didn't think so.

- Mitt Romney is all over the place. He doesn't know what he stands for.

- Barack better bring it next time!



Friday, October 5, 2012


So I was having a conversation with Miss Brittany - my colleague here at work - and I wanted to pose these questions of the day to the blog family. Let's start with this one: Do you feel that women are...or can be...more "sexually fluid" than men?

The question came about because we were discussing bisexuality. I told her that I didn't believe that men (or women really) were bisexual. I think that if a man gets aroused by another man, he's gay. Same for a woman. Now, I could be wrong...and since I'm neither gay or bisexual, it's quite possible I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Brittany feels that it's harder for men to be as sexually fluid as women can because of their position in the world - their conditioning to be "male" and "masculine" - and that because we as a society don't support masculinity within bisexuality as much as we support women and femininity within bisexuality, we're quicker to label a man as gay rather than giving him the freedom to be bisexual.

So what say you?

Do you believe that any person - male or female - can be bisexual? Only women? Or do you believe that you're either gay or straight and nothing in between?



Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Since Fury is MIA, I thought I'd come up with some TMI questions for my blog family to answer - if you're bold enough ;-) Don't be shy!

1. If you could pick something new for your partner to try when you have sex, what would it be?

2. Who is your girl/boy crush?

3. If you could only change one of these 2 things, which would it be: the time you have sex or the the place you have sex?

4. Do your friends think you have sex more or less than you actually do? If so, would you want to have sex more or less than you actually do?

5. What couple has the best relationship you've seen? What about their relationship appeals to you?

That should be enough to get your brains going today. Let's hear it!



Friday, September 28, 2012


So one of my besties sent this to me to present to the blog family. She calls these her "Point Blank" questions everyone should ask a potential mate when they start dating. I realize some of you are booed up already, but for those who aren't, let's hear your answers to these if asked by the person you just met. If you have any you'd like to add, feel free (and print out and give to a potential new boo...or an old boo if he/she ain't acting right). Go!

I ________________________ single.

I _________________________ emotionally available.

I _________________________ dating other people.

I _________________________ want to date other people.

I am ____________________________ with you dating other people.

I am looking for a ____________________________ type of relationship with you.

I________________________ envisioned myself getting married.

I am_________________________ ready for marriage.

I ___________________ see myself marrying you.

There is _____________________ set time frame that I would like to be married by.

I ____________________________ want children.

I ________________________ see myself having children with you.

I _______________________ to have children in the near future.

I am _______________________________ of commitment.

I ______________________________ commit to you.

It is ______________________ for me to share my true feelings with you.

I ____________________________ keep secrets from you.

I _________________________________ trust issues.

I am _____________________________ in love with you.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So I think the people who painted my apartment stole my diamond earrings, so I've been angry and in a funk since I discovered they were gone. I know the Universe will take care of them, I just wish I was around to see it.

- Liars, cheaters and thieves never win. Ever.

- I'm supposed to have a meeting with some folks as I type this and they're late. I guess my time doesn't matter. And this is a meeting that THEY want, not me. Typical.

- I have new sneakers and I think they're so pretty! :-) These little things make working out just a teeny weeny bit better.

- All I know is, if I don't lose even an ounce this week, I'm gonna go off on somebody. I'm working my ass off (what little booty I have) and last week I didn't gain or lose anything. I feel like I need a shot of Xenadrine with a Hydroxycut chaser!

- My new juicer came! Woo-hoo! Maybe I just need to juice for the next 7 weeks. Hopefully that'll help put me back on track.

- I admit it, I've been watching Maury from time to time when I get to work. How many baby daddy paternity test shows can he do??? How do you go on tv with like, 5 dudes, and NONE of them are your child's father? Trife life.

- I can't believe it's about to be October. Like...really. I love Halloween season though :-) And my sister's birthday...AND Ibrahim's birthday!

- And my Godson Lee's birthday is tomorrow! He'll be 9...these kids are growing up too fast! They need jobs :-)

- Maybe I need to drink more water.

- Scandal starts tonight and I forgot to DVR it - must make sure I'm home to watch it! Maybe I'll spin while it's on...kill two birds...

- Vanessa Williams is on The View. She's so pretty :-) A bit of a diva, but pretty!

- I think I need to stay on the elliptical machine for an hour today at lunch time. Put on some Beyonce videos and rock out. Maybe an hour and a half til I pass out.

- My hair is a mess. Just wanted to say that.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Not so happy...I'm up 2 lbs from last week. I have to eat broccoli and work my ass off today just to get back down to where I was :-(

- I think my body is rebelling against me. And I'm still sore everywhere :(

- Time to take this nail polish off.

- It's almost like the Republicans are TRYING to get Barack Obama re-elected. Mitt Romney has to be the biggest plug on the planet.

- What's up with Prince's afro? Looks kinda funny on him.

- I tied in Fantasy Football last week. I'll take it, cuz I just KNEW I was gonna lose that one. Whew!

- Still need to look into Eagles tickets for my nephews. They're in to football now.

- I didn't forget about the Nets tickets Annamaria - I'm on it! Barclay Center here we come!

- I'm so behind when it comes to new music. I need to take a day to just download everything and get it poppin'.

- Any ideas for an article I can write on relationships? I have a bit of writer's block :-(

- My new mattress is the

- I need to stop talking about Prince's afro, cuz mine isn't what's hot in the streets right now either.

- Witches Brew cracks me up every single day. I was on the train reading a post on Facebook and literally laughed out loud. Everyone on the train looked at me like I spit in their coffee or something. Mean New Yorkers.

- Cute kids alert!!!



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- We're doing the Biggest Loser at work again - watch out now! I'm defending my title - let's get it!

- Hopefully my foot will heal up in time for me to go hard!

- Why am I watching Judge Mathis?

- I'm enjoying the Democratic National Convention. Some good speeches - Bubba was clownin' folks last night. Barack should bring it home tonight.

- I'm off tomorrow - going back to the U.S. Open, so I'm busy at work today...yet I'm watching Judge Mathis. What is wrong with me?

- I still have a lot of writing to do head is about to start spinning.

- Football season is here, finally!

- "I have great new friends and my teachers are really nice to me!..." Part of the message left on my voicemail at work from my nephew Ibrahim. Kyce said he made a windmill in school on his first day. I love those little messages...made my heart swell up. I love them so much! It's the little things.

- The plaintiff on Judge Mathis looks like Drake.

- The spaghetti with Italian sausage I made for lunch was BANGIN'!

- Now they're talking about "freaky sex groups" on Judge Mathis. I need to turn this off.

- I'm ready to braid my herrr.

- Time to buy new sneakers!

- It's really September. I can't believe it. I think I say that EVERY September.

- Okay, let me really do some work...let's go!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

15 Sexy Things I Haven't Done...But Would Like The Fury

I can't believe I still have sexual fantasies. Like what does a person have to do to just get it ALL out of their system? Is it impossible to sow your royal oats? Here I was thinking my list had had a couple of fantasies on it, then I began to talk to some women about their lists…and realized…hey wait, I want to try that too! Oooh ooh! Me ! Me! Pick me for that one!

Perhaps my list has grown because I imagined doing these things with the women who brought them up. Many of them aren't "new" things. Nothing too "crazy". But dammitt, now I've added to this list. I've had my share of very willing and game partners and have wiped plenty off of my list based on their willingness and imagination - but now…here I go again.

Because this is TMI Tuesday I expect the comments section to be littered with your own fantasies. Hell, Summer is over and it's the first day back after a long weekend. You're not really going to do work are you? No. You're gonna fake work and think about sex.

1) Perform oral sex on a woman with a clit ring. - I have an oral fixation

2) Have sex wearing a cock ring. - Read an article that says it will increase your erection to 110% through sex and to 115% during orgasm(!!!)

3) Go to a sex club. - Yeah this still hasn't happened….

4) Have sex in said sex club. - With someone I bring…or a well known celeb and then I keep it secret but know what her O face looks like whenever I see her in the tabloids.

5) Have sex in the rain. - Just one of those leftover ideas from way back in the days.

6) Breath Play - You know, asphyxiate a woman upon her climax or be asphyxiated upon mine. I've choked. Just never this far…

7) BDSM - Some serious rope binding. Ass whipping. Mask wearing. safe word sex

8) Anal. - Why? Because I was told that I can't because I'm too well endowed. So now it goes on the list just because I was denied. LOL

9) Have sex on a swing. - This obviously should've been done the time Honey Rider dressed up like a school girl, but…

10) Record a wild sex session with a partner. Watch it with the partner later…and another female friend - Probably one of the lone exhibitionist fantasies I've had

11) Have sex on a rooftop - I did a balcony once…Why not go to the top? Not the highest roof. There needs to be some possibility I'm being watched.

12) Be a whore. - Very specifically. Be paid very well to have sex with a VERY attractive, disease FREE, woman. One time only. I was actually offered this once by an ex, but turned her down for some silly reason. Don't judge me.

13) Make more women squirt. - Yes more. I'm a pleaser at heart

14) Bend her over her office desk, door closed, hard sex during business hours. - That film Secretary was really good.

15) Being ridden twice at the same time. - Cowgirl on my penis. Cowgirl on my face. Or one can reverse and they can play with each other too...

So there is my list. I'm sure I'm missing some. Help me add to it.

They call me The Fury - if you want to experience any of these with me check yes or no…

- The Fury
Instagram: dirtydetails

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Annamaria reminded me of what day it was...but I had a foot doctor's appt. earlier, so I'm just now getting back! Geesh!

- I have Carpal Tarsal Syndrome: Anatomy similar to that of the wrist and hand exists in the ankle and foot. When the sensory nerve that passes through the tarsal tunnel is irritated by pressure in the tunnel, numbness and tingling of the foot and toes can be felt.  I had to get an injection in my foot. So times.

- So glad it's a long weekend. Going to the beach at some point...and then my first match of the U.S. Open on Monday night!

- Been watching tennis for a couple days now - go Venus and Serena!

- Has anyone seen Porgy & Bess on Broadway with Audra McDonald? Opinions?

- I need to find out when my broadcast network shows start.

- It's 2:18 and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Have a great lunch waiting for me too - chicken breast, shrimp and asparagus! Thanks babe!

- Beautiful day out!

- How did the summer pass by so quickly? I wish winter felt this short :-(

- I have a new mattress and new bedding. You'd be surprised how refreshing a new set of sheets feels. Ahhhh!!!

- I need to drink more water. And I think I feel a cold coming on :-(

- T.I. and Tiny are cute and all, but I can't commit to their show.

- Just bought some new candles to go with my new bedroom :-) Great sale and Bath & Body Works! It's on my way home from the foot doctor :-)

- I think I'll cut it short now so that Annamaria can be first and give us her random thoughts :-) Gotta go heat up my lunch anyway :-)



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Happy Hump Day everyone!

I know it's been a minute since we last chat, so I hope my blog family is happy and healthy!

Today's Hump Day discussion is a question of the day: What is Your Relationship Breaking Point?

Having dated for over half my life, I can honestly say that how I viewed relationships from the age of 16 to now has definitely changed over the years. We all have things that we will or will not put up with in a relationship, but I have found that those things can change as we get older and gather more experience. At least that's the case for me.

From ages 16 to about 25, I never considered dating anyone with children - Until I met someone with children that I vibed with. So I amended my list a bit to say that I wouldn't date a man who had multiple children with more than one woman. But once I hit 30, I realized that that was like asking water not to be wet. Don't get me wrong, I've dated several men who didn't have kids, or only had one child - but of course those relationships unfortunately didn't work out.

So I amend my list again.

Once I hit 35, I got rid of this mental checklist altogether and decided to just go with the flow. However, what hasn't changed are my core values of honesty and respect - two things I will not waver from. Those are things I require. I can't be in a relationship without them - those are my deal breakers.

I hate when I give a person an opportunity to tell the truth and they don't take it. For me, lying and cheating is the ultimate betrayal. Some women say they would never be with a man who is physically abusive. Others say they can't be with a man who has an addiction. Others won't date men with multiple children, who are unemployed or who live with their mama. We all have that "thing" we simply can't put up with. For me, it's lying.

For me, trust is the foundation of a relationship. If I don't have peace of mind, I can't function daily in a state of joy. I get headaches, lose sleep, I can't focus at work and I just generally feel sad. There is nothing worse than being lied to by the person you love, who you thought loved you enough to be honest with you, who respects you enough to have an uncomfortable conversation and who would protect your heart. For me, dishonestly and deceit will break my heart, and send me running in the other direction. I don't like my time being wasted.

So I say all of that to say, what is your relationship breaking point? What will you, or will you NOT, put up with? Has your thresh hold or tolerance for certain things changed over the years, or have you stood firm in your beliefs? Curious to see if anyone has allowed their thresh hold to slide a bit - because for me, when I'm done...I'm done.



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I have a slight headache - must find medicine fast!

- So, I'm on the train on my way to work, and this little kid sitting across from me sneezes and blows snot and saliva and Lord knows what else on this woman's arm who is sitting next to him. She promptly gets out her tissues and hand sanitizer and wipes herself down. That's what any of us would have done, right?

The MOTHER proceeds to huff and puff and says to the woman, "Really??!! It's THAT deep?"

The other woman says, "Yes, it is."

Umm...why should that woman sit there with snot on her arm? It kills me how some parents take offense to EVERY LITTLE THING that pertains to their child.

Here's a little tidbit about me that all parents should know so that they don't get offended if this ever comes up: I don't drink behind children. None...not even my nephews, my friends' kids, whoever. I just don't.

I barely drink behind any adults. I make an exception for my man because I figure we're probably already swapping spit in some other way, so drinking out of your glass shouldn't be a problem. However, I'm sure it's a psychological thing when it comes to kids. When I catch a cold from an adult, it lasts 3 days. When I catch a bug from a kid though, I'm laid out for 2 weeks. Something about kid germs seems mutant to me.

So if you offer me something in a glass or a bottle your child has drank out of and I decline, don't get mad, don't get offended or think I don't love your child. I just don't do that if I can help it. The end.

- My new orthotics in my sneakers feel pretty okay. My left foot is all jacked up.

- I miss the Olympics :-(

- I'm so happy Jennifer Aniston got engaged :-) Well, that's what Inside Edition and People Magazine are saying anyway.

- I'm mad people are still talking about Gabby Douglas' hair. Now they're saying she's getting a makeover from a celebrity stylist. While that's fun and all, she's a freakin' OLYMPIAN!! Why aren't we focusing on that? She made history. Really? She's 16 years old, give her a break already.

- Meanwhile, I need someone to do something with MY hair.

- My phone isn't ringing, it's "chirping" or "beeping" or something.

- Serena, I got your text...and while I would normally LOVE to split a case of Snapple with you, I've been trying not to drink it anymore. I now drink Lipton Tea & Honey, a black tea-lemon-honey packet that you add to water and is only 5 calories with no sugar OR aspartame. It's light, so I'm trying to make myself like that instead of the Snapple that I normally LOVE. I'm going through orange juice withdrawal too.

- I lost 3 more pounds :-) It's slowing down a bit, but as long as the scale is going down, I'm not complaining.

- My ceiling broke last night in my living room and bedroom. My mattress, rugs, clothes stored under my bed, are all completely soaked. When it rains, it pours...literally. They better fix this ish TODAY.

- Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are a messy couple - that never should have happened.

- HBO's Hardknocks is on it! That's REAL reality right there.

- Wondering if I should do the Biggest Loser at work again - defend my title :-)

- Still waiting for my cousin's baby to come out - she's a week overdue!!! Watch her go into labor the minute I hit the highway for Philly.

- I want to get my nails done...maybe next week.

- Still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises....gotta get that done.



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's TMI Tuesday and Fury is back! Let's get it!
I Wanna F#$k an The Fury

How many people want to have sex with an Olympian? Let's jump right in.

I don't want to read any milquetoast "well...if my husband/wife weren't here" and "well if I were cut enough or if he didn't wear that grill..." Bah! How many people want to have sex with one of those super fit, attractive physical specimens jumping, running, diving, flipping, swimming, backhanding and digging - Olympians on your screen? Surely NBC (broadcasters in America) knows what they're doing. There are more ass shots of Spain's Beach Vollyball Fernandez and lower V exposing shots of USA Swimming's Ryan Lochte than anyone can count. As for the aforementioned Fernandez, I'm not complaining. NBC understands. These are some sexy bodies. Even when the faces are less than appealing, you can't help but to admire the ass flexing of the Nigerian chick with the bad multi-colored wig.

My first Olympic crush may have been Mary Lou Retton...or was it FloJo? Damn FloJo and those nails. And I was still pretty young, but no one could doubt her sex appeal. My second was definitely Dominique Dawes. These people are dynamos. This is probably the closest anyone could come to fucking a superhero. Not that it's a guaranteed great lay. But I've dated a dancer and the fact that she could bend and split like she did...(Yes she once did a split on the schlong just to show that she could) was very impressive. It wasn't just physical prowess and ability, but confidence. Anyone confident to wear skintight Daisy Dukes in front of a crowd and run, dance, flip or swim in them will probably not be skittish about doing wild shit with the light on...or in public.

I love thick women. I like plump women. I like something to grab on. I like to see the ass jiggle when she walks or when I slap it when we're doing it doggystyle. I appreciate a love handle. I used to be way more fit than I am now. Not that I'm not fit, but there was a six-pack and a strip off my shirt in front of crowd time in my life. I'm not there anymore. I'm within a good 90 day (closer to 120) program from being there, but I'm not pressed. I understand the appeal of the six pack abs and all that and I know, like these Olympians, it appeals to women and makes them gush. But just like I like women with more cushion for the pushing, thick thighs, big tits and some jiggle, I still want to fuck an Olympian. And while I may not have the abs of Phelps, the thighs of Bolt or the vertical jump of Kobe Bryant, I do have the cock, the drive, the stamina, the imagination and sheer will of The Fury. I like going for the sexual gold!

So, who is your Olympian of choice? Or am I alone in this? Surely, I can't be.

They call me The Fury and I'm down to go for the gold behind closed doors.

- The Fury

Instagram: Dirtydetails

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Wednesday!
- I know, we normally do this on Thursdays, but I'll be traveling beginning tomorrow and won't have here we go! Besides, Annamaria suggested random thoughts for today, and I can't let her down :-)

- When it's raining like this, I just want to stay in bed...but I have things to do so that's not really an option today. Oh least I got to sleep in late.

- I'm loving the Olympics! Coverage is okay...and some of the judges suck, but the stories are always inspiring :-)

- Gabby Douglas is so cute!

- I went in a little harder yesterday in the strength class because I was trying to channel the spirit of an Olympian. I might regret that in the next 24 hours.

- Gonna be a special, fun weekend.

- Happy August! Where is the summer going??

- Guess that means rent is due. Grateful to have a roof over my head though.

- My dad makes me laugh...and smile.

- My boo boo Ibrahim wears glasses now - he's so adorable!

Okay, I think that's all I got - time to run some errands but I'll be checking in!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Thursday!

- Been busy like a mugg!!! How y'all been!?

- I could use a nice, relaxing vacation. Sand, sun, tropical drinks...yeah...all that.

- I have the biggest umbrella on the planet, and I STILL managed to get wet this morning. Da hell?

- Can't wait to eat my salmon for lunch today - I think I mighta put my foot in it last night!

- I'm always mad at myself after I watch Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, but I can't stop! It's a perfect blend of drama, comedy and ratchetness.

- If Joseline gets a spinoff, they'll have to subtitle the entire show. That girl needs to get hooked on phonics. "Steebie."

- Still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises yet. I think I'm still sad about what happened in Colorado, so I'm not rushing it. RIP to all those affected by the shooting in Aurora.

- RIP Sherman Hemsley :-( The Jeffersons was such a big part of my childhood. Great show, great character, great actor. He'll be missed.

- It's almost August, where did the summer go?

- I haven't had a mani/pedi in forever. I did my own toes a week or two ago though and they're still holding up strong!

- Queen Latifah has an all women sports show? Or was that something she just did for LaLa's show? I need to know these things, because I'd LOVE to be a part of an all women's sports show!

- Just had a craving for Oreo cookies. Or even an Oreo cookie shake! Not gonna do it! Ugggghhh!!!

- The Jackson Family got some drama, huh? Dem kids need to stay off Twitter.

- I miss my cat Cole :-(

- I think I'll go make some hot chocolate to get rid of this Oreo craving. And it's freezing in my office, so I need to warm up anyway.

- Have to shop for SoSo and Jordan's birthdays coming up! Eagles gear coming right up!



Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My muscles are sore, and that's a good thing!

- My left foot is killing me though! Foot doctor at noon to see what's going on.

- Ruben Studdard was just on The Wendy Williams Show, and he sang his new single. Not feeling it, and I really wanted to like it too.

- I'm hungry. I think I worked up a good appetite spinning this morning!

- I missed the Emmy nominations because I had my Beyonce videos on. I need all the motivation I can get!

- I have a sporty little afro, but I must admit...I miss my longer hair :-(  I'm getting bored, might be time for braids.

- It's been hot as the devil lately, so thank goodness it's cooled down a bit. I still love the heat though - and guess's SUMMER TIME, it's SUPPOSED to hot!

- Peanut Butter and cinnamon raisin oatmeal is my new favorite snack!

- I'm wearing perfume today :-) That's big for me.

- Ever wish you could just make some people disappear? Not like...hurt them or anything...just make them go away.

- Do any of you "prepare" for sex - or do you just do it whenever, wherever, however?

- There is a 33 year old virgin on The View, she's waiting until she gets married. Have any of you ever wished you'd waited? Guys, would you marry a virgin, or would you prefer that someone be experienced first? Do you need to "sample the goods" before you marry her? Women...same question.

P.S. - the guy just proposed...guess he won't be waiting for too much longer! Awwwww, how sweet!

Speaking of sweet...look at baby Jordan!!



Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy TMI Tuesday!

I know we usually do TMI Tuesday on the first Tuesday of every month, but Fury got caught napping, and Domina*Tricks offered to guest blog for me today. This should definitely be let's go!

30, Horny...and Bisexual? Domina*Tricks

Ever since I hit my sexual peak around 30, I have been on a continuous hormonal roller coaster ride full of sexual peaks and valleys. The onset of my bisexuality began on one of those highs.

I didn't fret my 30th birthday like most women do. I was educated, well traveled and successful by my own standards. I was in the best shape of my life and my energy was positive - I was on a natural high.

I felt good about myself. I also noticed that I also wanted more sex, and craved the experience of others. But not just in everyone...male or female. I had never really felt a need to experience a woman until this time in my life. But I was open to it...and excited about it.

As of late, I have revisited an upswing in my sex drive. I’m constantly aroused and think about sex nonstop. This could be in part because of a hormonal shift, or perhaps it could be that tiny barbell piercing on my hood, just above the clitoris. The bead on the end of this barbell quite frequently rubs my clit and results in the feeling that I’m sure rivals an 18 year-old boy in heat. I don't know how you men deal with it!!

I like sex, this has not changed...but my need for sex has changed. Some days are worse than others - not meaning that sexual arousal is ever a bad thing - but some days I want sex...others, an orgy, and there are those times I prefer sleep (probably from all of my extra curricular activities). Then I'll go on a spree where I want nothing but men...then six months later, I'll commit to a woman who I've fallen madly in love with.

Who is responsible for this malicious trick? Am I being punked? Men hit their peek in their late teens to early 20s, when most are free from the responsibility of adulthood. But here I am; 30-something, a kickass career, no children, and ALWAYS horny.

My bisexual lifestyle does help with this affliction, but not every woman is genetically disposed to be in my position or have the desire to live like I do. But being bisexual doesn't mean I' m a whore, or promiscuous. Bisexuality is only a small part of my life and doesn’t mean that I don't go out with friends, to movies, plays, or spend time with my very accepting family. I just happen to be horny while I'm living my life, and I wonder if it'll ever pass. I have to wonder how other women fair during this crazy time of life. Do these feelings bring about the need to seek gratification in other ways or from other people? Do you have sex more with your husbands? Do you cheat if he can't satisfy you? Do you buy more toys? What do you do?

Or is it just me? I can't be the only raging sexual animal in her 30's roaming around NYC. Please, someone, anyone, tell me...are you just as horny as I am??


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been trying to log onto EBlogger all morning, kept getting an error message - so apologies for posting a little late today...but better late than never....right Serena!? LOL!

- I'm off tomorrow! Woo-hoo!

- It's also my bestie's birthday tomorrow - Love You Denise!!!

- Penn State is in BIG TROUBLE.

- We know what Kobe thinks. We know what Jordan thinks. What do YOU think? I would answer, but people already think I'm a Kobe hater ;-)

- One of my co-workers who is recently engaged said that she and her fiance were arguing over the possibility of her hyphenating her last name. She would like to, but he is adamant that she drop her maiden name completely and take his last name. I thought this was such a silly argument...but I guess some men take that very seriously. What say you? I plan to hyphenate, but I'm curious what others have to say about this.

- Have any of you ever considered adoption? Even if you've had your own biological child?

- Going roller skating tonight! I'm not very good at it and I fell when we went last weekend :-( But I got back up again! Looking forward to having some fun while getting a good workout in.

- Baby Jordan is almost a year! Time is FLYING!

- Baby SoSo is having another birthday soon too! Has she outgrown her Eagles outfit yet? Might be time for a new one ;-)

- Speaking of my beloved Eagles, I hope Mike Vick gives them the business this year!

- I get pissed off every time I watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but I can't help myself!

- Facebook has been both very informative and entertaining lately. I have some cool friends posting cool stuff daily. I actually get a lot of my information from Facebook. See what happens when you "unsubscribe" to certain folks? Nothing but positive and fun streams lately :-)

- Wish I could make it to the SU DC BBQ this year, but it ain't happening :-(

- Baby shower coming up for my cousin Angela and her Princess Alana - should be magical!

I'd like to post the throwback for this week, but I need to upgrade my flash player and I don't have the "rights" to do that at work. I also don't have time to call imagine a throwback by Snoop. I'm in a Snoop mood today :-)



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hey Blog Fam!

I know, I've been MIA for a minute now, and I'm sorry! I have no excuses other than being busy and writing for someone else - so I hope you get a chance to check out some of my other posts on

My post today is simply a question. Is there really a such thing as a homewrecker?

Some say that if a relationship or marriage is happy, healthy and strong, no one can come in and wreck it. It must've been wrecked already if someone is able to swoop in and snag your man or woman.

However, others think that it's possible to be happy in your relationship, but be caught off-guard and slip into an emotional affair with someone else that later becomes physical. Maybe you "thought" you were fulfilled at home, or thought you'd never cheat, only to meet someone wonderful who you feel is a better match for you than your current spouse or partner.

So what say you? Is there a such thing as a homewrecker? Should the only people responsible for a breakup be the people who are actually IN the relationship - or do outside people have a responsibility to not interfere with others' relationships as well?



Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Running to get my foot therapy - I love the whirlpool!

- Since I'm running out and won't be back for another hour or so, I'm cutting RTT short so you all can get yours in - Annamaria and Serena!! So bossy!

- Going to see The Amazing Spider Man tonight. Saw Magic Mike earlier this week - Channing Tatum was dancing (stripping) his ass off!

- My boo is so sexy...daaayyyuuummm!!

- Stevie J is a clown.

- Mimi might be an even bigger clown if she's still with him.

- I've been a spinning fool this week! I LOVE having a spin bike at home :-)

- This weekend might just be beach weather - I'm in!

- Veggies and mushrooms for lunch :-) Thanks babe!

- I have a lot of writing to do, so I better get going so I can get back and get to it!



Monday, June 25, 2012

Money Monday: Back from Vacation! Austin the Realtor

Hello my good people. The wife and I are fresh back from vacation, so I’m trying to get my brain to catch up. I figured since it’s taking a siesta, I thought I’d share some vacation highlights from a financial perspective. Everyone loves taking a break from reality, but sometimes our pockets do not offer this luxury. When it does, you always want to get the most for your money. This philosophy causes me to always look for all inclusive resorts. Unless I’m visiting the family (or the wife’s family in Puerto Rico), I prefer not to worry about coming out of pocket when I’m actually on vacation.

We went to the Bahamas and stayed at an all inclusive resort. We spent money when we went to the casino. I bought one drink when we visited another hotel’s bar and spent money when we bought souvenirs. This is my idea of money well spent on vacation. We visited Atlantis while we were there. I can honestly say I may never vacation at Atlantis. Why?

Reason #1 – It's not all inclusive - so after you spend a grip on your stay, you have to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner….every day! The wife wanted to treat me to dinner, so we priced one restaurant. Just by looking at the menu, the bill would have been over $200 easily just for the 2 of us. I like to eat, so the food bill would be costly for a 4 day visit.

Reason #2 – You are able to take part of all the amenities at a fraction of the cost by visiting and paying a la cart. Yes, you have access to the Aquarium every day but are you going to go….every day???? We saw it, loved it, and left!

Reason #3 – I vacation to relax. I like to hang by the pool. I can pay $2000 or $4000 to hang by a pool…hmmmm…decisions, decisions.

These are just my financial views on vacationing on a Caribbean island. What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to spend the money for the experience? Turks and Caicos maybe?


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Both Annamaria AND Serena got on me first thing this morning about RTT - I'm on it! Don't want them to cut me! :-)

- My scale at home is WAY more generous than the one they weigh us on here at the office. I wish I could use mine!

- Still trying to go strong! Eating well and working out every day isn't for the weak....takes a lot of discipline.

- Going to therapy for my feet today - that should be interesting. Flat feet are so not cute.

- No one wanted to...or had write any Father's Day guest blogs this week :-( I miss them.

- Would any of you be upset if your fiance/fiancee had strippers all up in their face at their bachelor/bachelorette party? They're discussing it on The View right just thought I'd ask.

- Have any of you ever experienced "sexual monotony"? Bored with your boo sexually? They're discussing that also on The View :-)

- Clearly I'm blogging and watching TV at work :-)

- The Old Navy jeans I have on today are my new favorite - The Flirty them! I couldn't fit them last year. Yay!

- I think I'll treat myself to new lingerie once this Biggest Loser contest is over. I deserve it.

- I need a full, lazy day at the beach. A few magazines, a book, some music. Sounds like heaven.

- For all the fathers out there - what does fatherhood mean to you?

- Rock of Ages was entertaining enough. I'm not really big on musicals on film, but it was cool....and free.
Have to take my nephews to see Madagascar III, if they haven't seen it already by the time I get to Philly.

- I have a lot of writing to do today.

- Elizabeth Hasselbeck grates my nerves.

- I need a piece of fruit.

- Where has DMoe been? Must be studying...he don't love us no mo' :-(

- Let's get it! The dude dancing in the background on this video always cracks me up!

And just because I feel like it....


Monday, June 11, 2012

Time to Find Dad the Right Austin the Realtor

Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I figured what better time to talk about shopping?! As many of you may be perusing hardware stores and tie shops, keep in mind ways to get the most for your money. No one wants to pay full price for anything, so a little bargaining goes a long way. Everyone wants to walk away feeling like they got a great deal. Let’s look at some ways to turn the tides in your favor.

1. Know what you are buying – When you go to purchase that chainsaw, do you know what a chainsaw normally costs? Just because it says sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. It will benefit you to check online first before venturing out to see what the average price of the item you plan on buying costs. This way, you are ready to go and you know what makes the difference between a good deal and a no deal!

2. Threaten to walk away and Do It – They want your business. If they feel you have to buy from them, they will stick to their guns. Let them know you saw it cheaper. If they say go and get it, then go. Even if you didn’t see it cheaper, if you feel it’s not a good deal, walk away. I recently priced a car navigation system and planned to have the store install. I told them I saw it cheaper and asked if I could buy it on my own and bring it to install. They paused…said yes…paused again…and then said they will price match!

3. Know who to speak to – In store or on the phone, the salesperson may not have the authority to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to say, "Okay, now I understand you can't help me. May I please speak with someone who can?" Managers are usually the route you will need to go to get the scales tipped in your favor. Also, be nice. As a manager, I am more willing to help you if you are not a jerk and you act like you “deserve” a discount. If the answer is still “no,” there is nothing lost by asking and now you have the opportunity to decide to purchase or shop elsewhere.

4. Patience and Persistence – The trick to negotiating is less is more. As a Realtor, I have found in any negotiation, make an offer, then shut up….and wait. Let them respond and then plead your case if need be. If they say no, be persistent. In your nicest voice say, “Are you sure that nothing can be done?” If it's still no, see if you can get more for the same price. Ask for free shipping, free installation or free accessories for that power drill. Anything to make it worth the purchase.

5. Timing – Plan ahead and you can score some great deals. Dad has been wanting some really comfy winter boots. Buy them in July. You are likely to get some really good deals when buying out of season. Also, end of month quotas may be a bit to make the deal - they may be willing to listen more attentively. Use this to your advantage. Looking to spring for a new car for Dad? Wait until one of the best times to shop for a car………New Year’s Eve!

Share some of your “Let’s make a deal” tips!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Doesn't quite feel like June all the way...almost there though :-)

- I'm plateauing with my diet and exercise routine - have to figure out a way to shake things up.

- It seems like I can never drink enough water....but I feel like I'm drowning at the same time! And always have to pee!!!

- My green juice and lunch was BANGIN' today! Thanks babe!

- Now just waiting for my food to digest a bit before I hit the gym....AGAIN. I can't wait til the "I love working out" phase kicks in :-)

- Does lemon juice go bad if you leave it out?

- Is there anything good on tv in the summer? After basketball, what's next?

- Speaking of, congrats to OKC Thunder for making it into the finals last night! My dad is ecstatic! Kevin Durant is his boy, so I guess I was kinda cheering for them because of my dad :-) Now let's see if Boston gives the Heat the business!

- I want a house with a fireplace, a master bath and a finished basement. I don't ask for much - just putting it out into the universe.

- Annamaria, I'm gonna work on my paper work today - I know I've been slacking. I know.

- I feel like I'm always busy, but not really doing anything. Weird.

- I want to go to the beach.

- Looking forward to the weekend.

- I'm getting zits every other day - what gives!?

- Freezing in my office!

- So excited to see my cousin later this evening! Yay!

Let's go!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Top Home Buying Austin the Realtor

I have many clients calling to go house shopping. As I mentioned in past blogs, there is preparation to be done before, during and after you find the home of your dreams. Lack of proper planning may result in pitfalls that can be costly in the long run - including wasted time, a crappy purchase and buyer’s remorse. Following a few simple steps will help your buying experience be less stressful and better your chances on getting the home you desire.

1. Failing to Find Financing First – Just like shopping for anything, you need to know how much you can spend. A home is no different. Your spending budget is determined by what the bank is willing to lend you. I’ve heard far too often from clients, “I have good credit, so getting a loan will not be a problem,” or “My budget is $300,000 because that’s what I want to spend.” Excuses such as these will cause the buyer to waste time looking at homes they may not be qualified for. Also, knowing what you are pre-approved for will help you calculate what monthly payment you will be in store for and better plan to see if it’s in your financial budget.

2. Making a Low Ball Offer – All buyers want to pay the least amount possible, but submitting an offer too low could be a waste of time. Sellers will not entertain low ball offers, and it can hurt your chances if you are really interested in the property. Also, if there are multiple offers, you may not have the chance to negotiate. Submit your highest and best offer to have a real chance in obtaining the property

3. Not Getting an Inspection – When buying a home, you are responsible for all maintenance when you close the deal and walk away with the keys. It is always advised to have an inspector look for things you cannot see – latent defects. Plumbing, termite damage and a substandard structure are some items that will be revealed in an engineer’s report. As a side note, when buying a Co-Op, the complex is responsible for these and other items, so you are protected. An inspection may still be ordered, but it’s rare.

4. Failing to Have an “Out” – You should make sure your attorney has clauses in the contract that will allow you an “out.” For example, a clause that states if the inspection comes back with material defects and the seller fails to address them, the buyer can rescind the offer. You don’t want to be stuck with a headache after you walk away from the closing table.

Do your research when you are ready to consider buying a home. There is substantial planning involved, and you want to make sure you get the most for your money. The Internet is a very useful tool. Use it or contact a Realtor for assistance.

By the way, I’m a Realtor!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, June 1, 2012


So LoLo Jones was back on the radar the past couple of weeks - not because of the Olympic trials, but age 29...she has disclosed that she's still a virgin. It's a gift she wants to give her husband, she says.

I was given grief for being 19 and still a virgin - so imagine being a virgin at 29. No, seriously...I'm actually trying to imagine it. Keeping the kitty cat to yourself and not giving into all those urges must be harder than Chinese arithmetic. LoLo said it was WAY harder than training for the Olympics....and I totally believe her.

But when you think about the alternative - not being able to deal with the emotional ramifications of having sex, or giving it up to a complete jerk who you don't love, or who doesn't love you - leaping over hurdles on a track might be a worthy trade-off. I think I'd rather have a gold medal than regret having my cherry popped by a some dude just to get my rocks off. Crossing the finish line as the #1 hurdler in the world is orgasmic in and of itself.

With all that said, here is my question of the day. Do any of you - male or female - wish you'd waited until you were married to have sex, or simply just waited until you were a little older? Or has sex been the best thing to happen to you since...forever...and you wouldn't change a thing?

No judging...let's go!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- It's been a while - my bad! I'll try to do better.

- Beautiful day in the NYC today! Love it!

- I'd better pop a good number when I weigh in tomorrow. I've been KILLING myself in the gym this week. Go team DAMM!!! (inside joke)

- I feel like all I've been watching on tv is the NBA Playoffs and SportsCenter. I might catch Wendy Williams during the day, but even that's background noise.

- Steve Harvey's "Strawberry Letters" this week have been CRAZY! Do these people really exist in the world? No wonder he has a best selling book - people aren't using the good sense God gave them.

- Can't wait to lay on the beach this summer. Why is it that all the 90 degree days fall on like...a Tuesday... and all the rainy days are on the weekend? That just means I have to get creative when playing hooky.

- I'm wearing white jeans today - just thought I'd throw that out there.

- I haven't been to see a play in a long time - have to remedy that. A Streetcar Named Desire might be one to see. Blair Underwood....nuff said.

- I love our First Lady. The Flotus is THE BOMB!

- School teachers are still having sex with students? Really? And how do you get seduced by an 18 year old?

- Do any of you pee in the pool? Don't lie...

- I would LOVE sushi for lunch - not sure it's good for my weight loss plan though for this week. I've been juicing all week...blah.

- Anyone have any ideas on what I can write about for Madame Noire this weekend? Relationship topics? Anyone???

- I posted "Money Monday" on Tuesday and no one corrected me :-)

- Sand between my toes would feel SO good right now.

- It's June tomorrow...the year is flying by so fast!

Let's go! Love Jigga's swag!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Today is a rant day. Feel free to rant about whatever you want.

My rant for today? My hair.

Now before you all go in on me, trust me when I tell you that I know my hair and scalp are healthier now that I've decided to go natural. I know this.

I've been wanting to try to going natural for a long time, but I was hesitant for all the very reasons I'm about to rant about now.

I understand that anything worth doing will be challenging. I get that. But please allow me this indulgence. Just for today...then I'll be done.

I'm not loving my hair today. I didn't particularly care for it yesterday either...or the day before.


It's just not doing anything I want it to do. It doesn't curl up, it's frizzy and I don't find it to be cute at all.

I've been trying different products, none of which work. They make my hair look dull, and I have random strands that fly in different directions, while others coil up tight. I have 2 different hair textures on my head, so either the front looks great one day, or the back does....but they never look great at the same time.

Actually...that's not true. My hair looks nice when it's about a quarter to half an inch long. But now that it's growing, that inch and and half length seems to make a HUGE difference in how my hair behaves.

So it seems the solution would be to keep it short. But I don't want to keep it short. I know it's going to take a couple of years for it to get to a length where I can rock a great twist out, so I figured I'd better get started now. All of this means I'm about to enter into the dreaded "in between stage" - a stage I hated when my hair was relaxed as well. Not looking forward to it.

Then there's the gym. I've been going hard for a few weeks now, and while you'd think natural hair would be easier to manage as it pertains to working out, I feel like it's worse. I sweat my hair out, and my hair being wet isn't the issue. It's the sweat mixing with the 3 different hair products I have in my hair (that don't work) running down my face, making me feel greasy and breaking my skin out. I wash my face a lot more now because I constantly feel oily, which is making my skin dry out - or break out more.

Then, when I sweat out the product, my hair turns into a massive frizz ball. So I have a wet afro that looks crazy. All the product is on my hands (from putting them behind my head to do ab work) and none on my head. We won't even talk about the oil running down the back of my neck.

Then there's all the products I need to try just to make my fro look half way decent before I leave the house. I'm tired of running my ass back and forth to Target and beauty supply stores buying - and then RETURNING - products trying to find the perfect one for my ever changing mane. And NONE of these products are cheap. I've tried inexpensive products, expensive ones, homemade ones, pure olive oil from my kitchen...EVERYTHING. Nothing is working. All from having over an inch of hair on my head.

So I try to wear makeup and cute earrings to distract people from the fact that I look like I have a Scotchbrite Scrubber on my dome. People are sweet - they say things like, "Oh, now that you have short hair, I can see your facial features more." favorite..."At least you have a cute shaped head."

That's all code for, "Giirrrl, good thing you cute, cuz your hair is a hot ass mess!"

I know what it is.

I can see why sistas want to rock relaxed hair. When my hair was relaxed, it did what I wanted it to do - and it was the same texture all over. Granted, I've never been one of those women who sit in the salon all day every weekend. I didn't bump and curl it everyday. Being able to slick it back into a ponytail was enough for me. Now I actually have to "DO" something with my hair daily...and it takes longer than brushing it back and securing it with an elastic.

Again, I know my hair is healthier now...but damn if this isn't a process.

I'm simply hoping that I can deal with it until it grows. It's hard. No matter how many compliments I get, "I" am the one who has to look at it, live with it, and ultimately like it. Today...I don't like it. At all.

And that's okay...and don't worry - I'm not running back to the creamy crack any time soon. I just wanted to rant and get this off my chest. My sister told me she misses when I had hair. I do too. My mom said I looked "too natural." I know what that means....but whatever. It's a's a challenge. One I'm willing to keep trying...for now.

Maybe I'll braid it up once it grows another inch if I don't find the right concoction to curl it up and make it shiny. Maybe I'll just invest in some cute hats - who knows. All I know is, as of today, natural hair is not fun to me. Not even a little bit.

Well...that's it for today. I'm about to go to the gym, so I have extra towels to catch all the gook that's about to pour from my scalp. My healthy scalp. What joy.

But like going to the gym and eating healthy, anything worth doing is worth working (and suffering) for until it becomes second nature. I guess I'd rather be healthy inside and out with a fuzzy head then overweight and unhealthy with straight hair.

Okay, rant over. Your turn.



Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renting: What You Should Austin the Realtor

Hello my good people!

Today we will discuss the rental market. If you are in the market for a new apartment to rent, let’s go over some of the pitfalls you can avoid with proper planning. I’ve heard horror stories from landlords and tenants on what they thought was a great situation that turned sour. Outside of the clash of personalities, knowing and understanding the agreement between the tenant and landlord can help avoid many misunderstandings and bad situations.

1. Read Your Lease. No matter how much you love the place, make sure the terms are something you are comfortable with. Do you hate taking the garbage to the curb? Well, did your lease stipulate it's “your” responsibility? Did you miss this when you signed? Are utilities included? Did the landlord say it is but the lease says it's not? If you signed it, then it’s your responsibility. Try to negotiate anything you do not totally agree with.

2. Sign a Lease That Fits Your Lifestyle. Are you considering a pet in the future? Do you have frequent visitors? Make sure your lease has provisions that work for you. Don’t compromise on a term in the lease that you think will be difficult to adhere to.

3. Take Pictures When You Move In. When it's time to move out, your landlord may try to stick it to you for your security deposit claiming something is broken or damaged. You can prove it’s not your responsibility with pictures showing the item or property was as-is when you moved in.

4. Check Out The Neighborhood. You may want to live in area because you “heard” it was nice. Go see for yourself. It may be nice and quiet during the day, but take a drive at night to see how the neighborhood is. How close is the nearest fire station? Will you hear sirens frequently? Check it out before you find out after you sign the lease.

5. Get Renters Insurance. The law mandates car insurance. When you need it, it’s a great feeling knowing you have it. The same goes for renters insurance. It’s not mandated, but you will sure wish you had it if a situation occurs that leaves your items damaged or missing!

What are some of your experiences that may have caused you to say, “I wish I would have...before I rented this place"?

- Austin

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