Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- If I only type in my blog once a week, it might as well be RTT so that I can see what you all are up to! I miss you!

- My latest articles on - check them out!

Signs Your Man Has Insecurity Issues

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

- Our First Lady is DOPE!!

- Our President ain't too shabby either ;-)

- I miss my baby. This out of town mess is for the birds!

- My kittens sleep in the hamper. That can't be pleasant, but they love it!

- I have three gift certificates for free manis and pedis and I can't wait to use them! 

- Spring is almost here - looking forward to it!

- I kinda like having people hate on me - means I'm doing something right! Watch me work.

- One more day til the final weigh-in for the 3rd installment of The Biggest Loser. Wish me luck!

- I'm a winner anyway :-)

- I'm fasting today and I'm going to do the damn thing at the gym. Got my Beyonce videos ready!

- I love my family and friends. I'm blessed.

- Say prayers for big things happening. I feel a new chapter coming in my life!



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