Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I missed my blog...and my blog family!

- It took me three tries to log in to my Cafe Blog account. It's been THAT long since I've logged in and posted something. That's sad.

- For all of those in my blog family who may NOT know, I'm preggers!!! However, I'm pretty sure you all know that by now -it was the worst kept secret :-)

- I'm having a boy! Jaxon Dean McMillon will make his debut January 2014!

- I'm excited, happy, scared, nervous, anxious and an all around wreck - but I can't wait to see where this next chapter of my life takes me :-)

- Have I blogged since I got married? I'm married too :-)

- I have three cats. I've officially claimed my sister's cat as my own :-)

- Scandal tonight!

- I'm also watching Love & Hip Hop NY. Yeah, I said it.

- The best story ideas for me come from ratchet TV.

- Can't get with the Preachers of L.A. though. I tried...doesn't do it for me.

- I suck in Fantasy Football this year. I will NOT be repeating as champion :-(

- I'm grateful to have been at my job for 10 years now. I truly love what I do!

- I have a constant sour taste in my mouth since becoming pregnant. I'll be so glad when that goes away.

- People who pretend to "instantly" fall asleep as soon as they see me walk on the train are WACK!
Keep your seat!

- I'm always tired now. ALWAYS. But I know it's for a good reason, so I don't mind :-)

- I love all my family and friends. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers!



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