Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cole’s birthday is Sunday, April 3rd. He would have been 16 years old.

Cole, my beloved pet, companion…my baby, passed away on March 29th, 2011. He died on the same day my stepfather passed 7 years ago – the day before my eldest nephew was born. Now I have another angel up in heaven.

I’ve had pets my whole life it seems. I’ve owned five cats prior to Cole, each of them special in their own way. And they’ve all passed on, so this isn’t the first time I’ve experienced a pet’s death. But for some reason, this feels very different.

I adopted Cole when he was just a month old, right after I graduated from college. My first thought wasn’t to unpack, or to look for a job. It was to get a cat. I had gone 4 years without a pet while in college, and my heart was longing for one. I went to a pet store in the mall and decided to pick out a kitten. There were two in a cage - one white, one black. I thought they were cute, but nothing was pulling me toward either one. Then I saw something. Two eyes were glowing in the dark from the back of a little cave within the cage. I asked the attendant to see what was back there and she said, “Oh, I forgot about him.” She reached in and pulled out a beautiful charcoal grey kitten with blue, green eyes that sparkled. That was Cole. I carried him out of the store around my neck so he wouldn’t be afraid. He slept around my neck for the next two years, close and safe. I’ve loved him from the moment I saw him.

I wondered if I should write a post about losing Cole. Unless you’re a pet owner or an animal lover, it’s hard to understand the grief someone feels after losing a pet. I didn’t think anyone would really sympathize, because the assumption is that the loss is minimized by the fact it’s an animal and not a person.

But to my surprise, I’ve gotten nothing but an outpouring of love from my family and friends who know exactly what I feel and what I’m going through. The cherished relationship that most people have with pets is a loving, mutually affirming one. I’ve always felt that having a pet had physical as well as emotional benefits, and they love you in a way that speaks of acceptance. Pets love you despite your imperfections. They love you in a way that humans can’t. For some, a pet is a sole companion. For me, Cole was a member of my family and like a child to me. He was my baby.

When pets die, human hearts break. My fragile heart is now broken, and I’m praying for it to be put back together again. The past couple of days have been emotionally and physically exhausting. I didn’t realize how much of my identity was captured in the relationship I had with Cole. Anyone who knows me well knows that he was as much a part of me as the clothes I wear, the music I listen to and the stories I tell. Ours was a special relationship that I will always treasure.

I’m at the beginning of my grieving process, and I can’t stop thinking of how much I miss Cole already. Selfishly, I just want him here with me, even though I know now that he’s no longer in any pain, isn’t suffering, and is resting peacefully. I know that eventually, rather than wishing he were still with me, I will choose to cherish and remember. I’ll recall great memories, laugh at the silly things he did that brought a smile to my face, frame pictures of him and write this post in his memory to commemorate the bound we shared. Part of my healing process will not be about letting go, but in holding him close and dear in my mind, and keeping his spirit close to my heart.

I thank God for bringing Cole into my life – for most pets invite us to grow, love and expand in some special way – so the loss hurts a little more because now I have to re-connect to a self that has been permanently changed by his death.

I feel blessed to have shared time and space with the best cat in the world for the past 16 years, and I’m thankful that he held on for me, comforted me and loved me. I’m thankful that God called him home after I was able to spend quality time with him in his last days and in the comfort of my sister’s home where he was surrounded by family. And I’m especially thankful that Cole let out his last breath in my arms before his spirit soared to the heavens. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect transition for him, and I pray that now he is resting peacefully.

Cole, I love and miss you always.


Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm looking forward to my long weekend! Woo-hoo!

So this morning, Sherri Sheppard and the ladies were discussing celibacy on The View. Sherri plans to remain celibate with her fiance until their August wedding. She questioned whether or not celibacy would make her an even BIGGER freak while she abstained from sex, or if being celibate for so long would suppress her inner sex kitten.

Good question.

She also said all her fiance talks about is the sex they'll have once they get married. However, she said she rarely thinks about sex since she's so focused on NOT doing the do. Sherri never mentioned if they'd already had sex, but are just abstaining while they're engaged, or if their wedding night will be the first time they'll have sex.

Don't really care...Sherri Sheppard irks my nerves...and I don't need the visual.

But it got me to thinking of the question of the day:

Would you date a man or woman who said they wanted to abstain from sex until they got married? Would it depend on their reason for wanting to be celibate? Or do you have to sample the goods before you walk down the aisle so that you know what you're getting yourself into (or what's getting into YOU? LOL!)

Say this man or woman had ALL the qualities you look for in a mate with regard to looks, intelligence, personality, spirituality, etc. - would you wait until marriage to have sex, assuming sex wouldn't matter to you either way? Or is sexual compatibility SO important to you that you wouldn't want to take a chance - no matter how great this person is? What say you?



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- This snow sucks. What happened to Spring?!

- A new world will be built before some people can concede a point.

- Still coughing. Picking up antibiotics at lunch time. I can't take it anymore.

- Some people I work with are a trip.

- Can't wait til Friday - it's my nephew's birthday weekend! Kyce is gonna be 7 years old!

- I love Cole. He's so strong. I'm sure God is keeping him here for me, and I'm so thankful.

- What's for lunch? I want something GOOD.

- I'm off on Monday and Tuesday, so if anyone wants to guest blog, let me know!

- I need to hit the Megamillions.

- If you could donate a million dollars to any ONE charity, which would it be?

- RIP Elizabeth Taylor.

- Chris Brown is a clown. I saw the GMA interview and it didn't seem that bad to me. But even if some think that Robbin Roberts went too far, that doesn't mean throw a chair and shatter a window because you're having a tantrum. He needs to grow up.

- If you could start your own business, what would it be?

- Did anyone else know that Tyrese wrote a book? I didn't.

- Got my taxes done and it's taking everything I have not to splurge on the Soul Siesta trip to Mexico!

- If the plane ticket to Morocco doesn't get bought soon, I WILL be in Mexico!

- If you were offered a seat on the next space shuttle, would you take it?

- I can't believe we ever wore stone washed jeans.

- Brian's throwback this week! This was my JOINT! What happened to real hip hop?


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

So I was having a brief chat with two co-workers of mine – Ms. Prannie and Ms. Phae… neither of which are their real names – and Ms. Phae was recounting a date she had a couple of months ago. It was a first date, and all as going well…until it came time to pay.

She said she wanted to “test” him – so she offered to pay the tip. She thought ole boy would say, “No thanks hon, but thank you for offering.”

But ole boy did no such thing. Instead, he busted out his trusty calculator and told her the tip would be $13. She paid the tip, he “failed” the test and they haven’t been out again since.

Ms. Prannie said, “This is going to be the subject of Brooke’s blog tomorrow, watch.”

And Ms. Pran was right…far be it from me to disappoint her :-)

Now, before any dudes start typing their response to this blog, let me say this – if you offer to pay any portion of the bill and he takes you up on it, you can’t be mad at him. I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t want to pay it. But that’s just me.

The guy probably thought she was a progressive, independent woman and appreciated her offering. Or he could be considered a cheap prick…who knows. I think there are many different perspectives you can look at this from, and since there were no follow-up dates, it’s hard to tell which type of man he is.

However, I DO think there are certain guidelines to go by when it comes to picking up the tab on dates, in a relationship, whatever. There are no hard rules per se, but this is MY take - and my take only - on how paying for dates should be handled.

Men Should Pay If:

1. He asks her on the date. This goes for anyone though. If you ask me out, I assume you’re paying. If I ask you on a date – and yes, I’ve done that – then I expect to pay. It hasn’t happened yet, but I DO expect to pay. Most men I’ve asked out on dates were just surprised that I asked them in the first place – so they had no problem paying. I think most men should come prepared to pay for a date, no matter who asks - but I think women should be prepared too…just in case.

2. If it’s the first date. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Now again, if she asked you out and it’s the first date, then you can allow her to pay…but I wouldn’t do it. Women, like Ms. Phae, may be testing you to see if you’re a gentleman, if you’re relationship material, or simply if she’d like to get to know you better. Some lesser women might even decide if they’re going to sleep with you on the first date based on if you pay or not. At any rate, paying for a first date leaves an impression – so it’s up to you if you want to leave a good one or a bad one.

3. It’s her birthday, Valentine’s Day, she gets a new job, got accepted into business school, a holiday or some other special occasion. It just makes you look like a good guy and that you appreciate her or are proud of her. Everyone likes to feel special, so special occasions are the perfect times to treat her.

Women Should Pay If:

1. She asks him out. And don’t test him when the bill comes to see if he’ll reach for his wallet. If you asked him out, you should GENUINELY expect to pay. Only allow him to if he insists.

2. It’s his birthday, he gets a new job or got accepted to law school. Men like to feel special too, so cover him when it’s his time to shine.

3. If she’s Kim Kardashian. That chick and her family made $65 mill last year…I’m jus sayin’ ;-)

Go Dutch If:

1. You’ve been dating for a while. When you’re in a long term relationship, neither of you should expect the other person to pay ALL of the time…unless the person you’re dating is a self made millionaire. Even then, it’s just inconsiderate. We’re in a recession, so take turns – he pays for dinner, you pay for the movie (hopefully dinner won’t be AT the movies! LOL)

2. If you live together. Expenses for joint purchases like groceries, rent, utilities, etc. should be shared if what you’re paying for is for BOTH of you. Same goes for entertainment, joint gifts, vacations, etc. Steady couples, especially ones with similar incomes, should expect to split everything 50/50.

Again, there are no set rules for who pays for what in relationships, or even in casual dating. If you’re comfortable talking about finances with the other person, then your best indicator will come from an honest discussion about what is expected from each of you. Men shouldn’t break the bank trying to woo a woman, only for her to discover he’s secretly broke living in his mama’s basement. And women shouldn’t judge men simply on his ability to treat her to Applebee’s 5 nights a week, or is willing to let her spring for a movie.

I think a rule to follow is to always be prepared to pay for the date, whether you actually plan to or not. No one wants to be bustin’ suds in the kitchen cuz neither one of you can pay the bill. Be honest with yourself and your date. And don’t take advantage of the other person, even if they’re always willing to pay. There’s nothing wrong with treating your man every once in a while to show him that you’re not an ungrateful gold digger. Men, there’s nothing “unmanly” about allowing your lady to treat you to a dinner “just because.”

Just don’t be the dude who’s always looking at his lady like “you got me boo?” EVERY time the bill comes. Then you’re just a Herb.

For both men and women, sometimes a genuine offer to pay goes a long way - just make sure you’re not testing anyone, and that you truly mean it when you offer…or it could backfire on you. Be considerate…and genuine.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

And Happy St. Patrick's Day...if you're into that sorta thing. I personally spend the day avoiding all the drunkards in the street who were inebriated at 9am, but that's just me :-)

- I have another cold. I don't understand it. I think I just need warm weather and I'll be fine.

- I need a vacation. One where it's 80 degrees at breakfast time, there's warm sand between my toes and an ocean.

- I hate hearing people chew gum. Even worse when I actually see the gum in their mouths.

- I also hate when people pronounce the "L" in "salmon." Like they said on Witches Brew - straight bamma!

- The woman who sits next to me always over-waters my plant because she assumes I don't water it myself. Poor thing is drowning. She doesn't do her own work because she's too busy walking around watering plants and minding everyone else's business.

- I don't feel like eating healthy this week, but I have to try. Need to get right!

- Is Charlie Sheen touring now? GTFOH.

- Sheri Sheppard is a clown.

- Cole says hello :-)

- Kyce (my oldest nephew) got a perfect score on his Arabic exam. I'm so proud of him!

- A lot of bridal showers and bachelorette parties coming up - fun times!

- I've never dreamed of how my own wedding will be (if I have one) but I LOVE going to other people's weddings.

- I hate my cell phone.

- The Fab Five documentary on ESPN was excellent.

- Need a mani/pedi in the WORST way.

- Don't forget to check out BUMP tonight at the IFNY Screening - Spike Lee Screening Room - Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. Craig is gonna be there, so that makes it worth going all by itself!

- I woke up with the urge to shop for shoes. Then I open my email and see a Friends & Family discount from Nine West. This isn't good.

- Getting my taxes done on Saturday finally. Hope he tells me something good!

- And now, this week's throwbacks - RIP Nate Dogg. So will be missed and your music lives on forever.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

So a friend gave me a suggestion about a blog topic today – At-home DNA/Paternity Tests. I’ve seen these in Duane Reade and Target and thought to myself, “Wow, sure beats going on the Maury Povich Show!”

According to the directions, you take a cotton swab and rub it inside the child's mouth. That will provide enough DNA for the test. The man who may or may not be the father has to do the same. After you collect the DNA and send it in, it takes three to five days for the test to come back, and you can even go to a confidential Web site and get the results.

Now, instead of waiting (either "eagerly" or "fearfully") to hear the words “You are NOT the father,” you can simply go to CVS, swab the kid and wait a week or so to find out if Jr. is actually yours. Or, if you’re a woman, you can try to slip a Q-Tip in your man’s mouth while he’s snoring and test him without his knowledge so you know if you need to start looking for that one night stand or not.

Some think it’s sad that these tests exist over the counter now, while others think it’s a Godsend. Some feel that paternity tests should be mandatory at birth, while others think it’s a slippery slope. It’s been argued that DNA tests should be conducted to establish more than just paternity, such as testing for genetic dispositions to disease, etc. But the issue of consent and privacy violations comes into play when you swab a kid unbeknownst to the other parent - or even the child. Who has the right to swab the kid? Are you violating the child’s rights at all? And what do these companies do with the DNA results – keep them? Sell them to outside sources?

And the main question is how accurate are these tests to begin with? Studies have shown that most over-the-counter paternity tests are 99.9% accurate when you have enough of the child’s DNA, the father AND the mother. If you simply have the man’s DNA along with the child’s, it goes down to 99%. Still pretty good, right?

The tests cost between $20 and $30 and usually include a lab processing fee, which could be as much as $100. While that may still seem a bit steep to some folks, it’s A LOT cheaper than getting it done professionally, which makes these tests so attractive. I’m sure it gets even MORE expensive if a woman has to test several men – but it's still better than having 6 dudes sitting up on Maury’s stage. My guess, though, is that most of these tests are secretly used by men, especially if they have easy access to the child….or the man’s nosey girlfriend or new wife who questions paternity (for those of you who watch The Game on BET.)

So what do you think? Are drug store DNA/Paternity tests a good idea? Do you think a man has a right to test a child he suspects isn’t his without the mother’s knowledge, or should these tests require the mother’s DNA before giving results so that they know full consent was given? Do you think these tests should be admissible in family court when trying to establish paternity, custody or child support, etc. – even though not all of these tests are FDA approved? Should men not sign birth certificates until paternity is established, since most courts recognize the man who signs it as the child’s father – regardless of DNA?

A lot of questions - this should be good…let’s go!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Brookey,

I’m ashamed to admit that I was a cheater. I’ve cheated on every boyfriend I’ve ever had until recently. I always felt justified because the sex was bad, or the relationship was stifling, or he was too short. I found a way to justify my cheating in any way possible. My last boyfriend was devastated when he found out, and although I wanted to break up, I didn’t want to break anyone’s heart. I believe that is when I decided to change.

Now I’m dating a great guy who I have no plans on cheating on. I feel that he is “it” for me, and that I have been rehabilitated through him. Should I tell him about my cheating past, or just keep it to myself since I never plan to cheat on him (or anyone else) ever again?


Dear Reformed,

First, I’m glad to hear that you are a "rehabilitated cheater." Most people feel that once a cheater, always a cheater – but that’s not true, in my humble opinion. There are several reasons why people cheat. None of those reasons should serve as a valid excuse, but understanding the reasons why you do something can help you to overcome this behavior if you want to. After all, a person can and will change only when they want to.

I don’t think you’ve been “rehabilitated through him.” If you plan on being a faithful person from here on out, it has to be because that’s the type of person you want to be for yourself. Of course, there are things that may help you come to that decision. Seeing how you hurt your ex may be one of the reasons you decided to change. For others, finding someone they want to be faithful to helps them to change. Some have to feel that pain for themselves. Most people don’t know how their actions hurt others until they’ve been cheated on themselves.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to change, it takes a strong person to resist temptation, and an emotionally mature person knows that they can’t have a successful relationship without trust. To be faithful, you have to be secure and self aware.

Secure people don’t feel the need to be selfish or seek affection/sex/love from multiple people. Self aware people are honest with themselves about if they’re ready or willing to settle down and do all the work that comes with it. If you’re not ready to be faithful, don’t be in a relationship. You’d be surprised just how many people can’t admit that they’re not finished sewing their royal oats :-) There is nothing wrong with wanting to play the field for as long as you want to – just be sure you’re honest with yourself and others about it.

However, it seems to me that you ARE ready to settle down with this guy, so now you’re wondering if you should put all your cards on the table for him to see. If he asks you if you’ve ever cheated before, by all means be honest. If you’ve truly learned your lesson, are remorseful and can assure him that you’ve grown as a person who has no desire to repeat that behavior, I don’t see why you can’t share that with him.

However, if he doesn’t ask you, I don’t think there’s a reason to bring it up. You know yourself better than anyone, so if you know in your heart you’ll be a faithful person from now on, then just be the best you can be and leave it at that. There’s no need to give him a reason to be insecure or the idea that you may possibly cheat on him one day. If you’re in a healthy, thriving relationship, enjoy it. Most people who are chronic cheaters became that way because they found themselves in a string of bad relationships where they feel unfulfilled. It sounds as if you’re finally happy in a relationship that works for you – so unless he asks, just leave it alone and don’t mess it up!

What do you all think? Once a cheater always a cheater….or can people be “rehabilitated?”

Give your advice!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend! Spring is coming!

- My ace Denise is coming into town tomorrow for the SU Reunion Party! Saturday at Katra, 9p-4a - be there or be square!

- A lot of controversy with the Big East Tournament....but SU still rules the Garden :-)

- Suri Cruise is too big to still be sucking on a Binky. Isn't she like 4 or 5 years old?

- Did spinning last night...felt great! I'm making my way back!

- Now...what's for lunch? :-)

- Did any of you in the NYC listen to Power 105 this morning? The male talent said a single woman who is sleeping with two men at one time is displaying whorish behavior - but if men do it, it's ok. He said, "women are supposed to be better than us." Double standard or truth? Shall we discuss today or on tomorrow's blog?

- I'm tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding. Who cares?!

- I'm more excited about all the weddings and stuff coming up for people I actually KNOW! I'm looking forward to all of the wedding festivities I have to attend in the next coming weeks! Congrats to all of my soon-to-be married friends!

- My nephew Kyce will be 7 years old this month! I remember watching him being born, now he's getting so BIG! That's my baby! He wants an XBox or Wii for his birthday :-)

- Cole is hanging in there....thank you for all of your prayers!

- What's with the flooding in Jersey?

- Want to check out a cool flick? A good friend of mine will be screening his short film BUMP on Friday, March 18th at the Spike Lee Screening Room - Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. There will be a $10 suggested donation and a brief reception before the screening begins. Mr. Rodney Lee is a hot, up-and-coming writer, director and filmmaker, and I'm so proud to be there to support his film. It'll be a great night, so come out if you can! If you need any added incentive, Craig 'n Nem will be there! LOL! It can be a blog outing! Here's the trailer for BUMP:

- Now, this week's throwback!



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

RIP Biggie!

And for my fellow Christians out there, today marks the beginning of Lent. On Ash Wednesday, many Christians declare to sacrifice something for the next forty days. They’ll give up coffee, soda, sweets, or meat – or they’ll promise to hit the gym for the next 40 days straight. Whether you are a deeply religious person, or someone who isn’t that much of a believer but who likes to participate in the tradition, Lent can be very rewarding…even if not spiritually. You can save money on those $5 lattes (I’m sure they add up), or you can lose weight by giving up sweets and soda. For most, it’s about challenging yourself to give up something significant in your life that could be considered a vice.

Now, I’m not sure if abstaining from watching Jersey Shore or any other train wreck tv show qualifies as something meaningful in your life that poses a REAL challenge. But stopping destructive or harmful behavior is always a good thing, so if you need Lent as your springboard to do so, I’m all for it.

In addition to giving up cookies and Pepsi, try also giving up texting and driving. How about giving up texting altogether and actually DIAL the phone and TALK to someone? Try to limit your Facebook time and read a REAL book. Don’t tweet every 5 minutes if you can help it. Bring your lunch. Recycle. Stay off MediaTakeout :-)

What are you giving up, if anything? How are you going to stay motivated so that you succeed? And what do you hope to achieve with your 40 day fast?

If you participate, let’s hear it!



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!
I got in late last night and have been slammed all day. Couple that with having problems with eBlogger and I'm lucky I got this post out at all!

- Had a blast at the Breakout Kings premiere party last night! All the stars of our new A&E series were fun to hang around - very cool people....especially fine ass Laz Alonzo! I love it when celebs don't take themselves too seriously and know how to have fun and be silly :-)

Make sure you watch this Sunday, March 6th at 10p. Especially if you have a Nielsen box! LOL!

- I guess I used up all my random thoughts in yesterday's post of things I don't have time for :-)

- Gas prices are insane...can't wait to run through Jersey this weekend on my way to Philly to fill up - it's cheaper...and I don't have to pump it myself.

- Looking forward to my bowling/Chuck E. Cheese belated birthday party this weekend with the fam!

- My cat Cole is hanging in there. I love him so much.

- I've been downing Diet Coke lately like it's water. I just need to drink more WATER!

- People look at me like I'm a different person when I wear makeup. I must really need it!

- I was going to check out a movie tonight, but after seeing some photos of myself, I'll be in the gym instead.

- This week's throwback!



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Hump Day!

This blog was inspired by my sister-friend, Ms. Princess! She's always saying, "What I'ma need you to do..." and "See...what I don’t have time for is..." She always makes me smile, so in honor of her today, this post is about Things I Don't Have Time For - which could also be listed as "Things We're All Too Old For :-)

Things I Don't Have Time For:

1. Selfish people.

2. Grown ass people obsessed with Justin Bieber….even more so if you’ve gone to one of his concerts.

3. People who write cryptic messages to other people via Facebook or Twitter as their status. Keep your issues to yourself.

4. Facebook stalkers.

5. People who make their hairstyle so much a part of their identity that they insist that I go natural too.

6. People who brag about getting high or drunk. It’s not sexy or cute to say you got wasted last night (especially if it’s a workday and you have a job). You should be old enough to know when enough is enough, and sloppy drunkenness is just messy and sad. You’re not in college anymore…and it wasn’t cute then either.

7. Fifty year old frat brothers still strolling at the club. Yeah, I said it!

8. Sitting on people’s lap on the subway when there are seats open. Even when seats are not open, unless it’s a child in your lap, stand your grown ass up.

9. People who act like they are ashamed or don’t masturbate…or who think it’s weird or nasty if other people do it. Grow up…and release yourself!

10. People who act like sex isn’t a big deal. It is. It’s not everything, but it’s important.

11. Not knowing how to cook…anything!

12. People who constantly type/write in text speak. Ur grwn, wat da fck iz da matta wit u? OMG, LOL.

13. People who wear glasses but don’t NEED them. You look stupid.

14. Have full text message conversations. Unless you’re in a meeting, pick up the damn phone and call me. I don’t have time to be typing to your ass all day.

15. Texting someone to ask them on a date or as first contact after getting their number. We’re not 12.

16. Having a subscription to Us Weekly or any other tabloid magazine. Unless you work in the entertainment industry, get all your gossip online like everyone else.

17. People who text or look at their phone every 5 minutes in the movies. You’re an even bigger asshole if you answer a call while in the movies….and are on a date.

18. Grown as women who wear tiaras…and it’s not their bachelorette party.

19. People who still have teddy bears and stuffed animals in their car’s rear window.

20. Women who think sex toys are “nasty” and men who are intimidated by them.

21. People who dress their little girls in nothing but bubble gum pink. Put some blues, greens and purples on that child.

22. People who don’t have a checking or savings account past the age of 25. Who are these people that go to check cashing places anyway?

23. Still talking about your high school boyfriend or girlfriend. It was high school – you didn’t know what love was, so chances are they really ARE NOT the one who got away.

24. People who can never admit when they are wrong or say they’re sorry.

25. People who overuse the word “hater.” Just because I don’t like something/someone, doesn’t mean I’m a “hater.” I just don’t like it.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later, but feel free to list the things you either don’t have time for, or are too old for. However, here are some things you're never too old for and that I always have time for:

1. My mother. My sister. My nephews. My family.

2. A nap.

3. Love.

4. Sex.

5. Listening to Charlie Sheen - pure comedy.

6. A good movie.

7. Sex. Did I say that already? ;)

8. Writing.

9. A phone call with a great friend.

10. Putting on sunscreen.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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