Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So...I finally have a mentee! Can't wait to meet her and her mom. I'm nervous and excited! I hope I can be a good influence, teacher, mentor...and friend.

- I'm tired.

- The weather the past couple of days has been gorgeous...but today, back to cool and drab. Booo.

- No Scandal tonight....guess I'll try to write something. Booo.

- I want the summer to be here already. If I can't take a real vacation, I at least want to wear flip flips in the warm sun for a while.

- My kittens are so cute...and so destructive! They jump on everything and scatter papers all over the place! They play when I want to sleep and sleep when I want to play. But I love them to death :-)

- My nephews make me smile from ear to ear :-)

- My sister is pretty awesome too! I don't know what I'd do without her :-)

- Any suggestions for article ideas for my writing? I ask every week and I get nothing! C'mon y'all!

- Syracuse gave it a good run and had a great basketball season - so proud of my alma mater! Go 'Cuse! Glad the Big East took it though :-)

- The movie 42 was pretty decent. Oblivion on Monday!

- I miss my boo :-( even though he gets on my last nerve :-)

- I wanna put on a sun dress/maxi dress. Soon come.



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Annamaria reminded me that it was Thursday. It feels like a Wednesday to me, but maybe that's because I was out Monday. Glad to know I'm one day closer to the weekend!

- My nephew turned 9 years old this past Saturday - how is that even possible?! I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday! Next year he'll be in double digits and a pre-teen. Slow down!!!

- How does my sister have a child who is 9 and one who is 6 and I don't have any yet? That just seems odd. But not really...but it does.

- I need ideas for my articles - anyone have any suggestions?

- I hope that this year brings me many amazing opportunities to grow and prosper :-)

- I don't even see how I have time to blog today given how busy I always seem to be. I need a nice, long vacation. Anywhere. Just doing nothing.

- This woman at work announced her pregnancy to her department with balloons and cupcakes, but then when I said "Congratulations" to her, she looked at me funny and replied, "how did you know?"

Um...maybe because you made a big production out of it?

- I'm so thankful for all that I, happiness, family, Everything else is secondary.

- Time for some ginger tea! I feel another cold coming on.

- What's for lunch?

- Syracuse gonna WHOOP Michigan this weekend in their Final Four match up. My boo better be ready to hear my mouth. Go Cuse!



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