Friday, September 28, 2012


So one of my besties sent this to me to present to the blog family. She calls these her "Point Blank" questions everyone should ask a potential mate when they start dating. I realize some of you are booed up already, but for those who aren't, let's hear your answers to these if asked by the person you just met. If you have any you'd like to add, feel free (and print out and give to a potential new boo...or an old boo if he/she ain't acting right). Go!

I ________________________ single.

I _________________________ emotionally available.

I _________________________ dating other people.

I _________________________ want to date other people.

I am ____________________________ with you dating other people.

I am looking for a ____________________________ type of relationship with you.

I________________________ envisioned myself getting married.

I am_________________________ ready for marriage.

I ___________________ see myself marrying you.

There is _____________________ set time frame that I would like to be married by.

I ____________________________ want children.

I ________________________ see myself having children with you.

I _______________________ to have children in the near future.

I am _______________________________ of commitment.

I ______________________________ commit to you.

It is ______________________ for me to share my true feelings with you.

I ____________________________ keep secrets from you.

I _________________________________ trust issues.

I am _____________________________ in love with you.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- So I think the people who painted my apartment stole my diamond earrings, so I've been angry and in a funk since I discovered they were gone. I know the Universe will take care of them, I just wish I was around to see it.

- Liars, cheaters and thieves never win. Ever.

- I'm supposed to have a meeting with some folks as I type this and they're late. I guess my time doesn't matter. And this is a meeting that THEY want, not me. Typical.

- I have new sneakers and I think they're so pretty! :-) These little things make working out just a teeny weeny bit better.

- All I know is, if I don't lose even an ounce this week, I'm gonna go off on somebody. I'm working my ass off (what little booty I have) and last week I didn't gain or lose anything. I feel like I need a shot of Xenadrine with a Hydroxycut chaser!

- My new juicer came! Woo-hoo! Maybe I just need to juice for the next 7 weeks. Hopefully that'll help put me back on track.

- I admit it, I've been watching Maury from time to time when I get to work. How many baby daddy paternity test shows can he do??? How do you go on tv with like, 5 dudes, and NONE of them are your child's father? Trife life.

- I can't believe it's about to be October. Like...really. I love Halloween season though :-) And my sister's birthday...AND Ibrahim's birthday!

- And my Godson Lee's birthday is tomorrow! He'll be 9...these kids are growing up too fast! They need jobs :-)

- Maybe I need to drink more water.

- Scandal starts tonight and I forgot to DVR it - must make sure I'm home to watch it! Maybe I'll spin while it's on...kill two birds...

- Vanessa Williams is on The View. She's so pretty :-) A bit of a diva, but pretty!

- I think I need to stay on the elliptical machine for an hour today at lunch time. Put on some Beyonce videos and rock out. Maybe an hour and a half til I pass out.

- My hair is a mess. Just wanted to say that.



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Not so happy...I'm up 2 lbs from last week. I have to eat broccoli and work my ass off today just to get back down to where I was :-(

- I think my body is rebelling against me. And I'm still sore everywhere :(

- Time to take this nail polish off.

- It's almost like the Republicans are TRYING to get Barack Obama re-elected. Mitt Romney has to be the biggest plug on the planet.

- What's up with Prince's afro? Looks kinda funny on him.

- I tied in Fantasy Football last week. I'll take it, cuz I just KNEW I was gonna lose that one. Whew!

- Still need to look into Eagles tickets for my nephews. They're in to football now.

- I didn't forget about the Nets tickets Annamaria - I'm on it! Barclay Center here we come!

- I'm so behind when it comes to new music. I need to take a day to just download everything and get it poppin'.

- Any ideas for an article I can write on relationships? I have a bit of writer's block :-(

- My new mattress is the

- I need to stop talking about Prince's afro, cuz mine isn't what's hot in the streets right now either.

- Witches Brew cracks me up every single day. I was on the train reading a post on Facebook and literally laughed out loud. Everyone on the train looked at me like I spit in their coffee or something. Mean New Yorkers.

- Cute kids alert!!!



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- We're doing the Biggest Loser at work again - watch out now! I'm defending my title - let's get it!

- Hopefully my foot will heal up in time for me to go hard!

- Why am I watching Judge Mathis?

- I'm enjoying the Democratic National Convention. Some good speeches - Bubba was clownin' folks last night. Barack should bring it home tonight.

- I'm off tomorrow - going back to the U.S. Open, so I'm busy at work today...yet I'm watching Judge Mathis. What is wrong with me?

- I still have a lot of writing to do head is about to start spinning.

- Football season is here, finally!

- "I have great new friends and my teachers are really nice to me!..." Part of the message left on my voicemail at work from my nephew Ibrahim. Kyce said he made a windmill in school on his first day. I love those little messages...made my heart swell up. I love them so much! It's the little things.

- The plaintiff on Judge Mathis looks like Drake.

- The spaghetti with Italian sausage I made for lunch was BANGIN'!

- Now they're talking about "freaky sex groups" on Judge Mathis. I need to turn this off.

- I'm ready to braid my herrr.

- Time to buy new sneakers!

- It's really September. I can't believe it. I think I say that EVERY September.

- Okay, let me really do some work...let's go!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

15 Sexy Things I Haven't Done...But Would Like The Fury

I can't believe I still have sexual fantasies. Like what does a person have to do to just get it ALL out of their system? Is it impossible to sow your royal oats? Here I was thinking my list had had a couple of fantasies on it, then I began to talk to some women about their lists…and realized…hey wait, I want to try that too! Oooh ooh! Me ! Me! Pick me for that one!

Perhaps my list has grown because I imagined doing these things with the women who brought them up. Many of them aren't "new" things. Nothing too "crazy". But dammitt, now I've added to this list. I've had my share of very willing and game partners and have wiped plenty off of my list based on their willingness and imagination - but now…here I go again.

Because this is TMI Tuesday I expect the comments section to be littered with your own fantasies. Hell, Summer is over and it's the first day back after a long weekend. You're not really going to do work are you? No. You're gonna fake work and think about sex.

1) Perform oral sex on a woman with a clit ring. - I have an oral fixation

2) Have sex wearing a cock ring. - Read an article that says it will increase your erection to 110% through sex and to 115% during orgasm(!!!)

3) Go to a sex club. - Yeah this still hasn't happened….

4) Have sex in said sex club. - With someone I bring…or a well known celeb and then I keep it secret but know what her O face looks like whenever I see her in the tabloids.

5) Have sex in the rain. - Just one of those leftover ideas from way back in the days.

6) Breath Play - You know, asphyxiate a woman upon her climax or be asphyxiated upon mine. I've choked. Just never this far…

7) BDSM - Some serious rope binding. Ass whipping. Mask wearing. safe word sex

8) Anal. - Why? Because I was told that I can't because I'm too well endowed. So now it goes on the list just because I was denied. LOL

9) Have sex on a swing. - This obviously should've been done the time Honey Rider dressed up like a school girl, but…

10) Record a wild sex session with a partner. Watch it with the partner later…and another female friend - Probably one of the lone exhibitionist fantasies I've had

11) Have sex on a rooftop - I did a balcony once…Why not go to the top? Not the highest roof. There needs to be some possibility I'm being watched.

12) Be a whore. - Very specifically. Be paid very well to have sex with a VERY attractive, disease FREE, woman. One time only. I was actually offered this once by an ex, but turned her down for some silly reason. Don't judge me.

13) Make more women squirt. - Yes more. I'm a pleaser at heart

14) Bend her over her office desk, door closed, hard sex during business hours. - That film Secretary was really good.

15) Being ridden twice at the same time. - Cowgirl on my penis. Cowgirl on my face. Or one can reverse and they can play with each other too...

So there is my list. I'm sure I'm missing some. Help me add to it.

They call me The Fury - if you want to experience any of these with me check yes or no…

- The Fury
Instagram: dirtydetails

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