Tuesday, September 4, 2012

15 Sexy Things I Haven't Done...But Would Like To...by The Fury

I can't believe I still have sexual fantasies. Like what does a person have to do to just get it ALL out of their system? Is it impossible to sow your royal oats? Here I was thinking my list had had a couple of fantasies on it, then I began to talk to some women about their lists…and realized…hey wait, I want to try that too! Oooh ooh! Me ! Me! Pick me for that one!

Perhaps my list has grown because I imagined doing these things with the women who brought them up. Many of them aren't "new" things. Nothing too "crazy". But dammitt, now I've added to this list. I've had my share of very willing and game partners and have wiped plenty off of my list based on their willingness and imagination - but now…here I go again.

Because this is TMI Tuesday I expect the comments section to be littered with your own fantasies. Hell, Summer is over and it's the first day back after a long weekend. You're not really going to do work are you? No. You're gonna fake work and think about sex.

1) Perform oral sex on a woman with a clit ring. - I have an oral fixation

2) Have sex wearing a cock ring. - Read an article that says it will increase your erection to 110% through sex and to 115% during orgasm(!!!)

3) Go to a sex club. - Yeah this still hasn't happened….

4) Have sex in said sex club. - With someone I bring…or a well known celeb and then I keep it secret but know what her O face looks like whenever I see her in the tabloids.

5) Have sex in the rain. - Just one of those leftover ideas from way back in the days.

6) Breath Play - You know, asphyxiate a woman upon her climax or be asphyxiated upon mine. I've choked. Just never this far…

7) BDSM - Some serious rope binding. Ass whipping. Mask wearing. safe word sex

8) Anal. - Why? Because I was told that I can't because I'm too well endowed. So now it goes on the list just because I was denied. LOL

9) Have sex on a swing. - This obviously should've been done the time Honey Rider dressed up like a school girl, but…

10) Record a wild sex session with a partner. Watch it with the partner later…and another female friend - Probably one of the lone exhibitionist fantasies I've had

11) Have sex on a rooftop - I did a balcony once…Why not go to the top? Not the highest roof. There needs to be some possibility I'm being watched.

12) Be a whore. - Very specifically. Be paid very well to have sex with a VERY attractive, disease FREE, woman. One time only. I was actually offered this once by an ex, but turned her down for some silly reason. Don't judge me.

13) Make more women squirt. - Yes more. I'm a pleaser at heart

14) Bend her over her office desk, door closed, hard sex during business hours. - That film Secretary was really good.

15) Being ridden twice at the same time. - Cowgirl on my penis. Cowgirl on my face. Or one can reverse and they can play with each other too...

So there is my list. I'm sure I'm missing some. Help me add to it.

They call me The Fury - if you want to experience any of these with me check yes or no…

- The Fury

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Stef said...

First bitches!!!

A-buzzz said...

Die Stef DIE... LMFAO

Stef said...


I beat you!!! I beat you!!

Okay, after reading this list, I need to re-check mine!

Jaz said...

Okay, why did I think this was Brooke's list (forgot it was Fury's day) and I was like "oral sex on a chick?!" Yuk!

I thought Brooke was telling us she was swinging the other way for a second!

The Cable Guy said...

I've always wanted to have sex at a hip hop concert...like in the bathroom, or way up in the nose bleed seats. No idea why.

I've done a few things on Fury's list, but I feel like my fantasies change with each woman, so it makes sense that you'd keep adding to your list. Check my pulse the day I STOP adding to my list.

The Fury said...

@jaz - LMFAO That is hilarious!! No I don't think Brooke wants to perform oral sex on a chick, but there are some women out reading who do...

@The Cable Guy - good point on the list changing with different women. These are more like all around fantasies.

@Stef - what's on the list, homie?

Anonymous said...

I've done 6 of the 15 on Fury's list. I'm going to take a shower now... LOL

Stef said...

I guess my fantasies are pretty simple. I've never dressed up, so that's something I've always wanted to try. A police woman specifically. I wanna put handcuffs on someone and haul them off to jail! LOL!

I've never been tied up either. Or had food eaten off of me. We can start there :)

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke never chimes in when Fury writes.

The Fury said...

@Anonymous - *wild applause* Congrats. Don't feel the need to take a shower. Remember, these are lingering fantasies. If you've read the blog, you know I've been busy. ha!

@Stef - When can we start there?

Brooke chimes in sometimes. She's just busy working (I've seen your name so much in those credits) or answering inquiries on my identity! LOL

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

I have a few minutes before my next meeting, so this will be quick.

I can't make a list right now, I need some time to think about it more. However, what I WILL say is that if I had an adventurous list, I'd only be able to do one or a few at a time, not all at once unless I just totally put myself out there. For me, anything that would be considered "wild" would have to be with someone that I trusted completely. I think there has to be a certain level or trust and comfort for some women to try certain things. Maybe not sex in the rain or on the roof, but anal? Not everyone gets that comfy close.

I'm not speaking for all women, because there are some women out there who would do anything with anyone anywhere at any time. And to each her own. I'm not that person though.

But if I love you and trust you, I'm willing to try anything because I know you got my back. But I have to feel totally safe, heart and all. If I feel for you that way, then I'm open...so as long as there are no dead people or animals or peeing on me involved, I'm pretty much game for anything because I know the person who loves me will have my best interest at heart.

The Cable Guy said...

I've seen Brooke's name in credits too! I'm always saying to people after the First 48 goes off "I know her." LOL!


This is why I love you. Because no man wants a ho, but we do. We want a respectable ho, so your answer is perfect...of course. Problem is, we find a ho, but don't wanna marry her ratched ass, or we find a good girl, but we fuck up and cheat on her cuz she ain't a ho.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

@Cable Guy,

The answer? Find the good girl, love her, cherish her and she'll be whoever you want her to be. Cheat on her, she'll leave yo ass forever. Sex can be learned. Find someone you love and respect and bring the freak out of her. I think it's easier to turn a housewife into a ho then turning a ho into a housewife.

A-buzzz said...

******Round of applause & standing ovation for Mr. Nice Guy & Brooke**********

You are 100% right. People will be quick to fuck over the Nice Girl/Nice Guy without a second thought. Guaranteed that with a lil trust you can get the "housewife' to be everything you want & more.

The Fury said...

Here's the thing...I know it's real that you can bring the freak out of a non-freaky woman. However...not every woman is cut out for it. Some women just don't have the rhythm, coordination or imagination to be THAT freak.

Also, I hope I didn't make it seem like I would do these things with just anyone. There are reasons why these fantasies have gone unfulfilled.

Now back to the lists... LOL

Stef said...

I think most women want to be THAT freak, but they're afraid of being labeled THAT freak. Men want THAT freak, but they won't wanna marry THAT freak or introduce her to his mamma (unless his mamma is Mamma Dee). So for me, I agree with Brooke. I can't be THAT freak unless I'm doing that stuff with my husband. I'm not gonna let some strange, random dude fuck me in the ass. I might fuck a random dude in the rain, but not let him do THAT freak type stuff with me. I think women who do that stuff with just anyone have issues. Just my opinion.

The Fury said...

I know men who have married THAT freak. She was just a freak behind closed doors and very sweet and innocent in public. I have exes who are THAT freak and married. You just don't want to be that promiscuous ho bag slut. She has some issues to deal with.

I also know women who enjoy anal, but no not everyone gets the privilege.

Ladies, if you don't show potential to be THAT freak. Chances are he's not marrying you.

...and labels are one thing and judging is another. No judging here.

Stef said...

Well, I guess we just get mixed signals then, because men don't say "she's a ho...but only behind closed doors." They just say "she's a ho." So women try not to be a ho. So when do you let your "ho" show? Date 4, date 17? How does the man who sees the innocent looking girl get to see THAT freak? Cuz if you bust her out too soon, she's just an innocent looking ho, but if you try to wait until YOU have determined if he's worthy enough to see THAT freak, he may bounce cuz he just doesn't think you're THAT ho. It's all too confusing!

Brooke said...

Oddly enough, I understood exactly what Stef said :)

The Fury said...

Women shouldn't be scared of men saying they're hoes. They should be comfortable in their skin. The only time they'll call you a ho is if you leave them for someone else, fuck their brother behind their back or volunteer having a train of 10 men run on you in a single night in their bed while he's away on a business trip. It seems extreme, but I'm serious.

You bust out that freak when you trust him. That's it. when YOU trust him.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Fury!! I know that I'm not a "Ho", but at the same time, I'm very in touch with my inner FREAK!!! She comes out when I TRUST the MAN that I'm dealing with!!

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