Thursday, August 30, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Annamaria reminded me of what day it was...but I had a foot doctor's appt. earlier, so I'm just now getting back! Geesh!

- I have Carpal Tarsal Syndrome: Anatomy similar to that of the wrist and hand exists in the ankle and foot. When the sensory nerve that passes through the tarsal tunnel is irritated by pressure in the tunnel, numbness and tingling of the foot and toes can be felt.  I had to get an injection in my foot. So times.

- So glad it's a long weekend. Going to the beach at some point...and then my first match of the U.S. Open on Monday night!

- Been watching tennis for a couple days now - go Venus and Serena!

- Has anyone seen Porgy & Bess on Broadway with Audra McDonald? Opinions?

- I need to find out when my broadcast network shows start.

- It's 2:18 and I haven't eaten lunch yet. Have a great lunch waiting for me too - chicken breast, shrimp and asparagus! Thanks babe!

- Beautiful day out!

- How did the summer pass by so quickly? I wish winter felt this short :-(

- I have a new mattress and new bedding. You'd be surprised how refreshing a new set of sheets feels. Ahhhh!!!

- I need to drink more water. And I think I feel a cold coming on :-(

- T.I. and Tiny are cute and all, but I can't commit to their show.

- Just bought some new candles to go with my new bedroom :-) Great sale and Bath & Body Works! It's on my way home from the foot doctor :-)

- I think I'll cut it short now so that Annamaria can be first and give us her random thoughts :-) Gotta go heat up my lunch anyway :-)




A-buzzz said...

First Bitches

Stef said...

dang it!!!

Jaz said...

I'm mad folks hit Brooke up making her do random thoughts thursday :) First Serena, then Annamaria :)

A-buzzz said...

1. I was first TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!! :-)


3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my daughter. She drives me absolutely bonkers but she is amazing.

4. She starts Pre-k on the 10th!! and then dance school. Next up Karate, basketball & baseball.

5. I've discovered I'm a highly evil person sometimes. LOL .. I enjoy the plotting the death when someone crosses me. LOL I don't get mad I get even. :-)

6. I need a break.. Don't you wish you could press a pause button on life and just chill for a minute.

7. Can't wait for football season to start.

8. Can't wait for fall... I need new boots.

9. Next weekend my brother & his wife celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary! Soo very happy for them!

10. I'm running out of thoughts. LOL

Yolanda said...

-Please send up a prayer for my great aunt who's on the mend from a foot infection. Thanks.

-I feel great things are coming for so many of us

-So sorry about your foot, Brooke. I know those shots hurt. Can you get acupuncture or something more holistic?

-I love this man. Sigh.

-Hurry up, Universe and make it happen.

-You really can't rush the Universe.

-The RNC peanut tossing thing made me so mad. Plus, I couldn't comment on it since I know the young lady. Happy she's speaking out now.

-I watch the RNC convention (mostly for comedy).

-Confession: I'm a news nerd.

-That wasn't much of a confession. Y'all been knowed that :-)

-TRYING to get myself to the Blogalicious conference next month in Vegas.

-Poolside job development for the win!

-Is anybody else excited that Missy Elliott is back?

-Banana Republic's Win Your Salary contest started today. Don't forget me if you win.

-Have a great, safe holiday weekend everyone!

A-buzzz said...

@Stef.... HA

@Jaz...I've always get on her about the blog. I just usually threaten to tase her... LOL

a-buzz said...

@Yolanda.. Great Blog story.. I love seeing wonderful things happen to my peeps. LOL

Brooke said...

Going to the Banana Republic site RIGHT NOW!! If I win, I got you Yolanda! Not that I have a huge salary or anything, but I'll break you off a little change ;-)

That peanut tossing thing pissed me off too! Not cool, that's some bull'ish right there. I'd have cut somebody.

Sending prayers up for your aunt.

Anna, you're JUST discovering that you can be highly evil sometimes? :) I've personally never seen you be evil, but I know our chats...and some of your thoughs :-)

I wish I could say I love, love, love my hair. Right now I'm just tolerating it.

I tried acupuncture for my back once and it did nothing for me. I guess I need to do it more than once though for it to work. I'll think about that!

What man Yolanda? :)

I want to be at Blogalicious in Vegas too - but I'm not badass like the Witches are ;-)

Be back!

The Fury said...

Music Exec Chris Lighty committed suicide. Gunshot wound. Daily news says he may have owed $5M to the IRS. he leaves behind lots of mourners.

I've met him and been around him. He always had a smile and a good word for people. You never know...

Before that news and even more after, i will reside in the ratchetness of the new 2Chainz/Kanye video...

I have an Instagram APB out for one of the featured dancers...

That video is deplorable and wonderful all in one

Get better soon Brooke. Carpal Tunnel in your feet though? Kickboxing whuppin that ass

I'm hungry. What's for lunch?

I almost retired the mask and gave up, but alas...Tuesday approaches...

@Yolanda - Great story on your blog about the CNN sister.

F*ck that RNC shit. It makes me too angry to watch.

A--buzz said...

Sophia LOVES screaming out. TWO CHAINS.. LOL.. I know it's bad parenting & it's not something I will EVER admit to again. BUT it cracks me the hell up. LOL (puts head down..) Hey everyone is allowed to have one ghettofied moment. She is normally sooo spoiled & Boughie..(sp)

This weekend at the park she drove her power wheels car to the swings & then to the slide so she didn't have to walk.

The Fury said...

LOL @ Little Sophia! As long as she's not listening to the uncensored versions. Kids just like yelling stuff!

A-buzz said...

NO I swear she listens to the censored version of everything... lol But she LOVES LOVES LOVES music & loves to dance so she picks up the darndest things.

Serena W. said...


Yeah I look forward my RTT and what! LOL!

Prayers going up to your great aunt Yolanda.

I know how it is to love someone but you can't rush the universe. If its meant to happen it will happen in His time :)

"Don't you wish you could press a pause button on life and just chill for a minute?" Yes I do Annamaria! Where's the remote.

I want some shrimp!

Brooke I'm glad they got down to the bottom of what's going on with your foot.

I love my pumpkin!!! He's walking all over the place (and on me too)! He loves stepping on my feet!

RIP Chris mind is blown from reading about it.

Thinking of two of my friends. They both lost their mothers recently. One to Ovarian Cancer like my Mom. RIP...

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. If you wanna know how you can contribute you can go to

Spread the word peeps! This cancer is fast moving and deadly.

Switching gears...I had a great interview today! My former teammate said months ago, "I wish I could get a job elsewhere and out of the state and you can have mine."

Fast forward...he got a job offer in Houston, TX and started this week. I just interviewed for his former position 2 hours ago.


And I felt my mother this morning at my side telling me, "Don't worry...I got you."

Yolanda it was great seeing you and the SU BBQ crew this past weekend.

African Dance conference this weekend. I might have to sneak into a class after all :) its right here in DC.

A lot of thoughts but I don't want to bore the masses lol.

Lastly...thanks everyone for always being so encouraging on this blog. I've been through ups and downs and at the end of the day all of you were honest, open, loving and prayerful through the job transition and me being a mommy to a great and loving son yet holding down pretty much on my own as a single mom 95% of the time!


Yolanda said...

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and prayers and for the good word about the blog. Shout out to my fellow Witch for getting that scoop.

Best of luck with the job search, Serena. Good things coming.

I want some 'skrimpz' too!

I LOVE 2 Chainz. Ya know he graduated from college a year early? His raps aren't that hot but it's great clean the house music.

I am so sorry about Chris Lighty. He seemed like a great guy but you really never know what people are going through. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month in the military (at my job). It's been awful doing the research for it.

Be well everyone.

A-buzzzz said...

Thank you Yolanda for that info on 2 Chainz.. Since he got his edumacation on I guess Soso can continue to rock with the clean versions of his music.

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