Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Random Thoughts Wednesday

Happy Random Thoughts Wednesday!
- I know, we normally do this on Thursdays, but I'll be traveling beginning tomorrow and won't have here we go! Besides, Annamaria suggested random thoughts for today, and I can't let her down :-)

- When it's raining like this, I just want to stay in bed...but I have things to do so that's not really an option today. Oh least I got to sleep in late.

- I'm loving the Olympics! Coverage is okay...and some of the judges suck, but the stories are always inspiring :-)

- Gabby Douglas is so cute!

- I went in a little harder yesterday in the strength class because I was trying to channel the spirit of an Olympian. I might regret that in the next 24 hours.

- Gonna be a special, fun weekend.

- Happy August! Where is the summer going??

- Guess that means rent is due. Grateful to have a roof over my head though.

- My dad makes me laugh...and smile.

- My boo boo Ibrahim wears glasses now - he's so adorable!

Okay, I think that's all I got - time to run some errands but I'll be checking in!



The Fury said...

First bitches!

Carry on...

Annamaria said...

Die Fury DIE..

Serena W. said...



First week back at the job and I feel great!

Your nephew is darling in his glasses!

Special weekend huh??? Get the mani/pedi girl!

I haven't checked in on the olympics BUT on Friday I will when they start to show Track and Field! Let the games begin!

Jordan will be 1 on Sunday!!!!!!! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!

I applied for my teammates full time job!

I have an interview with another organization for a full time job on Monday!

Things are popping off!

I'm going to bite the bullet and take a risk and finally put a deposit down on getting my book cover done! My girl said she would donate some money to invest as well but it's time to get it popping!

Still waiting for a Money Monday! AHEM!

I saw a picture of Soso the other day and she is adorable!!!!! Future golfer in the making!

I have a project that I need to get in by tomorrow and I'm stalling because its for the development office. They seem to ask the same questions differently! SIGH!

It's all good...I have a J-O-B! And I'm super thankful!

Registering for a 10K that will be in October.

Hoping I can find a half marathon to run in late fall or maybe I'll do the Miami half in January :)

I'll be back...let me start this project!

The Fury said...

@Annamaria - How you gonna show up 40 minutes later telling me to die? Oh so we were just supposed to wait around for you, huh... Fine *dies*


Congrats Serena! I'm sure Thor's Hammer costs are killer on the pocket.

Olympics have been fun to see.

watching fencing right now. these fools are seriously doing the adjusted Hammer dance with antennas in their hands

A-buzzz said...

1. Thank you for not disappointing me Brooke.

2. I like being home during rainy days to B.

3. Ibrahim looks GORGEOUS

4. Sunday is Soso's birthday too. THREE.. her & Thor share a birthday.

5. Serena hopefully you won't kill anyone on his first birthday.. LOL

6. Congrats Serena on all the wonderful things happening to you. I pray they continue and thank you for the compliment.

7. My child has made me laugh hysterically the past few days. I ADORE her.

8. Her dad is pretty cool too. LOL

9. Taking my pumpkin to Sesame Place for her birthday!!!

10. I am still loving my short hair

11. Going to be an aunt again. My sister in law is PREGGERS.

A-buzzz said...

And YES Fury.. Your ass was supposed to just wait around til I comment. Didn't you get that memo??

Serena W. said...

Congrats on being an Aunty again!

And I'm sorry to say but I already see a couple of folks getting laid out for the first birthday!

One year we need to do a joint thing or a trip. I'm not having anything here or NYC next year! I'm going to do a destination bday like you Annamaria!

Fury....LOL at "watching fencing right now. these fools are seriously doing the adjusted Hammer dance with antennas in their hands"

And yes Thor's expenses are something else but I've been so blessed with people who have seriously helped along the way. One time I had to buy diapers and that same day (without even mentioning it) one of my teaching artists brought me a case of diapers! She said she was in Target and thought of us and remembered his size!

I'm so thankful!

This project for work is a huge excel spread sheet! Hurts my eyes!

Anything to get some loot from this foundation though!

I have an HGTV like project this Saturday. Helping a woman organize her space! I like this side hustle gig for real!

Brooke where are you going?

Where is everyone!

Powerz...I need a Money Monday that talks about business loans, leasing a space, etc! I want to open up my cafe and saw the vision this weekend about physical set up!

Goapele's hair makes me want to lock mine up just like hers. Its!

Be back...gotta keep working!

The Fury said...

Annamaria - I missed the memo. I'll go through my emails again. It may be in my WTF?? folder. Ha

wow Serena is so blessed. I need some blessings like that.

Like I want some food right now, but it's too late to eat and by the time I get home I'm not gonna want to cook. if i get home and Paula Patton is there in a thong, heels, and holding a pizza I'd be happy

what? you think i Just want the pizza?

Janet made TMZ retract their shit quick

Fuck they fell to their knees like...nevermind

Serena W. said...

Thank you Fury! I feel blessed! There are blessing blockers and believe me they have challenged me but I gotta keep it moving and they need to step!

Now I want pizza! THANKS MAN!

I'm Audi 5000! Peace out!

The Cable Guy said...

How come I didn't know this blog came out today??? I never got my email!!!

Brooke be trying to slip them in on us.

Congrats on all the blessings Serena! And on Thor's birthday!

And on Sophia's birthday!

Brooke, your nephew is fly in his red glasses.

Flyness must run in the family :)

Olympics are okay so far, I'm not geeked over them yet, but like Serena said, track and field is coming up soon. That does it for me.

women with tight, muscular asses thrill me.

I think I may go to the movies tonight.

Brooke said...

I'm going to Michigan this weekend for the boo's mom's 70th birthday. It's a surprise - good thing she doesn't read my blog ;-)

Happy early birthday to Sophia and Jordan - Eagles gear coming soon!

Congrats on all the good things poppin' Serena. Nobody deserves it more than you. When you put good vibes out, good things always come back to you.

Congrats on being an Auntie again Anna! Aunties are so special :)

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