Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- I have a slight headache - must find medicine fast!

- So, I'm on the train on my way to work, and this little kid sitting across from me sneezes and blows snot and saliva and Lord knows what else on this woman's arm who is sitting next to him. She promptly gets out her tissues and hand sanitizer and wipes herself down. That's what any of us would have done, right?

The MOTHER proceeds to huff and puff and says to the woman, "Really??!! It's THAT deep?"

The other woman says, "Yes, it is."

Umm...why should that woman sit there with snot on her arm? It kills me how some parents take offense to EVERY LITTLE THING that pertains to their child.

Here's a little tidbit about me that all parents should know so that they don't get offended if this ever comes up: I don't drink behind children. None...not even my nephews, my friends' kids, whoever. I just don't.

I barely drink behind any adults. I make an exception for my man because I figure we're probably already swapping spit in some other way, so drinking out of your glass shouldn't be a problem. However, I'm sure it's a psychological thing when it comes to kids. When I catch a cold from an adult, it lasts 3 days. When I catch a bug from a kid though, I'm laid out for 2 weeks. Something about kid germs seems mutant to me.

So if you offer me something in a glass or a bottle your child has drank out of and I decline, don't get mad, don't get offended or think I don't love your child. I just don't do that if I can help it. The end.

- My new orthotics in my sneakers feel pretty okay. My left foot is all jacked up.

- I miss the Olympics :-(

- I'm so happy Jennifer Aniston got engaged :-) Well, that's what Inside Edition and People Magazine are saying anyway.

- I'm mad people are still talking about Gabby Douglas' hair. Now they're saying she's getting a makeover from a celebrity stylist. While that's fun and all, she's a freakin' OLYMPIAN!! Why aren't we focusing on that? She made history. Really? She's 16 years old, give her a break already.

- Meanwhile, I need someone to do something with MY hair.

- My phone isn't ringing, it's "chirping" or "beeping" or something.

- Serena, I got your text...and while I would normally LOVE to split a case of Snapple with you, I've been trying not to drink it anymore. I now drink Lipton Tea & Honey, a black tea-lemon-honey packet that you add to water and is only 5 calories with no sugar OR aspartame. It's light, so I'm trying to make myself like that instead of the Snapple that I normally LOVE. I'm going through orange juice withdrawal too.

- I lost 3 more pounds :-) It's slowing down a bit, but as long as the scale is going down, I'm not complaining.

- My ceiling broke last night in my living room and bedroom. My mattress, rugs, clothes stored under my bed, are all completely soaked. When it rains, it pours...literally. They better fix this ish TODAY.

- Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada are a messy couple - that never should have happened.

- HBO's Hardknocks is on it! That's REAL reality right there.

- Wondering if I should do the Biggest Loser at work again - defend my title :-)

- Still waiting for my cousin's baby to come out - she's a week overdue!!! Watch her go into labor the minute I hit the highway for Philly.

- I want to get my nails done...maybe next week.

- Still haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises....gotta get that done.




Batman said...

First Bitches!!

A-buzzz said...

I hate you Batman

I'm sick & so is my munchkin. I HATE BEING SICK. It sucks & I'm a crabby beotch. As we can all tell by my pleasant disposition.

See Brooke that is why I don't go to places like Chuck E Cheese & why I am glad I don't take the train. NO HOME TRAINING.

A kid sneezed on me like that once while I was pregnant & was forced to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Let's just say I am no longer allowed in any Chuck E Cheese in the tri state area....

Jennifer Aniston annoys me... ]

They need to leave Gabby Douglas alone before I cut someone. She is a naturally beautiful well rounded intelligent young women who is an olympic gold medalist. Sorry she isn't sitting in the salon for 13 hours a week but can someone explain to me how many of the chicks that do sit in a salon for that long have gold medals? Or a job for that matter???

Chopping my hair off AGAIN... can not wait.

B I am sorry about your stuff.. They better fix it & replace your ish or I will come thru with my taser.

Ocho & Evelyn are a HOT MESS...

Leave your cousin alone. There is NOTHING fun about labor. I was there for 5 days. Nothing exciting at all.

Haven't seen the dark knight either.

I need a break...

Did I mention how cranky I am??? LOL

Rameer The ILLAbstract said...

- I'm a germaphobe. I don't mess with people's kids like that, their pets, or even THEM. I'm very peculiar at times in the way I act. But then again - I almost NEVER get sick. Outside of the common cold, which really just makes me sniffle - no other side effects.

I would've cussed that lady on the train out. And if someone is easily offended...well, sorry. My safety of mind and cleanliness comes before anyone else. I'm comfortable with some people and things, not so much with others. Oh well.

- Congrats on losing more weight, Brooke-Ra!!

- I hate old people who repeat the same corny jokes all the time. Guy I know says THE SAME JOKE EVERY TIME I SEE HIM. So annoying.

- Chad Johnson is an idiot.

- It's good to be a Lakers fan right now. =)

- Dying for football season to start - getting hyped...

- I think it's funny how some people will be around people they think are smart - and try to talk like or emulate them, unknowingly making themselves look foolish to everyone. Just be yourself, man - I ain't never tried to impress no one on that tip.

- My rec league football season starts in September, and we've won back-to-back titles. That officially makes us the cockiest team in rec league history (trust me). How cocky? We're putting the slogan "Women love us and men want to be us" in small print on our new jersey sleeves. LMFAO...

- Anyone seen the new Bourne movie? I'm curious if it's good or just okay.

- I LOVE being connected to Annamaria on FB. She's as much of a smart-arse as me - LOVE smart-arses. Lolz...


Possibly more after the break.

Stef said...

Damn Batman!

Brooke, we missed your blog!!! Don't be frontin on us!

I don't like when parents act like their kids don't have germs, coodies, or whatever...gimme a break! I would have wiped that sh*t off too! How she gonna be mad!? Instead of saying "sorry about that" she gets mad?? Whatever.

I don't really follow football, but I know who Chad is from Basketball Wives...go figure. And EVILyn is violent her damn self, so I wouldn't be surprised if she head butted him. It's sad all around and no one should put their hands on anyone, but it's ironic that she's now the spokesperson for domestic violence when she's busy jumping on tables attacking people and throwing bottles.

A-buzzz said...

I am NOT a smart arse... LMFAO..
I resent that... I am an angel from heaven up above...

Yolanda said...

Happy RTT.

I have a cold right now. I'm not even going blame it on a kid...although I was surrounded by kids recently. But nope, not gonna blame them.

I'm such a germophobe, I don't like to loan out my pens. I'll GIVE you the pen rather than have you use it. If it's a pen I really like, I will wipe it down with hand sanitizer after you finish using it.

I got my air conditioner replaced last weekend!!!

I need a part-time job now. A/C's ain't cheap.

I found a salon across from my job. It's ONNNNN now! Wait til the weather breaks, I'm getting this stuff blown out so I can whip my hurr like Willow.

I've been writing letters lately. But um, if I write you, don't text me that you got the card. Write me back, son! Can I get some mail that's NOT a bill, please?

Debating whether I'm going to a blogging conference next month. I wrote a proposal for my job and everything. Crossing fingers! It would be nice not to foot the bill.

I want to go some place tropical. If y'all could see how pale I am, you'd shake your heads. My legs need some sunkissing.

I will be spray tanning when I get home. This is for the birds. My Mom is blacker than me and she's light-skindedededded.

My back hurts.

I miss the Olympics. I was watching that pretty hard, even mountain biking.

Ev & Ocho = when reality TV goes wrong

I pitched 6 ideas at work...they're expecting 6 blogs. Me and my big mouf!

I won 4 bucks on Powerball. I'm BALLIN!

More later...maybe.

A to the Buzzz said...

@Yolanda... Let me hold $1 yo... LOL

I drank 2 cups of coffee, a street king and a pepsi and I am STILL falling asleep at my desk. I just need to go home & SLEEP. :-(

Brooke said...

What is a street king? :)

I didn't even play the damn Power Ball - I could have used a few mil.

Sorry about not blogging Stef, my bad! I've been writing, just not for myself! A sista needs to make money, and that's my side hustle. And I love it!

I can't wait for the new season of my network shows to start soon - Especially Private Practice, Greys and Scandal.

Wendy Williams' parents are so cute!

One time my sister got mad cuz she told me both the boys were sick and I decided to stay home. So let me get this WANT me to get sick? And I should allow myself to get sick as not to offend YOU? Sorry...not this time.

And I LOVE my nephews, but can't get down with them sneezing in my mouth. I can't afford to get sick - no one does my job when I'm not here. And I stay takes me forever to get over a cold.

I hate the dye that gets on your fingers when you put on new jeans and don't wash them first.

Still haven't used this Nordstrom gift card that I got for my birthday, which was February. AND I have $40 of free money from them too...what can I get for $80 y'all?

Powerz said...

Hey Peoples

Makin money with the hustle! That's how you do it Brooke.

I need a twin or a clone

Busy, busy, busy but lovin it

I'm back on my Netflix kick, B rated black movies are cool lol, checkout N-Secure

Soso got a Benz for her birthday, she ballin lol

Because of DVR, I don't know what comes on when

A-buzzz said...

Soso got a Benz for her birthday & So did Powerz... Sooo that means I get one in March for my birthday.. THAT's AWESOME thanks POWERZ

You know how "they" say there are no stupid questions??? "THEY" lied.. there are a LOT of stupid questions

B- A street king is like a 5 hr energy drink... not working

B- we need a date.. we are due.

Brooke I wouldn't get offended if you didn't want to visit Soso when she is sick.. heck I sometimes don't want to be around her when she is sick. LOL

Brooke said...

yes, a date night is due! let's hook it up!

Jeremy Kyle show is a hot mess.

The Cable Guy said...

Hey peoples!!!

Brooke, you been MIA, but I ain't mad, get that paper.

Chad Johnson was already on thin ice, and he blew it. Whether he did or not, you take up with trash, you come up stinkin'.

I'm convinced all women are nuts. Hard to find a GOOD one these days. They truly are few and far between.

Where Craig been?

I'm with Rameer, football season can't get here fast enough.

I kinda miss the Olympics too.

I don't think I've ever been in Nordstroms before. Can't help you.

I need a vacation. And a drink.

Jaz said...

I can't believe the mother on the train got mad at the woman for wiping her kid's snot off her arm! Really though??!! I bet if someone sneezed all over her she'd be mad about it, but if it's her kid, he gets a pass? That's bull-ish.

R. Kelley's ex-wife is a mess, and I love her! Otherwise, the other Hollywood exes are a bit boring.
Nicole Murphy looks so perfect that she looks fake.

Ev and Ocho=fuckery.

Gabby Douglas is a kid who has forever before she has to worry about some damn hair. This girl is too busy mastering her sport and winning Gold to worry about hair. All these people breaking on her hair can't do a damn cartwheel, but wanna talk shit. We focus on the wrong things...BLACK PEOPLE.

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