Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Running to get my foot therapy - I love the whirlpool!

- Since I'm running out and won't be back for another hour or so, I'm cutting RTT short so you all can get yours in - Annamaria and Serena!! So bossy!

- Going to see The Amazing Spider Man tonight. Saw Magic Mike earlier this week - Channing Tatum was dancing (stripping) his ass off!

- My boo is so sexy...daaayyyuuummm!!

- Stevie J is a clown.

- Mimi might be an even bigger clown if she's still with him.

- I've been a spinning fool this week! I LOVE having a spin bike at home :-)

- This weekend might just be beach weather - I'm in!

- Veggies and mushrooms for lunch :-) Thanks babe!

- I have a lot of writing to do, so I better get going so I can get back and get to it!



Monday, June 25, 2012

Money Monday: Back from Vacation! Austin the Realtor

Hello my good people. The wife and I are fresh back from vacation, so I’m trying to get my brain to catch up. I figured since it’s taking a siesta, I thought I’d share some vacation highlights from a financial perspective. Everyone loves taking a break from reality, but sometimes our pockets do not offer this luxury. When it does, you always want to get the most for your money. This philosophy causes me to always look for all inclusive resorts. Unless I’m visiting the family (or the wife’s family in Puerto Rico), I prefer not to worry about coming out of pocket when I’m actually on vacation.

We went to the Bahamas and stayed at an all inclusive resort. We spent money when we went to the casino. I bought one drink when we visited another hotel’s bar and spent money when we bought souvenirs. This is my idea of money well spent on vacation. We visited Atlantis while we were there. I can honestly say I may never vacation at Atlantis. Why?

Reason #1 – It's not all inclusive - so after you spend a grip on your stay, you have to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner….every day! The wife wanted to treat me to dinner, so we priced one restaurant. Just by looking at the menu, the bill would have been over $200 easily just for the 2 of us. I like to eat, so the food bill would be costly for a 4 day visit.

Reason #2 – You are able to take part of all the amenities at a fraction of the cost by visiting and paying a la cart. Yes, you have access to the Aquarium every day but are you going to go….every day???? We saw it, loved it, and left!

Reason #3 – I vacation to relax. I like to hang by the pool. I can pay $2000 or $4000 to hang by a pool…hmmmm…decisions, decisions.

These are just my financial views on vacationing on a Caribbean island. What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to spend the money for the experience? Turks and Caicos maybe?


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Both Annamaria AND Serena got on me first thing this morning about RTT - I'm on it! Don't want them to cut me! :-)

- My scale at home is WAY more generous than the one they weigh us on here at the office. I wish I could use mine!

- Still trying to go strong! Eating well and working out every day isn't for the weak....takes a lot of discipline.

- Going to therapy for my feet today - that should be interesting. Flat feet are so not cute.

- No one wanted to...or had write any Father's Day guest blogs this week :-( I miss them.

- Would any of you be upset if your fiance/fiancee had strippers all up in their face at their bachelor/bachelorette party? They're discussing it on The View right just thought I'd ask.

- Have any of you ever experienced "sexual monotony"? Bored with your boo sexually? They're discussing that also on The View :-)

- Clearly I'm blogging and watching TV at work :-)

- The Old Navy jeans I have on today are my new favorite - The Flirty them! I couldn't fit them last year. Yay!

- I think I'll treat myself to new lingerie once this Biggest Loser contest is over. I deserve it.

- I need a full, lazy day at the beach. A few magazines, a book, some music. Sounds like heaven.

- For all the fathers out there - what does fatherhood mean to you?

- Rock of Ages was entertaining enough. I'm not really big on musicals on film, but it was cool....and free.
Have to take my nephews to see Madagascar III, if they haven't seen it already by the time I get to Philly.

- I have a lot of writing to do today.

- Elizabeth Hasselbeck grates my nerves.

- I need a piece of fruit.

- Where has DMoe been? Must be studying...he don't love us no mo' :-(

- Let's get it! The dude dancing in the background on this video always cracks me up!

And just because I feel like it....


Monday, June 11, 2012

Time to Find Dad the Right Austin the Realtor

Since Father’s Day is around the corner, I figured what better time to talk about shopping?! As many of you may be perusing hardware stores and tie shops, keep in mind ways to get the most for your money. No one wants to pay full price for anything, so a little bargaining goes a long way. Everyone wants to walk away feeling like they got a great deal. Let’s look at some ways to turn the tides in your favor.

1. Know what you are buying – When you go to purchase that chainsaw, do you know what a chainsaw normally costs? Just because it says sale doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. It will benefit you to check online first before venturing out to see what the average price of the item you plan on buying costs. This way, you are ready to go and you know what makes the difference between a good deal and a no deal!

2. Threaten to walk away and Do It – They want your business. If they feel you have to buy from them, they will stick to their guns. Let them know you saw it cheaper. If they say go and get it, then go. Even if you didn’t see it cheaper, if you feel it’s not a good deal, walk away. I recently priced a car navigation system and planned to have the store install. I told them I saw it cheaper and asked if I could buy it on my own and bring it to install. They paused…said yes…paused again…and then said they will price match!

3. Know who to speak to – In store or on the phone, the salesperson may not have the authority to negotiate. Don’t be afraid to say, "Okay, now I understand you can't help me. May I please speak with someone who can?" Managers are usually the route you will need to go to get the scales tipped in your favor. Also, be nice. As a manager, I am more willing to help you if you are not a jerk and you act like you “deserve” a discount. If the answer is still “no,” there is nothing lost by asking and now you have the opportunity to decide to purchase or shop elsewhere.

4. Patience and Persistence – The trick to negotiating is less is more. As a Realtor, I have found in any negotiation, make an offer, then shut up….and wait. Let them respond and then plead your case if need be. If they say no, be persistent. In your nicest voice say, “Are you sure that nothing can be done?” If it's still no, see if you can get more for the same price. Ask for free shipping, free installation or free accessories for that power drill. Anything to make it worth the purchase.

5. Timing – Plan ahead and you can score some great deals. Dad has been wanting some really comfy winter boots. Buy them in July. You are likely to get some really good deals when buying out of season. Also, end of month quotas may be a bit to make the deal - they may be willing to listen more attentively. Use this to your advantage. Looking to spring for a new car for Dad? Wait until one of the best times to shop for a car………New Year’s Eve!

Share some of your “Let’s make a deal” tips!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Doesn't quite feel like June all the way...almost there though :-)

- I'm plateauing with my diet and exercise routine - have to figure out a way to shake things up.

- It seems like I can never drink enough water....but I feel like I'm drowning at the same time! And always have to pee!!!

- My green juice and lunch was BANGIN' today! Thanks babe!

- Now just waiting for my food to digest a bit before I hit the gym....AGAIN. I can't wait til the "I love working out" phase kicks in :-)

- Does lemon juice go bad if you leave it out?

- Is there anything good on tv in the summer? After basketball, what's next?

- Speaking of, congrats to OKC Thunder for making it into the finals last night! My dad is ecstatic! Kevin Durant is his boy, so I guess I was kinda cheering for them because of my dad :-) Now let's see if Boston gives the Heat the business!

- I want a house with a fireplace, a master bath and a finished basement. I don't ask for much - just putting it out into the universe.

- Annamaria, I'm gonna work on my paper work today - I know I've been slacking. I know.

- I feel like I'm always busy, but not really doing anything. Weird.

- I want to go to the beach.

- Looking forward to the weekend.

- I'm getting zits every other day - what gives!?

- Freezing in my office!

- So excited to see my cousin later this evening! Yay!

Let's go!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Top Home Buying Austin the Realtor

I have many clients calling to go house shopping. As I mentioned in past blogs, there is preparation to be done before, during and after you find the home of your dreams. Lack of proper planning may result in pitfalls that can be costly in the long run - including wasted time, a crappy purchase and buyer’s remorse. Following a few simple steps will help your buying experience be less stressful and better your chances on getting the home you desire.

1. Failing to Find Financing First – Just like shopping for anything, you need to know how much you can spend. A home is no different. Your spending budget is determined by what the bank is willing to lend you. I’ve heard far too often from clients, “I have good credit, so getting a loan will not be a problem,” or “My budget is $300,000 because that’s what I want to spend.” Excuses such as these will cause the buyer to waste time looking at homes they may not be qualified for. Also, knowing what you are pre-approved for will help you calculate what monthly payment you will be in store for and better plan to see if it’s in your financial budget.

2. Making a Low Ball Offer – All buyers want to pay the least amount possible, but submitting an offer too low could be a waste of time. Sellers will not entertain low ball offers, and it can hurt your chances if you are really interested in the property. Also, if there are multiple offers, you may not have the chance to negotiate. Submit your highest and best offer to have a real chance in obtaining the property

3. Not Getting an Inspection – When buying a home, you are responsible for all maintenance when you close the deal and walk away with the keys. It is always advised to have an inspector look for things you cannot see – latent defects. Plumbing, termite damage and a substandard structure are some items that will be revealed in an engineer’s report. As a side note, when buying a Co-Op, the complex is responsible for these and other items, so you are protected. An inspection may still be ordered, but it’s rare.

4. Failing to Have an “Out” – You should make sure your attorney has clauses in the contract that will allow you an “out.” For example, a clause that states if the inspection comes back with material defects and the seller fails to address them, the buyer can rescind the offer. You don’t want to be stuck with a headache after you walk away from the closing table.

Do your research when you are ready to consider buying a home. There is substantial planning involved, and you want to make sure you get the most for your money. The Internet is a very useful tool. Use it or contact a Realtor for assistance.

By the way, I’m a Realtor!

Happy Shopping!


Friday, June 1, 2012


So LoLo Jones was back on the radar the past couple of weeks - not because of the Olympic trials, but age 29...she has disclosed that she's still a virgin. It's a gift she wants to give her husband, she says.

I was given grief for being 19 and still a virgin - so imagine being a virgin at 29. No, seriously...I'm actually trying to imagine it. Keeping the kitty cat to yourself and not giving into all those urges must be harder than Chinese arithmetic. LoLo said it was WAY harder than training for the Olympics....and I totally believe her.

But when you think about the alternative - not being able to deal with the emotional ramifications of having sex, or giving it up to a complete jerk who you don't love, or who doesn't love you - leaping over hurdles on a track might be a worthy trade-off. I think I'd rather have a gold medal than regret having my cherry popped by a some dude just to get my rocks off. Crossing the finish line as the #1 hurdler in the world is orgasmic in and of itself.

With all that said, here is my question of the day. Do any of you - male or female - wish you'd waited until you were married to have sex, or simply just waited until you were a little older? Or has sex been the best thing to happen to you since...forever...and you wouldn't change a thing?

No judging...let's go!


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