Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

And Anna and Serena didn't have to remind me :-)

- Looking forward to 80 degree weather today! The warmth is coming to stay!

- I bought a house! Woo-hoo!!! Who's up for the blog family housewarming party?! :-)

- Now I have a mortgage. I'm a big girl now...scary and exciting!

- Season finale for Scandal tonight. Shonda Rhimes has been putting her FOOT in this series!

- I feel like shopping for sandals. But not before I get a nice pedicure. My feet look crazy!

- My kittens are so wonderful - best birthday gift ever!

- Gotta get my writing done tonight - suggestions for topics?

- Made chicken breasts and broccoli for lunch today - even though I want Chinese food or pizza. I gotta get back on my health grind though. I've been out of pocket lately.

- How do I stop these ads from popping up on my phone? I have a Galaxy S3 - and I think they're eating up my battery. This is nuts.

- I like my own handwriting :-)

- Drinking raspberry tea to keep warm. They always have it freezing in my office when it's warm outside. Silly.

- I have an amazing mentee named Maya - love her!

- Her mother is awesome too!

- Can someone help me move? :-)

- Can't wait to rock my BRIGHT PINK skinny jeans from Old Navy. I got alotta hips, so you'll definitely see me coming! LOL!



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