Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I've been MIA - but I'm baaaack!!!

- PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! That never gets old.

- Between Hurricane Sandy and this Nor'easter - I'm done. Mother Nature....please relax for a lil bit.
- I've been watching Living Single and Martin marathons lately. I miss the 90's.

- I LOVE that the heat is on blast in my office. People keep coming in complaining about how hot it is. THEN LEAVE. I have work to do anyway.

- I think I'm dehydrated.

- One more week left til the end of the Biggest Loser competition at work. Watch my smoke!

- Then watch me Thanksgiving that is :-) Can't believe how fast the year is going by.

- Any ideas for me for my articles on Madame Noire?

- My sister got me hooked on this Swiped Gems game. Been playing it like crazy on my iPad. Even almost missed my stop on the train!

- Where can one find gas in Queens? This ish is ridiculous.

- Forgot to take my vitamins. I'm tired.

- I'm slipping in Fantasy Football...leaving all my damn points on the bench. Dammit!

- So...the Game says that women would fair better if we lived in a polygamist society because all men cheat - so if they went into a relationship assuming/knowing this, all would be right with the world. He also said, however, that he would not stay with a woman who cheated on him. What say you about this fuckery?



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