Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Doesn't quite feel like June all the way...almost there though :-)

- I'm plateauing with my diet and exercise routine - have to figure out a way to shake things up.

- It seems like I can never drink enough water....but I feel like I'm drowning at the same time! And always have to pee!!!

- My green juice and lunch was BANGIN' today! Thanks babe!

- Now just waiting for my food to digest a bit before I hit the gym....AGAIN. I can't wait til the "I love working out" phase kicks in :-)

- Does lemon juice go bad if you leave it out?

- Is there anything good on tv in the summer? After basketball, what's next?

- Speaking of, congrats to OKC Thunder for making it into the finals last night! My dad is ecstatic! Kevin Durant is his boy, so I guess I was kinda cheering for them because of my dad :-) Now let's see if Boston gives the Heat the business!

- I want a house with a fireplace, a master bath and a finished basement. I don't ask for much - just putting it out into the universe.

- Annamaria, I'm gonna work on my paper work today - I know I've been slacking. I know.

- I feel like I'm always busy, but not really doing anything. Weird.

- I want to go to the beach.

- Looking forward to the weekend.

- I'm getting zits every other day - what gives!?

- Freezing in my office!

- So excited to see my cousin later this evening! Yay!

Let's go!



Batman said...

First Bitch!!!


DIE BATMAN DIE!!!!!!!!!!

Stef said...


Anna gonna get you!

Can we talk about Gwyneth Paltrow for a second - how do you all feel about her tweeting the n-word? I'm having a discussion at work about it so wanted to get the blog family's reaction to that.

Is Rock of a Ages a musical on film? It looks kinda corny to me, even with an all star cast.

Brooke, keep at it - the plateau will pass!

Now, what to eat for lunch? :)

Where's DMoe been? He just left us.

Nothing good is EVER on tv in the summer.

I'm beginning to wonder why I have the friends I have. If a man tells you he doesn't want a girlfriend, then why cry when you see him with someone else? He TOLD you what was up from the jump! Women, you can't change a man, I don't care WHAT you got between your legs or how good of a woman you are. I had to learn it the hard way myself.

Okay, maybe I need to go sit down somewhere...

Courtney said...


Just be there for your friends. Just like you said, you had to learn the hard way yourself, so your friends are no different. We need to be more understanding, because matters of the heart are not always so black and white. They'll figure it out.

We are ALL still figuring it out.

The Doritos Tacos Locos are CRACK!

I almost chopped my hair off the other day Brooke - ALMOST!! then I remembered your rant from last week and got a touch-up instead :)

Plateaus happen, just keep at it!!

I need to get on a work out routine my damn self. I could tighten some things up.

Gwyneth Paltrow got a little too comfortable if you ask me. I don't use the n-word anyway, and I don't like when ANY one says it, Black OR White or otherwise.

Who is Batman?

Dmoe left us high and dry with the playlists. But isn't he in school or something? if so, he gets a pass.

I think Rock of Ages IS a musical, but I have no interest in seeing it.

a-buzzzz said...

1. My one year wedding anniversary is in 11 days.

2. It is officially my Puerto Rican weekend. :-)

3. Sophia starts SCHOOL. (PRE-K) on Sept 4th. Went to see the school yesterday. AWESOME.. I'm excited & NERVOUS about the amount of work.

4. I refuse to excersise. I hate even talking about it. LOL

5. Brooke Don't make me cut you!

ArrElle said...

-@Steph I'm with you 110%, been there and still learning from it. However as Courtney puts it's relationships are now always so Black and White. Oh boy it only it was...

-Yes Gwyneth Paltrow did become a tad bit toooooo comfortable, however I wish ppl would stop using the "N" word as if it don't have a negative history attached to it

-I want to take a nap

Geeque said...

Let's GO OKC!!!!!!!

Serena W. said...


I wanna go to the beach too Brooke!

I have to leave work like are folks on email but they are supposed to be off today? Sigh...

Had a major event yesterday that went WELL!!! I love organizing events where kids can show off their talents!

My contract ends in 3 weeks and still no word if they are going to extend it, renew or shoooot just make me FULL TIME!


Anyway I'm heading out...going to use my Ann Taylor gift card and then get my sunshine.

Happy 10 months baby! (June 5th was 10 months for him).

Time is flying!

How did the green juice taste? What was it made of Brooke?

So-So in pre school? Dang! Where is the time going?

The kindergartners ROCKED yesterday's performance at work. I was so proud of them!

Let's go OKC! (Hey the Knicks been out so I might as well root for someone lol)! They are a young and vibrant team too!

I want some shrimp quesadillas!

Had a lovely italian meal for FREE yesterday! I set up catering for an event and when I went to the restaurant to drop stuff off they offered to make me a free meal!


I had to pray on a couple of things this week. Brooke I'm like you...I don't ask for much but some people think it's a lot to ask for...sigh.

DMoe is MIA!

No one can change no one (I'm with you Stef).

Okay I'm out peeps! May be on later! Smooches everyone!

Brooke said...

Okay, bust how I was so tired after being on the elliptical machine for an hour and a half that I fell asleep in the sauna room. Yikes!

a-buuzzzzzzzz said...

That green juice is pretty good. I RELUCTANTLY tasted it the other day. LOL

Yes Pre-k. TOUGH ASS, homework everyday, school projects, etc PRE-K.. Ummm WTF did I get myself into..

Powerz said...

The green juice was good. I tasted it. Looks horrible but tastes great!

Brooke, if you want it, I can find it!

My Official training schedule starts next week....I heard P90X has something to do with it......nervous.....

Who said the Real Estate market is slowing. I'm crazy busy and I love it.

Anniversary Trip comin up, can't wait!

On the GP topic, she quoted the name of the song. Media always lookin to twist info for ratings.

How is everyone doing on their savings plan? Hope you guys are sticking to it. Do a financial checkup and see if you need to "trim the fat" again.

Brooke said...

Green juice has you running to the bathroom all day: Spinach, strawberries, blueberries, banana, and pineapple.

Courtney said...

Nothing sounds good about green juice, but I'm sure it's super good for you!

The Cable Guy said...

Now the Humpty Dance song is in my head.

Just sayin' what up to everyone!

Serena W. said...

Happy Birthday Prince!!! The radio out here has been jamming to Prince!

Austin I'm doing so so on the savings plan but getting there ;)

OMG! My son is trying to pull up on everything! He's getting so big!

Where does the time go????

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