Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Running to get my foot therapy - I love the whirlpool!

- Since I'm running out and won't be back for another hour or so, I'm cutting RTT short so you all can get yours in - Annamaria and Serena!! So bossy!

- Going to see The Amazing Spider Man tonight. Saw Magic Mike earlier this week - Channing Tatum was dancing (stripping) his ass off!

- My boo is so sexy...daaayyyuuummm!!

- Stevie J is a clown.

- Mimi might be an even bigger clown if she's still with him.

- I've been a spinning fool this week! I LOVE having a spin bike at home :-)

- This weekend might just be beach weather - I'm in!

- Veggies and mushrooms for lunch :-) Thanks babe!

- I have a lot of writing to do, so I better get going so I can get back and get to it!




Abuzzzzz said...

First bitches...

Yolanda said...

-Still no air conditioning but thankful the weather hasn't been too unbearable.

-"Operation A/C in July" is in full effect.

-Speaking of feet...foot doctor says I have 2 dislocated bones in my feet...apparently I was born this way. Who knew? Going to have that fixed later this year.

-Yay healthcare!!!

-A date would be nice.

-Wrapping up week three at the new job. Getting used to it still but it's what I want to do (social media). Looking to do more month.

-Thankful for a full time gig, finally.

-I think I buried that lead. Sorry.

-Congrats on the weight loss, Brooke. And a spin bike? Ballin!

-I need a DMoe playlist.

-Real Mistresses of Atlanta? Really. What did Atlanta do to deserve this?

Serena W. said...


Annamaria and I aren't bossy...we just know what we want LOL!

Today is the last day of my contract at the Kennedy Center (sigh). I'm not scared as I know something will come soon! I've been so blessed to work with some amazing people here and do more great work!

I went to a super dope poetry workshop yesterday that really helped me in regards to memorization, how to do more interactive workshops in schools, etc! DA.BOMB.COM

A date would be nice Yolanda!

I plan on going to see the Avengers next week! Finally! LOL!

Orange and Blue BBQ is on the way!!!! 7.21.12

Jordan is AWESOME! He'll be 11 months on the 5th! Where is the time going?

So what am I doing tonight to celebrate my contract ending and success...I'll be at Busboys and Poets on 5th and K Street, NW! I'm a featured artist tonight!

Congrats on the weight loss Brooke!

Spin bike is dope!

My son learned today how to open drawers! GOOD GOD! PRAY FOR ME!


Congrats on the full time gig Yolanda!

I'm going to get some retail therapy in! I have an Ann Taylor gift card just chilling in my wallet!

A drink would be nice right now...

Oh wait a boss said after lunch we are going out for a drink today! Yeah!!!

T-Minus 3 days and counting for my upgrade! YEAH!

I have an interview on Monday, cross your fingers for me!

Hitting the pool tomorrow!

I need a DMoe playlist too!

Gotta make my rounds...will be back later!

Stef said...

Where was the email for this RTT Brooke!!!??? Dang it!!

I just happened to check.

Congrats on the new gig Yolanda!

Congrats on the 11 months Jordan!

Foot therapy??

Where has DMoe been anyway?

It's hot as balls today, but it's nice.

Stevie J is a jerk, and Mimi is dumb as hell. And Joseline looks like a man.

I DO like the Hollywood exes though. Eddie Murphy's ex-wife's body is BANGIN' for her to be 40 something. Shit, her body would be bangin' for a 20 something!

Brooke, your weight loss is awesome! Go Girl!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I thought of you the other day! I remember you had a blog comment last year about ashy ankles! Well I had one ashy ankle last week lol!!!

I know...TMI! But funny!

A-buzzzzz said...

God Bless that 14 year old boy that got shot in the head and hs family.

Vacation was cool. It felt good to sleep in and to spend some QT with the hubby. But it rained two days and the resort was EEEeehhh... I can check the Bahamas off my travel bucket list & move on. We met some cool people though.

Came back to work my butt off.

Soo much I want to do & there isn't enough time to do it.

I LOVE MY LIL GIRL!!!!!!!! She makes me soo happy every day. Even the days I want to punch her in the throat. LOL

Sophia's summer social calendar is busier than mine.. WTF

The Cable Guy said...

What up y'all!

Congrats to us all on Health Care - huge for the country and our Pres.

I admit, I watched Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Stevie J is playing himself. But the women on there are STUCK yo.

Congrats on the gig Yolanda!

Brooke, you bought a spin bike? That's what's up!

And lost weight? You were fly already, so you must be FIYA now!

DMoe bounced on us. No playlist in weeks.

Went on a date and the woman was on the phone the whole time. WTF?

At first I thought I bored her to death, but then she was tryna give me some at the end of the night. I don't get it.

And no, I didn't hit it. Not that pressed. It was a turnoff actually.

Classy chicks are hard to come by. Pretty ones are a dime a dozen, but not that many wifey's out there. Brooke and the ladies of this blog, you are in rare company.

Brooke said...

how do you have ONE ashy ankle Serena? LOL!

Stef said...


I was thinking the same thing! LMAO!

Jaz said...

Hi everyone!

Just saying hi and happy summer!

DMoe said...

Whaddup yall...

I'm Baaaaaack....

can't remember the last time i watched espn. it must be damn-near july.

hate to say it, but zimmerman gets off

can't wait til tomorrow. tomorrow is the first day after the draft.

ghost protocol on ps3 is the business

time to make a professional move

I rocked the audition for grad school. They asked and I delivered. Now, let me the fork in.

I watch today show every morning…ann curry announced she's kicking rocks and i feel some kinda way about it.
Ok, I'm over it now….Bring on Hoda Kotb. Its her time. She's LeBron!

Health care? Yep. Every child in the richest country in the world should have it. Breaking news: UPHELD!!! Boom….hatin azz' repubs.

FB is jackin email addresses and changing em. Check yours now. Your hotmail email on FB is now

Prediction: FB falls in the next 4 years. Pretty soon, it won't be whats up anymore.

Mind, body, spirit: Grad school, Boot camp and SPAIN.

One MO week!

too late for a playlist tonight...I'll hit one next week.

D to the M to the OE

Yolanda said...

Thansk for the congrats everyone.

It is very easy to miss some ankle ash. Ha!

Good luck on your interview, Serena.

Grad school ain't ready for DMoe. Good luck, sir!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda thanks for the well wishes!

Brooke I was in such a rush to leave the house one day that I forgot to lotion one ankle and foot! LOL!

DMoe good luck with grad school!

I did well as a feature even though I felt a little off last night :(

But anyway, have a great weekend everyone!

Brooke said...

Thank you for reading Alena! I truly appreciate it! I hope you come back :-)

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