Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Not so happy...I'm up 2 lbs from last week. I have to eat broccoli and work my ass off today just to get back down to where I was :-(

- I think my body is rebelling against me. And I'm still sore everywhere :(

- Time to take this nail polish off.

- It's almost like the Republicans are TRYING to get Barack Obama re-elected. Mitt Romney has to be the biggest plug on the planet.

- What's up with Prince's afro? Looks kinda funny on him.

- I tied in Fantasy Football last week. I'll take it, cuz I just KNEW I was gonna lose that one. Whew!

- Still need to look into Eagles tickets for my nephews. They're in to football now.

- I didn't forget about the Nets tickets Annamaria - I'm on it! Barclay Center here we come!

- I'm so behind when it comes to new music. I need to take a day to just download everything and get it poppin'.

- Any ideas for an article I can write on relationships? I have a bit of writer's block :-(

- My new mattress is the

- I need to stop talking about Prince's afro, cuz mine isn't what's hot in the streets right now either.

- Witches Brew cracks me up every single day. I was on the train reading a post on Facebook and literally laughed out loud. Everyone on the train looked at me like I spit in their coffee or something. Mean New Yorkers.

- Cute kids alert!!!




The Fury said...

First kiddies!!

The Fury said...

Cute kids

I can say anything too crazy after all of that wholesome niceness

That Girl on Fire song is horrible. Alicia Keys done lost it

But not the looks, she's still fine as hey-all

Get out and vote. Don't let the seemingly inevitable win stop the vote. The GOP is trying to lull us to sleep

Romney said behind closed doors exactly what we thought he says...not surprised.

getting chilly out. Short skirt, high boot weather... mmmm mmm mmm

How many times I gotta tell this same homeless guy he gets no change if he smells like booze?

A friend of mine is about to get engaged...but she really doesn't trust the guy fully. tsk tsk tsk

I wanna eat some...pie

Brooke said...

I'm not sleeping on the GOP AT ALL. Vote! Vote! Vote!

I didn't like Alicia Key's song either. Not even a little bit.

I'm mad Romney put dark makeup on his face to appear more "latino" - he's a clown.

Gotta clean my high boots to get ready for the skirts :)

How do you know she's about to get engaged?

Stef said...

Brooke! I missed you!

Two pounds is nothing, you'll get that off in no time. Maybe it's that time of the month - that'll do it to you every time.

It IS chilly out. I can't believe it's fall already. Time to officially put my summer stuff away :( I miss the beach already.

Those kids are all so cute!!!

I think Mitt Romney is TRYING to lose the election. No one can be that clueless, can they?

I want pie too...but not that kind :)

A-buzz said...

Awww look at my baby girl. She LOVES Dance class.

AND SCHOOL thank god.

She has adjusted well & loves going to school every day. We may go broke paying for school however the education she is getting & the fact that I LOVE everything about the school & environment so far is totally worth it. education=winning

I miss my baby but I love the lil girl Sophia is growing into.

I actually like the girl on fire song. But Alicia Keys can do no wrong in my opinion.

Romney is a MORON..

I need a day off from life.. lol

Mission 2 Mentor got an AWESOME donation of COMPUTERS... YIIPPPPEEEE

Shout out to the Brooklyn Museum who hosted our quarterly outing and ROCKED.

A-buzzz said...

I'm mad 3 comments went up while I was typing my ONE.. LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke be slackin' on the blog yo.

I need to give B some pics of my babies to post with everyone else's, but their mothers have a problem with our kids being on the internet. Whatever.

I think Brooke is the only girl I know who plays fantasy football. That's sexy.

I know Anna likes sports too. Wish there were more women out there like that.

@Fury, some women just want the ring, not the man that gives it to her. She'll learn the hard way.

Pie sounds good to me right about now too.

Alicia Keys was a side chick who became wifey. That song sucks ass.

Just got some new boots for fall. I'm ready, that heat was getting to me.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Bravo to you boots! BRAVO!

They went ring shopping and shit. He's already asked her parents. They're discussing the wedding plans... I dunno man

She's def not the "I want a ring" type. Think she's feeling pressure from family

That dark makeup on Romney is just...ridiculous. He wants the title more than he wants the job

That shit he said about keeping his wife out of the press so they don't get tired of her...DAWG! That shit...DAWG!! You're an asshole

A-buzzz said...

You definitely shouldn't get married because you are being pressured by your family. At the end of the day your family isn't going home with dude. YOU ARE. Marriage is difficult enough as it is without doing it for the wrong reasons or under the wrong circumstances. She'll unfortunately learn the hard way.

Yolanda said...

-My calves are too big for my boots. I don't know if this is a good thing or not. But my legs are nice. Ha!

-Speaking of calves, walked like 50,000 miles in the Pentagon today. Geez, that place is huge. They've got everything in there, including a DMV office, son!

-My cousin is supposed to be taking me to see Emeli Sande next month. Kinda amped about that.

-My entertainment budget is zilch. I need to get back into my concert swing. I have majorly fallen off. Dang underemployment. But I'm fighting back!!!

-Nas & Lauryn Hill? Anyone?

-Went to a Suicide Prevention seminar this morning for my job. Muy muy sad-o.

-I've hit the age where family starts asking when are you going to have you want to get married?!? As if husbands are falling like acorns. Give me time, people!

-Thanks for reading the blog, Brooke. Thanks to all of you for reading and sharing. We're nominated for another Black Weblog Award this year. Actually, two awards. Vote vote vote! (Shameless plug)

-Brooke, have you done anything on relationship karma?

-Speaking of karma, what in the world is up with Alicia Keys' voice of late? Does she smoke or something? She sounds real pained and strained.

-I seriously have a totally unexplanable affinity for 2 Chainz. Not as a rapper so much, but his interviews are usually interesting. Which is a shame since his raps are usually "eh..."

-I need to go shopping. Like fa real. On some Dave Chappelle "women be shoppin'" kind of level.

-LOVING this weather. I love being a little chilly.

-More later...maybe. Gotta write this suicide blog. (I know that sounds turrrrible)

Brooke said...

A Suicide Blog? Morbid...sad.

Relationship Karma - good one!

I knew they'd give Tamar a show, and I know why....but WHY??? I get motion sickness watching her bounce around and pop off.

Voting for the weblog now! Maybe if I stayed on my blog and wrote more I could get nomiated one day. Just busy!

L-Boogie done lied and told Wyclef that was his baby. Scandalous!

Has anyone watched Steve Harvey's talk show yet? I think I'll try to this afternoon.

This is perfect sleeping weather :)

A-buzz said...

This is perfect Sleeping weather.. Too bad I don't know what sleep is.. LOL...

L boogie should be glad she didn't get her ass whooped. You don't lie to a man about his babies. Then we wonder why men act a certain way sometimes..

I hate Steve Harvey. His voice annoys me. So does his face. LOL

The Fury said...

So did L-Boogie lie because she wanted him to leave his wife for her?

That totally changes the "Lost Ones" song for me.


@Yolanda - I'm sure the gams are nice. Show them off while you still can before the cold hits

@A-Buzz I don't think it's regular pressure. I think it's the embarrassment of breaking it off even though she has no concrete proof and it could be insecurity

A-buzzzzzzz said...

Fury... breaking it off is embarrassing.. HOWEVER Divorce is costly, lengthy, and a much bigger headache & can be considered equally embarrassing.. and on top of that.. not as fun as a wedding. #justsaying..

Serena W. said...

HAPPY RTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the cute babies and kiddos! Wow Brooke you posted a pic of Jordan that brought tears to my eyes. He was just sitting up on his own in one of those pics! Time flies and I'm having so much fun with him!

I don't believe in getting pressured to do anything. It's crazy and especially marriage.

I can go for some pecan pie!

I think I have allergies and I'm going to see an allergist in two weeks. I have a wicked feeling she is going to tell me I'm allergic to some of my favorite things :(

My sweetie pie has bronchitis. He's slowly getting over it but he was so congested. Pray for him.

When I say "sweetie pie" I mean my son everyone ;) someone the other week thought I meant my man. Ummmmm I'm single, don't spread rumors that I'm dating LOL.

I saw a free show the other evening. A Haitian band performed at the Kennedy Center and they were rocking!

Key word is FREE!

I kinda like Alicia Keys new song, I'm waiting for another single. Maybe it will grow on me. I love her hair cut though!

I can still use that shopping spree (any takers)!

The job is cool and I'm so thankful...incredibly thankful.

I like the topic of relationship karma. Another one could be "Lost in Somoene" I met a woman the other day and her and her husband got a divorce after 43 years of marriage! She said she married young, had kids young, only dated 2 guys (he was the second) and she said she was unhappy and as the years rolled on she felt like she had lost herself in the relationship. She didn't have a true identity...anyway I thought it was interesting.

The weather is GORGEOUS! Walked 4 miles during my lunch hour with coworkers.

I should be back...I got work to do!

P.S. I can use a DMoe Playlist today!

The Fury said...

Saying a prayer for young Thor. Hope he gets better soon. Way too many Hammer throws will do that to a kid.

I may have to have this convo with my friend about this engagement.

See! I can be a sweetie pie too!


Surprise surprise. The Fury is a gentleman.

@A-Buzz Amen on all of that including the costs of divorce

A-buuzzzzzzzz said...

I hope Thor gets better quickly. Give my boo a kiss for me.

Fury a gentleman... I'm outta here with that nonsense. LOL

Fury just show her the comments on the blog. LOL

The Fury said...

@A-Buuzzzzzzzzzzzzz How many effin Zs do you really need in your name though? Is there a set amount? LOL

I am a gentleman. I just fuck like a monster.

And my tongue gets away from me. Good and bad I guess

I may need to show her the comments, but I'll try to go about a different way.

Brooke said...

Hope Jordan gets better soon!

Serena W. said...

Thanks everyone! He's already back at day care and has been cleared by the doctor! (Just in time)! My job has an event tonight at National Ball Park (his first game) and the weather is perfect!

Thanks for your prayers...he still has some clearing up to do but all the love, hugs and kisses are helping!

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