Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend! Spring is coming!

- My ace Denise is coming into town tomorrow for the SU Reunion Party! Saturday at Katra, 9p-4a - be there or be square!

- A lot of controversy with the Big East Tournament....but SU still rules the Garden :-)

- Suri Cruise is too big to still be sucking on a Binky. Isn't she like 4 or 5 years old?

- Did spinning last night...felt great! I'm making my way back!

- Now...what's for lunch? :-)

- Did any of you in the NYC listen to Power 105 this morning? The male talent said a single woman who is sleeping with two men at one time is displaying whorish behavior - but if men do it, it's ok. He said, "women are supposed to be better than us." Double standard or truth? Shall we discuss today or on tomorrow's blog?

- I'm tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding. Who cares?!

- I'm more excited about all the weddings and stuff coming up for people I actually KNOW! I'm looking forward to all of the wedding festivities I have to attend in the next coming weeks! Congrats to all of my soon-to-be married friends!

- My nephew Kyce will be 7 years old this month! I remember watching him being born, now he's getting so BIG! That's my baby! He wants an XBox or Wii for his birthday :-)

- Cole is hanging in there....thank you for all of your prayers!

- What's with the flooding in Jersey?

- Want to check out a cool flick? A good friend of mine will be screening his short film BUMP on Friday, March 18th at the Spike Lee Screening Room - Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus, 1 University Plaza, Brooklyn, NY. There will be a $10 suggested donation and a brief reception before the screening begins. Mr. Rodney Lee is a hot, up-and-coming writer, director and filmmaker, and I'm so proud to be there to support his film. It'll be a great night, so come out if you can! If you need any added incentive, Craig 'n Nem will be there! LOL! It can be a blog outing! Here's the trailer for BUMP:

- Now, this week's throwback!




Rameer said...


Stef said...


Rameer The Circumstance said...

Been a long time since I was first...

- I DETEST how some women act towards the show "Basketball Wives". Like - it really unnerves me. All these women I know are talking about how shocking the season finale was, cuz one of the girls revealed whorish activity - when the show is ALL WHORES. Every single one of them. All of them have done the same, horrible trifling things, whether you sip the kool-aid of what they present on the show, or you're like me and know exactly who they are and all the ish they've done. And women admire and defend these chicks. IT seriously makes me question the mindset of those who like these types of women and empathize with them.

- Still lovin' Adele's CD...

- The Bush Babees were my ISH!!!

- Going home to watch the SU-St. John's game. By the way - that St. John's game last night was some bullcrap. Those refs missed about 5 crucial calls in the last 2 minutes - I'm POSITIVE they were paid off. They shouldn't be allowed to ref again.

- The players have the owners by the balls in the NFL contract negotiations. I'm proud of them for being so smart - the owners thought they could just steamroll those guys. Not all athletes are dumb!

- Vanilla milk. Mmm!

- My girl has been cooking up a storm lately. Yummy!

- I read a link on the things in your kitchen that aren't good for you to eat. Yikes...

- Still won't make me give up my Frosted Flakes, though.

- Anyone who thought the 'Melo trade was bad - I can't respect your b-ball acumen as much as before...

- Lakers vs. Heat tonight. This is BIG...

- Did anyone else see the cartoon video of Lebron crying?? HILARIOUS!!!

- That Natalie Portman/Ashton Kutcher flick about them using each other for sex is actually pretty damned good! Great date movie.

- I don't know what happened of late. Suddenly I'm apparently sexy to all types of women I haven't talked to in a while...

- Lupe Fiasco is due to sell 200K albums this week. I can't stand dude, and won't listen to ANY of his music.

- Diddy leapfrogged Jay-Z on the Forbes list this year. That ciroc is making him MAJOR MOOLAH...

Time to go. More After The Break!!!

Brooke said...

Rameer, you're more attractive cuz you have a live-in boo ;)

The women on Basketball Wives are straight trash. I was having a discussion the other day about how none of what happens on that overly produced show should shock anyone. If women are admiring them or defending their behavior, it's because they have no life or sense of self.

Did you send us Marcia Ambrosious' (sp?) cd yet Rameer? I think I missed that one.

Vanilla milk IS good.

Kellie P. sent the link of LeBron crying to the SU Blackbook - I was dying!

Send me the link of stuff in your kitchen you shouldn't eat - even though I know I'll regret it :(

Stef said...

Time to set the clocks forward already?? Geesh!

Who is Suri Cruise?

I want pizza for lunch.

If a woman is single and not in a committed relationship, and honest about what she's doing and SAFE, then she can have sex with whomever she wants to. Men do it all the time, so why can't we?

Glad Cole is still with you Brooke :)

Maybe I live under a rock, but I don't know any Royal Wedding details, and I want to keep it that way.

Basketball Wives and shows like it are just dumb, perfect train wreck tv. Evelyn is a whore and I'm glad Tammi whooped her ass.

Geeque said...

@Rameer - I think Lupe Fiasco is a CORNY ass rapper!!!!

The Cable Guy said...

Hey everyone!

I missed yesterday's blog. I'm giving up women for Lent. Y'all are killing me slowly.

Bush Babees was the JOINT!

I don't understand these men who mess with the chicks like on Basketball Wives. I caught an episode and was thoroughly disgusted. They not even all that fine! These ball players be playin themselves puttin' rings on these hoes fingers. And I only call women hoes when it applies. Women like the ones on this blog are RARE.

That BUMP trailer looks kinda hot, but if I'm being really honest - I want to go just to meet Craig :)

LeBron cartoon of him crying? Classic!

I want a woman to cook up a storm for ME Ram....oh wait, I'm giving them up for lent. Nevermind.

Diddy is higher than Jigga? You don't say....

Stef said...

oh yeah, I want to go to this screening so I can meet Craig too! Let's make it a Blog Screening!

Geeque said...

@Cable Guy – I agree with your comment regarding basketball wives. Tell that to OCHOCINCO that dumb Muffukka getting engaged to that trifling BIOTCH Evelyn!!

I don’t get it!!!!! LOL

Yolanda said...

-I wish I had better control of my heart.

-Tomorrow's my last day on the "new" job... the between the federal budget issues and this company's contract, the whole thing went to pieces and the content staff got the boot. I wasn't here enough to be married to it yet and I knew there was a possibility that this could be a short project. But still... I'm so numb about it. I'll probably cry later.

-I have a cold and, possibly, an ear infection. No doctor's appts til Tuesday. Where is the justice!

-On an up-note, I think sickness shaved off a few pounds.

-So happy to hear that Cole the cat is in the building!

-I must be under the weather...the company paid for our farewell lunch and I didn't even stick them for the appetizer, entree, dessert trifecta.

-Getting my hair done tonight. Halleluuuuu!

-Is anybody else besides me watching RuPaul's Drag Race? I would love a drag queen make-up "how to" show. Like fa real... those dudes can beat a face. I need some eyeshadow tips.

-I have no idea what's happening in the world. I suck this week. I've fallen asleep on the news and the only thing I've been reading is "Decoded." That thing is like a hip hop text book. Geez, Jigga.

-I would really like to meet a nice guy this year. Ok, maybe a couple (ya know, so I can choose). LOL

-My butt looks GREAT in my pants today. I had to stop and look at myself.

-Note to self: buy more of these pants.

Annamaria said...

I took a MUCH NEEDED day off from work today.

Leave Suri Cruise alone. I had mine til I was 4 and I turned out ok...LOL

I'm tired of hearing about weddings period. Royal, mine or others.. I'm over it all...

Hang in the Cole... Fight for your right to party..LOL

I treated myself & did my hair on Tuesday. I added highlights & cut layers in. I love it!! :)

I have to work on Saturday!! BOOOOOOOOO

Serena W. said...

RTT! Hello everyone.

Yolanda I'm in the same boat as you my dear. I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts but today myself and 23 others (including my great boss) got laid off. Our Kennedy Center merger eliminated 1/3 of the opera company positions.

What's the good news? My last day isn't until June 30th and they were very generous with a nice serverance package. For some reason I see this as a blessing. I have time to plan (not like some of these companies/organizations who don't care about their people...can folks get a chance to map out what they are going to do).

It's bittersweet because I love my job! LOVE IT! I love my teaching artists, interns, etc that report to me. Fairytale jobs do exist. I hate that in a matter of minutes my team was dismantled to pieces, heck 1/3 of the organization...(geez).

Pray for me and us...these next four months can be hard but my dept decided that we are going to rock it out and go out with a bang.

25 of my old colleagues from my last job (the jacked up one) were laid off execution style last week. Pray for them. They all lined the board room and were handed pink slips. It was foul and humiliating!

Back to GOOD NEWS! My friend Natosha is home with her baby Elijah! He was born at 5 pounds 3 oz and they were able to head home on Monday. He's a doll!

The baby count is 10 preggers (three more of my friends announced their pregnancies). What the heck is in the water? Whatever it is...I love it.

Despite what happened this morning I know I'll be fine. I pray our good work will continue after we are gone.

BRB (Haagen Daz Sorbet Break)...a sista needs some comfort

Serena W. said...

Brooke I'm glad Cole is hanging in there...

BUMP looks good.

Da Bush Babees (shiznit).

Now I'll brb...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- It's early in the game - but SU looks good against St. John's...


- Brooke-Ra - I'll post the link on your FB page...and I didn't send out Marsha's CD. I'll try to do a music drop tonight. Her album and Adele's are EXCELLENT.

- it's my sister's birthday this month! Like all women in my family, she doesn't know what she wants. What would you guys want as a 25 year-old young woman? I need ideas.

Gotta go - be back later...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Just read your comment - I'm so sorry about the job situations, Yolanda and Serena. I hope something bigger and better comes along REAL SOON. This economy SUCKS.

Annamaria said...

OH and my birthday is in exactly 17 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Yolanda said...

-Serena, I'm so sorry. I know how much you loved that job. I'm glad you have time to find a new one and that they're offering you a severance.

The more I'm "out" of work, the more I realize I need to be calling my own shots anyway. That is the ultimate goal!

Serena W. said...

Rameer...thanks man. This economy sucks and people do too. The team I'm on is phenomenal and in my 14 years of my career even though I've only been with my organization for 5 months this has been one of the best jobs. I'm grateful for it and all those I touched and ones I connected with.

But I have 4 months left. You know how we do in SU...rock it out. I will leave such an imprint when I leave.

Annamaria...are you going to party all the time like Eddie Murphy?

This mango sorbet tastes so great today.

Yolanda I hope you feel better. I hate being sick and then to lose a job too (gee whiz)! Can a sista get a B-R-E-A-K!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda you said it and thank you. This job was too good to be true but I'm glad I had the experience that I have had.

I was on the consulting track and got thrown off when I moved east and then with Mom getting sick. That is part of my planning. I think God is like, "You're done with a 9-5 for now."

We'll see.

Where's Brooke? She's been quiet.

Where's Ant at! DMoe I need a good playlist...calling all MIA bloggers.

Annamaria said...

@Serena...actually I am..

Birthdays change when you have a kid. Powerz & I are going to do a pre bday adults celebrating next weekend...

But the actual day of my birthday we're going to a kids club dance party.... this months theme is the 80's!

Brooke said...

I'm here! was at lunch and a meeting.

I'm SO SORRY to hear about your jobs Yolanda and Serena. But take it from someone who's been laid off before - and you two already know this - but it's a blessing in disguise...and better things await you. You'll both be fine, and happy!

I agree Cable Guy, not sure what men see in women like the ones on BBall Wives. Trophies perhaps? The woman on the radio said "say what you want, but hoes be winnin'!"

The men agreed and said "nice girls don't stand a chance against hoes" that true???

Maybe in the industry...but in real life, not sure about that.

Thanks for the link Rameer - and the correct spelling of Marsha's name...not sure how I messed that one up. I'm out of it today.

Re-runs of The Game are WAY better than the new ones airing now. I watch them every afternoon. This show used to be so much better than it is now.

Hope you feel better Yolanda! I still have a cough. I think I need an antibiotic.

Yolanda said...

Thanks for the well wishes y'all.

I agree... The Game sucks. I'm really thinking of deleting it from my DVR list. I haven't watched this week's show and really don't feel like watching it.

Brooke said...

They CAN'T have the same writers as before...they just CAN'T. It's bearable, but nothing like the old ones.

Now I want mango sorbet.

Geeque said...

R.I.P. Biggie Smalls (May 21 - March 9)

Serena W. said...

Hey Brookey Baby! Thanks for the well wishes.

Wish you were here, I have more mango sorbet in the freezer.

I don't have cable but I get it in from my friends and the Game sucks. So upset!

I don't even look at any housewives shows! Horrible!

Rupaul's show is funny and those drag queens are beautiful!

Annamaria I wanna go to the party!

I'm getting showered with so much love! It is a blessing in disguise. I know it is...

Jay said...

Sorry I'm late!

Yolanda and Serena, you'll be fine. I know it. This is temporary.

Where has DMoe been?

There are never any actual "wives" on these shows. They're all wack.

Read yesterday's blog. Not giving up anything for Lent, just trying to eat better and continue working out the way I have been. I must say, I'm diggin' the results so far.

Giving up texting and driving was a good one too.

The Game is kinda bad.

Did SU win? I was watching for a minute but then had to turn it off.

Serena W. said...

My boy just posted "Another One Bites the Dust" on his FB page lol. I think SJU took an "L"

Final score...anyone???

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