Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's TMI Tuesday, so you already know what that means....THE FURY. I apologize in advance to anybody's mama who may be reading this and thinks he's too sexy for his own good ;-)

Let's go!

Your Good P#$$y Isn't Enough...by The Fury.

Cool Spot is fine as hell. She's the kind of fine that when she walks the street, men's heads follow her…all the way down the street. She has a strut that shows the sway of her curvy hips. What she lacks in the ass department, she overcompensates with the firmest D cups you may have ever seen. She's gorgeous, hair out of a Pantene ad with plenty of attitude to boot. Cool Spot knew she had "good p#$$y." She told me so.

She told me how many men didn't last more than a minute once they were inside her. Most men didn't last three. It wasn't just the excitement of the first time bedding her, but it was a continuous thing. Long term boyfriends succumbed (no pun intended) to the power of her punani. She wasn't sure if it was her virgin like fit - she worked kegels like a bodybuilder. She wasn't sure if it was her waterfall like moisture, the velvety silk of her skin, or the curvature of her tunnel, but it was some good p#$$y.

The time had finally come when she and I found ourselves naked and going at it. She definitely had a physical gift. However, she was cool with just laying there and being f#cked. Basic movement, definitely some moaning, but she wasn't doing much else. She was intrigued when a minute passed, three minutes passed, twenty minutes passed and I was still going at it. She was at orgasm number five before she finally stopped me and asked:

"You don't like this?"

"Of course," I said, before turning her around for the back shots.

Cool Spot had become so used to her physical gifts winning men's energy that she'd forgotten to use her skills! She's not alone. I know plenty of women that do the same. I've heard it from your boyfriends, husbands, fiances and jumpoffs - laying there to be had without moving two muscles, thinking that's all you need to provide. Oh no! It's like women who say "A big d!ck isn't everything."

The same is true on the other..ahem…end.

Cool Spot fixed her "my good p#$$y is enough" complex by the next time we'd romped. Have you? Do you think your physical gifts are enough? Have you given up on impressing with skill because you're well endowed? Have you lost your passion to turn out your mate because you know they'll bust/orgasm without so much as a hip gyration from you?

Your good p#$$y ins't everything. Your good d!ck isn't the Washington monument. There's someone out there with good stuff that works what they have looking to take your spot…so don't be too cool.

They call me The Fury and I'm not scared to give your performance a seven…

-The Fury



BatMan said...


A-Buzz said...

Second Suckers

Stef said...


Fury is a freak :)

A to the TAZE said...

I'm cracking up at this post.. but kudos Fury.. sometimes humans get complacent (SP?) & lazy.. thanks for reminding everyone to put they back into it & remind the one they with that they are in fact STILL ALIVE! LMAO

Courtney said...

I've always been curious to know what constitutes "good p*ssy."

Is it the tightness, the wetness? what?? I think I have some, but I'm not sure!

is it something you can tell someone has just by looking at them?

Mr. Nice Guy said...


It's physical (tightness, wetness, curvature, etc.) but it's also how you work it and your enthusiasm, attitude. That is what makes it good overall.

Fury is on the money. If you're just laying there, it doesn't matter how tight it is, or how wet it is. I know women who have the body for sure, but have never had an orgasm and have no idea what gets them off. That's a turnoff. It's not enough to just moan like a porn star when you really have no idea what you're doing. We can tell, you WILL be found out...in which case, you're just a lame lay.

Stef said...

oh damn, tell it like it is Mr. Nice Guy :)

But Fury is right, and the same goes for men. What is the saying? It's no use having a 747 if you don't know how to land it. I've been with big dick men who think having a big dick is all you need. They pump three times and then it's over. Either that, or they pound away at you with no rhythm or finesse, so all they wind up doing is hurting you. Hurting women should not be your goal, yet some men think trying to break your back is sexy. Nothing dries me up more than a big dick fool trying to break my p*$$y! Save that for the next chick.

The Cable Guy said...

Damn Fury! Did you have to post THAT pic with the blog? I can barely read it! LOL!

The Fury said...

@Stef - BTW, Villain Camp is a mandatory camp all of us masked villains must attend. LOL And yes I'm a freak;-)

@Mr nice Guy - Hit the nails on the heads.

@The Cable Guy - I sent Brooke two options for the pic. This was my first. I'm happy she chose it. the second was as distracting trust me...

Craig n 'em said...

Fury, as usual. Great Blog. And like my orgasms, quick and to the point.

Fury is 176% right. Alot of lazy pussy women are guilty of this.

And for the record...GOOD PUSSY IS...When pussy feels like its sucking your dick...that's GOOD PUSSY...

Is saying PUSSY crass? Can we not say PUSSY? Fuck all this *#&#(@)...It's PUSSY!!! When I see "P#$$y"...I don't think of regular PUSSY. I think of EXPENSIVE PUSSY...and then all of a sudden I get depressed...

Grace Jones has demystified the word PUSSY ...Just like how JAY-Z did with THAT WORD ..(Pause)...;-/

So we can say DICK on this blog but we can't say PUSSY??!!!

Brooke!!! What kind of EGYPTIAN PUSSY BLOG LAW is that???

Get your lazy PUSSIES in order ladies. Kegel it on!!

Is it PUSSY'S or PUSSIES? I get confused...

artikal said...

lamo u all are de boss =))

ArrElle said...

@ Steph, girl I'm with you all the way!!!

Stef said...

I'm mad at Craig! So crass!

I wanna see all the super heroes that come out of this camp :)

Damn, if Brooke chose that pic, I wonder what the OTHER one looks like!

The Cable Guy said...

Hand claps for Fury and Mr. Nice Guy - they summed it up beautifully.

But honestly, nothing is worse than a BEAUTIFUl woman with wack pussy (happy Craig?) LOL!

Forget about good, but lazy pussy, what about a gorgeous woman with a stretched out, loose one?! Yuck!

Yes, as Craig said...get your kegel on!

Stef said...

Wait, unless the woman has had at least 2 kids, maybe it's not loose - maybe it's the man who has a little DICK! I hate when pencil dick dudes are like "I dont' feel anything." I feel like screaming, "nucca it's YOU, not me!" LOL!

Brooke, can we write a blog about THOSE clowns!? LOL!

The Fury said...

LMAO @Craig - I didn't write the word out in case some people were at work and their company blocked specific words in content. Thanks for enjoying.

@Stef - I don't know if you can handle the heroes/villains that come out of that camp...but you can try. LOL

If dude has a pencil d*ck do you just accept that or do you try a position that gives it some more help? Just wondering because I've tried to work with the strictly good p#$$y women as much as the totally lame and regular p#$$y women.

damn now every time I type p#$$y I think of Charlie Sheen's porno hoes...thanks Craig. LOL

Stef said...


No, I DON'T work with them, sorry. Can't do it. I'd just wind up cheating on them. I know that's bad but I'm being honest.

I once tried to work with one cuz he was a good dude. We did doggystyle all the time cuz that was the only time I was able to create enought friction for me to feel anything. But then when I did that, his little dick ass would cum fast! So I STILL couldn't win! I stayed with him for a long time cuz I really cared about him, but I wound up having an arrangement with another dude who had wack pussy at home (happy now Caig?). So we would hook up every week or so to relieve ourselves of our lacking partners, but then we found that we only wanted to have sex with each other after a while, so we both broke it off to be with each other. That lasted for another year before we broke up, but that let me know that I couldn't be with a pencil dick dude ever again.

Craig n 'em said...


The Cable Guy said...

Damn Stef, you had an "arrangement!?" You did dude DIRTY! LOL!

Not mad at your honesty tho. Wack sex is hard to stay with. I tried it too, didn't work. Maybe having an "arrangement" isn't such a bad idea!

Craig n 'em said...

BLOG QUOTE OF THE WEEK goes to...(drumroll)..STEPH!!

"We did doggystyle all the time cuz that was the only time I was able to create enought friction for me to feel anything. But then when I did that, his little dick ass would cum fast! So I STILL couldn't win!"


Craig n 'em said...


Stef said...


Craig approves!

Yeah, sometimes you need an arrangement in your life! LOL!

Pencil dick dudes should just go jump off a bridge.

Brooke said...


Maybe you can write that blog for me, I've never been with a pencil dick dude, so I can't relate ;)

an "arrangement" huh? Nice! LOL!

Craig n 'em said...

Damn! Be nice Stef...How would you like it if i said all Big Pussy women should go jump in a river and catch fish?

Jay said...

Dead @Stef's comment LOL!

So tell me Stef, what makes good dick?

any woman on the blog can answer this by the way.

Notice how Serena and Yolanda barely comment on TMI Tuesdays? LOL! Fury makes the girls blush :) Brooke doesn't seem to be afraid tho...hmmmm.....

Craig is my hero - he needs to guest blog again soon too.

Stef said...


You can say that cuz I ain't no big pussy chick! LOL! My shit is TIGHT! LOL!

And something tells me you ain't no pencil dick dude, so nothing to worry about! Lol!

You can tell Fury has a big dick. Can anyone on this blog vouch for that? Brooke? ;) LOL!

Tony said...

Pussy is a beautiful word! Use it don't be afraid of it.

Fury, You hit it right on. There is nothing worse than anticipating a good night in bed with a fine ass, sexy, beautiful woman and realizing in the first few minutes that the local Geico office sweepstakes give away would have been more fun!

On a serious note though, this is why a lot of potentially good marriages fall apart. BOTH partners forget their parts. Men begin to take the Wham-Bam-Thank you Ma'am approach and the Women begin to lay there like frightened Opossums.

It takes work to keep it together people! It takes some imagination and some "freakiness" too!

Work that ASS!

Craig n 'em said...

(blushing)...Why thank you, Stef. That SOMETHING that told you I don't have a pencil dick was actually...MY DICK....Yes...I'm glad my penis could speak to you through this blog. I guess you can tell its size by the bass in its balls...I mean voice...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true.. we women with good pussy (yup, mine's the bestest!) do sometimes get lazy and just want to lay there and get ours. I will make no excuses for that. But to be honest, so what? Can't a sista just lay and be fucked? Damn.. must we participate in everything? Can't I just get fucked and you enjoy it, cum, and be happy? I think its sexy when I can just lay there and have every inch of my being worked over without lifting a finger or a squeezing a muscle.

Don't get me wrong tho.. I stay squeezing my goods, I keep it fresh, and I keep it sexy. When I'm in the mood to fuck you back, I will. Till then, just do you AND me.

The Unlicker!

Brooke said...

I'm over here cracking up at "The Unlicker's" comment! LMAO!

Tony, y'all got 5 kids - do you notice a difference? Is it loose? Or is that too personal? I don't want E getting mad at me for asking :) LOL!

Craig is a mess. He can guest blog again whenever he wants to!

Craig n 'em said...

SMH @ Anonymous...Straight from the PUSSY'S mouth...That is some LAZY PUSSY....

BUT....I know no man to turn down lazy pussy...

I've had dry chicken before. It's still good and I was full at the end of the meal so...

Actually, I like LAZY PUSSY sometimes...Cuz on occasion my DICK IS LAZY...

Craig n 'em said...

Quick Dick and Lazy Pussy make a good couple..

Ms. Penn said...

I was afraid to read today's blog based off the picture alone. I can't imagine what the other pic looks like!

This blog and comments have me cracking up today! I needed this. I haven't commented in a while, but I read every day...and of course on TMI Tuesday. I can't miss Fury's posts!

So Brooke, like Stef asked...can you vouch for the Fury? ;)

Brooke said...

Why y'all tryna get me in trouble? :)

The other pic was of Halle Berry :)

The Cable Guy said...

Halle Berry!?!?

And you chose THIS one?

Honestly tho, this chick is BAD. Halle's pretty and all, but based off the subject matter, I can see why Fury wanted you to use THIS one. Halle doesn't have HALF this babe's sexiness. Good choice!

Tony said...

lol! Nope.....I'm up here in push up position, sweating like Kunta Kinte and you want to lay there? HELL NAW! You got to participate, it takes two! Why you gotta put the responsibility on me for your nut AND my nut? How about I work for yours and you work for mine? Otherwise I could buy a blow up chick and not have to feed her ass!

Tony said...

@ Brooke - Nothing is too personal on here for me! There is no difference. That thing is like elastic, stretch it out and it pops right back into place. I don't know if it's just "E's" or not but its just right.

The Cable Guy said...


EXACTLY! Sorry, Unlicker, no lazy pussy allowed!

If my dick is lazy, that means I'm drunk. Other than that, you better get your weight up son!

Brooke said...

Man, if I ever have a kid, I hope mine snaps back like that. I'd be "kegeling" it like a mugg! LOL!


Good dick starts in the mind.

Tony said...

She doesn't have time to "kegel" it! She's too busy trying to get another kid in there!

Jay said...


I like where you're going with your answer, but you have to expand on it. Stef doesn't want to answer it :)

Tony has a "snap back" woman! I hope to get one of those. I think B might be one of them ;)

Stef said...


Good dick is dick that can touch all the sides and the bottom of your pussy! It has to fill you up! Then if he can work it, even better!

Domina*Tricks said...

TMI Tuesday and The Fury never disappoints.

And yes, we bisexual women have experience dead fish pussy as well. I know it may not seem like we can, but a woman who just lays there is the worst! I'd rather pleasure my self and get it over with.

Same goes for a big dick man who has no idea what to do with it. So many men thinking having a schlong is all they have to do to be good in bed. Not so. If you just pound on me, I'm not cumming. Not even close. If you can't lick a clit or maneuver me in a way where I overflow, then again, I prefer to pleasure myself. At least I know what I like, and if I know what you like too, then you beter come with it.

Brooke said...


Good dick begins with chemistry first. The anticipation, everything that leads up to it. I think most people are disappointed by sex when the buildup isn’t there. At least that’s how it is for me. I know that some have been disappointed because the buildup was better than the actual act, but for me, it’s the mystery, while still “selling it” that can make it that much better.

Once you get past the chemistry, then you can start looking at the physical. A nice size helps, but he doesn’t have to have anything back breaking between his legs to be good. It’s also about technique…and CONTROL. Someone wild, or who pounds away at you with no regard for your pleasure isn’t gonna do it for me. Most men and women know when the other person is working it for THEM or working it for YOU. Like Tony said, if I work for yours and you work for mine, we’ll find a happy medium and cum together (pun intended) :)

What I mean by control is being aware of how the other person is responding to you and either doing more of it, or knowing when to STOP and be a tease. Make me want more. But know when to start or keep going too. You have to be present, willing and considerate. Know how to prolong the pleasure, and don’t be selfish. It’s about being in tune with each other.

Adding other stuff works too…like talking, hair pulling, being creative, passionate. Ask me a question and make me answer it when you know I’m out of breath. Draw me into you, let me inhale the sweat on your neck, bite your ears, feel your hands on my hips, give lip biting kisses. It’s the entire experience that makes good dick. Getting lost in each other is what makes it good. Has almost nothing to do with size.

Tony said...

Damn Brooke!

Jay said...


Now THAT'S an answer!

not that Stef's wasn't...but...


Annamaria said...


I couldn't have said it better myself...

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, if you hear your bell ring later tonight, it's me. DAMN GIRL!

yeah, you can tell Brooke got some good stuff!

That's an answer Stef!

Stef said...

@Jay and Cable Guy,

I ain't even mad, that IS a real answser! You go Brooke and break it down so it can forever and consistently be BROKE! LMAO!

Domina*Tricks said...

@Cable Guy,

that is I don't beat you to Brooke's house first! Great answer, and so very true. On point, as always!

Anonymous said...

I like Brooke's answer alot, but for ME, I have to be banged out. No little dick dudes for me...SIZE MATTERS! for me anyway.

But like you all said, if he can't work his big dick, then it's a waste. It's hard to find someone who has a big dick AND knows how to work it.

Jaz said...

Good dick makes you wanna key his car and beat up his new girlfriend when you two break up! LOL!

Stef said...

LOL! @ Jaz,

That is so true! Good dick makes you lose your mind and do strange things you never thought you'd do :) and the thought of someone else getting your good dick makes you crazy!

The Cable Guy said...

Note to self: don't give Jaz or Stef any of my good dick. They're nuts! LOL!

The Fury said...

If anyone is reading "old" comments, this is for them... Loved Brooke's good dick answer. Perfect. It goes for good p#$$y too. Passion and build up is important. Pleasing your partner even more.

speaking of pleasing your partner, I understand what The Unilicker is saying and I'm not against f#cking the head off a woman, but she cant just lay there like a Real Doll.grab my ass or something, damn!

I think it was Stef that said she can tell I have a big dick. ..modesty keeps me from answering that. I will say I'd drive you and Jaz NUTS! LOL

happy y'all enjoyed TMI Tuesday again

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