Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- If I only type in my blog once a week, it might as well be RTT so that I can see what you all are up to! I miss you!

- My latest articles on - check them out!

Signs Your Man Has Insecurity Issues

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

- Our First Lady is DOPE!!

- Our President ain't too shabby either ;-)

- I miss my baby. This out of town mess is for the birds!

- My kittens sleep in the hamper. That can't be pleasant, but they love it!

- I have three gift certificates for free manis and pedis and I can't wait to use them! 

- Spring is almost here - looking forward to it!

- I kinda like having people hate on me - means I'm doing something right! Watch me work.

- One more day til the final weigh-in for the 3rd installment of The Biggest Loser. Wish me luck!

- I'm a winner anyway :-)

- I'm fasting today and I'm going to do the damn thing at the gym. Got my Beyonce videos ready!

- I love my family and friends. I'm blessed.

- Say prayers for big things happening. I feel a new chapter coming in my life!




Stef said...

First BITCHES!!!

The Batman said...


A-buzzz said...

Our first lady & our President are DOPE. Haters SIT DOWN.

Classes are exhausting BUT I like my inner nerd.

Brooke good things will come your way. :-)

Powerz has been working like a BEAST lately.

Humans have been annoying me lately.

Stef said...

I beat The Batman! LMAO!!

I picture him looking like Christian Bale :-)

Brooke, good things come to good people like you!

I love and miss RTT! Where is Fury, Craig and DMoe?

Michelle Obama is gorgeous, and brilliant!

We need haters in the world, so we fabulous folks know we got it going on! LOL!

Good luck in the biggest loser B!

A-bizzle said...

Soso has open school afternoon today... LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Witches Brew is sheer CRACK. LOL

The Cable Guy said...

People be MAD that we have a black president and first lady. MAD about it!

Tamar Braxton needs to leave the plastic surgery alone.

I can see why people be hatin on you B, you're fly!

March Madness!

I love my kids.

Yolanda said...

Praying for great things for you, Brooke, and for our whole blog fam.

Lots of changes at my job...trying to go with the flow and generate new ideas, despite the resistance to change.

Really want to transition into working for myself more. I've never done well with authority figures.

Witches' Brew was off the hook this morning thanks to A-buzzz Googling a commenter and finding the girl's MUG SHOT! Only our Taser Mom would find that.

At a health conference would the bathroom smell like someone died. Um, getcho health together, doctors!

Oh well, gotta go to work.

Have a great weekend.

Serena W. said...

Hi everyone! Just wanted to chime in!

Brooke I love the do!

Keep writing!

For those who don't know I released the book cover to my poetry book which will be out this summer. Check out my pages. I love it! or The title is, "Reconstruction, Pieces of Life Vol. 1"

Pray for me, been battling a chronic illness for 5.5 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I will overcome!!!!!!

When you see the video, "Mama Said Knock You Out" on my FB page that means I have conquered this madness!!!!!

Jordan is big now! 19 months old!

I wish I could tase people at my job. They are still tripping knowing I'm under the weather.

Boo hiss them!!!!

Can't believe SU is going to the ACC next season.

Gotta go...pray for me and I will pray for all of you! MUAH!

P.S. Blog BBQ this summer? lol...

Brooke said...

I vote for a blog bbq too!

Abizzzlle said...

I love GOOGLE. :-) Know this about me NOW.

Sillouette said...

Heyyy everyone!!! long time no post!! LOL... I hope everyone is well.. I will try to catch you guys more often, I miss the convos... I know Im late on this Sorry!! =)

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