Thursday, February 28, 2013 popular demand!

(okay...only Serena, Annamaria and Jose wanted this)'s RANDOM THOUGHTS THURSDAY!!!

I'm sorry it's been FOREVER since I last posted. A sista's been busy! Let's see...

I've been busy:

- turning 40 years old! Yay! Thank God for another year and for seeing me into another decade!

- with my new kittens - Sasha Fierce and Jigga Man. Yes, I'm a fan...sue me :-) But they belong together :-) Thanks again to my sister and nephews for the new loves of my life :-)

- trying to stay on my weight loss journey. I'm currently in 3rd place in The Biggest Loser at my job. I have 2 weeks to turn it on full gear so I can pull out a win like I did the first time!

- working at my day job trying to earn another promotion. It's time y'all!

- writing for Hopefully you've been able to check out a few of my articles on the site. So you see...I HAVE been writing, just not for my own blog. But hey...they PAY ME!!

- house much fun, but stressful sometimes too. But I'm getting close!

- loving my boo :-) Even when he gets on my damn nerves!

- visiting friends and making new ones. Always nice to welcome more phenomenal women into my circle of friends :-)

- celebrating birthdays with others - Shout out to Ms. Lylah!

- trying to figure out what to do with my hair. An ongoing battle.

- resisting the urge to shop for new clothes. And boots are on sale now! But I'm staying strong!

- watching Scandal! That show is the

- lurking on Facebook. Crazy how that's where I get all of my information.

- learning what a 27-Piece is. Yolanda brightens my day every day :-)

- missing you guys!

What have you been busy doing? Go!



Batman said...

First BITCHES!!!

Annamaria said...

FIRST!!! I gave up cursing for lent so I'll stop there. LOL

Stef said...

BROOKE!!! I've missed you!

I've been busy missing this damn blog! and the blog family!

Annamaria said...

1. Brooke leave your hair alone it looks AWESOME.

2. I hate Yolanda for teaching us what a 27 piece was. I was perfectly happy thinking it was chicken.

3. I hate cats but Sasha & Jigga ARE beautiful.

4. Hubby is DOING HIS THANG in Real Estate... Soo very proud of him.

5. Scandal is CRAZY. So is The Walking Dead & The following.

6. I need a change of scenary.

Jay said...

So glad to learn that Brooke hasn't dropped off the face of the earth!

I did check out a few stories on Madamenoire. Good stuff! You should write a relationship book, but then again, we've been telling you that for YEARS now.

Good to see everyone!

Scandal is a good show - not gonna front.

What is a 27-piece? I would think it's chicken too :-)

Happy Belated Birthday Brooke! You don't look a day over 25!

Yolanda said...

Yaaaay! Brooke's back.
I've missed you crazy people.

What's the story of the boo, Brooke? I see you two looking so cute on FB but how did you meet him? Details!!!

Let's see...where to start.

Got a new car after Thanksgiving. My 14 yr old Goldie went to car heaven and I finally got the Mini Cooper I've been longing for. I love it. But now I need a part-time.

Seriously, who's hiring?

Witches' Brew turned 4 this month. Woot woot!

Work is cool. I'm learning new social media and web stuff and even though it's government-focused, it's really helping overall. Trying to brand myself more in 2013.

Speaking of branding, just registered for Blogalicious in Atlanta this October. Gotta keep making moves. I'm trying to get paid like Brooke!

Tried for at least two weeks to get Beyonce tickets in various cities. Ticketmaster is the debbil.

Brooke, get a 27 piece for your hair :)

Don't worry. Your hair will grow so fast. Just be patient. Mine is about 2 inches past my shoulders now. It'll grow and do fabulous things. Just don't think about it.

My special friend makes me smile :)

I still want that dog.

Vacation? Anyone.

Have a great day everybody.

No Scandal tonight. :(

It's been so long, I can't remember any randomness.

More later...?

Annamaria said...

And while she is laying on the ground I will snatch the 27 piece out her head.

The Fury said...

1) 27 piece? What's that?

2) I watch Scandal (the hell you mean there's no Scandal tonight??) It's a fun show. I appreciated that The First Lady tried to give The president sloppy top in the shower. Too bad she didn't try those tricks before Liv put her various freaks down.

3)Missed you Brooke. Was very tempted to tweet you sexually inappropriate wishes for your bday...but I chilled.

4)Tomorrow is March...where the hell is the year going already!?

5) Who is this b!tch made dude going around talkign about he slept with Coco, Kim K and Vanessa Bryant? I hate punk ass, run their mouth muthaf*ckas word is bond

6)@Yolanda - Is Pilar Sanders f#cking with Birdman now?? She keeps tweeting shit he's involved in and about him

The Fury said...

ohhh...a 27 piece is some kind of hair thing...Y'all know. Y'all already know where my head was....

Brooke said...

No Scandal tonight!??? WHAT??? WHY???

Anna, if you ever see me with a 27 piece in my head, you have permission to run me over with a truck. And yes, snatch it out!

But I'll do braids in a hot second!

Brooke said...

Pilar and Birdman? oh lawd!

Hi Fury!!

I would have never seen the tweets - I'm not on Twitter like that :-)

Yolanda, they're ordering champagne for the dept because of awesome Ducky Dynasty ratings last night - thank your mom for me :-)

Annamaria said...

Champagne??? I'll be right there. LOL

Stef said...

I've also been busy watching Scandal. Love that show!

I've been busy missing Fury's TMI Tuesday stories too.

Brooke named her kittens after Beyonce and Jay-z, so cute! I hope the boy doesn't look like him! LOL!

I have a boo too - FINALLY!

good articles on Madamenoire, but their format for clicking the the stories is annoying! Brooke, make them fix it!

The sun is out!

Yolanda said...

Champagne? I need to crash the party!

Dunno about Pilar and Birdman. Maybe she's writing a book for Cash Money or something. Interesting.

The Cable Guy said...

Well, well, well - look who's back! Brookey!

I've been busy working and raising my kids. That's enough for ANYBODY.

I haven't gotten into Scandal yet. I feel like it should be a girl's show, but I see dudes like it too. Is it too late to get on? Kerry Washington is fine as sh*t.

I haven't seen a movie in ages, and I'm the cable guy. What's up with that?

Oh right, raising kids and working.

I have been working out too - got a little body on me now - watch out now!

Since Brooke has a man, I've had to move on and find me a new chick. She's very cool. Still too early to tell though. I think my kids might scare her away :(

Yolanda don't like kids either, hard to find women out here willing to date you with kids. Oh well.

Happy Belated Brooke!

A-buzzzzz said...

7. Apparently I didn't think I have enough to do. Soo I am taking 4 college courses. UGGGHHHH

8. Cable Guy. Taking on someone's kids is a VERY big responsibility. If a woman tells you up from she ain't with it it's better than someone faking the funk. I can honestly say although I LOVE LOVE LOVE my stepkids if Powerz & I ever got divorced I would NEVER date a man with kids. And I have a kid. LOL I think helping to raise someone else's child is harder than raising your own.

A to the BUZZ said...

My birthday is in 27 DAYS... WHOOOPPEEEEEEEE


I must say aside from raising kids marriage is HARD work. Definitely true about not to be entered into lightly. But he's my boo. My dog. LOL And he motivates me & pushes me to be the best me I can be. And I thank him for that.

Yolanda said...

LOL. Cable Guy, I like kids. I just don't know if I'm going to birth them. New guy has me re-thinking my womb though. But I do love da kids. I'm not against children at all. I've dated a guy with kids. I never moved up to the level of actually meeting the kids though. Ha!

Yolanda said...

New girl in the office decides to pick the desk next to mine. She's wearing a strong, grandma kinda perfum. Ugh. Jesus, be an open window and an exhaust fan.

The Fury said...

Damn everybody got boos and kids!!?? I guess that'll change when the weather breaks...except the kids. But you can send them off to summer camp or something

@Brooke - don't tempt me to start dirty birthday wish talk up on here.

@Stef- I miss ya too, darling. Brooke fired me from TMI Tuesday right around the holidays. She did it like all those other companies do with the holidays layoffs. Same is true for Brooke Inc.


How many men did The Pope bang before he left office? I'm betting on tens.

if the Earth has a face, I'm betting it looks like Beyonce. Why? Because she's everywhere....with her fine ass

Stephanie said...

Brooke, so excited to hear you are getting paid for your talents by madame noir.I have been following you.

Brooke said...

Thank you Stephanie!

Now I just need to figure out who else I can ask for money. I'm aiming for

I don't have kids yet, but at 40, I don't have much more time to think about it.

@Cable Guy - find out now if new girl has an issue with your kids. Better to find out now than later. Like Anna said, it's not easy, but there IS a woman out there who will love you AND your kids.

Never too late to get onto Scandal either :-) Great show!

I didn't fire you Fury - I fired my damn self! And since you feel so strongly about it, you have THIS Tuesday coming up to get your fans back on board :-) It's March!

The Fury said...

@Brooke - You can always use that post I sent to you when you laid me off. The Dear Brookey one.

Brooke Inc always wanna act like she didn't have me escorted out of the building with my belongings in a box.

Cornbread. i ain't mad at that

doggystyle or woman on top. I can never choose. I just go with whatever moves me at the moment

Unless she got a phatty then doggy is getting heavy rotation

The Cable Guy said...

Doggystyle - all day long.

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