Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- My muscles are sore, and that's a good thing!

- My left foot is killing me though! Foot doctor at noon to see what's going on.

- Ruben Studdard was just on The Wendy Williams Show, and he sang his new single. Not feeling it, and I really wanted to like it too.

- I'm hungry. I think I worked up a good appetite spinning this morning!

- I missed the Emmy nominations because I had my Beyonce videos on. I need all the motivation I can get!

- I have a sporty little afro, but I must admit...I miss my longer hair :-(  I'm getting bored, might be time for braids.

- It's been hot as the devil lately, so thank goodness it's cooled down a bit. I still love the heat though - and guess's SUMMER TIME, it's SUPPOSED to hot!

- Peanut Butter and cinnamon raisin oatmeal is my new favorite snack!

- I'm wearing perfume today :-) That's big for me.

- Ever wish you could just make some people disappear? Not like...hurt them or anything...just make them go away.

- Do any of you "prepare" for sex - or do you just do it whenever, wherever, however?

- There is a 33 year old virgin on The View, she's waiting until she gets married. Have any of you ever wished you'd waited? Guys, would you marry a virgin, or would you prefer that someone be experienced first? Do you need to "sample the goods" before you marry her? Women...same question.

P.S. - the guy just proposed...guess he won't be waiting for too much longer! Awwwww, how sweet!

Speaking of sweet...look at baby Jordan!!




Batman said...

First BITCHES!!!

Yolanda said...

-Happy RTT people!

-I missed RTT last week but I wanted to add, I will either keep my last name or hyphenate!

-I had a teacher, Ms. Carr. She married a guy named Brake. Yes, she went from Ms. Carr to Mrs. Brake.

-Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is the best soap opera ever. I refuse to believe it's anyone's reality. I presume the reason why Stevie J keeps him a gaggle of women is because of his... well, Google it. There are pics.

-Got to see Serena and Jordan again last night. Jordan is sooooooooo cute! I love him and his baby toes.

-Go Idris Elba! Get yo'self an Emmy!

-I had a coupon for that McDonald's blueberry and banana nut oatmeal. Whoa son. Good stuff. There's crack in there, for sure. I'll stick to making my own at home.

-researching suicide for the new job for the health website I work for. Debbie Downer like a mug. I have to take breaks (like I am now).

-I still don't have air conditioning. I'm getting closer to getting it though. A couple more bills to pay and BAM... cold air!

-Had a fender bender last week, banged up my car just a little. Of course, the other car was fine. Mine had $2Gs worth of damage. Thank God for Progressive! My baby will be back next week, shiny and new. Well, new for a 14 yr old car.

-Did I mention we drive 'til the wheels fall off in my family?

-Operation Mini Cooper next year!

-Yes, I prepare for the horizontal mambo. I usually know when it's going to happen since it's so infrequent (*cue the violins*). I make sure the nether regions are manicured even more so than usual.

-I really want to go innnnnn and cook a good meal. This air conditioner situation is kinda killing that though. All I want to do is sit in front of a fan.

-Excited about the SU BBQ this weekend. I'm finally part of The Crew!

-When a man tells his best friend and even some fringe friends about you...that's a good sign, right?

-Feeling great, despite the hurdles these last couple of years.

-Tortellini for lunch

-Exciting new venture for my blog coming up.

-I have a free plane ticket that I won that's expiring in a couple of months. Where shall I go?!?!?!?!?

The Fury said...

I would definitely want to taste the cookies before I bought the box. It's not fool proof but hey...I don't think I need to explain it. I'm me!

I'm in a dirty talk mood. Please excuse me if you follow me on any of the social networks. Ha!

That rain helped cool this damn weather off some because it was unbearable yesterday.

Fuck Fox News

I want peanut butter and jelly

how many ladies are not wearing panties today?

how many of you are not wearing panties but wont tell cuz you're shy, 'private' or think I'm gonna refer to your nether regions later on in random thoughts?

I just told someone they'd sound smarter on an island full of nimrods

...they didn't get it.

I rest my case

The Knicks ownership may be worse than the fuckin Mets ownership

I'm the black sheep the real black sheep

The Fury said...

I prepare for sex when I know it's gonna happen. Sometimes...well there's a bathroom stall or a store dressing room and things happen.

but I keep the schlong manicured and ready for invites.

Yeah Ms. Car wasn't hyphenating that shit. Mrs. Carr-Brake...LMAO

No AC?? in this heat?? How are you fckn in this heat with no AC???

Yolanda said...

Thanks for reminding me of the sex I'm not having, Fury :)

Serena W. said...

Happy RTT!!!

Yolanda it was great seeing you yesterday and I love the hair!

Ummmm the food last night was BANGING!

So glad Jordan got a chance to see some SU fam last night! They all loved up on him!!!

He'll be 1 in 2 weeks and 3 days!

Brooke you better sport that fro but if all else fails get braids. It will help it grow longer.

I was in a Debbie Downer mood the other day. Sometime life will throw some serious curve balls! I'm praying right now.

Not having a J-O-B again sucks!

Brooke the answer is YES...I wish I could make 1 or 2 people disappear for a bit. No harm done to them...just shew please!!!!

Just ran 4 miles and my mind is a bit cleared!

Ready for SU in DC BBQ this weekend baby!

So happy I saw Major Dwayne and Alison Murray (SU fam) and will see Lia and her beautiful little ones tomorrow and Saturday!

They all don't live here and are far so when they are back for a bit I love seeing them.

The job I interviewed for last Monday made an someone else!

It just wasn't for me...

Folks who think that its cute to mess with a womans lively hood can kick some serious rocks in the heat with no shoes on!

I'm just saying...

Need to wash the hair for real!

Yolanda if you ever want to throw down in the A/C feel free to use my kitchen! As long as I can have a plate!

My baby took two steps last night! Ahhhhh!

Brooke I need to text you a pic so you can add it to the blog of Jordan.

I want to go out on a date and have some cuban or caribbean food and go dancing! I'm talking Salsa dancing or go to Patty Boom Boom room (or is it Bum Bum)...either way I'd love to go with the right kinda guy.

Someone will come into my life...the right one this time to take me out on a date and I'll even take him out too!

I'll be back later...gotta start washing the hair and deep condition!

Brooke said...

Serena, you have to email me the pic because I can't forward it or save it or whatever from my phone. It's a cute one though!

Am I the only person who didn't know they sold sushi in Duane Reade?

Idris Elba is dreamy...congrats to him on the nomination :)

I'm gonna miss you guys this weekend for the SU reunion :(

The right job for you will come along soon Serena. Enjoy time with your little one until then.

BTW, I saw the cutest Eagles onsie in Target the other day, but I refrained. You lucky! I should get him a Vick jersey just to mess with you :)

I'll save it for SoSo :)

I have to eat lunch now - my stomach is touching my spine. Be right back!

Serena W. said...

Okay Brooke! You can get him a onesie but heck to the no on VICK!

He's a 12 month size now but is between a 12-18 months. He's growing so fast!

I emailed the pic of him to you!

Might be working along side a soror at her spot and I'm thankful for the love! Mommy's unite!

Just washed the hair and letting the hmmmm hmmmmm good conditioner soak in. Next up...rinse it out and twist it up! Time for my twist out hair do!

Yolanda I'm cracking up at your old teacher's name! She should have hyphenated it to mess with people!!!!

Brooke you will be missed this year too! The list has some folks on there that I'm extra excited to see!!!!

Yolanda I'm glad you are on the CREW this year too!

Editing this novel is a true challenge but I feel so accomplished everyday when I work on it. I want to release it summer 2013....right before Delta Centennial Convention!

Poetry book is coming y'all! Stay tuned...praying for a holiday release!

Anyone have a Kindle??? How do you like it if so...I need to find someone close by that has one so I can download the FREE how to publish a book on Kindle document.

I love FREE!

Went to Ann Taylor Loft and used up some of my gift card...did I say I love FREE!!!!

Where is Rameer, Ant, Annamaria, Austin, Cable Guy, Jay, Jaz...and everyone else!

Marsha Ambrosious new single is the BIDNESS!!!!!!

BRB! Gotta rinse now!

The Cable Guy said...

Here I am Serena!

George Zimmerman interview was bananas. This dude is crazy for real. HE is someone who needs to go away.

Vick is ready. I'm a Giants fan, but the Eagles always give us trouble.

Sorry you were in an accident Yolanda, glad you're okay.

I've had my car for 10 years, and as long as it's running, that's cool with me.

Car Brake...funny.

I only prepare for sex when it's my first time having sex with a woman. After that, the only preparation I do is making sure I have condoms on me.

I can't marry a virgin. Not because I want her to be experienced, but because I'd be afraid of the emotional aftermath. I don't want to be anyone's first.

Picturing Brooke spinning to Beyonce videos - they have a similar shape I think...I can see that. Get it!

Ruben Studdard is still around?

Yolanda, how you don't have any AC?! You must've been DYING these past few days!

How do you research suicide?

Stef said...

Hi y'all!

I'm like Yolanda, I prepare for sex, cuz it rarely happens. It's never spontaneous because I don't have anyone to be spontaneous with!

My preparation includes matching bra and panties, and a good shave, only because waxing hurts and leaves bumps and needs days to heal, LOL!

I also make sure my breath doesn't stink and my hair smells good. And nothing on me is ashy! LOL!

As for being a 33 year old virgin, I wish I could say I was still a virgin. Would have saved me a lot of heartache in the past. I think if you're not bonded by sex, no one can hurt you.

I'm hyphenating.

Sorry about your accident Yolanda!

Brooke, hope your foot gets better!

Serena, hope you find the perfect job soon!

No AC??? No bueno!!!

George Zimmerman needs to be buried UNDER the jail!

Fox News is the WORST!


I'm wearing red undies. No matching bra today though.

Jordan will be one that soon?! Wow, time flies! I love our blog family!

A--->Buzzzz said...

I'm HERE!!! SOrry I was at a training earlier & just got to the office.

Got to have an impromptu lunch with the hubster though...

The hubby's birthday was on Tuesday. Happy Birthday again honey.

I need an asst.. I just can't afford one. BUT I have SOOO much stuff to do.

My Soso will be THREE in 2 weeks and 3 days.. WTH...

She is a SMART ASS!! She must get it from her Daddy.. LOL

I want to win the lottery.

I'm tired.

My thoughts are VERY random today...

I want to cuddle with my munchkin..

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I had no idea about the car accident...sorry soror.

Hi Cable Guy and Stef. Totally agree, Zimmerman needs to go away. He had the nerve to say it was God's plan! He's the worst.

Thank you all for the thoughts about that perfect job. It is coming soon. I just have to stay pumped up even when the times are rough.

I'm going to chime off and edit some of my novel. I'm getting there like the Little Engine that Could.

Peace and love!

Serena W. said...

Before I chime off...

Hi Annamaria!

Happy Belated Birthday to Austin...

Hug Soso for me!!!!

ABuzz said...

Hi Serena...
Good luck...
Everything will work itself out.
Give Baby Thor a big kiss & hug for me...LOL


Yolanda said...

-I try not to spend too much time at home. I went to my Mom's house for a few nights when it was absolutely ridiculous. I get an okay breeze with my windows open but now I need new screens. It's always something.

-I've got a window hook up guy though. LOL.

-I love free as well.

-I just made love to some Nutella! Woooooo ooooh. It was a sample size, like a ketchup pack so I don't feel guilty.

-Not that I ever feel guilty about food.

-I hope your foot gets better Brooke.

-The right job is coming, Serena. Or... maybe you'll make your own and never work for anyone again! Either way, the right opportunity is coming.

-SoSo is a smarty pants? Well who would have guessed that? Ha!

A------->Buzz said...

LMFAO.. YOLANDA.... Yes she is a smarty pants.. Who would have thought MY kid would be a smarty pants...

My sister in law annoys me. She always waits til the day of or the day before an event to invite me and that gets mad when I don't show up... I wanna tase her.

My other sister in law however is the best thing since sliced bread. Love her.

The sis in law that I love has been married to my brother 25 years this Sept 10th. My brother "proposed" to her last weekend with a brand new engagement ring.

Brooke said...

I saw the ring on FB of the "proposal" sweet! I'd love to be able to say I've been HAPPILY married for 25 years :)

Baby Thor... :)

Yolanda cracks me up :)

I've still never tried Nutella, but my nephews LOVE "chocolate bread."

SoSo? A smart mouth? Really? ;-)

I'd love to hit the lottery too! I always buy a ticket, then forget to check it. I don't even really know when the drawings are, I just randomly buy them hoping that one day I'll hit and discover that I won a day before the ticket expires, right after someone at work pisses me off ;-)

I need stronger leg muscles.

Thanks for the well wishes on my foot. She thinks it was just a bad sprain, or that I have too much movement in my joints. I think I hurt it spinning.

After days of scorching heat, ask me why I have the heat on in my office.

Brooke said...

Can someone tell me why Dennis Rodman's dad has 29 children with 16 women? I mean...really???!!!

The El Buzzzo said...

I keep thinking a year of marriage is an accomplishment.. LMFAO.. then she shows up. LMFAO

Cuz he is a HO...LOL

Brooke said...

Nowadays, a year of marriage IS an accomplishment. Some people date longer than they stay married.

Stef said...

I'll be happy to last a good week with someone!

The Fury said...

@Stef - maybe you should start by taking those red undies off...

@Brookey - Poor you! Hope your foot feels better. Don't go spinning and ruining your groove on time cuz you cant do the wild standing positions!

@Serena - baby Thor is taking steps?? He'll be swinging that hammer in no time. And by hammer I mean, he'll be preparing for sex and you'll wonder where the time went that your child has little girlfriends coming over

My days have gone by quickly ever since I took on Batman's shifts freelance while he promotes his movie. Rich jerk

Fuck Mitt Rommey

@Yolanda - I've been very chill on the sex too. Don't feel bad

Stephanie said...

So sleepy right now.
I've had this throbbing pain in the back of my head for 3 days. It might be time for a doctors visit. I can't figure out what to eat for dinner. I'm tired of everything.

Brooke said...

Dang Stephanie, don't mess around with head pain. Go get it checked out stat!

I could take a nap too.

Sex and the City movie is on E! and there are all these scenes I've never seen before. It's like they added them for TV. For example, there's a Halloween scene I've never seen before...where Charlotte and Harry bring Lily trick or treating...never saw that before. Where'd that come from?!?!?!

Stef said...

Now Brooke is gonna make me go watch the movie :)

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