Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy TMI Tuesday!

Since Fury is MIA, I thought I'd come up with some TMI questions for my blog family to answer - if you're bold enough ;-) Don't be shy!

1. If you could pick something new for your partner to try when you have sex, what would it be?

2. Who is your girl/boy crush?

3. If you could only change one of these 2 things, which would it be: the time you have sex or the the place you have sex?

4. Do your friends think you have sex more or less than you actually do? If so, would you want to have sex more or less than you actually do?

5. What couple has the best relationship you've seen? What about their relationship appeals to you?

That should be enough to get your brains going today. Let's hear it!




The Cable Guy said...

First Bitches!!!

Anonymous said...

1: can't think of anything "new" that I haven't already tried that I'm willing to try at this point.. perhaps just some new positions!! :)

2: The closest thing to a girl crush I had was on ex- Lady Liberty Teresa Weatherspoon-- She played like a dude and I liked it! Boy crush.. Barack has my attention right about now.

3: I would change the place by changing location to somewhere exotic

4: I don't know if my friends even care if/when I have sex... but no matter how much I have.. it's never enough. :) More please!!

5: Hard to call cause people smile in your face or to the cameras until the divorce is final. The Obama's seem to have it all, but who really knows what goes on between them.

Signed Grumpy!!

The Cable Guy said...

1. Anal
2. Girl Crush - Rihanna
3. time
4. I think they think I don't have sex at all
5. My parents - they are best friends and got each other's backs

Stef said...

Dang, I'm all late!

1. I'd like to play dress up, so he can too.

2. Girl Crush - Mel B. Boy Crush - Beckam or Idris Elba

3. Place - mile high club baby!

4. Less sex, and they'd be right. I want more too.

5. Barack and Michelle. They seem to be genuine.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

1. I'd like my partner to just start with something simply, like changing positions every once in awhile! Missionary is boring.

2. Girl crush is Lucy Liu.

3. The place.

4. More. I'd like to have it more than I do.

5. I'm with everyone else - Barack and Michelle. Hollywood marriages all seem fake to me. And my Uncle Ted and my Aunt Abby. They know what commitment is.

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