Thursday, October 29, 2009

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

"Start spreading the neeeewwwws....the Phillies SPANKED DAT ASS!"

Go Phillies! YEAAAAAHHHHH!!! that we got THAT out of the way... :-)

- I can't say it enough - Go see the Michael Jackson movie This Is It! I was transfixed from the moment he appeared on screen. I felt like I went to a concert last night! But more than that, I felt like I got to see a side of Michael that few are privy to. He was easy-going, yet a perfectionist, and commanded respect in the most humble way. The whole movie was a rehearsal, yet you felt like even with the lower production levels, dancers in sweats and MJ going through the motions that it was still something to behold. Like Rameer said, MJ was SICK. His 10% effort is another entertainer's 100%. I couldn't take my eyes off him - the entire audience was dancing and singing and cheering. I have to see it again...on IMAX!...and I have to take my nephew Kyce to see it. I'm sure it'll be an unforgettable experience that he'll cherish forever. I know I will. I still can't believe he's gone, but I feel like I got a chance to see him perform one more time in the days leading up to his passing. A must-see!...and make sure you stay past the credits!

- This was the hotness!

They all KILLED IT!!

- Female MC's...what ever happened to them?

Oh...that's right...they have anger management issues. SMH.

And just because...

"Ursher" is about to be single again...awww shucks! We already know he likes 'em a lil older, so watch out!

- Anyone wanna buy a Yankee Candle for Kyce's fundraiser? They're great, I burn them all the time - one of my favorite things! Hit me before tomorrow! Thanks for your support!

- Go see Precious next week...good film.

- I'm sure many of you have heard about this, but in case you haven't: Heather Ellis is a young college student in Kennett, MO who now faces 15 years in prison for cutting in line at a Walmart. To find out more about this case, please visit Pure fuckery.

- My candy jar is just about empty, but after I take Kyce and Ibrahim trick-or-treating this weekend, I'm sure it'll be full again on Monday!

- Is anyone dressing up for Halloween? If so, as what?

- Would it be wrong if a posted a pic of DMoe dressed as Easy E on my blog? :-)

- Sunday it'll be November...can't believe it. Don't forget to turn your clocks back!

- It's gonna be a straight Philly vs. New York weekend. The Phillies play the Yanks (tonight) Saturday and Sunday, Sixers play the Knicks on Saturday, and the Eagles play the Giants on Sunday! Love it!




The Fury said...


Up writing my own blog and look what I see... a pretty pretty young lady named Brookey.

Can't wait to see those films by the way.

This Philly/New York weekend gonna find somebody getting hurt.

Awww poor Philly always living in the shadow of Big Brother NYC...(patting Philly's head) It's ok...we're still greater.

Trouble with writing my blog posts is I always get so hot writing them..phew!

I think I'm just gonna be me on Halloween. I mean, hey, I already wear a mask!

Ladies, let's hear the sexy costumes!

Brooke just walk around in a Phillies Jersey and some red panties and call yourself the Philly fanatic...LOL..don't let me catch you though cuz I will show you some brotherly love.

Shameless plug * Follow me on Twitter, I'm funny and filthy and sometimes I get mad at people

***damn I'm horny***

Did y'all talk about that Chris Brown video? It looks epic even with the cheesy special effects.

if you're horny and you know it clap your hands...

Annamaria said...

OK Brooke I gave you your props & congrats last night... You won this battle BUT you will not win this war!!!!!!!! Yankees in 6....

Yeah this weekend is going to be HOT with the whole NY/Philly battle!!! Can't wait..

SOOO happy that Austin has gotten into watching the games with me... LOVE IT...

I want to see Precious! Looks great! Austin & I are going to see Paranormal tomorrow.

Honey (since he lurks on this thing) maybe we should go to the haunted house this weekend too????



Brooke said...

(clap, clap, clap, clapping hands)

Fury is a hater...patting our heads, yet we spanked dat ass last night. Whatever dude :)

I won't go all in since he called me a pretty young lady tho :)

Actually, going as the Phillies Fanatic in panties in not a bad idea. I should print out the Craigs List ad too! LOL! But I can't do that, I'll be around my help me think of something else please!

What Chris Brown video?

Yes, Annamaria congratulated the Phillies last night in good sportmanship-like behavior. And you're right, it ain't over...but we WILL win!

I can't wait to see Halloween pics!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, slow your roll, it was only game one!

Brooke said...

Slow my roll? Huh?

If the Yanks had won, I'd be hearing it all please, da f*ck outta here! LOL!!

But here's what I don't understand.

I have a healthy respect for the Yankees, because they're a great team. I've said this before...I like the Yankees. I'd be rooting for them all the way if they weren't playing the Phillies.


What gets me is this blatant disrespect from media and NY fans about the Phillies and the team they are. I mean yeah, putting Victorino in a dress on the cover of the Daily News (or Post, whatever it was) was funny...ok, fine. Calling them the "Frillies"? How did the Phillies become the underdog? Why are people acting like they stumbled into the World Series on a fluke?

They're the DEFENDING WORLD SERIES CHAMPS for cryin out loud!!!

Everyone was talking about the Phillies getting swept in 4, like the Yanks were gonna roll over them with ease. While I know my Phils will win, I don't think they'll do it easily, as the Yanks are a great team. Why can't the Phils get the same respect? That's what I'm curious to know. I mean, hometown pride is one thing - we all have it - but damn, people are acting like the Phillies are a cinderella team that doesn't belong in the World Series. I don't get that!

Anyway...enough of my rant :)

Anthony Otero said...

- Let me preface all my comments with a disclaimer: I am not in the best of moods..(shrugs)

- It was interesting watching a game where u hate both teams...

- Cliff Lee did his thing

- applied for a job at Columbia University this week..

- my x is most like moving out in december and while i am happy about that i am also kinda scared...

- someone told me that poeple never change, and i just dont beleive that. people can change when they want to...

- my lap is not doing it for me anymore, i am in the market for another...maybe a mac

- i have too much drama in my life.

- I need to get DJ Hero...i aslo need to get a game system...

- Morgan Freeman can PLAY anything...he should try Moses next...

- money is not the root of all evil...bills are

- "You will never able to have a trusting & truly loving relationship with any woman until u resolve your feeling about ur mother" (wonderful)

Brooke said...

Damn Ant...back up off the ledge already! Geesh!

It's gonna be alright!!!

What are you scared of when she moves out? Bills?

Did you see Lee catch that ball behind his back? That was great!
(sometimes baseball gets sexy to me...sometimes) :-)

People change all the time - not always for the better. But you're right, they have to want to do it on their own.

And I agree...most men I know who don't get along with their mothers don't have healthy or lasting relationships with women. Sad.

Good luck with the Columbia gig!!

Annamaria said...

I think we are getting DJ hero this weekend...

Morgan Freeman as Mandela looks awesome.

Brooke: Philly will always be the underdog to the TITANS of NY...LOL...

Did you see Channel 5 news this morning? They had a newscaster in all his Yankee clothes walking around the streets of



Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Crankier den-a-mug
-Can't watch a whole game of baseball.
-Started a Fan Page for my alter ego Confuscious Jenkins.
-Now the pressure is on to come up with crasy stupid sayings to say all the time. What have I gotten myself into.
-Here's one... Man who sell toilet paper, must focus on detail.
-Still waiting for Brooke's Debut on our page.
-Do any of you have any feelings one way or the other about the US Census. Considering doing some marketing for them for the African American community.
-Some of you JUST got the Confuscious Jenkinism above
-I too am hornier than a rhinoceros farm!
-I don't want to grow up, I'm a toys-r-us kid. There's a million toys at toys-r-us that I can play with.
I had a pretty big head when I was a youngster resulting in my cousin calling me "The Great Pumpkin" every Halloween

Brooke said...

where were the Titas of NY last year while the Phillies were playing in the World Series?

oh...right....they weren't there.

And that Channel 5 reporter betta watch his back. He'll EASILY catch a beat down in Philly if he's not careful!


Pretty's coming!

Can anyone help me come up with a blog name for Pretty Ricky's site? I'm going to be writing about love, relationships, sex and basically being single in NYC. Any ideas??? Help!

Why are you cranky too Pretty Ricky, dang! What's going on with you and Ant???

Yolanda said...

-still need that massage

-going to see This Is It tomorrow night...can't wait

-HATE baseball, so I caught up on my DVR last night but I will be watching the Jay-Z/Alicia performance and my Johnny Legend's national anthem... then I'll go back to DVR

-the gym around the corner from me has an insane $16/month deal. Soon as I get $16... I'm there. I miss my old gym but $92/month was nuts.

-did ya'll hear an MJ autopsy photo may have been leaked? People are evil.


-I'm learning how to sew ASAP. I told my Mother she must teach me. We've been delaying these sewing lessons for 25 years. It must end now. My taste is too champagne for my budget.

-I stalk Mini Coopers online. I have a toy Mini Cooper near my front door. Reminds me of what I want.

-my Mother got distracted (I guess) and forgot to lock the door to her house yesterday and somehow the wind pushed it or some mythical creature did. The cops came to check it and all was fine. But I told her I won't put her in a old folks home yet... it could happen to anyone. SMH

-I got new hair color. Who's bad? Owwww!

-hands down, Grey's Anatomy has the hottest men on tv. McSteamy and that new doctor? Hammercy!

-Fury is horny? I've got an APB out for my sex drive. I'm just not interested. Although I think it's a self-imposed mental block to keep me from thinking about the boy.

-I've got 2 costume options but I've worn them both before so I'm not excited: sexy devil or '60s go-go dancer. Eh! I might just put on my Snuggie and stay home.

-Is it bad that I haven't bought any candy? There aren't many kids in my neighborhood and last year, I don't remember any trick-or-treaters. My plan is to cut the lights off and hide in the back of the house. I'm a poor sport, I know.

-That Chris Brown video looks like a commercial for GAP or Apple. But I can't stop listening to the damn song. And I feel SO bad about that. I'm supposed to be on the boycott bandwagon. He's banned from my iPod.

Yolanda said...


And get me a gaming system too, while you're at it.


Brooke said...

I LOL'd at "as soon as I get $16, I'm there" LMAO!!

I always look forward to Yolanda's random thoughts...they always make me laugh or smile!

Greys Anatomy does have some nice looking men on there...but the women are like "blah" to me.

The girl who sits next to me just gave me a big bad of Reeses and Kit Kats to put in my candy jar. Wonder if she secretly read my blog - or maybe it was me telling her to get the hell on when she reached in there yesterday for her 6th piece of candy :)

Now I'm fighting myself to keep from eating the Reeses! And the Kit Kats! Dammmittt!

I think I want Chipotle for lunch. Wonder if Monica is reading this :)

What is DJ Hero? I'm so not into video games.

I haven't spent a Halloween in NY at all since I moved here, so I have no idea if I get trick-or- treaters. There alot of kids in my neighborhood/building, but I've never been here to see if they go around. I'm sure they do.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Brooke..maybe my crankiness is manufactured by my horny'ness.
-Crankiness may also come from being impatient and/or over anxious!
-We've named our landlord for our office... "Stinky Dookies" He always takes a dump when he comes here
-They bought a special can of air freshner for Stinky Dookies. It's some kind of Spanish brand that looks like it has Jesus on the front of it.
-I think they think the landlord got the devil in him!
-Shouldn't you stop saying the word dookie once you get above 12 years old

Annamaria said...

yummmmm CHIPOTLE IS THE SHIZNIT!!!!! That may be the only thing I miss about working.. That and a paycheck..LOL

Last year Austin was soliciting trick or treaters...He was giving kids our address for them to come get candy...LOL

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, I know the Phils are a good team, but still...y'all ain't winning! Y'all are STILL the Frillies!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Oh yeah... I'm not dressing up for halloween... but if I were... I'd be Ashy Larry!!!

-I too wait for Yolanda's Random thoughts... part of my blog crush thing. Brooke I love when you talk about your sex expereinces..and annamaria, do I need to say it, I love the taser!!! (To annamaria's hubby... I'm just playing man, please don't snatch the taser and tase me yourself!!!)

Brooke said...

Well, the "Frillies" - especially Lee - LIT y'all asses up last night! LOL!!

Brooke said...

Well Pretty Ricky, the sexual experiences I write about are from memory...nothing recent! LOL!!

Annamaria said...

OMG I am cracking up...I had to text Austin to make sure he reads today just for Ricky's comment..
Especially cause I can sooo see him grabbing my taser & tasing a dude!!!!!!! LMAO......

Anonymous said...

As far as I see it, the Phillies won the game they were supposed to win with their ace. I expected Sabathia to be shelled! I think we will need to win the game tonight(obviously) and we need to get the Cole Hammel game on Sat in Philly. I hope that we face this year’s version of Cole Hammel as opposed to last years. The question then turns to if we get games 2 and 3, does Philly pitch Lee again for game 4 if they are down two games to 1? The answer to this question is probably yes, which means that the Yankees will have to face Pedro or whomever ya'll designate as a fourth starter for game 5 in Philly (I like our odds for game 5 whether its Pedro or someone other than Lee ) The Yankees are now up 3-2. The series then shifts to the BX where Hammel will have to pitch on the road for game six!!!! Perfect..series over Yankees in six. Again, tonight is when the series truly begins all you guys did was hold your serve. The outcome of games 2 and 3 will determine this series! The Phillies need vintage Martinez and Hammel, we need Burnett not to do a disappearing act for game 2 and earn his 80 plus million! Look for an aggressive Yankee team tonight offensively. The Phillies have a real good team but….this is the Yankees BABY!

Second possibility

Now if we get tonight and lose game 3, we will most likely get game 4 because the Phillies will not pitch Lee on three days’ rest. The series is now tied 2-2. You pitch Lee in game 5, you guys are up you have to save him for game 7 on limited rest...I like our odds there. If he beats us for game 7, then I tip may hat. In all likelihood though, Sabathia will win that game because he is a stud that can pitch on short rest and by that time our bullpen should round into shape and not look like deer caught in headlights!

Now let's go Yankees.... dammit! I sat up all night convincing myself that the above rants are the most likely scenarios on how this series will play out! LOL

Have a bad leg cramp from overworking my right calf at the gym this morning!

I went to college in Philly and I know its gonna be madness there this weekend!

I don't really care for Halloween.
My sister is dressing my nephew as a puppy! The kid is going to be so soft when he grows up!

There is something so "new" American about seeing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys open up for a sport dubbed America's past time!

The Eagles need to play Vick more!

Barack is the hardest working man on the planet!

I can't get "horny" anymore. I think my wife's sex drive has somehow decreased my libido as well

Did anyone see the Jamie Foxx movie?

Someone on the radio said Michael Jackson was the second coming of Christ....yikes!


momo925 said...

Hey blog!

I just got out of a long a$$ meeting and I'm hungry!

Yes I am reading your comments Brooke and am deciding whether I should indulget in chipotle. What time are we eating?

"This Is It" was definitely worth seeing! I heart MJ...he was and will forever be THE MAN!

I too can not figure out what to be for Halloween but you will not catch me out there using Halloween as an excuse to where lingerie outside lol.

yes NY lost the first game of the season and yes I am disappointed.

Yolanda said...

Is it bad that I really want to tase someone just to watch it?

A reporter at my old station went on a story with the local police and as part of the story, they tased him! I think he was doing the story on their training or something. Anyway, the re-enactment of this 200+ lb. dude getting tased and then falling to the floor in one big old lump is a hilarious memory I will never forget.

Brooke said...

Floyd, you said a whole bunch of NOTHIN just now! Phillies will win, period.

Where did you go to school? Temple? Drexel? LaSalle?

how can you NOT get "horny" anymore? How does THAT happen?

Yolanda, you're a sick puppy :) LOL!

Annamaria said...

Yolanda NO it isn't bad!!! I LOVE watching people get tased!!!!!!!!!! I swear if tasers were legal in NY you'd hear about a LOT more tasing going on cuz I'd tase a mofo for looking at me wrong! lmao

Brooke said...

Oh, Monica, we can eat at 1 I guess! I'm starving!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys heard that the manufacturers of the taser device has encouraged police officers that they should avoid shooting "alleged" perps in the chest as this could pose a low risk of an "adverse cardiac event"

I don't know about you guys but I expect to see more cops aiming tasers for the chest shot!

The Cable Guy said...

Tasers are no joke, especially in the hands of racist cops!

Brooke, what I WILL give Philly props on is that clip you posted today with Black Thought, Eminem and Mos Def. Black Thought is the TRUTH!

So B, you're ALWAYS horny? ;)

Brooke said...

I won't say "always" - but like Foxy said in the clip today - "my sex drive all night like a trucker"


I think I'm over-sharing again.

TMI Tuesday coming up tho!

Anonymous said...

I went to Temple U. Kind of sucks that I am an Owl man! Boo!

I love baseball and if my beloved Yankees lose...I swear I will never watch another game again! It's a looooooong season and for them to come so far and lose in the WS is toying with my emotions!

I don't know how I lost my urge...I find that I am so busy (like now lmao)that I can't find time in the day to think about it and want it! Secondly, because of the Mrs. current state of affairs she isn't really in the mood to get it in so to speak!

So, all my energy is dedicated to work and prepping my finely tuned automobile (voiced like Lawrence Fishburne in his portrayal of the infamous and legendary Ike Turner)into a baby transport. Also at this time of the year all of these Drs. that I work with are trying to open all these investigational studies for research! So this is the time of year where my office needs to put in 15 hour days!

Brooke said...

Oh right, forgot that you guys were expecting Floyd. Little girl's name is gonna be Brooke! Love it!

But still, I thought I heard women were horny when they were preggers. Hell, Annamaria's fiery lil ass was ALWAYS talking about sex when she was pregnant! LOL!

Maybe she's a rare bird :)

LOL @ "infamous and legendary Ike Turner"

Annamaria said...

Brooke after that family guy episode you should know better than to say BIRD!!! LOL

Anywho...Yea it must have been me cause I hear of a lot of women losing the urge when they are pregnant but I couldn't keep my hands off of Austin while I was pregnant... Or after having her either...LOL....

Brooke said...

you better be careful before Lil Sophia has a baby brother or sister!

That Family Guy episode was the WORST! Between Dave and Austin, I was hearing that song in my sleep!

Rameer said...

- I was a bit shocked the Yankees got rocked. Gotta be honest...

- I TOLD people the Cavs ain't squat.

- That MJ movie is preposterous. People have no clue. I want the "Smooth Criminal" new mini-movie on DVD...

- That cypher is INSANE!!! I don't watch BET hardly ever any more, so I'm glad you posted that! I had heard about it...turning it into an MP3 as we speak.

- F Chris Brown.

- I will probably never see Precious. Too depressing of subject matter. I DO want to see that new Sandra Bullock film The Blindside and that film with Morgan Freeman as Mandela...

- I never dress up for Halloween. But Princess gave me the DOPEST idea in Halloween history, and I'm gonna do it. And it doesn't require me to buy squadoosh!

- Big Halloween party tomorrow night. Is it bad I'm inviting MY friends to other people's party? Lmbao...

- Yolanda, my gym is $12 a month with no contract. It's the ish!

- Boston Market is giving 3 piece chicken meals for $1.00 until November 1st. Seriously...I had some Tuesday. Get the coupon on their website on the "online coupon" page, and get to eatin'!!

- My sister is truly mad that I gave my mother a Snuggie as part of her birthday gift. She's *such* a brat.

- I've been rocking out to Linkin Park lately. Can't stop playing their Reanimation CD...

- Some of my peoples here in Buffalo can't seem to organize events/parties...meaning, they can't get as many people as they like to these occasions. Oddly enough, sometimes they ask me to help...and I always seem to get the same people they asked to come! Don't know why that happens...

- Maybe it's cuz my anti-social a$$ doesn't hang out all the time, so when I do I give the impression it must be a worthy event...I dunno, I grasping for straws here.

- Cornbread. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

- I want to guest blog for Brooke next week or sometime soon. I have a topic related to a previous blog discussion.

- I'm pretty sick of people breakin' stuff at work and NOT owning up to it.

- I'm glad I don't own a taser. It's just too tempting for me to use...

- Vick needs to keep his arse on the bench and be glad he even GOT a second chance.

- The Lakers, Spurs and Magic look TOUGH. So do the Celtics. The Knicks?

I feel sorry for you guys...

- Chris Paul will never win a title. Remember I said it.

- A married woman told me I'm "quite fuckable" today. She told me I have that "fuckable appeal", and it's why I get along with a lot of females.

I was speechless. I have no idea how to respond to that, and what it even means. Wow.

Yolanda said...

-well if I have to come to Buffalo for a $12, no contract gym, I'll resign to a life of chubbiness :-)

-I was impressed by the Nicki Minaj cypher. Who knew? If she wouldn't flash her figure so much, you might actually take her halfway seriously.

-I think Joe Budden should have been in the Mos Def cypher, IMO. And not just because I think he's kinda cute either. But I do!

-Of course the KRS One cypher was madness... the Nike sign thing at the end was funny... and the dude rapping in French or Tanzanian or whatever what HOTTTT!

-All three clips are at the Brew (SHAMELESS PLUG!)

Yolanda said...

-Boston Market gives me the shits.


-Chipotle too. But those tacos sho' is good.

powerz said...

Remember how Frank Lucas learned so much from hanging with Bumpy Johnson, well my tasing skills are well learned so Pretty Ricky...need I say more! The little latin one may get it too if she shares too much of our indiscretions. And No...the taser is not allowed in the bedroom...I don't trust her that much! lol

I keep hearing that Paranormal Activity is leaving lasting impressions of fear on many who have seen it. I hope I'm not disappointed!

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where DMoe is today -

-I love how control freaks give you a task to complete and then only read the "panic" emails. How bout you read the "entire thread" including the part where I calmed everybody down?

-I just realized my diet basically consists of fruit, chicken and bread. Shut it Brookey.

-You need to be watching "UnSung" on TVOne. Its that ish.

-The Saints are 6-0, but I dont wanna talk about it. Let's kick the Falcon's azz first. Maybe then.

-ATL's losin' the battle for my affection big time. I'm startin to see other cities regularly. Next up? Frisco. Let's see what she got for ya boy...

With that, here's DMoe's RTT playlist:

1. Slum Village/Tainted
I always enjoy this tale of how good things just go bad.

2. Laid Back/White Horse
An 80's classic on the dangers of drugs. But if you gonna do em, here's what you should do.

3. Montell Jordan/Get it on Tonite. As much as I hate that hokey-azz "This is how we do it" this song is a smooth personal banger.

4. Musiq/So Beautiful
Nuff said.

5. Bernard Wright/Who Do You Love? The song that brought you LL's "Loungin' remix" is still a groovy gem.

6. Lizz Wright/This Is
Mark this name down and start with her debut CD "Salt"

7. Jamiroquai/Virtual Insanity
This was a sick, futuristic listen long ago, and it was so far ahead, its still good.

8. Your Mom's in my bizness/K*Solo
Remember this kid? Where he at?

9. K'Jon/On the Ocean
A One-Hit wonder in the making, but this is a good song.

10. Incognito/Fences and Barriers
The group that brought you "Deep Waters" always delivers. Love them.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Rameer said...

I've only seen that one cypher that Brooke-Ra posted, and won't be watching any others. I just don't care about most of these newer "rappers"...and Joe is nice, but he gets no props for getting snuffed out by Raekwon and talking about it on the InnaWebs two minutes later holding his jacked up eye.

That's some punk ish! Lmbao! Can't put son in a cypher with Mos, Thought and Em...

And Yolanda - damn, the runny-runs?!? No Boston Market for YOU...

Annamaria said...


Brooke: SOPHIA WILL NOT BE GETTING ANY LIL BROTHERS OR SISTERS.. She already has an older brother & sister that she sees every other weekend! lol

I don't need to have another kid. I'm fine with my one..LOL.. SHOPS CLOSED....

But why has POWERZ named our next IMAGINARY baby Kyle?????? LMAO

Yolanda said...

I've got all the UnSungs in my DVR. Holla at me for an UnSung party :-)

I WILL be watching Teena Marie on Sunday. I love her! If I could sing and ever made it on American Idol, I'd do a Teena Marie song, then get voted off.

The Fury said...

Phillies are a really good team. I never doubted their skill. I hope the Yankees depth can overcome them.

Yolanda and Floyd go over to my blog and you just may rediscover your horny...shiiiiiit I may copyright that.

The Chris Brown video is for I can Transform Ya. While I don't like the kid for what he did, that video takes me back to hot dance sequences of...I won't say it

I have so many ideas for costumes for you Brooke and not one can you wear with your nephews.

what's with this New York weather? Nice day but damn wasn't there a freezing monsoon yesterday?

I was disappointed when I heard Mos Def's rhyme was something he said before...ehhhhhh

Nicki Minaj, are those really ass pads? And what's up with that stupidvoice she does? Her voice is high pitch squeal enough. Many props for being the only female to rep and rep well

Brooke's sex drive all night like a trucker, she's spanking asses and considering walking in the street in her drawers. Man don't make me...just don't make me!!

Yolanda said...

Fury, your blog comes with a warning... I'm scurrrred.


The Fury said...

Why the hell does anyone care about Shyne getting deported? He was a barely ok rapper and he's getting deported to an island where his father is prime minister or some shit? Ninjas need to be mad their teeth are falling out and there's no health care.

Lemme go shoot up a club and see if ninjas wanna hear my lukewarm rhymes when I get out. Fucouttahere

Yolanda - it's a warning for the kiddies. Can't have the kids reading erotica. That just ain't right. Go ahead and click on in...

LMAO @ OchoCinco saying he's gonna change his name to "Child Please" next year

Yolanda said...


The Fury said...

Correction: He got deported to Belize!! Belize?? Ninja let's switch places! They dont have recording studios in Belize for wack rappers?

Anonymous said...

Paranormal Activity was weak! Don't bother!!

I will have to check your blog Brother Fury


Brooke said... eat fruit?


Fury's site will make your blood run hot. Just do take a peek!

And I can only imagine what these costumes any of them involve a wet t-shirt? ;)

I have no interest in having the bjeezus scared out of me to go see Paranormal Activity. I deal with that enough at work.

Yo, I saw the other cyphers on Witches Brew, but this was my favorite since Black Thought was in it :) Go Philly!

I also saw Nicki's ass pads on Witch's Brew...funny!

I'm addicted to Yolanda's blog. If you wanna know what's going on in the world, just go there.

Annamaria, you'll pay for that "bird" song.

Fury, you know how I do...don't start none won't be none! LOL!

And I agree, why do we care that Shyne is being deported back to Belize? Really?

Floyd, you'll get your groove back ;)

Brooke said...

oh, and I was watching that Hard Knocks whatever it is on HBO and saw how OchoCinco says "child please" instead of "f*ck you." That had me dying.

Now I say that at work all the time and these fools have no clue.

Yolanda said...

Ocho Cinco owes our Black grandmas money... they all say "chiiiiiile please!" He can't copyright that!

MMMMMMM, Black Thought! Tasty.

The Fury said...

Brooke if you wore a wet tshirt out in this chilly air you'd put an eye out.

BTW, I'm not mad about going blind in one eye if you do...LOL

I think you'd make a good Dominatrix for Halloween. Corset, long ponytail High leather boots, whip. You know u have it in you already.

Or a sexy pirate. You know with the cleavage and ish.

writing Paranormal Activity down on the list of films to download off the innanets.

Anthony Otero said...

- Bills are not the issue when she moves out. I think it is the fact that my life will completely change.

- I am thinking about dressing up as a middle finger for

Yolanda said...

Change is good, Ant. Embrace it. It happens for a reason. At least, that's what I tell myself to nullify the pain.

I wanna be Lil Mama for Halloween. Anybody got a purple lacy bustier I can borrow?

Law Abiding Citizen was good. Jamie was aight, but Gerard Butler was good. Makes me wanna watch 300 all over again. SPAAAARTAAA!

Brooke said...

I don't know about putting an eye out, but you might get bumped or something ;)

It's funny you mention Dominatrix, Monica and I were talking about that last night...hmmmm...where's my whip??

Ant...cheer up!

And your life has already changed, change can be good - embrace it!

Sexy pirate? cleavage? Yeah, definitely not a costume for the kiddies! But good ideas tho!

I wanna take a nap.

Anthony Otero said...

LOL should tweet that...

Brooke said...

I haven't been on Twitter in a minute. I really should use it to promote my blog - but Twitter is just too much. I can barely keep up with my blog!

DMoe said...

Hey Yolanda...

Love the "Lil Mama" costume idea.

You gonna "bedazzle" a yellow Yankees fitted and cut a hole out the back for a "stripper ponytail?"

Cuz, those are also required.

Brookey betta not post my Eazy-E pic. That's my fallback Halloween costume since I still got the 1989 motorola cell phone...


The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, seems like you got all the man-folk wanting you...or wanting to see you in a sexy Halloween costume. I got a trick for you. And a treat! :)

Brooke said...

I didn't even see Yolanda's comment about Lil Mama and Ant - funny how we said the same thing! Great minds!

Please don't be Lil Mama - please don't...she's annoying as hell!

DMoe, are you threatening me? Cuz it ain't nuttin but a thang for me to put it up tomorrow just in time for Halloween!

Stef said...

I'm going out for Halloween dressed as Lady GaGa. I have ripped tights and a face mask and everything! Yeah!!!!

My man-friend wanted us to go as Taylor Swift and Kanye, but I didnt' wanna be no skinny, blond white girl. He even made a little Moon Man award...too funny!

Brooke, the videos you posted today were great! All of them!

Gonna see This is it this weekend, can't wait! the reviews have all been good. At least the ones I've read anyway. MJ rules!

Fury, this weather IS crazy. That cold rain yesterday was bonkers!

Brooke, I want some kit kats!

Ant, change is good! Don't be so sad...or afraid. It'll all work out.

DMoe, I wanna see the Eazy E pic, do you have a jheri curl? LOL!!

Brooke said...

Yes, DMoe DOES have a jheri curl in the pic...similar to his profile pic on this blog :) LOL!

but of was a wig...I think ;)

Monica was gonna do Lady GaGa too but I think she let that idea go. I hear that alot actually as a costume...Lady GaGa is ALWAYS dressed for Halloween tho :)

momo925 said...

Damn it Stef! lol Are you wearing a leotard too? That's where that idea went downhill for me lol. IDK I may have to be Lady Gaga's lil' sister Lady Rara or something lmao!

I think I may just get me a grey wig and go as a cougar! lol

DMoe said...

Hey Momo-

How bout u just wear a sportcoat and some slacks and be Shaggy???



Annamaria said...

Ant change is not always bad.. Take each day as it comes & think optomistically... and cheer up you always have Brooke's blog to make you smile... :)

LOVE All the costume ideas...

Brooke you will NEVER ever guess what we are going to be. It's not sexy at but funny since it's him & I..


Brooke said...

Annamaria, what are you going as? Platanos and Collard Greens? LMAO!!

momo925 said...

Dmoe! you don't have to think hard for a costume... You already have your wheelchair. Just go outside with your depends on Gramps!

The Cable Guy said...

Lover's quarrel between DMoe and Momo? LOL!!

momo925 said...

Ain't no love there cable guy... don't get it twisted lol. Its not a love/hate relationship. More like a Hate/Hate relationship! lol

Take that sucka! aka DMOE!

DMoe said...

Mo is exactly right cable guy...

This is a hate/hate relationship.

She's Thelma, I'm JJ.

She's Dee, I'm Rog.

She's Tattoo, I'm Mr.Rourke

She's JR, I'm Bobby Ewing.

She's Shaggy, I'm not.



Yolanda said...






Anthony Otero said...

About time someone else fights up in here...

Yolanda said...

I'll hold your earrings, Mo!

The Cable Guy said...

I bet they're secret lovers up in this piece! LOL!!

This fight is a FRONT!

momo925 said...

Dmoe you think too highly of yourself lol. It's more like you are the stinch that rises off of a freshly layed pile of cow dung and I am the air freshener ! lmao

Now go kick some rocks in those country fields you like to play around in!

momo925 said...

Ok cable guy let me find out you was in that group Atlantic Starr lmao. Secreet looooooveeeerrs oooo wooo ooooo...Cut it out !

The Cable Guy said...

Yeah, they hittin it :)

Brooke said...

Mo's comment reminds me of Mariah Carey when she said "them chickens is ash and I'm lotion"...LOL!!

That has JD written all over it :)

Annamaria said...

Platanos & collard greens...DAMN THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit why didn't I think of that....
NOPE that's not it.. I'll send you pics so you can see..... :)

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