Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Okay, I saw this on Pretty Rick's Facebook page. Let's discuss this:

Now, I'm not trying to make fun of the poor woman - I think busting out the stripper pole is an ambitious endeavor. But did she have to bust her ass at the expense of pleasing her man? I had a conversation with a guy friend of mine yesterday about this sort of thing. He said women should go above and beyond to please their man to make sure he stays. Which leads me to my question - why do WOMEN have to go above and beyond to please their men to make sure they stay, but MEN aren't expected to do the same thing? Why can't HE break out the Chippendale's outfit and get his "Pony" on for US? Got us out here breaking our tail on some damn stripper pole...for what? I know it's RTT, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

Now...shall we?

- Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom? WTF?

- Anyone ever see the Snuggie commercial? Why is everyone in that ad doing the "raise the roof" dance? Like having a Snuggie is just THAT fly?

- I wouldn't mind having one though :-) I'm always cold!

- It's chilly this morning here in the NYC - I guess I should pick a day to go through all my fall and winter clothes....soon!

- It's October! Who's having the Halloween Party??

- I may not be able to go though unless it's in Philly - gotta take my babies Trick-or-Treating! Halloween is on a Saturday this year...and the Eagles play the Giants the next day in Philly! I might need to get tickets to that game.

- I want a good lunch today.

- Someone remind me to pay my cell phone bill...and my car insurance...and my cable bill. Dang, all these bills at once! Not to mention it's the first of the month. I hate paying rent!

- But I'm blessed to have a roof over my head and a job to be able to pay all these bills. Thank you God!

- I hate breaking in new shoes.

- I didn't realize just how much I miss Monica this week - she's out on vacation :-(

- My desk is a mess.

- I love a sexy man in a nice blue shirt - I saw one this morning. I just wanted to lick him!...on the face ;-)

- What ever happened to Jeff Redd? This song used to be my JOINT!!!




Yolanda said...

FIRST BIATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yolanda said...

Okay, now for my random thoughts!

-My stomach has been doing flips all week. I blame Red Lobster. Didn't wanna go, but it was a birthday. What can you do?

-I'm going to Chicago for work. I used to like, not so much. I will make this my "vacation" though since this should be a pretty easy conference.

-What's fun to do in the CHI? I haven't been there in years.

-Peep how the dude that up and quit on us at the job without any warning, leaving all my editing projects in the lurch, now he wants to be my FB friend. Yeah right.

-I left my high school crush in FB purgatory for a good week then accepted his friendship. Take dat, sucka! He's married now and, in hindsight, I'm kinda glad it's not me.

-I just got to read the Dating...Chemical Free blog post. I'm from PG County as well. I think there is a real "us" and "them" sentiment here and I've been guilty of it as well. I had a little FedEx dude hit on me once. Yeah, he was little. Nice though. But not my bag. point is, I haven't been on a real "ask me out" kinda date in a long time either. Most times, I do the asking or we just stumble into and outing.

-I don't get

-I'm having soup for lunch today. Broth is all I can handle.

-Praise Jesus, I can go see Maxwell! My work schedule changed so now it'll be me and the Max (unless my stomach is still wonky). :-(

-I'm beginning to think the work/life balance is a farce.

-I have a week of vacay in December. Anybody wanna go to Hawaii?

-I don't get to see the man I like enough. Damn job.

-I took my Mom to my hair stylist for her birthday this week. FINALLY got the woman a haircut. Geez it's tough making your mother care for herself sometimes.

-I want Fall fashion! Perhaps I need to add that to my vision board :-)

-I'm thinking of being Kate+8 for Halloween. LOL. Seriously. Or, I'd like to be the First Lady, but I must have a good Barack for that.

-Today is day one of my "no soda" diet. I should actually be giving up juice. But, baby steps, I reckon.

-My DVR is overloaded.

-Who wants to do my laundry tonight?

annamaria said...

Yolanda u have to say it with pride! BITCHES!!!! LoL
Brooke you're 100% correct. Men think you have to jump thru hoops to keep them but aren't willing to do the same for u. Yes there may be 100 other women out there willing to snatch your man but there is guaranteed at least one man out there that will snatch your girl and technically all it takes is one! So men treat your women good and women treat your men good. And treat your significant other as you want to be treated.
Anywho here are my random thoughts:
1. Why is it FREEZING outside?? WTF
2. The Kardashians are starting to get on my nerves!
3. I just want to eat fattening foods & cake! Lol
4. My baby is getting big sooo fast!!! Its crazy!
5. I'm having a lil halloween party for Sophia with the rest of the babies.

Brooke said...

You don't get approached AT ALL Yolanda? neither!

Haven't been to Red Lobster in a long time...and they have all you can eat shrimp going on now! LOL!

Go see Oprah while in Chicago!

I'm taking my mom to see Maxwell this Saturday in Philly! And no, we won't be throwing our panties on the stage. Yo might tho ;)

It was so cold in my apt. last night Annamaria! I had on sweats, a night shirt, socks AND a robe!

Summer is OVA!!!!

What is Sophia gonna be for her first Halloween???

Powerz said...

Mornin Peops

1. If you are looking for a nice lounge in BK - Rustik on Dekalb off Bedford. Nice spot and not because its owned by one of my frat broters. Blue phi

2. I have like 10 blue shirts! Is that why Anna is with me lol

3. This weather is bonkers!

4. I'm late but the Office is hilarious!

5. I've been trying to watch District 9 for days but starting it at 11pm doesn't help! zzzzzzzz

6. Real Estate is a great side hustle!

7. I love seeing Anna and Sophia sleeping as I leave in the morning! Simply beautiful!

8. Late again (but I love DVR) Flash Forward was on the money!

9. Can't wait for Salsa dancing this weekend.

10. Has anyone seen a movie in IMAX 3D? Is it worth the money????

annamaria said...

I have on sweats & socks & all that on now. I just turned the heat on in the house. Its freezing!!!!
Yolanda I'm doing laundry right now soo I can't do yours. Lol
Austin & I went to Red Lobster a few weeks ago. He said I reminded him of an episode of the life & times of Tim cause I started feeding Sophia in the restaurant. (Only the people that saw this will understand what I'm saying!)Lol
I haven't gotten her costume yet but I'm thinking she may be tinkerbell. I saw this really cute costume for her.

Brooke said...

Yes, IMAX 3D is DOPE! Go to the one on 68th and Broadway - the one on 34th St. is bootleg.

You have 10 blue shirts cuz you're a Sigma :) I'm sure that's not the ONLY reason she's with you tho ;)

I still owe you a phone call on tips on how to buy SOMETHING in this expensive ass city. Damn NY!

This weather IS Bonkers! Watch it be like 80 degrees over the weekend. I have a tickle in my throat now cuz of all this stupid weather.

Still have to catch Flash Forward. I have to watch Cougar Town from last night - have it on tivo.

Awwww, Tinkerbell :)

annamaria said...

Yes Austin I am with you because of the 900 blue shirts you own! Not to mention the whole Blue Phi thing!!! Lmao I'll lick your face when u get home.
I don't feel beautiful when I'm sleeping since I don't get much sleep either. But Sophia poses in her sleep sooo she's just too cute for words!

Serena W. said...


I thought yesterday was Thursday! I was ready!

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom? I'm sooooo upset. I'm friends with Lamar and when I heard this I was floored! I'm done!

I love, love, love that you put Jeff Redd on your blog.

You still gotta show me how to upload music to mine Brooke.

That dag on Snuggie commercial is the worst!

It comes on right after the ExtenZe commercial on BET and TVOne! What the...

I need to stock up on shea butter soap! Need to see my dude on 125th Street in front of the Starbucks!

I need the incense too! (3 for $5.00)! Lol!

Yolanda you'd appreciate this one...I heard Minister Gwendolyn Boyd (past National President Delta Sigma Theta) preach last night as she opened up bible study! One word to describe the feeling and energy in the air in church...AMAZING!

Yes it is hard to make your Mom take care of herself.

Keep the prayers rolling for Mom, good thoughts, etc. She needs it. I need it...

However she told me stay home this weekend and rest myself. If so then I'm going to the Capital Bookfest and root my line sister on this Sunday at the Army 10 miler!

It's so hard being a care taker. But I would do it all day for my mother.

Brooke I'm trying to get some bills out the way but when I do I need to put down on Soul Siesta.


Pleasing each other goes both ways. Not just physically like ole girl on the pole (lol) but in all aspects. Just like I-95 it goes in both directions!

Yolanda have fun seeing Maxwell.

I'm with you and quite a few of us beautiful women on this blog. Haven't been on a for real, ask me out and let's kick it date in a long, long, time.

But I'm not sure if I even have the time being a road warrior every weekend...

Brooke said...

Serena, go to - you can create one and then embed the code. It's really easy, especially if I can do it!

YES, the Snuggie commercial DOES come on right after the ExtenZe commercial! You're right! Why is the "Z" capitalized anyway?

Still praying for your mother.

Gonna pay my bills now!

Yolanda said...

Always praying for Serena's Mom! We want her to get better so SHE can toss panties at Maxwell too. I mean, toss panties. Not that I'M tossing anything :-)

I ♥ Gwen Boyd!

I love this weather.

I AM buying myself a Snuggie this year. I've been bs'ing too long.

Serena W. said...

Thanks for the prayers! We already said when she gets better we're going on a cruise next year!

I don't want to envision my Mama throwing panties at Maxwell! LOL!

I don't want anyone that I know to buy a dag on snuggie!

Anthony if you read this blog today I still need that t-shirt that says Poet on it!

About to pay some bills myself. BRB!

annamaria said...

I have to admit I went on a quick date last night...
It was nice...He was a cool dude... lol

I'm watching my DVR episode of NCIS:Los Angeles...I only DVR'd it cause LL joined the cast but I'm not sure that's enough to keep it on my DVR list...I'll give it one more episode...I need to add Cougartown to my list cause I've been wanting to catch it.

Rameer said...

- Brooke-Ra gets UBER props for posting that Jeff Reed joint! I was playing this joint in my car last week...I have a "New Jack Swing" 3-CD set with all the dopest NJS R&B jams. I was playing the CD with this song on it while driving home...I had a friend riding with me, and he was like "damn, that was THE JAM..."

Song always makes me think of Strictly Business...Halle Berry's first major vehicle. I STILL love that flick and will watch it anytime it's on...

- the FLYEST woman hit on me yesterday! Seriously - I was shopping for some things, and she was my check-out person - she was STUNNING. And she was aggressive as hell - and 'bout it! She almost wasn't taking no for an answer! But she's younger than my sis - and that's against one of my self-rules. But I LOVED her confidence...we were talking a bit about football and the upcoming Monday Night game, and as I was leaving, she was like "I'll see you NEXT WEEK to get your take on it."

Like she just KNEW I'd be back...I admire her confidence...

- Lamar Odom is making every Lakers fan get an ulcer.

- Keeping your mother in my prayers, Serena...

- I lost yet another major connection to my heritage last week. My (grand) Uncle Vincent, one of the few people born and raised in Panama on my paternal side, passed. My grandmother and he were very close, and were planning to come to NYC next week to see him. She's very hurt that we didn't make it...and I'm hurt, cuz I adored him. Plus, he always told me stories about the old country...R.I.P.

- my football team is 3-0. I'm pretty pumped about it.

- I notice that people on this blog often mention albums or songs that I myself have been playing in recent history. Granted, I'm constantly playing songs on my computer and in my car...but I think it's some ol' cosmic ish that y'all specifically name songs and artists I've been playing...

- I'm buying my mother a Snuggie as part of her upcoming birthday gift. My sister is mad at me about it.

- I find the more private I am with my life (and, believe me, I'm pretty private on a great deal of things), the more people try to get in or know my business. It can be kind of maddening - WHY do these people care so much, and we ain't even cool like that??

- Princess scolded me for not eating during the day yesterday...

- I'm going to buy my maternal grandmother a new microwave today.

- Mariah Carey's new CD is soooo good. Very smooth, mid-tempo tracks. Cop that.

- Her new CD proves what I've been saying for eons - that clown The Dream needs to stay behind the boards and produce. I don't like him as an artist - he's one of those corny, wanna act like a rapper singers, and most of his songs I don't like on his own. But when he does other people's ish? Dopeness.

- ExtenZe? Why does that infomercial get so much run??

- And why is Girls Gone Wild going stronger than ever?

- "The Road Rules/Real World Challenge" started it's new season last night. I love that and "The Real World" better than any reality shows on TV.

Rameer said...

- "Cougar Town" is my ish! A friend told me "cougars are's the Black panthers you gotta watch out for!" I'mma have to start using that for aggressive, older Black women with undealt with issues...

- A friend of mine is married to an ex-NFL player (i.e. she's rich), and she lost a bet. So, last weekend she had to take me out to dinner. I GRILLED HER...I love her, but I told her if she lost she was gonna have to pay. I ate GOOD!! Trust - she would've done me the same way if I had lost...

Food was exquisite, though. She actually thanked me for putting her and her girls on to where I took was Asian-fusion.

- The place we went has a lot of "dirty Europeans" who go there from Canada. Rich, young jet-setters who like to ball and pick up young girls. So why where they looking at OUR table? Cuz there was one guy with three pretty Black women, and they were trying to find out if I was "somebody". Funny.

- I miss Tupac.

I'm going to eat now!

annamaria said...

oh & my date last night just informed me that he had a blue shirt on last night.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Excited that Brooke noticed i haven't been commenting on the page lately. I think she kinda missed me :-)

-You don't have do a pole thingy to keep a man. Here is a simple trick. Ladies are you listening? Let a man open a relish jar for you? Then look at him like he's such a big strong man. maybe even blink your eyes a few times. I'm telling you men just like to feel needed!

- After you do that.. give him a little and make some extra noise... that will last you at least 6 months before you have to do it again.

-I think Brooke is going to start writing a blog for our Facebook Fan page. i have to admit... I am very excited!!!

- I am working like Kunta Kinta... trying to follow my dreams. Love working for myself... but gotta remember to work just as hard for me as I do a corporation!

-We are starting a contest where we are giving away a trip for two to the Dominican Republic. If you are on Facebook become a fan of Together AsOne for more details coming soon.

-this weather is dat bullshit!!!

Powerz said...

annamaria, you were on a date and the guy had to TELL you HE had a blue shirt on.....I guess the date wasn't all that interesting.....LOL

Nikki_T said...

- The Snuggie commercial ridiculous & what dog would wear one??

-I have a Snuggie actually it is a Slanket, great when you are watching TV and I get cold all the time.

- The weather is CRAZYY ..I love the fall and it is time for flannel sheets!

- I am happy to be married but not quite used to the whole "Mrs. Pollard" thing. I keep looking for Jason's mother every time someone says it. LOL

- I am going to go to MacBar or S'Mac for lunch before class today. I think that I am going to duck confit mac n' cheese or cheeseburger mac.

- I don't really feel like working on this budget for this short film right now, but I have too.

- I miss my friends at A&E and I hate my Thursday MBA classes.

- We went to work out with the personal trainer today and I am sore. Maybe I shouldn't have mac n' cheese for lunch, then I will feel like a piggy.

- Filing my LLC papers today and lawsuit too.

- Too much to do today, and I don't care that I am blowing off a PR conference call.

- My dogs are funny, one is sleeping upside down on the couch and the other is laying on the ottoman with his legs sticking straight up in the air.

- Damn, I just forgot that I have an assignment due!

- I want Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits! (Thanks Ladies for implanting the thought)

Yolanda said...

Have ya'll seen the Snuggie for dogs?


annamaria said... was a great date but I barely remember what I was wearing (til he just reminded me)let alone what he wore! ;)
My baby is actually taking a nap! This is VERY rare for Ms. Sophia. She likes to stay up yapping in that baby language! Lol
I like that show the good wife. Although I could never be that good.

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, I told you last night that I missed you on the blog! But I know you're getting your hustle on :)

And I AM going to a write a blog for your FB page - I'm on it!!

Pickle jar? That's it? And here I thought morning blo....uh, I mean, uh...never mind...

I wanna win the trip to DR!!! But I'm already a fan of the page. Am I disqualified now?

Only certain men look sexy in a blue shirt - not all men. Same with a pink shirt. Not saying Austin isn't one of them...but something about an indigo blue shirt just MOVES me.

It's 54 degrees...that's just dumb for Oct. 1st.

We miss you too Nikki, it was so great seeing you last week!

I still need that number to your trainer!

Damn, now I want mac'n cheese - still haven't eaten lunch yet :(

Good Wife is a good show so far.

I'm actually enjoying tv this fall.

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am today:

1. Now that guilty pleasure "America's Best Dance Crew" is finished, I've been searching for a new something to hate to admit that I watch on TV. The result? Glee on Fox. There, I said it. Its dumb, but I can't change the channel. The episode with Beyonce kinda got me hooked. Don't judge.

2. I'm over Jon & Kate. Apparently, so are they. Then again, I was never into them.

3. Lately, there's just been too much "work" at work. I know ya'll know what i'm talking about.

4. I offered someone a "Centrum One-a-Day" vitamin the other day and the initial response was "well, how many should I take?"

As I stared blankly, this fool still had no idea.

5. Shout-outs to my Curb your Enthusiasm fans on the blog. If you don't know, get on board peeps.

And with that, here's what DMoe's listening to this week:

Eric Roberson/Music Fan First.
Let me say one thing-If you don't know this kid, you are missing out on a huge chunk of Bad-azz R&B. I'm not a fan of the "Neo-Soul" tag on every good piece of black soul music these days, and Eric's work shouldn't be categorized in that generic way. Groovy beats, a scintillating hook, and clever wordplay make Eric a must-have. Cop this. And when you get a feel for it, go back and get some more of his stuff.

Dwele/I think I love you.
Simple, kick-azz beat + smooth delivery = a new classic sound. This kid needs more pub and not just some damn Mickey D's commercials.

Heavy D/Waterbed Hev.
Hev found a way to stay relevant for a long time and this CD shows his willingness to get with the trend in hip-hop in the late 90s. Right at the height of Puffy/Biggie's reign, Heavy D started rappin' a little "different". Consider this CD the case in point. Admirable effort, but we know what happens to trends.

Marvin Gaye/Piece of Clay.
I caught this song at the tail-end of a good episode of HBO's Entourage a few weeks ago, and this song is powerful. The idea is basically "everybody wants to mold and sculpt somebody else into what they want, but be careful...You may ruin the masterpiece they already were." Excellent song.

Throwback Jam of the Week -
Terence Trent D-Arby/Sign your name. Yep, another APB goes out for this guy. Between "Wishing Well" and this joint, the kid did alright for himself. But where is he now?

Stay thirsty my friends.

Brooke said...

I heard Eric Roberson on my iPod, thanks D!

Oh, and your nemesis/boo LOVES Glee. She forwarded me the Beyonce clips from the show and it was hilarious!

Hate to say it, but I'm glad Vivica Fox is off of Curb...and I just started watching the show.

I need a dvr at home.

Jon said if I'm not in it, there's no show! Who ARE these people that watch Jon and Kate anyway? Some people are the kind of people that can just watch kids do ANYTHING. I'm not one of them.

Rameer said...

Ah, DMoe. I was actually waiting for your music list. I'm feeling you on that Dwele - the remix with Styles P is just as dope - and that entire Terence Trent D'Arby album is dopeness. Eric Roberson, Hev and Marvin Gaye go without saying...

- Brooke-Ra did all that crying about Fantasy Football...and BEAT DMoe! Hmph - someone's doing awfully well for all that crying...

- free night of theater across the country. Get your theater on, people:

- Def gonna catch "FlashFoward" tonight...

- This "Glee" crap is out of control. Seems like everyone loves this show but me, but the details I got from a woman about one show made me think it's not for me. I keep hearing that everyone loves it, though. Hmm.

- Just ate Peanut Butter cookies. I LOVE those!

- Wine. Lots of it. Tonight.

- Why did one of my video providers send me the soundtrack to the latest Bring It On movie??

- I've met Christina Milian before, speaking of which...she's positively YUMMY...

- I think Brett Favre is going to kick Green Bay's arse this week.

- I'm upset at how bad of a QB Jamarcus Russell is for my beloved Raiders...

- Negroes kill me. All upset cuz Kanye West stole a little white girl's "moment"...but could care less about Roman Polanski stealing a little white girl's sexual innocence. I've had this discussion a few times this week...

- I don't respect grown people who say "you're using big/SAT words". It tells me a lot about the person, mindset and upbringing.

- I wish I could still buy Mystics. Those were some good-a$$ finding one is like finding a damned Leprechaun...

- My mother and brother's birthdays are this month. My mom - I'm thinking of something good to get her. My brother? He gets nada.

- My baby sis makes me proud daily. I wish more young women were like her. Seriously.

- I said I'd never buy a video game system again after the PS2. But lately...I've been tempted to but a PS3...

- I LOVE Kimbo slice.

- Though I'm always talking about getting in-shape (I think I need to), I've weighed 200 pounds sine I was a junior in college. Seriously...never more than 5 pounds above or below that weight since then.

- off to do some work.

Brooke said...

Yes, I whooped DMoe's ASS!!

We've been bickering about it for the past couple of days...but I WILL say he's been helping me this season...even though I won't give him credit for it :)

D, don't get your boxers all in a bunch :) I'm messin with you...

...and it's FUN!

With that said, I did my own FF this week...all by myself. Let's see how I do with no help. Yikes!

The Cable Guy said...

B, you need a dvr? Nuff said boo ;)

What else you need? ;)

I wear a blue shirt everyday! :)

That Jeff Redd song was the shit!

Still is.

I think Brooke and Serena should hang out - B is mad cool, and Serena seems like she is too. You two would hit it off - I still can't believe you two don't really know each other.

Serena, your mom is in my thoughts.

Yolanda is mad funny yo :)

Brooke, when you inviting me over to watch football? I can help you with your team if you need it.

Sounds like there's alot of tv I need to catch up on.

DMoe said...


-Yeah Brookey, you put serious hands on me with a strong team.
But hey, I'm proud to lose to you Luke.
Love, Vader

-My N.O Saints are 3-0. Who Dat Suckas?

-I have no idea what I want to eat for lunch. But I DO know what i DONT want...

-I broke down and finally got the Bose noise cancelling headphones. BEST dumb purchase - EVER!

-My fellas trip for 09' is officially booked!

-Just saw that Detroit has 28% unemployment. Good grief. That's like 3 of the 10 people in line at the grocery store have no job. That's awful.

-My next-cube neighbor just said "I think I got the H1N1, but I'm a trooper!"
Dmoe: "Uh, take yo 'tryin-to-get-a bruh-sick-azz' home or to the healthcare provider of your choice!"

-Big ups on the Jeff Redd joint. Forgot that one, but I just copped it.

That's all I got...

Brooke said...

You bein all nice on the blog - but you've been messin wit me for 2 days now! Hmmph!

But I appreciate all the help - SUCKA!

I STILL haven't eaten. I want french fries now. I'm getting a hunger headache.

And it's FREEZING in here. My hands are like ice!

My white shirt smells like I soaked it in bleach...geesh!

I hate when people come to work sick. They're always the ones all up in your face, touching stuff on your desk - or who you get stuck in the elevator with. Yuk!

Serena W. said...

I have the Strictly Business joint on record! Yes I have the album!

Rameer I'm so sorry about the loss of your grand uncle (my deepest sympathy) and thank you for the thoughts.

Dang it now I want I Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits too!

Went to a great seafood restaurant for my cousin's bday in B-More on Tuesday! It was in the cut and fabulous! I got a chance to see my lil cousins and her hubby. I love her family so much!

Had crabcake (hmmmmmmmmmm yummy)!

DMoe you are cracking me up with the one a days! They really didn't ask that...did they?

I love, love, love Eric Roberson!

I had lunch and I'm still hungry.

Up til midnight getting organized, papers were all over the place and that's not my style.

My plant felt lonely since I leave her every weekend is wilting away (sniff, sniff).

Going back to buying a bamboo plant! Easier to keep!

If Liz reads this tell her it's shea butter season and I need a jar! There's also a dude at my job that needs shea butter! (Liz get on the job and make your money this holiday season)!

I'm all out of Carol's Daughter (Some of Marguerite's Magic) and they are all sold out online (sigh)...

Brooke said...

Now y'all talking about crab cakes! Love them! I'm just sitting here starving for no reason.

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, you can't ignore me forever ;)

Yolanda said...

Did somebody say crabcake?

(*stomach flips*)

Serena W. said...

They were the good and yummy lump crab cakes!!!! Hmmm hmmmm hmmmm good!

Yolanda said...

Serena... Timbuktu (near Arundel Mills) has the BOMB crabcakes. And, in Annapolis, Buddy's Crabs & Ribs has the bomb, well... it's in the name :-)

I can't wait til my stomach stops hurting. Maybe it was some bad spinach. I'ma start growing my own food. This is ridiculi.

Rameer said...

Thank you for the well wishes, Serena. I really do appreciate that.

Question for the ladies...what would impress the hell out of you for a first date? Like, if a guy was taking you out on a first date, what would make you say "wow - how thoughtful?" What would really give you a favorable opinion on a guy?

Me and some of the guys at the office have been arguing about this all day. I'm arguing against a small contingent who insist anything where you spend a ton of money and floss it is all most women care about. I'm trying to say that's not true and all you have to do is be creative, sweet and thoughtful...but I'm losing this battle.

I figured I have a whole blog of females who can give me examples of if I'm wrong or right...

Brooke said...

Interesting question Rameer.

When I think back to my best dates, none of them were extravagant. I know it sounds corny, but it all rested on the guy, not what we did.

I think, for me, it comes down to our conversation(s) leading up to the date. If we've had a chance to talk, then if the guy is really paying attention, he'll be able to figure out what I'd enjoy on a first date. For example:

Once I told a guy that I loved Reeces Peanut Butter Cups. The day before our first date, he sent me a basket full of them telling me he couldn't wait to go out with me. I think the actual date was dinner and a movei - but I remember the thought leading up to it that that went down as one of my favorite first dates. Nothing fancy, and definitely didn't cost him an arm and a leg.

Another time I mentioned to this guy that I loved the sitcom Living Single and that I wish they'd sell it so I could buy the seasons since it was off the air. He took me out to dinner for our first date, and when he dropped me off, he walked me to the door and then whipped out a gift. I opened it to find season 1 of Living Single. Again, another great first date.

Another guy greeted me with my favorite flowers. I say all this to say that if you simply pay attention to a woman, what she likes and doesn't like, you'll usually get clued in to what she'd like to do on a first date - or how to make it memorable. Thoughtfulness is what counts.

But if the company is terrible, I doesn't matter if he takes you to the movies or takes you on a helicopter ride. Women remember the man MORESO than where he took you or what you did. I've gone on dates to Starbucks where the man just made such a great impression on me...and all we did was dip cookies in hot chocolate.

Rameer said...

THANK YOU, Brooke-Ra. Printing up your response to prove my point RIGHT NOW...

These guys seem to think you have to spend a ridiculous amount of money or take a woman to the fanciest, most impressive places and/or events. That's not my experience, but they INSIST this is how most women think. Though you were the only response, at least it's a response from a woman I can use to show them not all women think this way.

It didn't help that one of the women they asked here completely backed their point. But I discounted her, cuz we know she's a gold digger...which is why she doesn't have a man.

Might make a good blog topic tomorrow or in the future. From a male AND female perspective of what the opposite sex could do to make it a great first date.

Brooke said...

Well, the hard part about impressing a woman with a first date is the SECOND date. Unless you're Donald Trump, you can't keep that up. I've had guys go ALL OUT for me on first dates - and then they couldn't take me out again til the NEXT MONTH cuz their asses were eating pb&j to pay for that over the top date. And they were so worried about impressing me with a fancy dinner and flowers and candy and gifts, that they forgot to bring their PERSONALITY with them. None of that matters if you don't know how to have fascinating conversation or be interesting. If you have to throw alot of money at me to impress me, that means that's all you have to bring to the table.

We're not going to spend all of our time together on fancy dates. Eventually we'll have a blockbuster night - and if you can't entice me or attract me just sitting in the house, then you damn sure won't be any better in any other situation.

Obviously, if you have unlimited resources, there are no limits to your imaginatioln as far as dates. But I feel that THAT stuff should be reserved for someone when you know they're really worth it. Some of my most extravagant dates happened only AFTER the guy deemed me worthy of that Vegas vacation.

Rameer said...


It's winding down...but you gave me enough ammo to fight this battle ALL TOMORROW MORNING! Thank you so much!


Brooke said...

That was a good question - I probably will revisit it in another blog one day soon.

I'm curious to see how the other women would have responded to that.

annamaria said...

Rameer: my condolences on your loss!!

Brooke I'm with you on this one! Simple & thoughtful on a date is the way to go!! :)
Good night blog family!

Serena W. said...

Cable Guy thank you for your thoughts :)

Rameer if you are still on here what would impress me a lot is a guy tapping into what I love! He can take me to an open mic at Bus Boys and Poets here and we can shoot the breeze, sip on a chai tea and chill. Or even a spot with live music like Jazz, R&B, etc. Its all about tapping into my inner being and taking note as to what I like :) great convo, a warm drink and the right atmosphere is worth more than a man that has no convo, soul, passion, etc but is spending duckets on me. That's my two cents.

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