Thursday, October 8, 2009

It's My Blog-iversary!

Good morning everyone!

I know it's Random Thoughts Thursday, but I wanted to use this time and space a little differently today. On October 8th, 2008 - one year ago - I posted my first blog. Can you believe it's been a year already!? Time flies when you're having fun!

Many of my friends and family had been urging me to write a blog for a long time, but I never really considered it for a number of reasons. I thought no one would want to read my views, thoughts, opinions, musings, rants, lectures, ramblings - basically anything I had to say. I thought I wouldn't have anything to write about, especially on a day-to-day basis. I didn't think anyone but my closest friends and family would read or appreciate it. And most importantly, I didn't think my writing was even good enough to present to anyone.

At first, I felt I lacked the discipline or the temperament to write, especially everyday. Yet, I was fighting my own impulse to write, which is silly now when I look back on it. I'd write a poem or short story here and there, take a pen to paper at a moment's notice, or simply outline an idea in my head. But I let that desire to write become dormant in my spirit, simply because I didn't think it was "important."

When my friends and family asked me to start a blog, I viewed the sheer notion of that as egoism. I thought those who write blogs and columns, etc. were into it merely to appear clever, to be talked about, to seem important, to be considered smart or to be remembered when they die. Okay, that was a bit extreme...but you know what I mean :-)

But what I have found out about myself over the past year is that I love the sheer aesthetic of writing - the perception of beauty in words in their right arrangement. I love the poetry of it. I love the power that the written word has in making us laugh, making us cry, uplifting our spirit or getting us all riled up. I find pleasure in the impact of one word over another, in the firmness of good prose or the rhythm of a good story. And it feels good to give in to the desire to share an experience or a thought that I feel is valuable enough not to be missed.

So here I am. Here WE are...a year later. Not only do some of you care what I have to say, you give me feedback. You offer up your thoughts, entertain my rants, debate me, co-sign me, enlighten me and inspire me. You are the highlight of my day, and you all make me want to write better, as well as be a better person.

Because of all of you, I aspire to be more creative. You make me think, you keep me on my toes, you don't let me off the hook, you challenge me, I learn from you, you broaden my horizons and you make me laugh. All of those things, if nothing else, are reason enough for me to continue writing.

I want to thank all of you who read and respond, who give constructive criticism, who suggest blog topics, who have guest blogged for me, who forward my blogs or re-post them on Facebook. I want to thank you all for encouraging me, supporting me, and making me feel like I actually write anything worth reading. You have no idea how much you've enriched my life, because part of my motivation to write comes from people who tell me I should keep it up - whether anyone reads or not. However, I appreciate that you all DO read and share everyday, and I hope we can continue on this journey together until...whenever :-) Thank you so much!

Now…onto Random Thoughts Thursday…Go!



AH said...

FIRST BITCHES!!!!! *heckle heckle heckle*

Brooke said...


You're up late April!

AH said...

Here's my random thought.....

WHY DIDN'T YOU THANK YOUR LURKERS BROOKE??? WHY DIDN'T YOU THANK THE LURKERS???? We are an important part of society. We keep you on your toes....keep you wondering if we're going to burst out in song and dance at some point of our lieves. But we don't get thanked. SHAME! LMAO!!!!!


Brooke said...

Oh right! My lurkers! Thank you for lurking in the shadows, reading my blog but rarely commenting, afraid to get tased and shanked by Annamaria, or scolded by "the mayor" aka Pretty Ricky, afraid to put your bidness on front street on TMI Tuesday or guest blog for me :) Thank you April!

Ms. Princess said...

Dear Brooke-lyn,
Happy Blogiversary homie! Wow, one entire year. I remember when you took me to the screening for my bday last year and we were talking about getting our feet wet with this blog thing. You're so dedicated. It's so admirable. Your topics and prose are always so interesting. The participation you receive via comments and the number of devoted followers you have are indicative of just how entertaining and engaging your blog really is. You go gurl! I commend you. CELEBRATE!
Love, Princess

AH said...


*whispering* Your welcome.


Brooke said...

Thank you Princess! Now we just have to make it to a year with YOUR blog! Your first post was excellent - I'm a loyal fan :-)

April, you're hilarious :)

Annamaria said...

***warming up my taser in celebration***

Congrats on your Blogiversary Brookey Baby!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

And happy Blogiversary to my blog buddies who I have been successfully shanking & tasing for a year!!!!! LMAO

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Happy Blogiversary Brooke. I sooooooooo wanted to be the "First Bitches" guy today... I don't know who the hell AH is as I've never seen him/her on here before... but absolutely deserves a shank.

Brooke, it has been an absolutely pleasure your blog..and a pleasure hanging with your blog crew. Keep it coming homie. you truly do have a gift!!!

Brooke said...

Thank you Annamaria - you were there from the very beginning, thank you!

Pretty Ricky, you know who AH is, and she's been here before. I called her April, were you not paying attention!!?? She's an SU alum! But thanks homie, thank you so much for reading.

I'll be blogging on YOUR site soon!


Congrats & cupcakes & all that jazz! Keep blogging

Brooke said...

Thank you DC Diva!! I'd LOVE a cupcake right about now :) But I'll settle for this banana instead :)

AH said...

I've only been first I'm ready for all the tasing and shanking today.....bring it on! ;o)

The Cable Guy said...

Happy Blogiversary to the wonderful, beautiful, talented, and soon to be wife Brookeybaby!

I don't know how you wouldn't think your writing is good enough to present to us, as Pretty Ricky said, you have a gift. Thank you for sharing it.

Brooke said...

Thank you Cable Guy :)

It's so funny calling you all by your aliases on the blog :)

AH - you're daring Annamaria to tase and shank you??? Uh oh :)

And you've been first more than some have, which is impressive for a "lurker." LOL!

phillygrl said...

ok...BLOG it!..I have never been BLOGgin first!...& b/c of all the BLOG-talking on here & talking about so & so Bloging this & that person, *cable guy*--ahem..., & the uuhh BLOGing nature of some of the topics..i have been quiet, & cheeks reddening, shying away..but HAPPY BLOG-IVERSAY BROOKE!!..How bout them Eagles!!( haven't watched a game, don't know what's going on..but I like a good tailgaiting party anytime!)--AND Im finally in a new position @work..thank goodness!!

momo925 said...

HAPPY BLOG-IVERSARY BROOKE!!! I am so proud of you. Your blog and your thoughts are definitely entertaining and inspiring. I always look forward to reading it. Keep up the good work! :-)

Brooke said...

Thanks everyone!

Congrats on the new position Karen!

And by the way, it's STILL RTT!!

Here are some of mine:

- wondering if I should be worried about our merger.

- it really bothers me when people can't spell, or don't spellcheck. I'm not talking about typos, I'm talking about regular, 5th grade level words.

- I can be a stickler for grammar too - but not on IM, text, email or blog comments :)

- my body hurts today from doing the cardio kickboxing class yesterday...but in a good way.

- I have so much work to do I don't know where to start, so I've been procrastinating.

- Today is my cousin Brian's birthday, happy birthday cousin!

- wonder what I'll eat for lunch?

DMoe said...

"Do you know what today is?...Its your Blogiversary....Blogiversary..."


What a nice thing to tell us. In a way, your words on the year blows out the single candle on today's cake. However, while being told that we inspire you to provide US with the gift you have is flattering, but...

It is you that makes this "thing" we all share what it actually is.

At its core - your experiences, your stories, your anecdotes, your terms, and your way of making the topics compelling enough for US to chop up, discuss, laugh, nod in agreement with and/or argue those topics - is where the magic actually resides.

You are Saturn, we are merely the rings.


Brooke said...

awwww, that's so nice DMoe - I think I actually teared up a bit :) Thank you!

but I mean it, you all make me want to write everyday, and actually write well. I freak out if I feel a blog that I've written is not up to all of your standards, and I labor over the blog more than I do over anything at work! And I do this for free!

But it makes me happy, as do all of you, so thank you!

DMoe said...

Now that we've paid the bills...

Here's my RTT -

- Props to my homeboy Harry Connick. If you haven't heard/seen, Harry was a judge on an Australian talent show, and a group of men came out in blackface mimicking the Jackson 5 with the lead dressed as MJ (in white face)
Harry was clearly freaked out right away, and promptly gave the fools a flat ZERO score for their act, and told the show he wouldnt have even been on had he known that would be a part of it.

-Womens' rights groups are now mobilizing against David Letterman. I'll simply say this: Don't hate the playa, hate the game...Wait, I got another one...Don't check the pimp, check the - Oh!

-There's a new squad of employees at the Dunkin Donuts that I visit every day. I'm a damn stockholder and I'm on the board of directors. Every day, I order the EXACT same thing, and after an 8th straight day of a wack cup that never tastes the same, I think this relationship is over.

And with that, here's a quick top 10 list of what DMoe's rockin' from the "Archives"

1. Tony Terry - Everlasting Love
2. Hi-Five - Quality Time
3. Jodeci - Feenin'
4. Kut Klose - Get up on it
5. Glenn Jones - Round and Round
6. Miki Howard - Baby be mine
7. Zhane - Off my mind
8. Alyson Williams-just call my Name
9. Troop - All I do is think of U
10. Stacy Lattisaw - Let me be your angel

Throwback jam of the week - Here's another "Where in the Hell is..."

Starpoint/Object of my desire.
This group had exactly one hit and haven't been heard from.
I'm sure they are doing something these days, but this was the joint.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Brooke said...

They played Harry Connick's bit on the radio this morning and this made me love him even more - remember, he's on my "white boy" list of celebrity crushes! That was very cool of him...and I love his soulful Lousiana drawl :)

Coffee is nasty...unless it has caramel in it :)

I was listening to Jodeci today on my iPod..."come and talk to me.... I really wanna meet you, can I talk to you..." Love that joint!

David Letterman gettin it IN at his age - I ain't mad! He laid his pimp hand DOWN! LOL!!

Rameer said...

Happy Blogiversary, Brooke-Ra! I love the blog, and I'm happy to be a regular part of it. Although I know full-well when you asked me to check it out way back, you just wanted your own Charlemagne Da God on your blog, cuz you know how I do! Lmao...that's okay. Isn't the first time I've been used by a pretty woman, won't be the last! =)

May you have many more Blogiversaries...though I would've been happier if you had included "Funny How Time Flies" on your playlist with "Anniversary"...I'm a HUGE Intro fan.

My Random Thoughts:

- Didn't know about Harry Connick, Jr.'s thing until reading this, but it makes me love him more as well. He's one of the realest white dudes in entertainment, and has real soul and love for people of color - not like the typical users for fame like Timberfake...

- Brooke-Ra is kicking major arse in our Fantasy league. She's tied for second place! And the ill thing is - DMoe is near the bottom! Unbelievable turn of events...but I'm happy she's doing well since she was so negative about her team...

- DMoe - I prefer the Jackson's version of "All I Do Is Think Of You"...cuz NO ONE can match MJ on that song. But as always, your list is on-point...


- I wanted to kill this little white girl this morning on this commercial shoot! I was shooting a spot for a Sneaker store, and they had all these people to play customers, etc. This little white demon child was a spoiled, evil little demonspawn! And the ENTIRE STORE was trying to coddle her as she screamed, kicked, yelled and threw all types of fits! Her parents were trying to bribe her with Toys R Us, food, etc. NO ONE simply told her to knock it off or that she was being bad!

I literally at one point instinctively, without thinking, reached for my belt...there was another little white girl in there who was the only one who noticed. Her eyes got big and she ran behind her mother...they took hellchild out of there, but the other little girl - who had been acting a bit bratty up to that point - was of model behavior afterwards. They were like "wow, she's being SO GOOD...what did you do?" to the mother. I was thinking "nah, she thought she was gonna get that little ASS TAPPED..."

- I REALLY pissed this woman off the other day. She had mad attitude, and a co-worker introduced her to me (everyone involved was Black). She her me talking earlier, and said something like "you militant brothers kill me...knowing you probably got a white girl at home." I kind of LIKE this stereotype at this point, so I played along saying "hell yeah! You nappy-headed sisters don't know how to act! Becky treats me GOOOOOD..." Man, she was BESIDES HERSELF! I had so much fun with this woman...while my co-worker kept saying "man, stop f'n with her."

Apparently, she was so mad even my GM was like "what'd you do to ------?" This woman works for the mayor's office and can't stop complaining about me, apparently. I take great joy in knowing I can get under her uptight-ass skin so easily and I don't even know her...

- My football team that I play on is 5-0, winning by an average of 30 points! Yeah...we the ish...

- Why does Kim Kardashian STILL bother Black women??

- I'm sick of the white people at my job turning on the AC every morning when the temps here are like 50-60 degrees, sometimes lower. Every morning, I have to turn it off and threaten out loud that I better not catch anyone turning it back on...

- The big news story here - they found 18 pit bulls used for dogfighting. The white people at my job are all upset about this. I don't GIVE A F. These people KILL me - they can hear that a child had his head blown off and have no reaction, but let Fido scratch a paw, and they're all up in arms...

I'll be back with more laterz...

Brooke said...

The fools here turn the AC on everyday too. And when I asked the facilities guy to turn it off, you know what he told me? He said if he did, people would fall asleep at their desk.


Oh, so FREEZING keeps you awake? Really? I wanted to slap him!

I can't stand when kids act up and parents think that mess is cute. One lady in the mall was like, "oh, I take it you don't like kids?" I was like, "oh no, I love kids, I just don't like BAD ASS kids!" Letting your child act a fool is NOT CUTE!

I'm tied for second place?? I didn't even look...and I did my team myself last weekend. Guess I should look to see what I can do this week....yeah baby!

Not mad at Kim Kardashian - or anyone else who is famous for no reason. Okay, maybe a sex tape makes you famous, or being rich, but if people are stupid enough to adore you as a "celebrity" then I can't knock the hustle.

Oh and yes, Rameer was supposed to be my Charlamagne - I have no problem using him :)

Anthony Otero said...

Happy Blogiversary! As you know that your determination on keeping this blog going was one of the reasons I started my own. I am glad you have continued!

PS...I will be in NYC this weekend!

Brooke said...

awww shucks! Let the games begin!

Thanks Ant!

Rameer said...

- Brooke-Ra and Ant BETTER spend some QT in NYC this weekend. That's my STRONG recommendation.

- Glad to see Ant comment! Ant...what's up in the Fantasy league, bruh??

- I need to devise a workout regime so I can start using my new gym membership...

- "Titan Maximum" on Cartoon Network (Sundays, 11:30pm) is HILARIOUS...

- Why the Sneaker shop I shot a commercial for earlier today always has A BUNCH of hotties working there? Joint is like a video shoot!

- Brett Favre. Damn...who can hate on what he's doing this season? At age 40?? Dude is unbelievable.

- The NBA 2K10 commercial with the blog's favorite NBA player, Kobe Bryant, is SICK 2 DEATH...

- I've beasting off the Riesling lately.

- I'm gonna buy MORE...

- I feel like it's time to make some Crabcakes. It's been a while...

- My mother's birthday is this month, and I still don't know what I'm going to get her for her main present...

- my baby sister is ECSTATIC...I got passes to see Where The Wild Things Are for this Tuesday...

- I had cheeseburger pizza yesterday. Now I want more.

- I saw the Harry Connick Jr. video. That's MY MAN...we can roll anytime. Damn - now I want to interview him about it...

- I find that relationship-wise, men are a$$holes, and women are bitter and can't get over it lately. At least where I am at...

- I want to drug Roman Polanski and drop his ass off in Riker's pants down, ass up...

- I want cake for some reason. And seafood.

- I bought oatmeal this week. Yup, it's getting cold.

- Now I know it's time for keeps popping in my mind...

Brooke said...

Ant ain't checkin for me ;)

now I want crabcakes. It's lunch time and still no idea what to eat. Pizza sounds good too, but not gonna do it.

If men are assholes, wouldn't that be a good enough reason to make us bitter? :) Just kiddin...terrible cycle tho.

Seafood sounds good too.

I bought Cream of Wheat and Momo teased me for it :)

Craig n 'em said...

Happy Anniversary Brookey! Time flies when you're having fun...;-)

Craig n 'em said...

Now, I only have ONE RANDOM THOUGHT for the day...NEVER, EVER....Trust a woman with cold nipples...

Brooke said...

I don't even know what to say to that.

maybe she works in my FREEZING ASS office!

Thanks Craig!

Rameer said...


I was complaing a few weeks ago that they don't seel Cream OF Wheat like they used to! Used to be MAD varieties...I've seriously considered orderign from the Internet. I can only find the original kind...I like the Apples & Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar, Peaches N Cream...hell, there was no Cream Of Wheat I DIDN'T LOVE!!!

You get props on that one!

And don't count my boy Ant out...

Anthony Otero said...

The reason I am even goin to NYC is because my dad just happens to be down there.

However, I am done for a movie! :)

Anthony Otero said...

down...not day is way too maybe I am just done with

Brooke said...

Rameer, I have the maple brown sugar cream of wheat - Monica was HATIN! I got it at Target! :)

Ant, let me know when you get in, maybe we can go see Good Hair :)

The Cable Guy said...

Uh oh, my nemesis is gonna be in town tryna take up time with my woman! :) LOL!

annamaria said...

1. I've been busy for a minute & u got mad comments.
2. Waiting to tase April!! LMAO
3. I need to get in on some fantasy football!!!
4. My booboo is going to be a pumpkin for Halloween!
5. LOVE the show Flashforward.
6. I just saw the Harry Conick thing & he was great!
7. Why is my 2 month old talkative?? Shouldn't she be sleeping????
8. My asshole brother is coming down this weekend. I call him an asshole cause he hasn't come to NYC in a year. Never saw me preggers & hasn't met his niece. Blames the swine flu?? WTF??

Rameer said...

Brooke-Ra - loving Cream Of Wheat is one of those little details that makes a woman that much more attractive to me. No bullsh*t...

Monica is BUGGIN'...

- I've been trying to be a good GM and help people in our Fantasy League at times, but one of our members just made a HORRIBLE mistake! I offered him TE John Carlson (45 pts) and Cadillac Williams (45 pts) for TE Tony Gonzalez (34 pts) - that's one player at 34 points for two players who have combined thus far for 90! and one of them REPLACES the guy he had who only got 34!

He was too busy concerned with the name and not the production, and I don't think he thought it, he NEEDED an additional RB. His loss...but let that be a lesson to all Fantasy FB players. Think a deal through before nixing it...cuz they won't some around again! Muah Hahahaha!

- I must seem like a nut talking about Fantasy FB on here...lmao...

- I'm actually at the point where I wish Chris Rock didn't make Good Hair. I feel like it's gonna have what I call "The Bamboozled Effect" - most people see it and go "wow, that's deep" or "I didn't know/realize that" - and don't change a f'n thing regardless of what they were hipped to or learned/realized. It's the reason Michael Moore, Spike Lee and even Denzel Washington have gotten upset with viewers...

- I'm waiting to see how long it takes Braylon Edwards to screw up in NYC...

- the ESPN documentary "Kings Ransom" about the biggest trade in sports history - the Wayne Gretzky trade - is EXCELLENT...

- I'm going on a wine tour on November 8th...can't wait...

- I'm gonna toot my own horn and say the original commercials I make are pretty damned good!

- I'm hoping Greg Paulus brings my SU Orange 2-3 more wins this season...

- Speaking of my Orange - our b-ball team looks like it might be DOPE...

- I need to see Brooke-Ra rocking some Orange this season in her profile pic...

Be back laterz...again!

Yolanda said...

Your blogs have me revealing stuff I don't even tell friends. :-)

My random thoughts!
-The lady who works across from me had an UNEMPLOYMENT check mailed to THE OFFICE! Gangstalicious!

-My mother is on a Niagara Falls getaway with her BOO for her birthday! What am I doing wrong? I sure hope she's getting some.

-My first day back at work from my tummy infection, the broad sends me on an 830 am shoot. Can we get some baby steps.

-Harry Connick could soooo get it. I loved him years ago when he was all fresh-faced... still love him.

-Bossip is a day late and a dollar short on the Maxwell "red lights" topic! Obviously, someone went to the ATL show. Haaa!

-Peaches and cream 'o wheat is that isht! I also get down with those double butter instant grits! I'm sure I'm dying a slow death but they're so good!

-I bought horseradish mustard and jalapeno jack cheese yesterday for my turkey sammich (I make a mean sammich). My stomach was not amused.

-I saw a aisle full of Mystic juices last night at the grocery store and thought of Rameer!

-Alarm went off at 7 am and I couldn't even get out of bed...not even my AM crush on Matt Lauer could get me outta bed. I got to work at 11:30. Hey, I needed the rest. I'm recuperating :-)

-I'm a Redskins fan. WHAT!

-I lost my mind in Pier One last night. I friggin love the Aspen Flower reed diffusers. I got a little happy up in there. But the house smells sesssy!

-Ok, back to work!

the pirate said...

Congrats on it being a FAST year! Both of us know that you have real talent.

Random thoughts...
Joe Halderman is a pathetic A..hole.
We finally all got our Michael Vick jerseys (including Snickers our Beagle).
John Gosslin is a pathetic A..hole.
I love my new job. GO SCARLET KNIGHTS!
Dick Cheney is a pathetic A..hole.
Wow, I have a theme

Yolanda said...

WHOA... 'Meercat makes CRABCAKES?

I might just have to husband you.
You know I'm a Maryland girl. That's my weakness!

Brooke said...

I know right Yolanda! I want crabcakes! Too bad Rameer doesn't live near either of us.

Steve, I want a Vick jersey too, haven't gotten around to it. I'm waiting on Midnight to get me an autographed one ;)

Yolanda, what's up with the spicy sammiches? :) You already had Godzilla in your stomach!

I haven't seen a Mystic juice since a Mystic juice saw me.

I cracked up when I read that your coworker had an unemployment check mailed to work! Straight gully!

I have plenty of orange Rameer, don't you worry :)

I need to find that wine tasting for me and Serena!

Annamaria, so he's finally coming down to see you huh? Is he bringing his wife? :)

Sophia the lil pumpkin! I like it!

Kyce is gonna be Bumble Bee from Transformers and Ibrahim is gonna be Thomas the Train :)

the pirate said...

Lee is going to be Bumble Bee also. Since we are PHL zoo members, we are going to the "Boo at the Zoo."

Rameer said...

Yolanda - oh yeah. I make EXCELLENT Crabcakes...Brooke-Ra and Serena made me promise 2 make some if I'm ever in NYC for a prolonged amount of time. I make 'em big and rich...

And you saw MYSTICS?!? DAMMIT! I can't find 'em for the life of me in my area!

- Why does Couteney Cox's "Cougar Town" crack me up so much??

- Why do Black people continue to support the celebrities who do the most heinous things (Robert Kelly, Chris Brown, Lil' Whoopi), but then get mad at people who intrinsically haven't hurt anyone (Kanye, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent)??

- I hate when people make a gay joke and then follow it up with "not that there's anything wrong with that". First off, don't put a disclaimer on your joke, you meant that ish - just own it; and secondly - everyone is entitled to their own business in their own private lives. But you will NEVER hear me saying that phrase - it amounts to a dude co-signing a male on male blowjob or cornholing! It might not be anything wrong with that for that person, but it's something wrong with it in relation to ME! Lmbao!

- Men kissing men makes me squirm and feel uncomfortable. Attractive women kissing each other is hot. There, I said - I'm a chauvinist. Sue me...

- I wish I had Showtime so I could see what the big deal is about Dexter...

- I'm wearing nothing but scullies nowadays...

- A female seriously questioned me last weekend about how come my knuckles are so hard, but I have extremely soft hands. I often make the joke that I have hard knuckles, but she was like psycho-analyzing me over this!

- My mother tells my sister to call me to confirm what she says lately. Yet she'll turn around and get mad that my sister is answering to me or telling me things first. Silliness...

- I had Apple Strudel Pop Tarts for lunch. Ain't that sad? Bad thing is - they were good as hell...

- Anyone else listening to the new Ghostface album?

- I'm so insanely addicted to the anime "Bleach" it ain't funny...

- The one good intern that we have at my station? I thought it was me, but Princess also noticed - she looks at me funny. I can't put my finger on it...but it's definitely a funny look. Sometimes she stares...

- I'm still trying to figure out the whole jealousy of other men thing. When did this become status quo?? I'm seeing dudes gladly be jealous of other dudes in recent history...

- I need Alicia Keys to hurry up and drop her new album...

- I'd like to take Whoopi Goldberg, Monique, Wendy Williams, Dana Owens, Lil' Whoopi, Robert Kelly, Chris Brown, Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Flavor Flav, Frankie & Neffe, Tiny & Toya and probably a few others - put them on a remote island and immediately nuke it. Seriously.

Brooke said...

Cool! I may be home that weekend, so if so, maybe I can stop by if you'll all be around.

Brooke said...

my last comment was meant for Steve.

Rameer, why don't you like Whoopi Goldberg or Queen Latifah?

Had Chipotle for lunch, was DELICIOUS! I'll burn it off in Tru Dog's class tonight at the gym with Monica :)

Long weekend this weekend, yes!

I have the itus now.

Stef said...

Happy Blogiversary Brooke!

May you have many more. Your writing is excellent, and even though I don't comment that much, I read everyday and I always look forward to it. Thanks for sharing!

Jaz said...

Happy Blogivesary!

I got my feet wet with the blog just in time! That was fun, will try to chime back in from time to time!

THATgirl said...


Cream of Wheat comes in flavors? I knew oatmeal did, but Cream of Wheat does too? Why didn't anyone tell me? You can tell I've only recently started doing my own grocery shopping.

Rameer said...

Brooke-Ra - both females are pandering ass COONS when they want to be. Dana (I REFUSE to ever call her Queen again) made such coonerific fare such as Bringing Down The House and The Cookout - both of which play upon and play up racial stereotypes and are essentially Bamboozled subject matter. Not to mention some comments I heard her say in interviews a while back...very different from the Black fist pumping, "U.N.I.T.Y.", "Ladies First" espousing person I grew up with.

Whoopi - smart person, but she's all for show too. When she was dating Ted Danson (who, from past interviews, has let his racist views be known), this fool came out in BLACKFACE at a roast, and began to coon it up for laughs. After shocked reaction from mad heads and the media, this coonstress proceeded to make the rounds to DEFEND this bullsh*t!!!

Contrast that with Harry Connick Jr.'s response.

In the past, she's had questionable commentary as well about Black people. Nowadays, you would think she was proud as hell - I SEE you, Caryn Elaine Johnson (what proud black calls themselves GOLDBERG outside of marriage or religion??). Plus, she went on TV recently defending Roman "She Looked Old Enough To Me" Polanski.

I'd spit in both women's mouths.

That answer your question?

**takes deep breath, tries to calm down**

DMoe said...

4pm Random thoughts...

-I was on a conference call just now, and had to get off to "drop some kids off at the pool." I could have sworn that sh** was crowning. LMAO. Yes, I just said that.

-If you ever chew gum, there is none better than 5 Cobalt. The bomb.

-I am in the midst of a personal renaissance. Basically, i'm doin' myself over in a few ways. Its cyclical just to keep things fresh every few years.

-Brookey's Celebrity crushes blog got my gears turning. I need to submit my "All-Get it" team.

-I confess: I spend ALOT of money on good quality underwear. Fellas, once you change over, there's no turning back.

-Wanna teach a boy growing up something valuable? Try this lesson: Keep lip balm, gum and 20 dollars cash in your pocket at all times.

And I'm spent...

Dmoe aka Chase Lounge

Yolanda said...

You go to TruDog? My BFF Tracie (another SU grad) went to him for awhile too. That's funny. Small world. She raved about him. Then her schedule changed and she couldn't go.

Dude, they have Mystic at the store around the corner from me. They're on sale too! Do I need to mail ya'll some Mystics! DC with no Mystic is like Kool with no Aid.

I wanna be a plug and socket for Halloween. Who wants to be my plug? LMAO!

Can I get a crabcake? What's up?

Everyone needs to journey down here so Serena and I can take ya'll to Timbuktu for the biggest crabcakes you'll ever see! Lemme make ya'll hungry:

' you gonna be upping your gym rat status eating apple tarts and whatnot?

Brooke, I have a weakness for the jack cheese. I've gotta stop that madness. I think it's work-induced. My stomach only hurts at work. Will that get me disability checks?

Stef said...

DMoe, yuk!!!

Brooke said...

Dmoe, TMI was TUESDAY! Not today!

TruDog is the MAN...ahem, so to speak :) We be jammin in his class, with his dirty gay self!

I'm down for a visit to the DC areal for some crabcakes! Blog road trip anyone?

Dmoe, you forgot to tell him to carry a condom too :)

Thatgirl, you better ask somebody. You been SLEEPIN on the cream of wheat - they have variety packs!

Rameer, never saw either of those Dana Owens movies :) And yes, Whoopi has defended some crazy things. Not sure I'd blow her up tho, she's the only one I can really tolerate in big doses on The View.

Rameer said...

Here's a little secret about "The View"...

Most men I know who don't work directly on or with that show can't STAND IT at ABC and it's affiliates...myself included.

The only person WE can stand on the view is Elizabeth Hasselbeck. On mute. When she's not pregnant. And she's showing leg. On a full body one-shot.

And even then, it's 50-50.

That does it...I'm making Crabby cakes this week...all this talk has me feenin'...

Brooke said...

Elizabeth Hasselbeck is like nails on a chalkboard. Glad her ass is on maternity leave.

Now I really want crab cakes.

Mike Tyson is gonna be on Oprah on Monday! Looks like a good interview from the promos.

I wanna kiss Harry Connick, Jr. on the mouth :)

The Daily News is stalking me. I canceled my subscription - after telling them I didn't want it in the first place - and they won't leave me alone!

I don't feel like doing any work, but they keep making me!

Annamaria said...

Brooke yes he is bringing the wife & the baby. The only reason I'm even entertaining the idea is because he is driving my lil brother down...LMAO

Are you still having company next weekend??????? Stop being a flako...LOL

Yes my lil Sophia is going to be a pumpkin.

My mother just went NUTS in the baby section of Toys R Us. Between the costume & like 9 different rattles for this kid...LMAO..

Brooke said...

a flako?? I don't get it :)

Stef said...

Now I want crabcakes too.

The Cable Guy said...

What company are you having next weekend Brooke?

Lemme find out....first Ant, now this!? LOL!

Serena W. said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Wow its been a year already? Time flies when you're having fun.

Brooke I'm so happy that you released the writer in you! Your writing is marvelous and I enjoy your blog so much!

To the peeps on the blog all of you are fantastic that keep it positive.

Brooke you inspire me to write more on my blog! At least weekly like I used too!


I'll be in NYC this weekend too!

Brooke find that wine tasting! We gotta go!

Annamaria I can't wait to see pumpkin!

My job has been driving me into the ground but the best reward I received this week was from two young ladies that got into the program I'm over. They gave me a hug and said thanks for not giving up on us!


Mom is still getting stronger although she had a moment this week. About to start singing some Puff and Mase, "Can't nobody hold me down..."

Had a great run this eve with my croonie Renee!

Running in a 10K this Saturday :)

The poetry book is coming along! Stay tuned!

Despite all the days having the blues I'm thankful to wake up and do what I was put on this earth to do, that Mom wakes up with another day to heal and most importantly to excel at everything that I do and touch!

This is your girl Serena aka Re and I'm signing off!

Brooke said...

I don't even know where to begin on the wine tasting thing, I need to ask for help on that.

Good luck on the run Serena!

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