Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

How did it get to be October 22nd already?? Geesh! Oh! And Happy Birthday to my co-worker and friend Kimberly Williams! Kim, these two clips are for you!

And the HOT ish!

I can watch that over and over again - his "Bank Head Bounce" was sick! I still can't believe he's gone. Happy Birthday Kim!

- Is it bad that I woke up thinking about lunch? I cooked my lunch this morning and I already don't want it. That's a shame.

- Everyone in my department has been talking SO LOUD this morning...or just plain yelling. It's like they ALL have a hearing problem or something. I wish I could get away with putting my earphones on so I can drown them out! Or just go, "Shhhhhhh!!!!!"

- My candy jar was practically overflowing on Monday, now the sh*t is almost empty. These damn people take like 3-4 pieces at a time...and come back like 3 times during the day. That's it, I'm locking it up. No more candy til they start puttin' a dollar on it or sumptin!

- This guy on the train told me I had a nice complexion. I told him he did too and he looked shocked! When I asked if no one had ever told him that before, he said, "No, because I'm dark skinned." Huh? I explained to him that having a nice complexion has nothing to do with light or dark. A nice complexion is one that is blemish free, even toned, smooth texture...that sorta thing. You'd think I just cracked the Davinci Code or explained the Pythagorean Theorem. He said I made his day. Our issues with being color-struck still amaze me sometimes.

- Also on the train last week, I sat next to an Asian woman who was speaking German to her friend. I had never heard an Asian person speaking German, so I asked her if that was her native tongue. She said yes, and also said she spoke 6 other languages. Her name? Svetlana Han. I thought that sh*t was HOT! I'd love to be able to say I speak THREE languages, let alone SEVEN!

- I listened to The Deele, Kevon Edmonds, Donny Hathaway, Brownstone, Corrine Bailey Rae and Brian McKnight on my iPod this morning. Can't wait to read DMoe's playlist today to see if his songs are on the iPod he downloaded for me. I've had it on shuffle since he gave it to me so I can be pleasantly surprised on my commute to work.

- Coach keeps tempting me with 25% off "special invitations." Mine ends Sunday...what will I do?? I'll behave...that's what.

- Check out my friend Princess' blog!

- Please stop sending me Mafia Wars stuff on Facebook. I have no idea what it means or how to play. I wish I did, but I don't. Sorry!

- I literally spent an hour at work one day this week on the Witches Brew blog – I’m addicted!

- Read an article yesterday on the movie Precious – seems like it’s going to be a gut-wrenching film. I may attend a screening tonight - I hope my rsvp went through! In case you haven't seen the trailer:

- Don’t ask me cuz you already know the answer….Go Phils!!! I like the Yankees - a lot actually - but Phillies all the way!




DMoe said...



DMoe aka The First Quencher

The Cable Guy said...

DMoe been missing in action, now his ass is first. Dammit!!

If Brooke talks about that damn ipod one more time....;)

(yes, hating)


Yolanda said...


• I’m ready for Obama to go “angry Black man” on these “Real Americans”… he needs to put his “Black Father” hat on. Ya’ll know that “wait til yo daddy gets home” feeling? That’s what Republicans need to feel.
• I just finished reading “Push.” I wanted to read it before the “Precious” movie comes out. DISTURBING! This movie should be really good if it’s anywhere near as gut-wrenching as the book.
• I fall in deep but when I get uninterested, I fall out of it pretty quickly. Must be the Taurus in me.
• doesn’t “I’m not ready for a relationship” really mean “I’m not ready for a relationship WITH YOU”?
• what if it were Oates & Hall?
• the lyrics to Pretty Wings are pretty powerful
• I should stop reading work e-mails BEFORE I get to work… kills my whole mood
• as I get older, I’m realizing the value of working for self. I need to get there. Very soon.
• Where the hell is Carl Thomas?
• I’m finally getting that vacation… going to Hawaii with my Momma. Operation Black-Up is in effect (actually, I get more of a rich caramel in the Hawaiian sun…if anybody was wondering)
• why does my hair look its best when it’s filthy funkaaay dirty
• every time I stand up, I have to pee. When did I become an 80 year old? All this dang water I’m drinking.
• I wanna go to a fly Christmas party. Is it too early to start thinking about that yet? I mean, I got dresses but no occasions.
• I need to call my Father. That guy is terrible with making phone calls. Must be where I get it from.
• I saw some white people in the neighborhood and felt a sense of relief. LOL. Gotta have some white folks to keep property values up!
• don’t you hate it when you’re in a crowded space and you catch a whiff of funkiness, then you start sniffing yourself to make sure it isn’t you
• how fly is Michelle Obama for hula hooping? I love huh!
• I need a massage. All those free massages I’ve given in my day...oh somebody owes me, son!
• What do men think of women who don’t shave their legs?

Yolanda said...

Thanks for the Brew shout out!!!

Let me know how Precious is. I can't wait. I'll be at work in Chicago when it comes out but I will make time to see it.

Annamaria said...

Taser fully charged, locked & loaded.....

Brooke let me know how Precious is..Looks good.


WHY is the Cable Guy hating on Brooke??? Yesterday he was calling her the hotness!!!!

Pregnancy & motherhood have made me sooo damn forgetful..I'd leave my head somewhere if it wasn't screwed on properly.

I also feel straight up retarded too.

My baby's got the poops!! :(

But she's still her happy go lucky self..

I'm extremely blessed & fulfilled in life....

I want to snuggle later... ; ) (waiting for booboo to get home... He's a lurker so I know he'll read this..)

Everytime I see the snuggie I think of Brooke...

I'm taking the baby for her first trip to the city today... She's going to see the corrupt people at AIG... I mean Daddy's job...LMAO

I hope she poops on someone's desk..LOL...

Austin & I went to see Law Abiding Citizen on our date night this week. That movie was HOT!

The Cable Guy said...

I was hating on DMoe, not Brooke. I could NEVER hate on Brooke, she's my future baby mama! LOL!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-thinks that if I get to the point that a women allows me to give her a massage while she's laying down... I can GTD

-GTD for all of you Non Marting fans means Get the Drawers!

-Loved Yolanda's thought about Oates & Hall. That's some stuff you think about while smoking weed!

-Never smoked weed a day in my life... but had it in a brownie. OMG..the Holland tunnel has Never ever been so long!!!! (I was trippin!)

-saw this you tube clip with a stripper freakin this girl and then he made a mistake and pulled her wig clean off!

-after I LMAO... I had to replay the clip because the position he had her in looked like fun. I wonder if I could pull that off. BOING CHICKA WOW WOW!!!

-Just saw a can of "Spanish" air freshener. It looked like it had Jesus on it. Your dookies must smell like the devil if you need aerosol with Jesus on it!

Brooke said...

Yolanda, your posts crack me up!

Hall & Oates were here last Tuesday jammin upstairs in the Studio for our Private Sessions show.

I still haven't seen Good Hair OR Law Abiding Citizen. Might have to sneak to the movies this weekend.

I need to call my dad too, he's MIA.

I saw a pic of Michelle Obama hula hoopin in the paper today and thought the same thing. She's fly. She's gonna be on Leno tomorrow night I think. *Heart* her!

Annamaria, baseball isn't really my thing, but I gotta stay loyal to my home town. If the Phillies weren't in it, I'd be rooting for the Yanks all the way. But, Phils for me...and I'd bet you! LOL!

The lady who sits next to me is getting on my nerves.

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Pretty Ricky, you stupid!

Yolanda said... kill me!

I've never smoked weed or cigarettes though. I just have a random stream of consciousness. Must be the only child thing.

Well, my Dad had 2 other kids...but anyway. See, there I go on a tangent again. Dammit.

Rameer said...

- I was gonna post a message that I previewed with Brooke-Ra, but with the birthday theme and after watching that MJ performance (I've seen it a million times, and love it each time), I'mma keep it positive for the most part. I may just discuss posting it as a message-driven blog with Brooke-Ra next week.

- Speaking of Brooke-Ra, I'd like to point out AGAIN that with all her "my team sucks" talk, she is currently tied for FIRST PLACE with me and another woman at 5-1 in our Fantasy league!

I TOLD YOU I could freak your team if it was mine! Your only real problem was a lot of players off the same team...but you made it work, and now you're sitting pretty!

Won't beat me, though...

- Where's Craig? And Ant?

- A woman I haven't spoken to in a while asked me out for drinks sometime last night. I'm thinking I should've said no...she's cool, but she has an eleven year-old. And I don't do the single-mother dating thing...just not my bag. But I said yes in a friendly way, though I get the impression she may have been thinking potentially more...

- I REALLY like Serena's blog this week!

- I watched a half an hour of "Glee" last night. That show is so much worse than I thought...ugh. I can never get that half-hour back! I completely understand why so many women love it...but for me? I think blood was coming out of my eyes and ears...I intended to watch the whole thing to give it a fair shake, but when it went to commercial a half an hour in, I was DONE...

- My sister aced her GREs!!!

- My mother made oxtails this past Sunday! You guys have NO IDEA...I tore through 'em! y sister was mad, cuz I ate after everyone else had a plate, and she couldn't believe I ate the whole rest of the container...

- Having my first online Stan amuses me to no end...

- Where The Wild Things Are. Nuff said.

- That new Denzel flick, The Book Of Eli? Looks like DOPENESS...

Rameer said...

- been playing musiq soulchild's second album the past two days. musiq is one of those artists (like Ne-Yo, for example) who writes songs that sometimes word for word are my exact experience. That second album, besides being obviously good, has a number of songs like that, including "halfcrazy" and "previouscats"...

- The older white dudes at my job are pigs. No, really - they HAVE to be bad if I'm A GUY and I'm still calling them disgusting...

- At my gym, there's this Latina lesbian couple that works out every morning when I do. The "man" of the relationship I've dubbed "Una Mujer"...cuz seriously, I need to remind myself that this is a woman when I see her. Holy geez.

- Lil' Whoopi might go to jail for at least eight months. While I'm usually not happy to see a Black man incarcerated, I wouldn't mind him, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and a whole mess of some of these foolish, ignorant rappers locked away for a long time...

- I STILL say Julia Stiles has a distinct yumminess to her!

- Turkey bacon. Mmm.

- I used Didi 7 to get out an oil stain this week. Anybody remember that stuff? It's unreal how great it truly works!

- I'm going to a Halloween party next week, though I don't celebrate. When they asked me what I'm going as, I said the same thing I say every year - "a militant Black man".

- I was in Tar-zhay (Target) earlier in the week and saw the had the monster cereals on sale. Guess who now owns two boxes each of Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Frankenberry? This guy...

- Am I a wino? I just ordered another crate of Reisling...

- A-Rod. Yanks. Nuff said.

- I'm so happy "Nip/Tuck" is back! It's crazy, but I can't miss an episode...EVER...

- Why does my supervisor not act like a supervisor, but like we're co-supervisors?? Seriously - he even sends people to me for decisions at times...

- this turning the AC on in the office ish is out of control. I may threaten somebody if this ish keeps up...

- Did anyone read Lamar Odom's pre-nup?? That's some crazy ish...what was the point of GETTING one if you gonna get raked over the coals like THAT?!?

- Sorry Knicks fans...they're just not that good.

- And what is up with the Jets losing to THE BILLS???

- I'm having a pretty good work week as compared to the previous four weeks...

- my mother's birthday is next week! I've gotten her three gifts, but I need some ideas for another. Any ideas that aren't spa and/or mani/pedi-related?

- I still can't understand the concept of jealous men.

- I fall asleep on my couch most nights. I feel like I'm channeling my grandfather.

- I realized...I have A LOT of New Era fitted caps. 90% of which I've nabbed for free.

- I need to restock my SU gear...haven't bought any new stuff in a while.

- I wanna see a pic of Brooke-Ra in a SU jersey before this year is over.

- I smile every time I read Annamaria write something about Sophia.

- More after the break...

Midnight said...

if the Yankees get to the World Series Halloween weekend will have the Yanks against the Phils and the Giants playing the Eagles. All I know is there will be 'nuff fights in the stands!!!!

Brooke said...

I wonder what being an only child feels like. I can't imagine a world without my sister in it.

Somebody just came over and asked me where my candy was. I asked them where their money is. Shut that the hell down nice and quick! Scram!

One day I'm gonna fill it with some nasty ass licorice and see how long it stays there.

I'll put on my #44 and snap a pic Rameer...or should I say Meercat like Yolanda does? I like that :)

A-Rod, yes...Yanks, no :) LOL!

I feel bad for saying this, but this woman at my job talks about her daughter ALL DAMN DAY! as if she's the only one with a kid. And the stuff she cracks up at that her kid does is NOT really that funny. I guess you have to be there, but's getting annoying. I know I talk about my nephews all the time...but not EVERY SECOND OF THE DAY.

Did Lauren London have her baby yet? You'd think I'd know since I stay on Witches Brew. Yolanda?

Lamar Odom is an idiot.

The wrap dress I have on today keeps "unwrapping." Not good.

Midnight, the Philly fans will KICK Y'ALL ASS TOO! LMAO!!

Serena W. said...

MJ rocked out the Bank Head Bounce!

Yo-Yo, have fun in Hawaii!

My iPod is on the fritz! Nooooooo!

Getting ready for the Veteran's Day 10K should be fun!

Sad that I'm not doing the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend :(

I need a vacation ASAP! Yolanda make room in your bag for me.


I despise negative people.

Michelle Obama is the bomb!

Nia Long is rocking it on the cover of Essence!

Brooke we want a review of the movie Precious!

Anyone having a Halloween party next weekend?

It has taken me an hour to write this (how dare people interrupt my RTT)!

Today is a good day!

Can someone take me shopping on their dime? I need clothes lol.

Also can a few of you go on my blog and tell me how you like the layout of my framed poetry shop (still under construction) but would love opinions. I have to redo the paypal buttons.

Brooke said...

If I get into the screening, I'll write a full report...or I'll try to.

I still have to get my intro together for Pretty Ricky's site. I keep re-writing it! I'm stressing over it! I want it to be good! Uggghh!!

How's Ma Dukes Serena? She's still in my prayers.

I STILL haven't gotten my Essence Mag yet. I hate that it's been out for like 3 weeks and I haven't gotten mine yet. Sucks!

Yolanda said...

Yes ma'am...Lauren London popped in September.

Serena, I have a rolling bag, you're tall. You might have to contort yourself but we'll make it happen.

Riesling is the bomb. It's the only wine I remember from the Wine & Beer tasting class at SU.

Rameer said...


I used to roll from that class with a NICE boys used to be like "they don't really let you get popped, do they?"


- I love The Witches Brew, too! I can't get enough of it.

- Stop hating on the Yanks, Brooke-Ra!

- Lauren London is - and has been since she came on the scene - a skeezer.'s the truth.

- Michelle Obama can soooooooooo GET IT...

- Brooke-Ra - you can do what I do. When people at my job talk about their kids in a similar manner, I tell them "I'm sure you're happy and excited, but I don't give a sh*t about the adventures of your spawn."

If I never ask about your kids, I don't care...

- A woman asked me could she cook for me the other day. Um, no - that's a MAJOR no-no if I don't know you...and 50-50 even if I DO.

- I need to buy some more fruit for the house...

- Does anyone remember those cute little cartoons based on the Maurice Sendak books? You know "One Was Johnny", "A Boy Named Pierre" and "Chicken Soup With Rice", for a few examples? Youtube it if you don't know what I'm talking 'bout...they were THE ISH...

- Just heard Amerie's version of "Pretty Brown Eyes" thanks the The Brew...surprisingly, I like it...

- I'm excited for b-ball season!

- I soooooo need a shoulder massage...and I agree about the massaging a woman laying down thing, Pretty Ricky...

- The complaining has started for the day at work...(sigh)

- I told a woman she's disgusting today, cuz she wanted to walk over to me and have a convo with me with her mouth FULL of food. No HT - home training...

- I think I'm the only person who thinks Rihanna's new song is okay. My sister detests it.

- Um, hello? BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS for my mom, people! Get it crackin'! Lolz...

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Here's where I am...

-Word is, Lil Wayne just plead guilty to the felony gun charge.
For all the skeptics, let's just say if he goes to jail, the songs will be FIYA once he returns.
Oh, and FREE T.I.!

-My love for ATL continues to dwindle...She and I just aren't on the same page anymore. By the way, if you take ATL out of Georgia, your pretty much in Mississippi.
(No disrespect)I will feel this way every time i'm in traffic behind a red pickup truck. Da hell?

-I hate to hear of sickos snatchin' kids. Is it just me or is that happening alot more these days?

-My N.O Saints are 5-0 and got in the Giants' azz real good last weekend! But, I dont wanna jinx it, so let's not talk about it anymore.

-I'm pulling myself up "by the bootstraps" in fantasy football. One week at a time. Brookey decimated my ass a few weeks ago, and I shutup. When she leave? I be talkin' again...

With all that, here's what DMoe's listening to this week:

Lets Go Crazy/Prince - Listening to the "album version" just wasnt enough for ya boy, I had to go find the "special remix" from Purple Rain. Ya'll remember Prince steppin on the keys as the movie opened? Yep! This is THAT version, the full funky-ass 8 minutes of it.
Need a workout song to get hyped? This is one.

Another note: Purple Rain didn't even win the grammy for album of the year in 85. It got beat by Lionel Richie's "Can't slow down". Talk about a crazy year? Cyndi Lauper, Springsteen and Tina Turner also lost to Lionel. The year before? You know that was Thriller. Prince caught a bad break on that one.

Leaders of the New School/Sobb Story. Busta was the standout in this group, but this is classic 90's rap right here. Too bad they never got rolling, cuz their debut album was flat-out fantastic "...Plus I got my Cherry Pathfinder!" Word up.

Kem/Album II - Good stuff never gets old, and "all TWO" albums of his work is stellar. If you dont have this CD in your possession, what exactly is YOUR deal?

Lost Boys feat. Mona-Lisa/Renee (Remix)

Classic 90's joint from the "Don't be a menace..." soundtrack.
Simply put: is/was/STILL a BANGER!

Guy/The Future - Call it a phase, but I guess I'm stuck on the 90's this week.
"Let's Chill?" are u kidding? CLASSIC.

Throwback JOTW -
Dennis Edwards/Don't Look any further. This 80's jam from the former Temptations' singer was pretty much the only big thing he did on his own. As "Old School" changes times from 70s to (now) the 80s, this is one that never gets old.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Yolanda said...

There's a special place in hell for people who victimize children.

That wine & beer class was off the hook. I was the only speck in there though. But I didn't care... I left that class with a full on buzz every Thursday night and usually wound up at some chill spot, if not laid up asleep.

Oh, I'd GTD too if I'm massaging. It's a nice tip for the masseuse. Haaaa!

The Fury said...

Boom! Guess who stepped in the room...

ummm let's see...

Yolanda in general, men want women to shave theiir legs. If I feel scruff I'm turned off immediately. Now if ur legs barely grow hair and it's a whisper of nothing, that's one thing. Otherwise, if you're showing them or he's touching them..shave, wax, electrolysis whatever!

my damn bbq isn't working. So much for the last bbq meal of the year.

I hate unproductive weeks, this has been an unproductive month! Arghhhhh

I want to see Precious, but for real if it's just every bad thing that can happen to a young woman, i'll just sit on a corner and watch life

Yankees all day!

Yolanda said...

"Precious" is a big ball of issues... well, the book version was. It's a quick read. Really short book. I read most of it on the train to/fro work. I'd say read it first so you'll know what to expect.
If Mo'Nique is anything like the woman in the book...then she should get an Oscar.

There's a really fly lady at church -fly hair, fly shoes- with HAIRY legs. I know I'm supposed to be compelled by the Word, but I cannot help but glance to see if she's finally shaved this week. Nope. Still hairy. And it's like all concentrated below the calf. Looks like she's wearing furry bell-bottoms.

DMoe said...

More from Dmoe -

-Let's Go Yankees!
Clap-Clap, Clap-Clap!

-I will eat basically anything made by Zatarain's.

-I'm DJ'ing one of the greatest Halloween parties in the south saturday night. Not greatest cuz i'm DJing it, greatest because the guy who dressed totally as "Hellraiser" won the contest last year. Yep, he was Pinhead.

-Don't think Cable Guy's prior hatred will go unchecked. I'm simmering, and when it boils...all will bear witness. lol. I'm only kidding - No for real - jokes! - ok, seriously.

Dmoe aka The Slim Reaper

Brooke said...

I LITERALLY spit cracking up laughing at "furry bell bottoms."
I have to meet Yolanda FAST! I love you!

Uh..fellas...newsflash. If a woman let's you give her a massage while she's laying down, she's already DETERMINED that she wants you to get the drawers. You didn't trick her, she spotted your ass a mile away, and said to herself "I'm giving him some."

No woman has ever been "tricked" into giving any ass. NEVER.

Yo, I agree...a special place in hell, I said those same exact words to DMoe the other day.

AGAIN, I don't hate the Yanks... it's just that if it's between a Philly team and a NY team, I'm staying loyal to the end. I live and work in NY, I'm just not FROM here.

LMAO at DMoe's quote.

"here come Dmoe"


"D - Moe"


Brooke said...

I'm mad Fury was like "Boom! guess who stepped in the room!"


Y'all are hysterical today!

Glad Fury's back!

I have no idea where Craig is.

Ant is just busy.

Rameer said...

NO woman, NEVER?

Hmmm. I guess all those aspiring starlets in Hollywood and Miami don't count...

I know, not the same thing. I'm just being sarcastic...

The Cable Guy said...

awwww come on's all jokes. Kinda. ;)

I can't hate on you since you're all the way down in Atlanta anyway, far enough away from my Brookey :) Send her all the iPods you like :)

Sorry B, but gotta go with my Yanks!

That MJ clip was HOT!

Brooke, Yolanda and Serena need to all be best friends. Three fly ass women! And funny and smart too!

Precious looks very disturbing. Monique looks crazy!

They can take Lil Wayne far away as far as I'm concerned. These simple ass rappers think they gully, when they're just plain stupid.

What's for lunch?

Serena W. said...

Pretty Ricky is a nut...

Can I put $5.00 on the trip already!

Ahhh Hall and Oates is the shizzznit!

Rameer, I heart you for saying you really liked my blog this week (muah)!

Where is Craig, Ant, Glee, Liz, Malek...the list goes on. We're missing our usual suspects!

By the way I loved that movie Usual Suspects!

Brooke get some really, really nasty candy OR something hot! That will teach em!!!!

I'm loving this weather! 76 today!!! Perfect running weather!

Also a great day to take your boo for a walk along the water.

I don't have one...but I'll run along the water and still feel special lol.

If anyone has Musiq Soulchild's latest cd please burn it and send to me. I can hear So Beautiful all day!

Brooke said...

The weather IS nice today. But of course because it's warm out, these fools have the AC on blast. It's STILL October people. Brrrr!

Glee is busy with her studies in Belgium, I miss her :(

My sister has officially dissed my blog :( Or she'll comment to me personally. I miss her on the blog.

Those aspiring starlets in Hollywood get what they deserve cuz they're ho'ing themselves out for a movie role...that's different :)

Yolanda said...

Or, just fill the candy dish with sunflower seeds. Oh wait...that'll attract too many...


Stef said...

Uh oh, sounds like Cable Dude is jealous of DMoe! LMBAO!

Yeah, I said it!

Brooke said...

ewww, can't have anythng in the candy jar that isn't wrapped. All these nasty ass fingers in there already as it is.

And I know what you were gonna say, and I think I'm the only black person I know who doesn't eat them :)

The Cable Guy said...

Stef, wasn't nobody talkin to you!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-GOnna lick my fingers and slick down brooke's baby haor if she don't just give me her intro already... My Fans are eagerly waitng fro her debut. I know they are going to love her like we all do.

-Has never thought of myself as the most handsome guy in the world... but an old playa told me he thinks I have the stuff to get a woman to laugh her panties off.

-I think I have blog crushes on Brooke, yolanda, Serena, and annamaria.

-Is wondering if blog sex is considered cheating!

Brooke said...

Pretty Ricky, is my blog gonna have the same title for your site, or am I supposed to be someone new? I'm having identity issues!

Oh, and you might get cut trying to slick down my baby hairs, cuz my naps is beatin my brains out! LOL!

Rameer said...

Pretty can't be hogging the blog hotties! I'll take Brooke-Ra...y'all can divy up the rest.

- I know y'all are talking about the blog Glee, but just seeing that word turns my blood cold. I REALLY hated that show THAT MUCH...

- Yolanda and Cymando jacked my "triple-tupperware" album designation! Dammit - I shoulda trademarked it...

Brooke said...

It's so funny you say that Rameer, I just read the comments about Rihanna's new song and I actually listened to the words. That song is crazy, very disturbing, but Yo is right, the beat is cool. I don't think I'd let my young daughter listen to that song tho.

"Triple Tupperwear" was funny :)

Leave lil Tiffany Evans alone :)

Brooke said...

would be nice if I spelled "tupperware" correctly.

Somebody remind me to pay my cell phone bill today.

Yolanda said...

I'm sorry... did Meercat just "pass" us around?

I'm blog-crush offended!

Rameer said...

I'm not "passing" nothing! I'm just not encouraging blog-polygamy! Geez!

And one SHOULDN'T let their kids just listen to anything...that's the whole point of parenting. I commented on that on that Witches Brew thread.

Tiffany Evans need to sit her no album selling, no buzz generating arse DOWN...lmao!

Brooke said...

I know, we've been "divy'd" LOL!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Brooke... that's completely up to you. But whatever you decide..we just want to give you more exposure.. so when you're ready to write that book... 50 million copies will be sold the first day.

-Yolanda... don't worry if Rameer tried to pass you around...Pretty Ricky Got you... and annamaria... and serena... and now I have to have a blog affair with Brooke!

Serena W. said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Pretty Ricky!!!! A blog crush! You're too sweet :)

Forget you Rameer! I'm not to be divided up by nobody! lol.

Brooke I'm still waiting for the happy hour, but I'm not sure about it any more since there are peeps that lurk...negative peeps :(

But I'm down for that wine tasting!!!! I need one!

When we do go I'm buying a case of Riesling!!!!

Yolanda said...

Rameer will be back.

They all come back.

Brooke said...

Ok Pretty Ricky, we might need to have a call on this one...will hit you up. I think I want to re-invent myself for your site!

Blogymy and affairs? da devil?!

Rameer said...

See? Y'all don't even recognize pimpin' when y'all SE it! Pretty Ricky just claimed MULTIPLE BLOG WOMEN, and y'all are COOL with it! Y'all would rather attack the guy encouraging monogamy than the guy smoothly saying "I'll take all of y'all, babies."

the game is to be sold, not told - but not when I'm under the bus cuz of it! Pretty Ricky got y'all *snookered*...

Yolanda said...

I'm not encouraging any pimp hands.

It was the "divving"...

This pie cannot be divided.

Rameer said...

Apparently it can, since you are cool with being one slice out of Pretty Ricky's multi-woman pie...


Yolanda said...

Oh snicker deez nuts.
I never confirmed I'm in his pie.
I just jumped on your dividing comment.

No worries... "I fly above all the haters...I fly above...I-I-fly above!"
(Jam of the week!)


Serena W. said... are too funny! We need to hang soon.

Rameer you are under the bus for the day...but I still "heart" you.

Brooke I love that term "heart"

Why is your sister dissing the blog :( tell her we miss her!

I'm in the mood for some good thai food! Really good thai!

But pay day ain't until tomorrow.

Pretty Ricky since you're big pimping I need some money to go clothes shopping and my trip to Soul Siesta to be paid for already lol!

Any one look at my frame shop, need suggestions. I'm milking my blog...heck it's free!

Brooke said...

who said anything about co-signing being part of a pie? :) Oh wait, he was talkin about y'all...I was claimed already! LOL!

Cracking UP at "snicker deez nuts!"

Brooke said...

Oh, and Serena, my sister says she's too busy with "soccer practice" to comment :)

Okay, okay, so she's a soccer mom now...I guess I can forgive her.

Kyce LOVES soccer, hockey and NASCAR. yes...NASCAR.

Rameer said...

That's alright. Y'all keep drinking the Pretty Ricky Pimp Soup. I might be under the bus today, but at least I grabbed Brooke-Ra. While y'all loyal to "daddy", don't worry...

"When he get on, he'll leave yo a$$ for a white girl..."

"Go head girl, go head - get down..."


The Cable Guy said...

How are ANY of you tryna claim MY woman?

Yolanda said...

*cable guy unleashes venom... tvs go dark...chaos in the streets*

I like the Black & Walnut framed poetry, Serena. Was I supposed to be looking at the Etsy shop too or just the column on the left of the blog?

Anthony Otero said...

- Another Busy Day
- it is 70 degress out...what is up with this weather
- twisted my ankle playing ball on monday...thank god it was mild
- "Latino in America" sucked...
- Still submitting resumes to schools in NYC
- black taco
- i have successfully got myself out of debt in the past week..i am talking about outstanding debt, not current...
- damn birds used my car for target practice

Brooke said...

Serena, is there a way you can put all your framed poetry up top and then link to your blog separately? or onto a different page. I like the layout, but if you want to use the site more to sell your framed poetry, I'd put it up top more rather than along the side. It's almost like your poetry is like a "side hustle" thing and that your blog is primary.

And I agree with Yolanda, I like the black and walnut the best!

Yolanda said...

You can't just drop jewels like "I got outta debt"...share. What did you do? Any tips?
A sista needs to buy a Mini-Cooper.

Yolanda said...

I totally just had to Google black taco just now.


Brooke said...

Speaking of side hustle, thanks for the link you sent me Yolanda! Now I just have to navigate thru all that information!

I wish I had an idea for a book that I can just knock out real quick, but that's not screaming "Oprah's Book Club" now is it? :)

I need to get out of debt too :(

Anthony Otero said...

LOL@ Yolanda.. They run that damn commerical durin the MLB playoffs!

So every so often I will just say "black taco" on

I took a personal loan from my TIAA-Cref (401k for Colleges). I wiped out all my shit! I am not going to be single with debt...fuck that...

Yolanda said...

Awww, a 401K. I had that once.

Now, I'm IRA all day, baby.

I despise baseball. Ok, that's harsh. I just don't like it.

Serena W. said...

I'm getting rid of the Etsy Shop all together and it's all on my blog :) I can't make it a separate page unfortunately.

I should have stated that a website is in the works ;-) this is temporary (yeah)!!!!

I'll play around with it, it's a piece of my blog but I'll see what it looks like shifting it higher.

The Black and Walnut is my favorite, I sell a lot of both and will get more of those frames (I piloted them to see how people would like them...great response)!!!

Wow, thanks for the comments (and yes one paypal link coming right up)!!!!

Brooke said...

I didn't catch Latino in America, was it really that bad??

That black taco commercial is so silly!

It's gonna be on and poppin when Ant moves back to the NYC!

Anthony Otero said...

It was bad enough...but it is the media. lol

I am just waiting to move... I got the place to stay, just need the job...

Brooke said...

Yolanda, is that JHud's sister as your FB profile pic? if so, you need to take that mess down! You're SO MUCH prettier!

Yolanda said...

Haaa...yeah, Brooke. That's the sister. Just a joke. I like to switch up the profile pic every now and then. I need to get a pic up here on Blogger... gotta get creative on that.

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