Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

It's official: I have a cold. I've been fighting it off as hard as I could, but it's here...runny nose and everything. I guess I just succumbed: my mental powers couldn't hold it off any longer. I hate being sick!


- So, Roman Polanski...rapes a 13 year old and flees for you agree with Star Jones?

She has a point - they would have gone to get Spike's ass! LOL!!

- Did anyone catch the Mike Tyson interview on Oprah on Monday? I thought it was well done and that he was brutally honest. Take a look:

I was also a bit taken back at the audience's reaction when he said he wanted to "sock" Robin Givens. Now...I'm no Robin Givens fan...but I was just curious as to why that's funny?

- It's cold outside, and they FINALLY turned the heat on in my building...geesh!

- It's mid-October already, this year is flying by! It'll be Thanksgiving before you know it!

- I have to hide my candy when I go to a meeting or out to lunch. The people here are like VULTURES! Just ask me...and just take ONE!

- Looking forward to seeing Law Abiding Citizen this weekend - I like Gerard Butler...and of course Jamie Foxx :-)

- I wish I had a Snuggie on right now.

- I'm always fascinated by the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Like...really??

- I have a half day today and I'm off tomorrow - thank God!




The Cable Guy said...


The Cable Guy said...

That felt so good :)

Brooke, I'm sorry your sick :( You want me to bring you some chicken soup?

Hell yeah Spike Lee wouldn't have been able to chill in France for 2 decades. Star Jones gets on my nerves sometimes, but she was dead right on that one.

Mike Tyson is a beast! I feel sorry for him that he lost his 4 year old daughter tho.

Brooke said...

Is this your first time being first?? :)

momo925 said...

Hope you feel better soon Brooke!

Random thoughts:

I am ready to GO HOME!!! I've been feeling like that all week and I can't seem to shake it.

I have the hickups for no apparent reason. A grown woman in the office with hickups...embarrassing!

I'm going to a free movie screening tonight! woo hoooooo

I am so not ready for this cold weather. I NEED to go shopping. Some cute boots would do me some good right about now.

I need a winter cuddle buddy!

Brooke said...

Don't worry, the winter cuddle buddies always seem to come out of nowhere :) Just hold tight...he'll be ringing your phone soon :)

I can't wait to go home and lay down.

I need like 3 more pair of boots, well...I WANT like 3 more pair of boots :)

I don't know how to get rid of hiccups :(

The Cable Guy said...

Why yes Brookey sweetie, I do believe it IS my first time being first :)

Anonymous said...

I SAW the the TYSON interview and feel really bad for him and the loss of his daughter. I always felt he gets a bad rap. The rape charge was totally bogus. Don't get me wrong NO! means NO! at any time of the day but.... What women in her right mind shows up to a man's hotel room at 2:00AM. That's a booty call mama.He got screwed on that one. But the Robin Givens comment was uncalled for. I know Robin Givens personally and she is a very nice women,actually her entire family is very solid and they are a wonderful group of people.she really fell in love with him. I know she gets the gold digger claim that she only wanted him for his money, I assure you that is not true. He wanted to sock her because she put his abusive ways on BLAST.

Rameer said...

- I've realized that I use RTT as like admittance therapy. Seriously - I don't reveal or talk about most things with most people, and often leave a lot of people wondering and pondering about me - but I'll admit things on here sometimes that even makes me wonder why I did it. I'm not one of those people who believe you have to "get it off your chest" to let it go or make you feel better, either - but I just randomly say things on here at times. Go figure.

- I can't stand Star Jones...but she was DEAD ON right there...

- I love Mike Tyson. Seriously - the two most hurtful moments in sports history - the only three things that actually hurt and really upset me - were when Magic announced he had HIV, when Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson, and when he was sent to jail for the rape that I and many don't think he committed.

Knowing Mike's story in full, I would go as far as to say he may be the most tragic all-time great sports figure in U.S. history.

- Hope you feel better, Brooke-Ra...

- Law Abiding Citizen looks good. Where The Wild Things Are? EXCELLENT. One of the greatest live action children's movies I've seen. Deep subtext about divorce and separation that kids won't get, but man - I'm still tripping off of how good that flick was. My sister ADORES me for getting passes to it...

- I saw District 9, Brooke-Ra! I LOVED IT! What didn't you like about it??

- I rue the day the general public came to know about psycho-analysis. I've said that before, but I really get sick of people telling you who or what you are and they're ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Even experts in it will tell you certain things apply to many, but it's not foolproof and every case is different. But every fool with a high school education thinks they can break you down. And, if I'm honest, most times people who try to do that with me are WRONG...

- A woman who finds me attractive called a mutual friend to do a little background checking on me I found out. Now, I don't have a problem with that - I actually think it's prudent. However, it wasn't to find out new things or things she doesn't already know - it was because she was asking what's wrong with I'm too good to be true. THAT annoys me. Like the things I've told you or that you know are half-truths? I can't just be who you see - SOMETHING has to be wrong?

Major turn-off.

- I'm looking forward to Eminem's Relapse 2 album. Don't know why - wasn't crazy about this last album. Guess I just like Em.

- Looking forward to new MJB and Alicia Keys albums, too...

- My sister and mother are inordinately interested in the Michael Jackson flick This Is It. I have no idea why they're as excited as they are, but I got them a pass anyway...

- I'm buying my mother a Snuggie this weekend!

- It never ceases to amaze me how many people are upset and me and Princess' closeness. For different reasons, to boot...

- When I watched Where The Wild Things Are, I was glad that I always have been close with my baby sis. The big sister in the flick can't be bothered with Max cuz she's older...I always spent a lot of time with my sis! And, if friends were over, I included her in us playing video games or chilling outside. We're EXTREMELY y'all can probably tell by now.

- I want some candy now.

- Brooke-Ram she of the complainy Fantasy Football nature, is currently in a five-way tie for first place in our league...with me, amongst others...

- glad Rush Limbaugh got cut out of the St. Louis Rams ownership bid. Racist.

- still mad Ant missed the concept of the exercise yesterday...

- "Nip/Tuck" returned last night! I'm happy it's back.

- NBA season is upon us...along with NCAA b-ball...

- Mark my words...Kevin Durant? The NEXT dude...he's not on TV a lot, but homie is a BEAST...

- R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano.

More after the break...

Brooke said...

Yeah, I don't believe he raped anyone either, that's a shame if he is actually innocent and spent 3 years in prison. I can't imagine spending time in jail, let alone for something you didn't do - if that IS indeed the case.

Yeah, saying he wanted to sock her was crazy, but I was even more surprised by the audience's reaction to it!

annamaria said...

Feel better Brookey!!!

I felt really bad for Mike & I also don't think he raped anyone I think he's been taken advantage of his whole life by everyone! And although she may be a very nice person I've never cared much for Robin Givens & truth be told when seeing that interview again I wanted to tase her!!! Who throws their man under the bus like that?? FUCKED UP

I want to see Law Abiding Citizen also! I haven't been to a movie since my baby shower in June!

Austin & I had Tuesday night off & went to hang out we had soooo much fun! Then he surprised me & took the day off yesterday. We didn't pick Sophia up til like 2! It was great!!

Although I'm thankful for the break sometimes & firmly believe Austin & I need our alone time together I miss my baby girl & love seeing her beautiful face when I pick her up!

I loved cuddling with her this morning..

I wish Austin had today off so we can cuddle ; )

I WANT this pair of boots I saw at Aldo's!! But I don't need them.... Need some more winter stuff! :(

My brother & sister in law came down from binghamton this weekend. They annoyed the hell out of all of us!

Looking forward to our overnight getaway in Nov.

I love my parents! They are awesome & great with my daughter.

Love seeing my mother in law with Sophia!!

Brooke said...

Thanks for the get-well wishes everyone!

Rameer, I'm glad you can release your thoughts on Thursday :)

You can totally tell Annamaria is in love with her baby girl! Glad you and Austin get some alone time though. Very cool!

About District 9, I didn't NOT like it. I guess I was unsure how I felt about it afterwards. I guess it still had me thinking - which is a good thing.

Already have my ticket for MJ's This Is It - I'm excited to see it too, just wanna see him perform one more time :(

Annamaria said...

I am in love with my baby girl!!!! Even when I'm having a bad day or tired her smile can change my whole mood.

I didn't like District 9 either. I was sooo excited to see it but it did nothing for me...

Rameer said...

- I liked how District 9 showed them treating the aliens how they treated Africans in the past, and even placed them in the same environment where they had previously violated human rights before. I have no idea if this was the filmmaker's intentions, but probably so - most things in film are done with deliberate purpose - it was interesting to see the main character not *get it* until he was placed in the situation.

Just like I feel how many white Americans are to this day. We all have our views - I loved it, you were kinda "ehhhh", and Annamaria thought that ish was wack! Lolz!

- I just saw the trailer for the new Denzel flick Book Of Eli...


- I told a co-worker about the woman doing the investigative reports to find out if I'm too good to be true...he said I'm overreacting. Anyone agree?

- I have a mixer to go to with the "Ebony 500". That's what me and some people in my media group call Black folks who are rich and too good to mingle with the "common Negroes"...basically, bourgeois. If you don't have money, status and lots of white friends/associates, they can't be bothered. So why am I going? Cuz I LOVE to crash these things and act like cousin Junebug from time to time! Lmao! Me and my boy Q are going...we love to hit on the stuffy, stick-up-their arse women too. Their reactions are *priceless*...

Although that nearly bit me on the a$$ once when this one woman really came at me afterwards cuz she wanted a "hood dude". She was disappointed when she found out I was educated and had a good job...I know, buffoonery, right??

- I cursed somebody out for not getting why Rush Limbaugh wanting to own a NFL team was a big deal today.

- I've started the INSANE workout plan, and it's kicking my butt! But I'm sticking with it, cuz Princess will be mad if I don't - and cuz I NEED TO. Must say - the cute-a$$ trainer in the morning doesn't hurt to look at first thing, either...

- I'm so sick of people crying and whining all the time at my job. It's insane. If life is that bad, quit and jump off a bridge. These people have NO perspective.

- My Mommy has been in a good mood lately. I love that.

- My maternal grandmother and I had a bit of a rift, but things are patched up now. I'm glad.

- I want cake. Don't know why, I just do.

- And danishes.

- Someone tried to challenge me AGAIN to find this obscure album on the net for free. Silly rabbits...don't they know I can find ANYTHING on the Innawebs?? My sources are unmatched!

- I need Riesling. And I don't want to wait.

- How f'n good is Brett Favre?? Geez...

- Big match-up this week - Giants vs. New Orleans! Now THAT'S the game of the week...

- Goat cheese? Yes, please!

- I have a shot glass, beer coaster and wine opener at my desk. What the hell message have I been giving my co-workers??

- Everyone here is all up in arms over a Swingers convention in town. They've rented out an ENTIRE Holiday Inn, and people are upset and it's all over the news. Who cares about them getting their freak on?? Geez!

- I wonder how many of you are or would be swingers...

- I've got food on my mind! Now I want chicken & waffles!

- I used to love "The New Zoo Revue".

- Can someone PLEASE pull the plug on BET??

- More later!

Yolanda said...

-Feel better Brooke! Get you some golden seal and make tea with it. My Grandmother swore by that stuff and she knew her herbs (no jokes ya’ll).

-Yes, Kobe is on my "I'd rather die in Death Valley than bone him" list. He looks like a rodent to me. Rameer knows I'm a card-carrying member of the Universal Kobe Haters Association though. Never liked him. Can't knock his hustle on the court though.

-I love the Ebony 500! They always have the good boogie food. Nothing rubs me worse that rubbery chicken and overly crunchy green beans.

-Went to the doc today for my belly. He says it was probably an intestinal bug that’s long gone, but he wants me to have a colonoscopy. Gulp!

-Jamie Foxx is promo’ing that Law Abiding Citizen movie pretty hard. I find when he does that, his movie sucks. Plus, he made a point to say F. Gary Gray came on with just 6 weeks to get the thing together. Not the best advertisement for a flick. Let’s see if my theory holds true.

-I went to the best haunted house last weekend and a corn field maze with my peeps. I’m taking my little cousins this weekend. Hope I don’t scare the bejeebus outta them. I’m not much of a cusser, but the first room of the haunted house elicited the loudest OH SHITTTT ever!

-Can I quit my job yet? I’m so unfocused.

-Went to my homeowner meeting last night, found out ground floor 2 condos in the building across from mine were broken into. So much for living amongst the “Ebony 500.” Someone’s rims AND tires were stolen… these fools left the car on blocks. Haters. Just haters.

-LMAO at the nurse this morning… she puts me on the scale and was totally wrong guessing my weight. She gasps and says “you must be solid as a rock!” Hells yea girl! No one ever guesses correctly. I must be all muscle. (ok, I just laughed inside at that)

-Still want a dog. I found a cute dog in the Pottery Barn catalog. I ripped out the picture and put it on my vision board. I’m pressed.

-I’m a nerd. I found the best free theme for my new Blackberry and actually did a little happy dance.

-I’m obsessed with the Frankie Beverly tribute CD. Ledisi? HOT FIRE!

-The Mike Tyson interview scared me. Did anybody else think he might hop up and punch Oprah randomly for s&g’s? He MUST be heavily medicated. He seems like he’s stifling his emotions. Just cry and get it out.

-I want to go to a Halloween party. All these friggin costume parties I went to this year, I’ve got an afro wig, a she-devil costume, a 60s costume and some fly white Cowboy cheerleader looking boots. Where am I gonna wear these things to? (besides role play…LMAO) Have a party somebody!

-Can we see Sophia? Or maybe I’m just the only one who hasn’t seen a pic. I feel like I know her. She’s my blog/tase buddy.

-Back to the slave ship... I mean, work.

Serena W. said...

What a day...filled with meetings. But you know's Thursday!

I finally got my office (woooo)!

Can I just climb into bed when I get home tonight. They are having heating issues in my apartment building. I have 3 blankets on last night! what the...

Mom is getting there everyone, thanks for your prayers. One day at a time.

I had a challenging week, I have felt both empowered and emotionally spent all at the same time.

I had a great 10k on Saturday morning at a beautiful park!

So much for going back out there on a beautiful 70+ degree day. Old man winter is here.

I need to go sweater shopping ASAP!

A pair of fresh timbs won't hurt either!

Going to see my sister Shavonn next weekend, my nephew Dontae and a cousin I never met before that looks just like us (exciting).

Time to go back to work...

annamaria said...

I gotta download some recent pics of her & send them out!! I'll make sure to get ur email address from Brooke & send them to you too Yolanda.
She said to tell you that you guys are buddies & doesn't really even want to tase you!!! ; )

Yolanda - don't tase me bro said...

Word on the curb is Sophia is packin' a taser in her Huggies!

But ya'll ain't heard that from me.

Serena W. said...

Yolanda where are you living at these days? Crazy!

We need to hang out for happy hour soon, Monday nights at Marvins on 14th street is off the chain!

Brooke feel better.

Time to wrap the day up, everyone have a good one!

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

I'm late, but I couldn't resist.

-its fall, and I'm all about it. Less daylight, lower temps. Love it!

-why do people hit "reply all" just to say "ok" or "thanks?". Really, you gotta inform the whole thread?

-if you ever have to go in an apple store, its kinda surreal. The workers are almost too cool. Everything is bright and there are toys everywhere!

-i heard good things about the Tyson documentary. Im renting that as we speak.

-im falin outta love with ATL. Other cities are starting to romance me big time.

And with that, here's DMoe's playluist for this week:

NDambi/Can't hardly wait. Funky, soulful fresh R-B. Her new album is gettin buzz, but this song stood waaaay out.
You know you love a song when you start imagining the chick singin it live. I'm checking my local listings.

Terence Blanchard/Choices. Newest jazz release from an excellent musician. Need some music to chill to? Get this one, and listen up. Dr. Cornel West is droppin science on a few tracks.

Prince/She's always in my hair.
ITunes re-released the 12" single for Raspberry Beret and this dynamite joint was the B-side. Geniusly crafted jam.

Leon Ware/Learning how to Love you.
Leon is the songwriter that GAVE Marvin Gaye his entire "I want you" album. Every single song. After giving it up, Leon worked up another album and this song is one of the gems from that follow-up.
A few years later, Leon Ware was the pen and paper behind much of Maxwell's "Urban Hang Suite". Enjoy.

Stay thirsty my friends.

Yolanda said...

Serena... I'm in Largo/Bowie (where the pseudo-bougie who have wanna be thug teenage children live).

MARVIN? I am SO down for that!

Sign me up.

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