Friday, October 9, 2009

TGIF everyone!

When I woke up, I still hadn't had a blog topic to share today. As always, I was listening to the radio, and something they were discussing sounded like it might make for an interesting discussion. Until I turned on the tv...

Barack Obama won what??

I felt this overwhelming feeling of pride and happiness for him. I always imagined that he'd win one over the course of his political career...but wow! So soon?

I waited to hear what he had actually won for - not that I didn't think he deserved it - I just wanted to hear why the prize was awarded to him.

Headlines read:

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples," the Norwegian Nobel Committee said, citing his outreach to the Muslim world and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.

The stunning choice made Obama the third sitting U.S. president to win the Nobel Peace Prize and shocked Nobel observers because Obama took office less than two weeks before the Feb. 1 nomination deadline. Obama's name had been mentioned in speculation before the award but many Nobel watchers believed it was too early to award the president

Ah...let the hate begin.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think it can be a fair question to ask what he's done to deserve it. He's got 9 months under his belt, and it's a bit premature to determine if he's lived up to his "Yes We Can" speeches. We have every right to question what he's done for the United States.

But what I believe he's done for the WORLD is much greater. I think people underestimate just how powerful a little HOPE is. The world is watching him, not just us. His success here is just as important to the citizens of the world as it is for the citizens of the United States. Why? Because he represents more than just a leader of a country. He presents what can happen and what can be overcome with courage and faith. He represents hope and change for ALL people, not just us.

Some are saying he won because of his extraordinary speech to the U.N. This may be true. His speech called on us all to accept and work with people all over the world. His message was that ALL people matter, regardless of race or religion, and that we should work together to be great citizens of the world. Yes, he's a rock star in Europe. They adore him in Africa, obviously. But isn't that how it SHOULD be?

Bush never went out of his way to work with anyone but his wealthy cronies, alienating everyone else in the process, bulldozing his way around the world - diplomacy be damned. I guess the Oslo committee recognizes that President Obama's heart is in the right place - and now they're calling on him to live up to his promise of mutual interest and respect.

But aren't we ALL doing that? Isn't that what we wanted him to do BEFORE he was awarded this prize? Sure, I *heart* President Obama (never get tired of saying or hearing that) just as much as the next person. But I do want him to live up to his promise of change - and I have no doubt that he will. We were already calling on him to be great, so whether he received this honor prematurely or not, he knows that he has a great responsibility to live up to everything that he is. He knows that he has to CONTINUE to be great. And he knows the world is watching. That burden of expectation has never changed.

Some are saying that the prize has become politicized, and I wonder now if Pres. Obama feels that receiving this award would somehow be a liability. But in his speech this morning, he graciously and humbly accepted the award as a call to action and to someday to be worthy of the company he now keeps.

What people (read: haters) fail to realize is that this award was given for what he represents and is striving to well as what he has already done.

What has he done?

He has transformed a whirlwind of despair into a warm and reviving breeze of hope. In the shifting sands of time and the uncertainties that darken our days, he accepted the challenge to walk a path in his life without the fatigue of pessimism, and he carries the weight of our fears on his shoulders. He has mastered fear through faith - yet doesn't offer us an illusion of a life that is exempt from challenges. Rather he instills in us the inner equilibrium needed to face challenges, burdens and fears that inevitably will come. He assures us that through our own personal responsibility (and belief in a trustworthy God), all of these challenges can and will be met. This award is aspirational, and all those who hate on him day in and day out don't get it.

Here's the reality. Hate and bitterness can never cure fear - but faith can. Hatred paralyzes life, but faith releases it. Hatred confuses life - faith and hope harmonize it. Hatred darkens life. Only love and hope can illuminate it. Barack Obama has the cosmic sustenance needed to remind us that our goal is not to be rid of fear and hatred, but to harness and master it. The confrontation of it grants him power to reach across the American "skyline" into all corners of the world. He was rewarded for the message he sends and the ideals he represents - that our success in life isn't individual - or American. He shares this award with all of us around the world, as our actions and practices have to bring about the outcome we ALL desire, not just what we want him to do for US. His star is already bright, and becomes brighter through right actions. Rather than try to dim his light, we should congratulate him and celebrate with him so that it does not lose it's glow.



momo925 said...


momo925 said...


Anonymous said...

darn it mommo925 I almost had it.Now I'LL read the blog. I need to borrow anamaries tazer.HAHAHA

DMoe said...

Why on God's green earth is SHE first...????

Good grief.

Meanwhile, very well-said Brookey.
The haters are flying all over this one.

Sometimes, a man's "vision" can be just as refreshing and inspirational as the treaties being signed on certain levels.

That's me acknowledging the very little "literal" progress that has been made to this point, but maybe....MINDS are being changed across the world based on some new ideals being brought forth. Those minds may be able to move forward and shape the future based on the original thoughts expressed by our 44th president.

I think THAT deserves a "peace" prize within itself.


Anonymous said...

Mr. President, I'm happy for you and I'm gonna let you finish but Nelson Mandela was the best Peace Prize winner of all time!

Congrats Mr. President!


Brooke said...

LOL!! That was funny :)

Anonymous said...

Maaaaan Stop it.

Mahatma Gandhi was Nominated 5 Time...FIVE TIMES!!! (like the Madd Rapper.."this my 4th Album Yo...MY FOURTH ALBUM!!!!) Laughing)....& He Never ONe A NObel Peace Prize....C'mon Maan Let's Be For Real..You Can't Telll Me ur First Reaction Wasn't The Scooby Doo Voice in ur Brain.... or Maybe Not...That was just my initial reaction...

My Name Is Jafar J. Martin....& I approve of this message (laughing)...Hey Brookey..Saw ur link on Facebook....just givin an initial response to the news. Later peeps

Annamaria said...

The minute I heard the news this morning I knew this would be todays blog topic!!! I'm soo proud of my prez!!!! :)

Momo's gettin tased!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie I got your back..but if you EVER EVA EVA EVA call me anamarie again I will have to tase you too!!

Have a great weekend everyone...And hopefully my lil girl will feel better after getting 3 needles today!!! :(

Brooke said...

Jafar!!! You finally commented.

And you didn't even comment to clear the air about webcamming the homies! Sucka!! LOL!!

I hear you, I know alot of people had that reaction. When I heard it, I was like "really?? for what?" And once I heard what it was, I was like "ok, cool!"

I don't think there's anything wrong with questioning why, but I celebrate it nonetheless because I always felt he'd get one anyway one day. So hey, like he said himself, he may no deserve it now, but he will deserve it one day - and he can use it as yet another motivation to do and be greater.

Sorry Sophia isn't feeling well Annamaria :( Give her kisses for me!

Anonymous said...

"So hey, like he said himself, he may not deserve it now, but he will deserve it one day - and he can use it as yet another motivation to do and be greater."

For real?

You receive the most prestigious award known to man, KNOW you don't deserve it and then use it as motvation?

He would have won it eventually but receiving it now devalues it because he doesn't deserve it.

Sort of like giving Michael Jackson a Grammy for "Ben" in hopes that someday he will make "Thriller".....just saying.

Anonymous said...

Let's be real folks, the Nobel Peace Prize is usually awarded for SUBSTANTIVE accomplishments. Please tell me what our President done to deserve such a prestigious honor?

Now I know he was awarded the prize because of his stance against nuclear proliferation and his goal to extend a friendly hand to the Islamic world. But the last time I checked we are still at WAR! Did he win it because he is the war out of one Islamic country and bringing it to another? That’s not peace in my book. As a matter of fact, Dr. King and Mohandas Gandhi are both rolling over in their graves right now in disgust. They actually put their stance of peace into action - resistance to tyranny through mass civil disobedience. They didn’t just TALK about it; they LIVED it! They provided us with ACTION which lead to their accomplishments. Someone please provide me with clarity?

Brooke said...

Well, personally, I think he was trying to downplay it, but let me ask you this. If the award was given for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people" - are you saying he didn't do that? He DIDN'T make the effort YET? Or are you saying he didn't ACCOMPLISH that yet?

To me, that's like saying MLK, Jr. didn't deserve it because he hadn't YET SEEN or LIVED to see the promised land, even though all of his EFFORTS were for US to see it. I'm not saying Barack Obama got hosed down or lynched, but MLK's EFFORTS helped to make it possible that Barack Obama could even BE the President.

Just like DMoe said "a man's "vision" can be just as refreshing and inspirational as the treaties being signed."

If the President can influence change, just as MLK did, isn't that worthy of some praise.

It's not like they said they gave him the award because he's GOING TO cure cancer...they gave him the award for his EFFORTS as a leader to unite the world through international diplomacy.

Anonymous said...

I am not saying that President Obama isn’t capable of providing us with action. As a matter of fact, I honestly believe he is a man of great integrity and character. Sure he has a great vision and offers hope. Yes he is a great motivator and inspires the masses. But I know some mentors and motivators in the hood who are just as moving. They just do it on a different level. Am I missing something?

Stef said...

I don't think he simply switched the war from one islamic country to another. I think he switched it from a country that DIDN'T attack us to the one that DID. While I agree that we should end the wars, you can't let our attackers go unpunished either. He can't just say, "okay, come home now, war is over" - that has to be done slowly. And he's always said that there is a timeline involved, but that that was and is his intent. But everyone is expecting our president to undo 8 years of a mess in 9 months, and that's not fair. Over 2000 people were killed on 911, are you saying we forget that? I think we've lost sight of who we were fighting under Bush, and now Barack is bringing some focus...and he'll end all the wars and while trying to gain the respect of the world in doing it.

Brooke said...

As for mentors in the hood - sure, they may be doing it on a different level, but they're not doing it on the HIGHEST level. Speaking to kids and speaking to the world are both honorable - just on different levels. Bringing crips and bloods together is noble just as bringing Christians and Muslims together together is - it's just done on different scales. What you're missing is whta you said yourself - the highest award (not sure known to man, but I get what you're saying) - so he received an award on par with the level. One could even argue that bringing AMERICANS together enough to vote him into office was a feat in and of itself. He's the first Black President! Martin's efforts made that possible, just as Obama's efforts will do the same in the future.

Brooke said...

excuse all my typos! :)

Anonymous said...

Some praise? yes. The Nobel Peace Prize? No. MLK got his for what he did, not for what he talked about doing. President Obama is considering sending 50,000 more troops into Afghanistan......peace?

Annamaria said...

I think we are forgetting what he said from the begining. He is fixing YEARS of problems. Things aren't going to get better overnight. Shit if FUCKED UP.. but he's made more effort in 9 months than I've ever seen any president make in my lifetime. How many countries are now talking to us that weren't 10 months ago???
Give my president some credit!!!!

P.S. Brooke you can ALWAYS come give Sophia kisses know since you haven't met her.. you know in the whole 2 months she's been alive..(slight guilt trip..LOL)

Anonymous said...

"But everyone is expecting our president to undo 8 years of a mess in 9 months, and that's not fair."

I agree! but thats also the reason that he didn't deserve this award.

Anonymous said...

"One could even argue that bringing AMERICANS together enough to vote him into office was a feat in and of itself."

Or one could argue that the last 8 years under that fool Bush was enough to bring American's together...depends on your perspective.

Anonymous said...

Sure shit is fucked up and he's trying to un-fuck it however, the countries that are talking to us now USED to talk to us when Clinton was in office.....Does Obama get credit for that too?

Brooke said...

In this racist ass country? I don't take that feat lightly. There are ALOT of racists out there who didn't vote for him, no matter WHAT Bush did.

Annamaria, I was waiting to be invited!! Most people give you a time period for when you can come see the baby because they don't want to expose the baby to people and their germs. Since I'll be in NY this weekend, I'll stop by to see her...if that's okay?! Let me know!

Anonymous said...

Sure there were and there were a lot of racists out there that DID....

KB said...

Bringing Americans together? Are we all talking about the USA? The last time I check this country is MORE racially divided since President Obama has been in office.

They hate him! But that's another conversation. The question was: what did he do to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? In my opinion, the Nobel committee was premature with their decision. I feel he needed more accomplishments.

Brooke, I'm signing this KB so you can know who it is. :-)

Annamaria said...

Brooke NO ONE has waited to see her but I'll give you a pass..LOL

We'll be home all weekend except Sunday afternoon. AND I'm cooking all weekend... ; )

Anonymous said...

I agree KB. Now they can ask the same questions as we are, "What did he do to deserve this?" If the committee had waited he undoubtedly would have give a myriad of valid reasons to award him this prize but at thii point, it is premature.

Brooke said...

I know who you are :) I know who everyone is :)

All I'll say is this - we can either bitch and moan and complain that he was given the award, prematuraly or not, or we can accept it and allow him to continue on his mission. If you feel he deserved it, great. If you feel he didn't deserve it, give him a chance to earn it. Let's have this discussion in 8 years and then wonder if he should have received it or not.

The Cable Guy said...

B, I agree. All these people out there are mad at what? That he got an award that we all knew he would get ANYWAY? If MJ would have gotten a Grammy for Ben, and then made Thriller, would we be mad? Give the man a break. And are you mad at Barack, or the committee? He didn't give the award to himself, they gave it to him. And yes, he could have turned it down. But instead, he's taking it as a call to action.

We're crying about fuckin Taylor Swift and "poor girl" and she didn't have her moment when SHE SHOULDN't have won. But Barack is a man who has done so much already in the way of bringing folks together, which is what he was given the award for, and we're giving HIM a hard time. Really?

I guess Kanye should run up on stage now right? Gimme a fuckin break. Let the man have it. He'll earn it. He already had to earn it, prize or no damn prize!

Anonymous said...

My question is WHAT HAS HE DONE???? Everyone keeps saying he has brought us together, I disagree! This world is more divided than ever. No one can outline what he has done.

The Cable Guy said...

Okay, so like Brooke said, do you think MLK deserved it? He made speeches, had sit ins, and still got put in jailed. He got hosed down. He got MURDERED. He received the prize for his EFFORTS.

And he didn't do it alone. MLK got a peace prize cuz ROSA PARKS didn't get up. He didn't start that by himself. Just as Barack isn't trying to unite the world on his own. We're no more divided now than we were 60 years ago...yet we gave a peace prize to MLK. It's not like we had equality when he was alive, or even when he died. He never saw his efforts realized. The key word here is EFFORT. He made efforts, just in different ways, like YOU say. Barak is making efforts, by traveling the world, meeting with leaders, talking to them, LISTENING to them, making great speeches, just like MLK did.

We hold him to a different standard, simply because we see him as great...and because he's black. If Clinton had won in his first 9 months, people wouldn't be sayin shit about it! But because it's Barack? He has to fly first, whereas any other man could simply walk. This man practically gets called a nigger everyday - just not in that exact term, they call his wife a whore, a terrorist, they disrespect him on national tv during a speech! The fact that he even wanted to take on this mess is admirable. Hell, I say give him more fuckin awards and medals, cuz no other president is being judged or has been judged this way, if for no other reason than them being white. He is criticized and has been since day 1! Not giving him any chance, PRAYING for him to fail, yet when he wins this, all we can do - BLACK AND WHITE - probably US mostly - is criticize him? Take it up with Oslo, not Barack. He's a fuckin man...and he received the award and accepted it. Ask Oslo what he's done and let the man live!

Brooke said...

The sad thing is people are using this as another reason to attack the if he needed another one. Those who hate on are giddy today, simply because they feel they have another reason to - whether it's justified or not. They're attacking the President today for being given an award - when if they disagree - they should be attacking the committe.

He could have refused it, but to me, I think ACCEPTING it took just as much courage, because he's saying now that I have this, I will add this to the list of reasons why I HAVE to succeed - although he always had to. He's taking on the responsibility instead of shying away from it - just as a courageous man of integrity would.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

I know I am mad late. But if you ask me in this blog... naw... I think he didn't deserve it yet. It's not a bad thing to admit that. It's not an attack on his character or who he is... it's just the truth as some people see it.

Now if you ask me this same question in public... I might punch a few folk in the throat for even suggesting that he doesn't deserve it. What I know is he definitely doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting. I think this is probably the most disrespected president ever

Anonymous said...

First and foremost I think the President has done a marvelous job thus far and I am glad to see that he plans on donating the 1.4 million in prize money to charity. I have to agree that at this stage in his career and his overall contribution to the world, it may be a by premature to award him the nobel peace prize! If we are to award people on potential then we might as well give out awards prematurely on all levels! I don't mean to trivialize his accomplishment with the following example but did Lebron James win the Mvp award on his potential or did he have to go out and prove and give tangible results as to why he should be awarded the mvp. Just my 99 cents worth.


Anonymous said...

You get an award for what you've done, plain and simple. By his won admission, the President received this award prematurely. He did not earn it YET, so he should not have received it YET.

The Cable Guy said...

So, just so I understand, who do you have beef WITH? The President, or the committee who awarded him the prize? None of y'all are saying the prize is political. None of y'all are saying they award the prize to those with liberal views. None of y'all are saying they give the prize only to Democratic presidents. All y'all are saying is he didn't deserve it. You sound like the rest of the pundits and right wings maniacs out there who are making it HIS fault he won. Take it up with Oslo, not HIM.

**crabs in a f*ckin barrell!***

Accomplishments are relatives. He didn't earn it based on what Y'ALL think? The committee felt he was worthy, so who cares what anyone else thinks. They said they gave him the award because of his EFFORTS to unite the world thru diplomacy. Are y'all saying he didn't DO that? He didn't make ANY EFFORTS? They said they gave him the award because he changed the climate of diplomacy thru his efforts and the messages he sends. Are y'all saying he didn't do that? If you are, you're all a bunch of delusional haters who have nothing better to do than complain. Just like B said, we can either complain about it - which gets us NOWHERE - or we can celebrate it as a call to action on a President who already has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I choose to congratulate him and move on and let him lead the country. You all can keep *BITCHIN* that he didn't deserve it while sitting still.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Wow Cable Guy... you taking this a little personal. Don't people have their right to disagree or agree with topics that Brooke posts? Why we gotta be Bitchin just because we exercised the opinion that we think the award is Premature. And why we gotta be crabs in a barrell??? No one is running up to the man and snatching his award. No one is gonna stop him from getting it... not stop him from being President. I voted for him and will vote for him again tomorrow... however if I were on the panel for picking Nobel Peace Prize winners... I probably would not have... What's wrong with that?

Anonymous said...

Cable guy, I didnt have a problem with him at all. The man didn't deserve the award. Point Blank!NOW my problem is with you! I desagree with you so I'm a hater? And somehow that makes you better than me? Do I not have the right to say and believe whatever I want even if it differs from what you say and believe? YOU choose to congratulate him and I CHOOSE to disagree with the award. Either way WE BOTH have that right. In a way you are WORSE than your so called "haters." You cant see past your own nose. Go figure it out and get back to me ok?

The Cable Guy said...

I didn't say I was better than anyone, especially not someone who hides behind being anonymous.

And you all have a right to your opinion, but you're stating your opinions like fact. You say he didn't deserve it - that's your OPINION, so stop stating it like it's fact. Some believe he does, some believe he doesn't. You said
"the man doesn't deserve the award." That was stated like a fact. The only person who said it was his opinion was KB and he blamed it on the committee. THAT makes sense. If you want to say you have a right to your opinion, state your opinion LIKE an opinion.

There...I got back to you..."anonymous"

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Cable Guy... now you're analysing blog conversation... interesting. Well if you read my comments a little closer you will see I clearly wrote "I Think" he didn't deserve it. I think that qualifies that statement as my opinion... but maybe I'm just a little slow.

And bitchin and participating in a blog conversation are two different things. You seem to bitchin at others for having an "opinion" different then yours. But that's my opinion. :-)

BTW..this blog stuff is not that serious to me... so if you read anything in my tone that seems like anything other then a discussion..that would not be true. More of a debate.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

BTW.. I'm gonna step back and let Cable Buy and Anonymous Beef. Y'all seemed to have made this ish personal. (Getting lawn chair and getting out some twizzlers:)

The Plumber said...

It was stated the way I stated it, how you take it is your problem. I'll say it again so that maybe it penetrates, HE DOESN"T DESERVE THE AWARD. Still stated the same way and still my opinion. BTW, no hiding here partner, after all I'm sure your mother named you "The Cable Guy." I'll give you my name though, I'm the Plumber.

Can I get a Twizzler too? Thanks!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Hee Hee... OK Cable guy... he kinda got ya there with the name thing! LOL

The Cable Guy said...

oh look, the Plumber has a groupie.

Well, I say he DOES deserve it, so you take that you how you want - let THAT penetrate.

end of discussion....Plumber.

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