Monday, October 5, 2009

My Celebrity Crushes!

Happy Monday everyone!

They've been working me to death since I got in! Sorry for the delay, but hey - better late than never right?...maybe? :)

First things first - Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world! MY SISTER! I love you Nicole - my life is blessed because you are in it!

So yes, I'm still swooning after my wonderful weekend. For those of you who are not my friends on Facebook, you missed my status updates telling everyone how much I had a great time at the Maxwell concert Saturday night with my mom. While I wasn't quite close enough to throw my panties on the stage, trust me when I tell you - I thought about it :) Good thing Ma Dukes was with me to keep me sane, otherwise I might have tried it. I have a good arm...they just might have made it to the stage :)

Celebrity crushes should usually end by age 18, if not sooner. But some celebrity crushes have managed to creep up on me well into my adulthood. Maxwell is definitely one of them. I mean...I'd have his baby - a whole GANG of his snotty nosed, rusty behind chi'rens! I realize this may mean I have to share him with Yolanda, but so be it. That man just moves me - and I'm not alone in my shame :)

But Maxwell isn't the only man that moves me when it comes to celebrities. Since my head is still in the clouds, I'll give you a list of my celebrity crushes - past and present.

Childhood Celebrity Crushes

- My first crush - and one that continues to this day - was Michael Jackson. He moonwalked into my heart at the age of 10 as he performed on the Motown 25th Anniversary Special. I've been in love ever since...and my heart still misses him.

- Prince. I loved him because he could walk in heels, wear eyeliner and do splits. I didn't realize at such a young age I was taken with a FREAK! I don't think I understood what I was looking at back in the 80's, but as a full grown woman, I can TOTALLY appreciate it NOW! I'd tear his little ass UP!

- Ralph Tresvant. I know, I know...not cool now. But back THEN? Man listen. Childhood crushes are usually void of the gaydar response, so his fruity singing voice and jheri curl didn't come off as "sissy" to me - just cool! But then again, their voices were changing since they were kids give me a pass :)

- Theo Huxtable aka Malcom Jamal Warner. Now, I put Theo instead of MJW because I didn't actually have a crush on MJW - I was in love with the CHARACTER Theo. I could separate the two back then...and I can now. Malcom Jamal Warner is SO NOT sexy to me on his own - and definitely not as an adult. But Theo was adorable!

- Will Smith. Now, he's yummy as a young'n AND as an adult - but in totally different ways. I adored his goofiness as a kid, but I LOVE his sexy as a grown ass man - big ears and all!

then...and now!

Adult Celebrity Crushes

- Maxwell. Nuff Said.

- Michael Jordan. I'd lick his chocolatey, bald head.

- Idris Elba. They just don't come any sexier than this African/Mandingo Brit. He's another man that simply moves me.

- Chiwetel Ejiofor. I don't think he gets his props enough - as an actor or a sex symbol. He's not your "average sexy man" - if there is such a thing - but he's another one who can get it!

- Denzel Washington. I love all his movies and think he's a wonderful actor - but I never really looked at him in that way until I met him after his performance on Broadway in Julius Caesar. He smiled at me, wrapped his arm around me to snap a pic - and I was in love. Just like that.

I could name a bunch more in the way of professional athletes, but we'd be here all day. Muscles and tight booties just do something to me!

White Boys

There are a few white boys who "could get it" - not many...but a few. They are:

- Clive Owen. I think I just love to hear him speak.

- Harry Connick, Jr. Don't ask me why, but he just does it for me. He makes me smile, and his smile is infectious!

- Hugh Jackman. He just seems like a big ole hunk of a man.

- Matthew McConaughey. He walks around shirtless, all tan and barefoot...with a great body! I bet he looks good a "surfer dude" kinda way!

- Gilles Marini. I thought he was cute in the Sex & The City movie, but he stole my heart on Dancing with the Stars...with his sexy French self! And he can really dance too!

- Wentworth Miller? I put a question mark next to his name because I think he has some black in him somewhere. But until I get his DNA report, I'll lump him in with the white boys...and jump on his ass!

Honorable mentions go to Heath Ledger (sexy ass crazy Joker!) and Ashton Kutcher!

Celebrity Girl Crushes

These are not necessarily crushes, but women that I'm friends with "in my head."

- Oprah. Goes without saying. Hate on her if you want to, but I'm sure being her friend comes with A LOT of perks!

- Penelope Cruz. She just seems so sweet to me, and I love her as an actress.

- Jada Pinkett Smith. She just seems like a cool chick to know right?

- Jill Scott. I heard she's a bitch in person, but I don't want to believe it. I met her once before she was "Jill Scott" and she was a sweetheart.

And my all time favorite couple to crush on! Barack and Michelle Obama!

Okay, that's it...I gotta go back to work!

Add yours! Go!



Anonymous said...

you are sooo late!!! can i be first then?? lol

Justbnme said...

First Bitches!

Brooke said...

I know, I'm mad late today! I had it ready to post this morning and then hit a little crisis for a show airing tonight! This day has been hell!

Yolanda said...

I might have to cut you for Clive Owen!

I don't even want to birth any babies but I'd drop a couple for Maxwell if he told me to. Whew! I hope he's not gay and fooling us. The man slithered across the stage like a snake and those freaky broads tried to feel him up old school style like the Jheri Curl lady on the Apollo. I would have grabbed the man package too!

Yolanda said...

Oooh, after being reminded of his fine-ness last night on TV One. Add Taimak to that list.

He's 45 and finer than when he was 19 in The Last Dragon.

TV should not make me feel some type of way...but it sure did yesterday.

Brooke said...

oh hell yes! Taimak was such a cutie! I have to check TV One!

I know Wentworth Miller is supposed to be gay, but I don't care! Fine as hell!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

I was not gonna post... but I couldn't resist this one... My all time biggest childhood crush was Janet Jackson.... Now when she played Charlene (Willis' Girlfriend on Different Strokes) I was quite smitten... but she put it on me in Pleasure Principle. to make it worse Donnie Simpson gave out her fan club address on BET... you know I wrote that heffa a 13 page note... loose leaf!!! I'm assuming that hit stalker pile.

Now I have a little crush on the lady that played Bernie Mac's Wife on his show. I also have a small one on Taraji P and her boughetto a$$!!! And my white girl crush is Charlise Theron (sp?)

Now those are the ones that I'll admit. These are the ones that will startle you!!

Eve... yes I love me some ghetto fabulous eve

Ellen Degeneres... she's funny and she can dance for a little white girl. Actually her wife could get it too!

Meg Ryan... I have no idea where that came from... but I do.

And my big girl crush... I love me some Moni'que

Brooke said...

I think all little boys...and big ones, had a crush on Janet Jackson.

And I also have to admit, I have a girl crush on Ellen too, she's funny as hell to me :)

Rameer said...

As the constant giver of entertainment truth, allow me to state - Ralph Tresvant is NOT, nor has he ever been linked to anything that can be remotely considered gay. I will have you to stop slandering New Edition members, thank you. The official N.E. Fruitiness title belongs to Johnny Gill and Johnny Gill alone. He and Eddie Murphy have been rubbing each other the right way for years.

The only person on your list actually linked to gayness, you didn't name - and it AIN'T Maxwell. But I won't say who...cuz I'm not bursting any bubbles or killing any dreams.

And Wentworth is completely white.

My crushes:

Salma Hayek
Jada Pinkett-Smith
Angela Bassett
Ananda Lewis
Elise Neal
Lucy Liu
Sanaa Lathan
Gabrielle Union
N'Bushe Wright
Jill Scott
Roselyn Sanchez
Meagan Good
Alicia Keys
Dania Ramirez
En Vogue (STILL)
Amanda Diva
Malinda Williams
Melyssa Ford
Vida Guerra
Claudia Jordan
Salli Richardson
Latoya London
Maggie Q
Ming Na
Erykah Badu
Dollicia Bryant
Kerry Washington
Sofia Vergara

White girl division:

Alyssa Milano
Hayden Panitierre
Kate Beckinsale
Monica Bellucci
Jessica Biehl
Jennifer Garner
Rhona Mitra
Nelly Furtado
Julia Stiles
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Brittany Daniel (Kelly on "The Game")
Rachel McAdams

And that's just off the top of the dome.


Brooke said...

You forgot Karrine Steffans Rameer :)

And I know Ralph isn't gay. What I meant by that is anyone who might come off as gay. For example, I didn't think MJ or Prince was gay growing up - and they probably aren't - but my younger cousins TOTALLY think they are based on how they act or speak. I think as kids, we just didn't really look at or care about that stuff.

Rameer said...

Yeah, we didn't care about that stuff. Hell, we didn't even care about the obvious gays - Elton John, George Michael (okay, he was bisexual until the 90s) and Boy George!

And Karrine Steffans DOES look good, and has a PHENOMENAL body. Hey, if we're being honest...

She's nice eye candy when she wants to be. I can post the gazillion music videos she was in to anyone who doubts it...lolz.

AH said...

DAAAANG Rameer.....that's a long behind list. I have a crush....and if I ever find him in a dark alley....the police reports will be ALL TRUE.....LOVED ME SOME JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. HE CAN GET IT! (who said that?)

Brooke said...

I like Justin too, but in a platonic way, not a "he can get it" type of way...but I think he's funny :)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Rameer... I think it may have been easier for you to name who you don't have a crush on.

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Also... not sure who gets "First Bitches" honors. Elizabeth was actually first.. but she didn't say it like she meant it. Just Being me said it... but then didn't write anything else after it.... No one else claimed it either. So I say all that to say.... FIRST BITCHES!!!!


Yolanda said...

Rameer has put some serious thought in that list. I don't even know that I KNOW that many people. Dayum.

Well, adding on to my crushes...
-->Maxwell (if you knew how much $ I've spent on his concerts in the last year, you'd report me to Suze Orman)
-->Prince (he was always my favorite in the MJ vs. Prince battle)
-->John Legend (hush your mouths)
-->Alonzo Mourning (loved him since 7th grade)
-->Dwight Howard (he's just a fine piece of man candy...he wouldn't even have to talk to me, just do the deed)
-->Jimmy Smits (yes lawd)
-->Benjamin Bratt
-->Robin Thicke (loved him since he was grungy-looking and just "Thicke")
-->Rahm Emanuel (don't laugh)
-->Lyor Cohen (I love those olive-skinned Jewish boys)
-->Anthony Mackie (I love his gap teeth)
-->Jay-Z (I'd just like to hang out with him and go shopping)
-->Beyonce & Rihanna (just want to be chummy so I can borrow clothes...not that I can actually WEAR them)
-->Ellen (I ALWAYS love her hair)

I literally laughed hysterically out loud at the 13 page loose leaf letter to Janet!


Ok. I heart you, cause you heart Prince. Seriously. He's my biggest (no pun intended) bestest (look it up) favorite artist in the whole wide world. I have almost all of his albulms, dvd's and fantasize about meeting the puple majesty...

I like any band or person that can cover a Prince tune/sing a Prince tune, or just scream like price.

I'll throw my panties and bra

LOL @ the name Wentworth.

Damn Rameer, you list is long, lol. Think you forgot some!!!

Brooke said...

Yolanda, I love your list! I laughed when I read Rahm Emanuel...and then laughed harder when I read "(don't laugh)" LMAO!

Pretty Ricky - you'd think they know the rules by now! That's why I named you the "mayor" - so you could regulate! Now get to regulating! :)

13 pages of loose leaf paper to write a letter...yeah, that was pretty funny :) I can totally see him doing that too :)

DC Diva - Prince is just deliciously sexy :)

Anonymous said...

What's funny about Rameer's list is that half of the women on it wear makeup and a weave :) lol

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