Monday, October 12, 2009

Good morning Blog Family!

I am off today, as AETN is recognizing Columbus Day as a company holiday this year. It doesn't happen every year, but they guarantee us 11 company holidays a year - so another "more important" holiday must've fallen on a weekend or something.

While most of us don't complain when we have an extra day off, it's still important to understand the holidays that we "celebrate." Outside of religious holidays, most of us don't give these days much thought. A past guest blogger, Ox, posted this on the SU Blackbook this morning and I'd like to re-post it here. Just in case you forgot who Christopher Columbus was....

Kids study dark side of Christopher Columbus:

http://www.tennesse 20091012/ NEWS04/910120337 /1970/Kids+ study+dark+ side+of+Christop her+Columbus

Don't be a flower pot head, and not tell your children the truth about this Christopher Columbus character. For more detail, read A People's History by Howard Zinn.

Here is the whole book online for free..

http://www.historyi saweapon. com/zinnapeoples history.html

And here is the chapter on Mr. Columbus:

http://www.historyi saweapon. com/defcon1/ zinncol1. html

- Ox

Thanks Ox!



DMoe said...

first Beeyotches!!!!!


Dmoe aka Firston Howell III

Rameer said...

Not much else to say...other than you won AGAIN in Fantasy football, Brooke-Ra...

Which literally means you're tied for FIRST since I lost this weekend...

Brooke said...


I keep forgetting to look! :)


I didn't get today off.... :(

the pirate said...

Serena W. said...

I have today off too but I remember when I was at Cuse we still had class because Syracuse is in Onondaga County which is Native American land. When I have kids I will teach them the truth as my Mom and schools taught me.

Being that I'm part native american (thanks Dad) it hit home even more listening to relatives take on history.

Teach the babies and each one teach one as their adults walking around that don't know the TRUE history.

That's my 10 cents, everyone have a great and productive week!

Ox thanks for making us think ;) peace!

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