Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

The sun and warm weather are back! Yay!

Miss Lylah Lylah sent this to me today and I wanted to share. I know we've all heard this before, but I never tire of it:

“You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.”~ Nelson Rockefeller.

- I think I'm going to try Fantasy Football again this year. Rameer created a league on Yahoo, but it sounds a bit complicated. I may just autodraft and figure it out along the way :-)

- I'm so happy football is back! I'm already scheduled to go to two games this year, one in the new Giants Stadium. Or should I call it the Meadowlands Stadium since they share it with the Jets? Whichever, I'm in there!

- Speaking of the Jets, is anyone watching Hard Knocks on HBO? Is it getting kinda boring, or is it just me?

- Wish I was going to the "Rock the Bells" concert this Saturday :-( I wanna see L-Boogie. Anyone got an extra ticket? ;-)

- I WILL be at Yankee Stadium for Jay-Z and Em though, can't wait!

- I'm sick of hearing about the "Ground Zero" mosque. Get over it people.

- I think Deebo loves us, which is why he keeps extending our training. He's a gem! Even though he DID tell me that the reason I haven't had a "real" boyfriend in 7 years is because I have a "smart mouf." The nerve.

- Wow, 7 years. That's crazy...not sure yet if that's a good or bad thing though.

- If you love Entourage, check DMoe's blog on!

- Don't forget to donate to Mo's page!

- Do we care if Shaq is supposedly dating "Hoopz?"

- On the radio this morning, the Hot 97 talent was asking why gay/lesbian people (read: Queen Latifah allegedly) don't come out already. Why do we care? Do we need the confession?

- My two new favorite fragrances: Versace's Bright Crystal and Armani's Aqua Di Gio for women. And I'm not a fragrance person - but I LOVE a great smelling man!

- To spin, or not to spin tonight? - that is the question.

- Two more beach weekends left, gotta make the most of them!

- Brian is back, and so is his Throwback Joint for today!




DMoe said...

First bitches!

WITH a Brookey shoutout!!



Stef said...

DMoe's ass has been MIA and now THIS? What the hell!?

DMoe said...

LOL Stef.

If you aint first, you last!

That's said with Love. L.O.V.E

The Fury said...

Would've been first but the damn word verification wasn't showing up. Some ol' bullshit!

since I'm not first let me randomize....

I only saw the first ep of Hardknocks. Not bad..has every week been "Where in the World is Revis?"

I'll visit the new meadowlands as well. It'll always be Giants stadium to me.

Why are rappers still messing with Kat Stacks? She's not cute, her body is fake and her voice is annoying...and oh yeah..she's a whore.

now Rosa Acosta...she's damn fine. (though her body is also fake).

The sun is out..great now I guess I have to go outside:-/

Anyone doing anything exciting Labor Day weekend? Anyone gonna be half naked on the parkway? I'll put on my bullet proof chest plate and come out to see you

@Brooke - next time tell Deebo that you have a smart mouf and you use it well too. That'll get him to thinking.

...actually maybe you should use that mouth on me then we can be sure that's a proper statement;-)

Stef said...

Dmoe, don't make me cut you!

Brooke and Monica have been training with Deebo for MONTHS. She HAS to look great! You guys have an awesome trainer!

How can I join this Fantasy League, or am I in over my head? There's still so much to learn about football, seems complicated. What is a touch back and a safety? That is my quiz for this week from my new man friend.

I love that Nas joint! Good one Brian! Glad you're back, even though we don't know where you went...or who you are :) LOL!

Who won the Miss Universe pageant the other night? It was Miss Universe right?

Where has Rameer been? He don't love Brooke no more.

I'm glad the sun is out again, all that rain had a sista depressed!

What's for lunch??

Brooke, I wanna go to see Rock the Bells and Jay and Em too. Where do you get all these tickets??

And you're going to 2 football games this year? You be doin it! LOL!

Brooke said...

Fury is being fresh again :)

I told Deebo that I only have a smart mouf wiff him, not a dude I'm dating. I use my mouf for GOOD when I'm dating, not evil :)

@Stef, I gots to get it in! Can't be sitting around doing nothing :)

You get tickets at Ticketmaster :)

Kat Stacks...she's still around?

Do men like fake bodies? Breasts? Asses? Lips? stuff like that?

Hard Knocks was interesting at first when it was about Revis - now, not so much. It's slowing down for me.

DMoe said...


Here's what I am:

- Excited: cuz football is one more week away.

-Smiling: cuz B shouted out my blog.

- Sleepy: cuz I was up watching "Hard Knocks"...I think its a well-done show. The excitement goes up/down, but its all good.

- Hungry: cuz I'm thinking about the Catfish Po-boy i got waitin for me in the fridge.

- Antsy: cuz I got a fantasty football draft with the homies tonight at a sportsbar. We do it big renting out the back room, projector, and of course "libations".

Here's the DMoe playlist:

1. Usher/Hot Tottie
2. Kanye West/Power
3. Mary J Blige/MJB da MVP
4. Laid Back/White Horse
5. Carl Thomas/I Wish
6. Wrecks N Effect/Rump Shaker
7. Hall & Oates/I can't go for that
8. Mystikal/Shake it Fast
9. Jade/Don't Walk Away
10. Tracey Lee/The Theme

Blow the dust off of these:

2Pac - I Get Around

Luther Vandross - Superstar/until u come back to me

The Boys - Dial My Heart

Johnny Gill/Stacy Lattisaw - Where do we go from here

Curtis Mayfield - Eddie you should know better

Stay thirsty.

Stef said...

Damn, DMoe dug in the crates for those last ones! Forgot all about The Boys.

Sports bar? projector? I don't even know what a fantasy league is - why do you need a projector?

I think I'll pass til next year on the fantasy league :)

Cat fish po boy - what the hell is that? Sounds like some ole southern stuff! But it sounds GOOD!

Brooke said...


It's a catfish sandwich on a hoagie roll (my Philly just came out) :-)

At least that's what it looked like when I was in Nawlin's. That's got NOLA boy written all over it! :)

As for the fantasy league, you might learn football faster that way by playing Stef.

Serena W. said...


The Boys - Dial My Heart was the ish DMoe!


Great time in NYC. My godson was born on a Thursday and my other friend had her baby the next day!

I got to love up on both boys Sunday. God my bio clock was off the charts!

Went to an African Drumming Summit on Saturday and got ALOT of love from dancers and drummers that knew both my parents.

Then I reunited with a friend that I haven't seen since 10! We've been talking every day ever since! (And he's cute...hey now)!

My Aunty kidnapped me and made me get a mani/pedi! I love her!

Labor Day weekend will be spent in Vegas! AHHHHHHHHHHH!

Gotta get pool time in before it shuts down next weekend.

Stay tuned for some good things coming your way from yours truly on the writing front!

I want a catfish po'boy!

Heading to the waterfront today after a 2 hour meeting! Oy!

Hitting the beach the weekend after labor day to see my sister and nephew! Yippppeeeee!

I had to pull out Neyo--Because of You cd this morning. Banger!

BRB, gotta grub!

Annamaria said...

Serena: Have a blast in Vegas. Stay close to the pool cuz it's HOT AS ALL HELL OVER
GO to the oxygen bar & the club in NY NY... Women get free shots!!:)

PO Boy Samich...Def

My baby was up til 11pm last night. When I told her to go to sleep she shook her head no...WHEN can I start legally giving her ambien??? LOL

Looking forward to Brookie's party...

Work has been sooo hectic lately. This economy SUCKS.. although the more it sucks the longer I have a job

Started my wedding excercise program.. Ms. Nay has been dieting for a few weeks now & looks spectacular. Skinny Bitch..LOL

The Fury said...

@Brooke _ I can't help but get fresh with you. It just happens naturally.

Oh yeah how dare I try to feed you a comeback. You have a smart mouf!

Do men like fake bodies? It depends on how it looks and feels. When I see this...

I'm not thinking ewww fake. I'm thinking "GeezuzCrizzmus!"

Jay said...

hey everyone.

I agree Brooke, Hard Knocks is getting slow, but like DMoe said, it goes up and down. Well done, this one just isn't as good as previous.

Reading po boy sandwich made me hungry.

Brooke, Deebo keeps training y'all cuz he loves you both and secretly wants to HIT! LOL! Kidding, whatever his reasons, it works in your favor, so keep it up! You look smashing!

Brooke, do you need a date for any of these games/concerts? I volunteer to be your escort :)

Hoopz? Isn't that the chick from Flavor Flav? Really? Shaq is playing himself if that's true.

If you need a confession from The Queen, then something is wrong with you. We knew that back at Set It Off.

I wear Aqua Di Gio for men - Brooke, do you approve?

I need a new phone.

Stef, play fantasy football.

Annamaria said...

I wanna join a fantasy football league so get it done..:)

Brooke said...

@Jay, I approve :) LOVE that scent!

I missed Serena when she was here, I was in Philly :(

Serena, come to the pleasure party if you're in town that weekend!

I'm all for new friends btw ;)

I haven't been to Vegas in a MINUTE. Have a great time Serena - you deserve it!

Because of You IS a banger! love Ne-Yo.

What food should I provide for the pleasure party? Any suggestions?

Brooke said...


I'll ask Rameer if you can join. I'm sure he'll say yes for you ;)

Serena W. said...

I'm going for a wedding Annamaria! I will stay by the pool and have a list of things to do. I'm going to see Carlos Santana and there is a tribute show to Prince! I'm going to have a rack of fun!

Getting for a wonderful (2) hour meeting (sigh).

I should go running tonight vs. going to the waterfront...thoughts?

Brooke go spinning!

I wanna go shopping on someone else's dime? Any takers?

My contract runs out September 30th and I'm not even worried for some reason.

DC area if you hear of anything hit me up. I'll send you a resume.

May need to work back the LOFT though (self control)!

Or how about Nine West Outlet...trouble!

Listening to Lala Hathaway's cd titled Self Portrait! Da Bomb!

Anyway I'll check in later!

Serena W. said...

I don't think I'll be in town for the party. Have fun though.

The Fury said...

Food at the pleasure party...oh I'm not even going to start....

Hoopz is a bad little something, but...

..wasn't she messing with Dwyane Wade?

Hate that I always gotta think about it when I type Dwyane Wade.

Tiger hitting well...ahh to get new pu$$y after the divorce must be freeing. If I knew Tiger I'd send a slew of porn actresses to his house with the message...

"Put it in the hoooooooooooooooole!"

Stef said...

Tiger was getting new p*ssy BEFORE his divorce! LOL!!

I want cookies.

Jaz said...

I think Fury should come to the Pleasure Party :) We need him to test the toys out :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Hi everyone!

@ Stef - I've not been on the blog for 2 reasons: (1) been crazy busy with work, and (2) the few times I've pooped on here, I saw a pedophile video (little girl "dancing") and a naked DUDE.

Er...NO. Not much for me to contribute to the blog on those 2 topics. I was disturbed by both images...figured I'd bow out and let y'all discuss.

My Random Thoughts:

- school starts this week at SU. Gosh, I wish I could rewind time and relive my college years...

- Team USA looks good with D.Rose and Durant being the leaders. Those kids are THE TRUTH and they think and act *the right way*...

- I still refuse to miss an episode of "Jersey Shore"...

- I literally think grown-ass Black men who are proudly proclaiming "I think I'm Big Meech - Larry Hoover!!" are complete imbeciles. No exceptions at all.

- I don't like Rick Ross in the least bit. At all.

- This headache better go on 'head...shoot!

- Allergies are acting up. I need to buy some alfalfa...

- Brooke-Ra...the fantasy league is no more complicated than last year's! In fact, it's EASIER. Trust me. Don't autodraft unless you have to - better to pick your players. Just don't pick a bunch of players from the same team. 3 players at max from the same team for your entire roster. The point is to have a wide variety of good players.

You can read up on tons of stuff. In fact, go to our draft page, and cycle through the tabs - tons of tools to help you evaluate and do a good job.

- My girlfriend has given up - she knows Madden owns me at night. She just makes me get ready for bed before I play so I can just hop in bed afterwards.

- Catfish...mmm...

- That Rosa Acosta page nearly gave me a heart attack DAYUM!!! Oh, and fake is good to look at if done well, and in pictures or at the strip club. Wouldn't remotely want it for real for myself. But for the look of it - it's cool. Most celebs we looks like are false images of what they really look like anyway. I just don't like A LOT of fakeness or obvious fake stuff - and I always prefer real to fake.

- I've been pigging out on freezies lately...

- I can't stand the Bills. So naturally, I've done about 10 commercials for them in the past week...

- Shaq is WYLIN' messin' with Hoopz. She's messed with mad celebs (T.I., D.Wade and Nick Cannon - I'm looking at YOU), and she's kissed - and possibly slept with Flavor Flav.

YUCK. She looks good, though.

- I want brownies.

- I have so many pics in my digital camera that I have yet to upload...(sigh).

- I saw my mother out this week while shooting "in the field"! Warmed my heart.

- I miss Aaliyah.

More After The Break...

DMoe said...

@Stef -

We do the projector so the room can see a guy's pick on the board.

We project a laptop to show the draft as it happens.

The catfish po boy is basically about a 1/2 pound of catfish on a french bread loaf, dressed.

"Dressed" means with lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Bread should be lightly "mayo'd"



Brooke said...

LOL@ "makes me get ready for bed"

That's so cute :)

I'm stuck on the Yahoo FF page trying to come up with a name. I think I'll go with "The Brookey Babies" LOL!

This is hard already!

Brooke said...

I stand corrected, it's not a hoagie roll, it's a "French loaf." LOL!! Still sounds delicioius!

Jay said...

Damn, DMoe and his crew do it UP for Fantasy Football!

If Fury's going to the party, then I'm crashin' too. Now I just need to figure out where Brooke lives :)

Stef said...

What the hell is a hoagie roll? LOL!

Brooke said...

a "hoagie" is what we Philly folk call a "hero" or "sub" - which is what I believe you "non-Philly" people call it :-) LOL!

I'm gonna read up a little on the football stuff later tonight. Can't wrap my head around it now.

I was invited to an "Art of Fellatio" seminar this weekend. Is someone tryna tell me something?

Serena W. said...

Rameer you crack me up!

I went to Best Buy and saw guys lined up to play Madden! OMG! It looked so real and fun!!!!! Can I get in on the action!

I love video games.

Loved the college years! I miss em!

Still want a po'boy because all of you keep talking about it!

The meeting I went to was pointless for my team. Such a waste of 2 hours!

I would go home if my division director wasn't here. Boo!

Can't wait to just chill out by the water front!

The Cable Guy said...

Art of Fellatio? Um...go check it out Brooke and get back to me on what"learned." LOL!

I'm busy as hell today.

Can I get in on this league?

Brooke, you got tix to a game in the new stadium? I'm free :)

I'm with Rameer on Rick Ross. He's a clown.

I'm not into the video vixens, rapper fake body chicks or reality Flavor Flav stars. Give me natural real beauty any day. They look like they got that "nasty women's disease" if you ask me. (That was for Brooke since she loves The Color Purple). LOL!

damn, now I want some catfish too.

I know where Brooke lives, so maybe I'll crash the party too ;)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Lmao @ Brooke-Ra - she does! Clothes off, b-ball shorts and t-shirt on, contacts out, teeth brushed...anything that can make noise and wake her up when I leave the living room, she wants done beforehand. No milling around the bedroom making noise...

- I just crashed a meeting at my job. They want a new graphical look for our news, and were trying to figure out how to look new and fresh, but NOT bite off the other stations.

These people were discussing this for a half hour - all the mangers. I walked in, told them a particular graphic was WACK, and literally within 5 minutes gave them their entire new look and idea of what to do to stand out.

I seriously should get a f'n raise.

- Monica Calhoun. Ain't nothin' wrong with THAT.

- I haven't been swimming in so long. Actually could've this weekend - but I didn't know this party I went to had a huge pool and dope-ass hot tub. Oh well.

- I feel no guilt if you attack me in any way, and my response hurts you much worse than your attack hurt me. This isn't referencing any incident that happened - it's just a philosophy.

- I'm on an apple juice kick of late. No idea why.

- My nephew is at the age where he's rebelling against listening to his mother. But he still listens to me like I'm the voice of GOD. I don't understand the "selective rebellion"...

- They're re-releasing Avatar with 18 minutes of new footage. I still probably won't see it.

- Football is on tonight! This is most teams' 3rd preseason game - THIS is the game you want to pay attention to if you want to know where your team stands to do this year - cuz the starters will more than likely play the entire first half...

- I will never stop loving Winnie The Pooh. I'm dead serious.

- Saw Takers last night. I'd give a C...entertaining, but very clich├ęd. Entire story is an amalgamation if things from various heist movies. And the non-actors - Chris Brown and T.I. - can't act. But halfway through the movie, that doesn't remotely matter...neither does realism. It's just a fun ride to go with...and when T.I. decides to stop acting and basically just acts like- well, T.I. - it REALLY gets enjoyable.

- I don't get why Drew Barrymore is hot to white guys. I truly don't.

- I also don't get why Black men like Taraji Henson. She ain't ugly, but she ain't even in the Top 100 of women who would come to mind in entertainment who look good...

- BTW - someone told me she's dating Drake??

- I'm going on vacation to South Carolina next week with my girl. I week in SC, me and her - at her Dad's crib.

Wish me luck...

- debating whether to bring the PS3...

- my supervisor asked me if I've ever used the shot glass at my desk. I told her if I did, why would I tell YOU?

- I want to see Machete.

- I'm eating tacos tonight. I don't know why that makes me so happy.

- I used to like Wilmer Valderrama's show "Your Mama". Wish it was still on...

More After The Break...

Brooke said...

I haven't had tacos in a while, that sounds good :)

Bring the PS3. Normally I'd say no, but you might need it to relax :)

I only want to see Takers for Idris Elba. That is all.

It's RTT and no Yolanda...where is she?

Yo Mama was funny :)

Taraji and Drake? really?

Annamaria said...


Sophia's wearing her That's What She Said T-shirt..I crack up every time I look at her...

I taught her what her hands are so now when I say show me your hands she puts her hands up & laughs.

Anyone trying to crash Brooke's party will get TASED...LOL..
Book your own damn parties! lol

I haven't had tacos in a minute. But I'm making meatloaf, mashed potatoes & corn on the cob tonight. :)

LOVE Jersey Shore also. Powerz tells me that LBD is my GTL...For those non jersey shore people
GTL=Gym Tanning Laundry
LBD=Laundry, Baby,

Brooke said...

Laundry trumps baby :-) LOL!

I don't feel like working, but I've been inundated with emails and calls all day, so I have no choice :-(

trying really hard not to eat this bite sized Kit Kat.

The Cable Guy said...

I don't get it with Taraji either. She's always gonna be chick in Baby Boy to me. Not cute at all.

Yolanda said...

I'm here. I'm here! I saw the Bat signal!

Why Rosa Acosta got razor bumps above her hoo-ha?

Just sayin.

Did anybody else notice? I mean, what y'all lookin at?

I want a po boy something... preferably shrimp, but I'll take oyster.

Going to my bestie's bridal shower this weekend... can't wait to see my homies.

I watched ALL of "If God Is Willing And Da Creek Don't Rise" and my spirit is heavy. That was some hard tv-viewing but well worth the time.

I wanna blog for CNN.

Actually, I just want to get PAID to blog.

I just saw a sushi commercial... I'm hungry.

Why is food always connected to my RTTs?

Oh shoot...I only had yogurt and fruit today. That's why.

What's for dinner?

Colored my hair jet black... I'm too young for gray hair dangit.

Keepin' it short and sweet today... gotta tick off this to-do list!

Have a good weekend...

Ms Nay said...

Why Annamaria gotta be hating on me on the blog?

I sacrificed a lot to get into this fabulous body.

Now what is a girl to do, but a new wardrobe or alter the one that she has...decisions, decisions.

If I have to go to DR and be in a wedding you better believe I was going to bring sexy back.

I love that Sophia and Leah have a TWSS t-shirts...don't judge.

Is it wrong that I got skinny before the bride?

@Brooke - I think I may start spin class. I hear it is good for toning.

My cousin is getting married on Sunday and Leah is the flower girl...she looks so cute in her dress.

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