Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy TMI Tuesday!

He's baaaackkkk! If you thought you knew Fury before...man listen. Can you all do the alphabet like Fury? Let's see...let's go!

Down to the Sexy Letter...by The Fury.

For those of you interested in knowing a little more about me, I thought I'd break down The Fury A - Z. Well it'll be a two-parter, we'll do A - M first.

A is for allergies. Of which I have, especially the hay fever/pollen kind. I once had a full blown allergy attack of repetitive sneezing during sex. Did this stop me? Nope - just kept on pumping away because she was about to cum and I'm not that selfish.

B is for blow jobs..good ones. The true way to my heart. Now, if you can give a great blow job AND cook...go ahead and send me an email...let's be friends.

C is for cumming - which I don't do often or easily (at your hands, mouth, or other parts). Hey, what can I say, I'm a challenge for you ladies.

D is for doggy style, which all things being considered, I must admit is, in all of its incarnations, my favorite sexual position. I like plump asses and well...doggy style gives a great view.

E is exotic dancers. My first trip to a strip club was when I was well under age and snuck in by my brother and his friends because they didn't want to take time to drop me off at home first. I had a coke (cola) and watched the wild gyrating. I've had great conversations with dancers, arguments that boiled over into heated sexual tension, lap dances from heaven and hell, seen college classmates dance topless in shock, surprise and titillation and through it all, I've never felt like it wasn't money well spent.

F is for far sighted. Apparently, I am slightly this, but really my sight is fine. In fact, I know this because I had no problem seeing the round ass on the optician's assistant that gave me the eye exam.

G is for group sex. The closest I've ever come to this is having sex with other people in the same room that were also having sex - albeit we were in different parts of the room. Although, I can't honestly say I'm against it. I've just never been in the situation.

H is for handcuffs. I've been handcuffed and have handcuffed others. I work much better as a Dom. If the cuffs come into the bedroom, you're pretty much a lock to have your wrists squeezed on tightly by the metal (or fur covered) toys while I tease you to juicy wet pieces.

I is for instant gratification. I only like this in spurts (no pun intended) and in certain instances. I like feeling and enjoying all of the sensations, tastes and sounds of sex. See "C" above.

J is for jerking off. Sorry, I know I should put this under "M" for masturbation, but I already have something for "M" so...jerking off...Something I often do after writing a really good post here (although that's not the only criteria). Most times I don't write the confession posts so much as channel them. I get worked up pretty well writing them. If you want to get well tasted, caressed, kissed, intimated or fucked mercilessly, come see me right after I finish a hot post.

J can be for Jayne Kennedy, the TV personality and sportscaster I had a gigantic celebrity crush on as a kid. She eventually went on to do a highly touted Playboy cover and pictorial. Urban legend has it she had made one of the first celebrity sex tapes with her grease ball husband/actor Leon Issac Kennedy. The controversy (and Playboy) eventually led to her not being on TV much anymore. I saw the Playboy pictorial somewhere around 17 years old one day walking around Greenwich Village when one of those homeless/down on his luck guys had it for sale on the street. I flipped through it for all her ebony goodness then tossed the guy a buck for the pleasure. Turns out the sex tape wasn't legend. One day surfing the net for porn, I began a relative scavenger hunt of clues that lead me to a low quality (well it was shot in super old VHS) version of my childhood celebrity crush prancing around naked with full 1980s bush, having sex, masturbating and then getting fisted by the grease ball. Maybe that should've been my "F" entry. Alas, I've never felt the urge to punch a woman in her cervix...with my fists.

K is for kissing. I like to kiss. I like lingering, wet, warm passionate kisses. I like the intimacy of it all..if I like being intimate with you. Otherwise, it's just a little personal.

L is for lurkers. Yes, all of you that read sexy blogs, especially this one, without making a comment, sending an email (to dirtydetails(at)gmail.com) or in some way shape or form encouraging/critiquing the writers (ie. me). I love you lurkers and I think of new ways to get you to say something to me. ALL of you lurkers. The thousands of you that come every month. Lurkers from everywhere as far as New Zealand, although the world is small on the net isn't it? While I write for me and my constant active readers, it's you lurkers (especially those constantly returning lurkers dubbed returning visitors in my site stats) that really push me to do new things. Doing new things in hopes you will climb out of your shell.

M is for money. Something I've never spent directly for sex. Yes, I know indirectly for dinners, wining/dining, Valentine's Day gifts blah blah blah, but never in the "Spitzer buys a call girl" way. Not that I have anything against the guy (except that his silly ass got caught) or the tons of hot sex workers out there. I have just never felt compelled to pay (yes, I know directly) for sex. Although (see above) I have spent my fair share for "like sex".

My name is The Fury, I have 13 letters left..



Anthony Otero said...

first bitches!!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Fury - you are OFF THE CHAIN, bruh! Love your posts...

Domina*tricks said...

I have a pen and paper out now trying to do my alphabet. Let's see if I can post it later :)

Love it Fury!

Brooke, I'd love to see your alphabet too ;)

Anthony Otero said...

Good Job Fury...Perv Leader Approves

Brooke said...

The Perv Leader WOULD approve this :)

by the way, you need to be in the NYC Ant...jus sayin :)

Anthony Otero said...

Brooke! I am trying! I have a phone interview tomorrow!

Annamaria said...

LMAO.. I am crazy busy at work this week but took a minute to stop by... Fury you are too funny! Loved today's post.

Good Luck Ant...

Yolanda said...

Fury is a beast!

And I sure hope the "Y" is off the hook!

Brooke said...

The part two will come next TMI Tuesday (pun intended) :-)

Domina*tricks said...

A is for anal play. Yes, I do it. And if there’s a woman out there who is afraid to try it or thinks it’s wrong, you don’t know what you’re missing.

B is for Brooke...and her sexy ass. I want to turn her out so bad I can taste her.

C is for clit. First word I thought of, love to lick them.

D is for Dominatrix. Enough said.

E is for earlobes, and if you breathe near them, I erupt.

F is for Fury...with his sexy ass.

G is for girls. Love them. Grown ones that is.

H is for horny. I’m horny all the time.

I is for intercourse. With men.

J is for juicy. I’m a juicy woman, and something tells me Brooke might be too ;-)

K is for killer smile that Brooke has :-)

L is for lips. Both on the face and the ones between her legs.

M is for men. I love to dominate them.

I’ll do the rest when Fury does his :-)

Brooke...your list?

Jay said...

Fury is off the hook :)

Good stuff.

Brooke said...

Good luck Ant!

um...thanks Domina*tricks...I think? I dunno....

Mr. Ford said...

Great Blog!!! I so wanted to F**K Jane Kennedy!!!

Domina*tricks said...


You're welcome sweetie ;)

The Cable Guy said...

Yo, I don't know who is more off the chain, Fury or Dominatricks!

Brooke, she's really checkin for you! But step off Dom, she's mine!

But damn if reading her list didn't get me a bit worked up!

The Fury said...

Thanks for all the love! I really appreciate it. I've been busy today making a list of numbers I love. What you thought it was just the alphabet I like to mimick while I lick a clit? Oh wait....

pardon my tangent, I was thinking about cornering Brooke for a good licking.

Dominatricks' list was hot! Me likey. I have a feeling we'd double team Brookey if we saw her at the same time.

LOL @Perv Leader

Jane Kennedy was my first major celeb crush. Oh to see her get fidted in that video with Leon Issac Kennedy...she wasn't scared to let her freak flag fly.

Brooke said...

(note to self: never be in the same place with Fury and Dominatricks at the same time)

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Just be in a private place with me ;-)

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