Friday, August 20, 2010

TGIF Survey


Survey time!

1. Which one of these questions is more inappropriate to ask a woman you're dating: "How much do you weigh?" or "How much money do you make?"

2. In a crowded room, how would YOU give someone a sign that you're interested in them?

3. Have you ever been "whipped"? And no, I don't mean beaten...I mean like Baby Face :-)

4. How do YOU know when you're in love with someone?

5. Is your relationship "movie" an: action flick, a chick flick/romantic comedy, a tear-jerker, a suspense thriller, a horror film or a true romance?

6. If you could give your last sexual partner a rating from 1-10, what would it be?

7. In your opinion, does single only mean "not married" or "not in a committed relationship"? At what point in a relationship are you "not single" anymore?

8. Would you rather be considered sexy or beautiful/handsome? You can only choose one.

9. Would you, or have you ever sent a lover a naked pic via text or email? (tell the truth)

10. Is there a certain "name" that you think is sexy?



p.s. Go Eagles! Yes, that is Baby Sophia representin' for the Eagles! Cuuuuttteeee!!! Auntie Brooke approves!


NightFall914 said...

1. It's all circumstantial but I think weight is more inappropriate.

2. Eye contact

3. Sprung or in love....never whipped.

4. You stop going with ya head more for what your heart says.

5. tear-jerker

6. 8.5

7. "not in a committed relationship"? Once both parties agree to be exclusive.

8. Handsome

9. Sure

10. Vanessa

annamaria said...

THAT'S MY BABY!!!!! :)
She loved that onesie. Started clapping, giggling & dancing. She wants her Auntie Brooke to come over & watch football with her so Brooke let me know when u are coming over so I can make u dinner!

The Fury said...

1. "How much money do you make?" is more inapproptiate. "How much do you weigh?" Could be the follow up to, "Wanna bang on this trapeze?"

2. Give her serious eye contact...then flirt with her outside the bathroom out of sight of her boyfriend. LOL

3. I've been extremely happy, but I don't think whipped..wait...oh wait...yeah yeah I have. And she was whipped back too

4. When she invites her even sexier friend in the bed with us! Ha! No, seriously I have no idea. Just a gut feeling.

5. Suspense thriller. Always a twist or turn

6. What do you mean by last? If you mean last ever it'd mean she was a 15 and gave me a heart attack!

7. Single means not married. Anything else is "attached".

8. Sexy. 

9. Not naked...just of the dick.

10. Not one, but I always wanted to bed a woman whose name began with Z or scrabble I'm looking for big score letters. V is up there too. And I like Brooke...i think Brookes are screamers. I love screamers.

Eagles...Booooooo! Those commentators were riding Kevin Jolb's sack way too much in that first game..then he started making mistakes. Yeah that dude is in for a big awakening when he feels the real spotlight and sees the fairweather Eagles fans for who they are.

The Cable Guy said...

Hold up. Annamaria put Sophia in an EAGLES jersey??? I thought Annamaria was a Giants fan!? Brooke, you must be a GREAT FRIEND cuz Annamaria loves you enough to betray her own team! LOL!

1. How much do you weigh is more inappropriate. I learned my lesson on that one.

2. I come over to them and start talking to them exclusively.

3. Never been whipped, but Brooke, I wouldn't mind if you tried :)

4. I know I'm in love when she's the first thing I think of when I wake up.

5. Right now, a tear-jerker.

6. 6 - it was jut bleh.

7. single means not married.

8. sexy

9. I admit, I've sent the cock shot

10. Brooke ;)

Brooke said...


All "Brooke's" are sexy ;)

And as angry as I am with the Eagles, I still have to root for my team. I hope Donovan murders us though :) And I want Vick to start.


Since I'll be in town for the pleasure party, maybe I can come over the following day? Let me know!

Dil said...

1 How much do you make?

2 Smile, say hello. (I have no game)

3 Yes, I have been whipped

4 When I happily sacrifice things I like so they can do what they like.

5 chick flick

6 7.5 the act was good but nothing exciting.

7 Means not in commited relationship

8 Sexy (put Having ladies think I was handsome would be nice too)

9 Yep, of course. (You want a pic?)

10 Brooke

Jay said...

Sophia is adorable! So adorable that I'll forgive her for being put in an Eagles jersey. Her mother knows not what she does :)

But sh*t, if Brooke sent me an Eagles jersey, I might put it on just to see her smile :)

....nah, can't do it. But I can make her smile in other ways ;)

1. I'd never ask a woman how much she weighs, even if I can eyeball her at 115. Just bad business.

2. I walk over and say hello.

3. Whipped? I don't think so.

4. It's a combination of things: when I can't stop thinking about her, when I want to share everything with her, when I feel like I just want to take care of her.

5. nothing happening now, probably more like a documentary :)

6. 7

7. Single means no married - but I agree with Fury with the term "attached."

8. Sexy

9. I can honestly say I've never done that.

10. Brooke :) I like the name Mia too. Sounds sweet.

annamaria said...

@Cable Guy: I am a total Giants fan but Brooke is that great of a friend. Plus I'm trying to make sure Sophia is well rounded & is exposed to all sorts of things. The ONLY thing I will NEVER EVER let her wear is anything from the Mets OR the Jets! Lol

@Brooke: that might work

@Jay: If Brooke bought & asked u to wear an Eagles Jersey u totally would!!!

Jay said...


yeah, you right...but only in the house ;)

Anonymous said...

1. how much money do you make
2. I would give the woman direct eye contact and lick my lips
3. never been whipped
4. when you don't care about yourself for a period of time
5. action movie
6. hmmm.....7
7. not in a committed relationship, when you are dating and start to have some sort of attachment or feelings for the other person
8. handsome
9. yup
10. cant think of one

Stef said...

Can't let Brooke and Annamaria be the only women on the blog today :)

1. That's a hard one, I don't want a man to ask me either of those questions, but I'd probably only answer the weight one.

2. I'd make direct eye contact and then make my way over to him.

3. Never been whipped, but definitely sprung.

4. I tend to want to do everything with the person I love.

5. a romantic comedy

6. 5

7. single means not married. I like the term "attached" tho Fury.

8. beautiful

9. nope, never have.

10. Stefanie :) Seriously - I think the name "Jackson" is sexy.

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Vick is only slightly better...when he's not throwing interceptions. Smh

@Stef - attached is a good one. Because you may have a man, but that doesn't mean you're not up for some Fury. Lol

Stef said...


When do you NOT have sex on the brain? :) LOL!

I like it though!

I think based on both Brooke and Fury's stories/blogs, they'd make some FIYA in the bedroom! But I'm just speculating :)

My new guy friend was impressed with my new football knowledge, so thanks everyone! My prize was a full body massage!

Brooke said...


I'll take "slightly" better at this point. Give me SOMETHING. At least Vick is a bit more exciting to watch.


Good job with the full body massage - I could use one of those!

Yolanda said...

Sophia’s jewels are cracking me up. She’s too fly for words!

1. I’m thinking he’ll find out the answers to both if he’s worthy… if he has to ask…he’s lame. Let me volunteer those answers over time.

2. Googly eyes? LOL

3. Um, I’m gonna say no.

4. I’m still trying to figure that one out. I’ve loved, but haven’t been loved back…so does that mean I’ve never been IN love (semantics?). Anywho, I’ve had feelings for a person and wondered how he was doing, hurt when he hurt, cared about his family (whom I never met)…etc. That was a tad love-ish, maybe? Still searching…

5. My movie hasn’t been green-lit yet.

6. Eight

7. When you agree to be exclusive, single is out the window

8. Sexy. You can buy beauty.

9. Yes.

10. Hearing MY name from someone who thinks I’m sexy :-)

Jaz said...

1. I'd rather tell someone how much I make rather than how much I weigh - even though I think I wear my thickness well :)

2. I'd flirt, make eye contact.

3. yep, can't lie.

4. I usually don't know that I am til they break my heart :(

5. tear-jerker

6. 4 - he was wack.

7. Single means not in a committed relationship.

8. Beautiful

9. yes

10. Kyle - don't know why.

Brooke said...

1. Depends on context/why they’re asking. I’d answer either in the right circumstance.

2. I’d let my eyes linger just a little longer than usual, and when they catch my glance, I wdn’t look away…I let my gaze sit with them a little while…with a smile.

3. I don’t get whipped…I whip dat…! Bang bang bang! LMAO!! Seriously, not whipped…but definitely smitten.

4. When I start incorporating them into my prayers daily .

5. probably a chick flick

6. 11 ;-)

7. Single means not married, but I definitely co-sign the term attached.

8. Sexy. There are plenty of beautiful people who are not sexy at all. I want to have that certain “something” that people can’t put their finger on, that isn’t so obvious.

9. Not a full bodied nekkid pic, but I’ve sent a “part” or two ;-)

10. The name Michael Fitzgerald is sexy to me ;-) even if it is just a character :-) If I find the person to be sexy, then their name becomes sexy by default.

I have yet to meet a non-sexy "Brent" though :)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

good questions today!

1. I wouldn't ask either, but I'd ask a woman how much she makes before I ask her weight. You women seem to be so sensitive about that, especially the SKINNY girls! Why is that??

2. I'd yell, "yo Ma!" Just kidding :) Eye contact or just going over to them to introduce myself.

3. Are whipped and "she put it on me" the same thing? :)

4. This may sound strange, but I know I'm in love when I start to get scared. It's a great, but uncomfortable feeling for me because that means I feel vulnerable.

5. true romance

6. 8

7. single means not in an exclusive relationship.

8. sexy

9. not fully naked, but I might do it for the right person.

10. Brooke is sexy. I'm not just saying that cuz of the blog - I really like that name. I like Sophie too. But Brooke is right, the person makes their name sexy.

Brooke said...

@Mr. Nice Guy,

Women don't like to be asked how much they weigh usually because they're wondering if you're judging them or basing your attraction on something external. If a man is attracted to you, he won't care how much you weigh.

Asking someone how much they make is along the same lines. People assume you're asking for shallow reasons - as if your salary determines your worth.

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Okay, but why do SKINNY girls care? They seem to be more sensitive than the big girls!

and your answer said it depends on the circumstance. In what circumstance is it cool to ask either question?

Domina*tricks said...

Okay, I'm back. And I didn't get a chance to sing your accolades on Brooklyn, Pt. 2 Brooke. LOVE the story. I was thinking all kinds of wonderful, naughty things about you! If your writing is any indication of your true sexiness, then I'd love the chance to turn you out :)

I think I can do a better job than Michael Fitzgerald - whether he's real or imagined ;)

1. I'd say asking her her weight, but that's just me.

2. I'd walk over to them and brush up against them. When they looked at me, I'd smile and say hello.

3. I've been whipped, and I loved every minute of it.

4. When it hurts when they're gone.

5. a suspense thriller

6. 10

7. single means not married. Anything else is fair game to me.

8. sexy

9. YES, it turns me on.

10. Brooke is sexy ;)

The Fury said...

@Stef- when is sex not on my brain...? right! now...ok it's back!

@Brooke- That's the problem with The Eagles always accepting slightly better. Andy Reid needs to go. You guys have had championship caliber teams and he accepted slightly better. LOL

umm..can I get a part or two?

Brooke said...


I agree with you totally, but at this point, I'll take anything. I don't want only slightly better, but that's Philly for you. They do that with all their teams, not just the Eagles.

Have to remain loyal tho. I'll cheer for the Redskins in the meantime :)

Which part do you want? :)

@Mr. Nice Guy,

My trainer weighed us when we started. Then a month or two later, he asked me how much I weighed so he could see how much I lost. That is when it's appropriate :)

As for how much I make, my tax man can ask me that :)

SarKism said...

1. How much do you weigh? ....u can ask me my salary all day. Depending on the day you ask me, i may be worth more ;)

2. If I was single, I think eye contact and conversation.

3. Yes. It was ugly.

4. I get protective and dont want them to be hurt.

5. romantic comedy.

6. 9

7. not married or in a committed relationship. I think it varies ...

8. beautiful...

9. nope. never.

10. mostly foreign names..

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Loyalty is good. I'll give the 'skins the head nod, but I'm all for those Giants. This year we need to make some Giants/Eagles bets...

which part? a scandalous part of course ;-)

Brooke said...

how about I just send you a part and you try to guess what it is :)

I don't know if I'll be making any Eagles/Giants bets this year. Last year, yes...this year, no :)

thanks Domina*tricks on the story. If I swung both ways....but I don't. Sorry!

Domina*tricks said...


Just try it. Once :)

Michael Fitzgerald's got nothing on me. Trust me.

Ty said...

1. I'd say how much do you make - cuz I can usually guess a woman's weight. All you have to do is pick her up and you'll know.

2. I'd go over to her, take her hand (assuming she's not with anyone) and ask if I could steal her away for a bit to talk to her.

3. No, not even close. In love, yes, but not whipped.

4. I know I'm in love when I can spend my entire night with you just enjoying you without thinking about sex first. I simply just want to be with you.

5. action flick

6. 7.5

7. single means not dating exclusively

8. Sexy

9. yes

10. Brooke IS a sexy name. So is Halle, Tyra, Gabrielle, Megan, you see where I'm going with this... - the person makes the name sexy.

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