Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF Sexy Survey!


This work week seemed long to me for some reason, so I'm glad it's finally over! Now on to the weekend! Enjoy!

1. If your significant other was having phone or cyber sex with someone else in another state, would you consider that cheating?

2. What article of clothing do you find to be sexy?

3. What one word would describe the most pleasurable night you've had?

4. Ice cubes or hot wax? Honey or chocolate?

5. Someone you've been dating for 6 months buys you an expensive gift. You can tell he/she is WAY more into you than you are into them, but you like them...enough. Do you keep the gift, or do you refuse to accept it so that they don't think the relationship is more serious than it is?

6. Are you a person who remembers and celebrates "milestone" dates when in a relationship, ie: "our first date," our first kiss," "the first time we had sex," "the first time we said 'I love you'" - or do you simply celebrate his/her birthday and major holidays? If so, do you expect your partner to do the same?

7. Your fiance(e) suggests you both sign pre-nuptial agreements - do you agree?

8. You've been dating someone for the past 6 months and you're really into them. Everything is going great, but one day they come clean and admit that they've cheated in previous relationships. Do you retreat and run, or do you continue dating because they were honest about their past infidelity and hope they've changed their ways?

9. Would you ever date anyone who's been in prison or is a recovering alcoholic?

10. You and your boo discuss moving in together. Do you open a joint bank account for expenses, or do you keep separate accounts and just agree that one will pay certain bills and the other will pay the rest?




SarKism said...

first bitches

-V- said...

It's been 15 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 3 days, 19 hours & 28 minutes since we shared the high-jump pit ...

And yes, I'd sign your pre-nup.

Brooke said...


It's been longer than that right? We met when we were in 7th grade!

I'd sign yours too :)

Sarkism beat everyone!

SarKism said...

Right...I was on it Brooke!

But when I went back to answer the survey my internet dropped :(

Lets try this again....

1. Not sure about that one.

2. boxer briefs

3. Wowser

4. Ice cubes. Honey or chocolate? BOTH

5. What? Keep it.

6. I have a horrible memory for milestones but....One should never EVER forget my birthday (11/4 for the blog familly)!!! I'm a huge birthday person...

7. Hell yeah! No i'm depends on the situation.

8. I would continue but keep that one eye open.

9. Yes

10. No mingling of finances until we have legal joint liability.

Stef said...

1. Yes, it's cheating - and he'd get cut!

2. on a man - boxers. on me - lingerie.

3. Blissful

4. ice cubes and chocolate

5. Depends on what it is, but I'd probably give it back.

6. I have a hard enough time remembering my own birthday, so all that other stuff is just extra.

7. If both sign, then sure.

8. Once a cheater always a cheater - I'd probably run.

9. Neither

10. I'd do a joint account for expenses only.

Jay said...

1. Yes, I'd consider it cheating.

2. Do shoes count? Stilettos.

3. Sensual

4. hot wax and honey

5. I wouldn't accept it.

6. I'm big on birthdays and Christmas and I'm sure I'll remember my wedding anniversary - but that's about it.

7. I'd sign it.

8. That's a hard one. I'd appreciate their honesty, but I'd keep a lookout while still dating.

9. I don't think I could do that.
I'd need details.

10. I think I'd split the bills but keep accounts separate.

Yolanda said...

1. It's cheating. All cheating isn't physical. I think cheating in the 'mind' can be even more hurtful sometimes.

2. White wife beaters are sexy if he's got a gun show going on (hate that 'wife beater' term, but y'all know what I mean)

3. Contentment

4. Ice & chocolate

5. Keep the gift. Gift rejection is offensive.

6. I remember Blackberry totally helps with that too. I don't expect anyone to be as anal about those things as I am though.

7. Yes sir. He ain't getting none of my stacks.........(of pancakes)

8. Keep dating but keep an eye on that mofo.

9. Prison...I'ma say NO! Alcohol...I might stick around. We all have our poisons.

10. Joint bank account, each giving an equal percentage of our incomes (to keep it fair) for expenses only, while still keeping our own separate accounts for personal expenses. Grandma always said have your OWN money!

The Cable Guy said...

1. Yep, it's cheating.

2. I love a woman with a nice C cup in a sexy, lace bra.

3. Exciting

4. wax and chocolate

5. I'd probably not accept it. As a man, I have a hard time accepting gifts from women period, so unless we're married, she shouldn't be spending a grip on me.

6. I remember birthdays and that's about it.

7. No problem with the pre-nup.

8. If they said they cheated in ALL of their previous relationships, I probably would cool things down.

9. Nope and nope

10. separate accounts

Domina*tricks said...

1. yes, but I'd be intrigued and probably want to join in.

2. No clothing is sexy, but if I had to choose, it would be anything made of leather.

3. spankalicious

4. all of the above :)

5. I'd keep it. If you have money to burn, then who am I to turn away your generosity? :)

6. I remember birthdays and holidays but will celebrate anything. I don't expect my guy/girl to do the same though.

7. I don't plan on getting married so this doesn't apply to me.

8. I'd suggest having an open relationship from the beginning so cheating is a non-factor.

9. Jail - probably not. But would consider a recovering alcoholic.

10. Separate accounts.

Stef said...


Speaking of question #9, I think you should write a blog about that - women who date men in jail or ex-cons. I don't understand this. I can see if you were married already and he went to jail for some white collar crime like Madoff where you have millions in the bank or Tiny sticking it out with T.I.. That's not cool either, but I can see staying married to someone who went to jail after you two were already together vs. getting involved with somoene who is out and then pursued you. Or these women who "date" serial killers in jail.

I hate hearing the "lock down" dedications, "keep ya head up" shoutouts on the radio. I just think it's a waste of time.

What say you?

Anonymous said...

1. Hell Yes
2. Bra or when a woman is naked and she has on almost knee high boots
3. Domination
4. None of the above, not really a food person
5. Refuse to accept it, not right at all to lead a person on
6. Celebrate her birthday and major holidays and expect her to do the same
7. Yes
8. Once a person tells you who they are you should believe it, I would cease dating the person unless I was comfortable being in an "open relationship" - since that is not me, I would not continue dating
9. No to both
10. Separate accounts, I have seen too many friends who are married just get into fights and arguements over $ and this is one of the main reasons why

Brooke said...


We can discuss it now if you want, but the blog seems maybe I'll take that into consideration. I have a pretty firm stance on that issue myself - I'd probably never date a man who's been in prison. Not necessarily because he did something wrong or illegal, but because I have an image of what happnes in prison and I don't want to find out later you got GOT in jail. I know that may be a small minded way of looking at it, but I'm being honest.

I think women who become "girlfriends" to men in prison (start off as "pen pals" and then fall in love later) are lonely and insecure. I don't understand that myself. Maybe the "man shortage" forces women to do these things just so they can say they "have a man." Wouldn't be me though.

I'll try to flesh out a blog about this one day, even though I think I wrote a mini-blog within a blog just now :)

Stef said...


Cool. I just seem to be fascinatd by women who date these jailbirds!

We already know your answer to #9, well half of that question :) Where are the rest!?

Brooke said...

Here they are :)

1. Yes, I'd consider it cheating. Like Yolanda said, not all cheating is physical, and emotional cheating is more hurtful. I'd be horrified if this was happening just as I would if he was having "real" sex with someone else.

2. Depends on the person's body and what features their best physical attribute. If you have great arms, then a wife-beater is sexy. If it's a nice backside, strong thighs or a nice package, then boxer briefs it is :) I'd probably go with boxer briefs :)

3. Unexpected

4. depends on where the ice or wax goes. I'll say ice to be safe - and I'll go with chocolate.

5. This is tricky. If it's jewelry, I'd probably refuse. I agree, no one should be spending alot of money on me if we haven't established a commitment. I'd hate to lead anyone on and I don't want anyone to feel they can buy my love or affection.

6. I sometimes get more excited about other people's birthdays than I do my own...especially if we're dating. I celebrate holidays, but not everyone does this and I don't expect them to. But since I'm a big birthday person, I kinda hope my boo is the same in that regard. I don't pay attention to anniversaries of first dates and kisses, etc.

7. Sure, I'd sign it. Why not...

8. Another tricky one. On the one hand, I'd agree with anonymous - when someone shows you who they are, believe them. But I do believe people have the ability to change IF they want to. If they're ready to settle down and have gotten it out of their system, I'd be willing to continue dating and keep an eye open. But just because someone has NEVER cheated before doesn't mean they NEVER will in the future either. It's all a risk.

9. No and No. I know some folks who have been in recovery for alcoholism for over 20 years and are great people doing great things, but alcoholism is in my family, so I'd probably steer clear of it just because I've seen its effects on people. Thank God I never witnessed it firsthand.

10. I guess I'd say separate accounts unless we were engaged and saving towards something.

spchrist said...

1. Yes.

2. Matching bras and panties.

3. Exhilarating

4. Ice Cubes and chocolate

5. Refuse the gift. Tell them it is too soon.

6. I only remember about birthdays.

7. No. Call off the marriage.

8. Ask them why they've cheated and if they are cured. If I don't like their answer...RUN FORREST RUN

9. No.

10. Separate accounts until we are married.


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