Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

and "" (ala Marilyn Monroe)

Sexy at 49, love it! I hope Michelle gives him some special treats tonight for his special day :-)

If you haven't heard me say it before, let me tell you again. I love that man. Pres. Barack Obama is ALL KINDS of grown man sexy. I just wanna lick his face!

Nothing is sexier than a sophisticated, grown ass man. Not a dirty old man. Not a rikkety old man. But a distinguished gentleman.

Young men are fun, delicious, spontaneous and just so darned cute. But something about an older man just makes you feel like a woman. Not grampa old - but mid to late 40's, and even a man in his early 50's who has grey temples and a seasoned smile is sexy as all hell. Add brilliant intellect to it and he could be dangerous. Barack Obama dangerous.

A lot of women are drawn to older men because they are believed to have more money, more power, are set in their careers, and any children they have are out of the house and/or on their own. Responsibility and stability are very attractive to younger women...especially when some men in their 20's and early 30's are still living with roommates like they're in college and behave like frat boys...not that there's anything wrong with frat boys. (Had to clear that up for Powerz and my play future baby daddy and Geeque) :-) A man in his forties probably wouldn't (or shouldn't) be caught dead living with a bunch of dudes...or in his mama's basement.

Some young men seem to have an immaturity about them that women are turned off by. Some of them simply do not know how to treat a woman. At all. They haven't had the same experiences that an older man may have, so they're clueless when it comes to us - emotionally, mentally and/or sexually.

Older men usually also know what it means to have had their hearts broken. They may have been married, engaged or at least been in one or more serious relationships - and they've learned how to love a woman, treat a woman and how to give her what she wants or needs. Younger men are lucky if they can remember the name of the girl they smashed the night before. I'm not saying older men are saints and younger men are the devil when it comes to women, but a man in his forties shouldn't be playing games...and no one wants to be the old man in the club. They've moved on from such childish things, and knocking the bottoms out of random chicks should NOT be appealing to them anymore.

In my experience, older men have a strength that draws you to them. It comes from their experiences, both negative and positive, inside AND outside of relationships. They've been around the block and know exactly what they want out of life - and from women. They don't sit around and whine or complain when things don't go their way - they just go out and change what they don't like and handle their business. They're able to take care of themselves - and probably by a certain age, they know how to take care of another person too...and not in the "sugar daddy" kind of way. They know how to make you feel special, appreciated and like the grown and sexy woman that you are...and let's admit it - isn't that what we all kinda want? Deep down, the little girl inside of us wants a real man to be able to take care of us...jus a lil bit :-)



The Fury said...

First bitches

The Fury said...

If I wore a Pres. Obama mask would you lick my face? or since I'm wearing a mask, maybe just choose somewhere else?

I'm not in the 40s yet, but I am a distinguished gentlefreak as well as old enough to have crushed on Jayne Kennedy...can I get a hug at least?

Annamaria said...

2. BROOKE REALLY??? 5pm????
3. LOVE my PRESIDENT...Powerz, your future baby daddy & Geeque still act like frat boys when they get together! LOL

Yolanda said...

Yolanda's older men list ("older" meaning "older than Yolanda"):
Jimmy Smits
Blair Underwood
George Clooney
Jimmy Smits
Chef Eric Ripert
Lyor Cohen
Jimmy Smits
Sean Connery (...and what?)
Of course, the President

I'm sure there are others but I can't think right now...

Oh, and Jimmy Smits.

Brooke said...

Fury, you can get ALLADAT! LOL!

Annamaria, I'm sorry, but I've been in Criss Angel hell all day! Once I get my new laptop, you'll have all the early blogs you can stand! :)

Geeque said...

@Anna - Just POWERZ, I think I saw him in a Frat Jacket just the other day!! LOL

Stef said...

Dammit Fury!

Brooke, I was looking for your blog all damn day! You can't be doing this to us!

I cosign EVERYONE on Yolanda's list!


Diddy...he's not old, but he's older than me :) Isn't he 40 yet?

Rev Run - don't judge me.

Denzel Washington. He never gets old to me.

Michael Jordan.

and of course Barack Obama! Owww!

The Cable Guy said...

Damn...we on older men now? I can't get no love? I'll be 27 soon! :)

I don't live in my mama's basement and I know how to treat a woman. Just have to let me prove it to you! Maybe having a son made me grow up faster, but if you can get over me playing video games, then we good!

Older men can't last as long as us younger dudes can...and we all know you like marathon sex based on your erotic story last week. Those old dudes don't stand a chance! LOL!

Jaz said...

Rev. Run???

The Fury said...

@Brooke - Alladat?? oh my...I'll be there in a minute;-)

Unknown said...


While I love me some Mr. President, I am not ready to deal with Mrs. President so I'll respectfully say....Happy Birthday....Ummmmm....Commander-whew-in-Chief....

Older men have a mystique about them that can only come with age, wisdom, maturity and experience. That is the draw for me. The ability to go out to a fine restaurant and PAY for it and open doors and have intelligent conversation and then take you home and give you the perfect night cap.

...ohh and confidence ..

The young bunnies.....keep'em.

Stef said...


I SAID don't judge me! LOL!

Something about Joseph Simmons (that's his first name right) is SO sexy to me!

The Cable Guy said...

Damn B, Fury is getting it over me AGAIN?! You breakin my heart...

Brooke said...

@Cable Guy,

How do you know the man who inspired last week's story isn't in his 30's or 40's? ;)

Fury is always starting trouble.

I was a bit thrown on Rev. Run too, but he's kinda cute I guess.

Love Yolanda's list! Blair Underwood - YUM!

Anonymous said...

Brooke, who are these "distinguished gentlemen" you know? I'm sorry, but just becaue a man is in his 40's or even 50's, doesn't mean he's responsible or has strength or doesn't live in his mama's basement. I meet men all the time in that age bracket who are LOSERS and I meet men all the time who are in their 20's and 30's who have it going on WAY more than older men do. Maybe I'm just in the wrong circles, but I prefer younger men to older ones who are mean, old and set in their ways.

Brooke said...


Maybe you are traveling in the wrong circles :)

Seriously tho, this blog wasn't an absolute. Of course there are exceptions to every rule...and if the majority of men you meet are men in their 20's and 30's who have their sh*t together, then shoot them my email address :)

This blog in no way said that older men are better than younger men. I do NOT discriminate :) There are benefits to dating both. But since today is Mr. President's birthday, I thought I would pay tribute to the sexy older gentlemen out there who will probably always be sexy in our eyes no matter what age they reach.

Alot of people think younger is better, and that's not always true - just like older doesn't always mean wiser, smarter, more rich, more mature or more stable. I'm simply pointing out the pros of dating an older man...and maybe I'll do my next blog on the benefits of dating a young'n :)

Domina*tricks said...

Older men know how to please you. Younger ones may have more energy and stamina, but older men know how to make that SLOW love and know a woman's body. I'll take them younger OR older :)

darwin said...

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