Thursday, August 19, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Don't forget! Monica is running in the NYC Marathon this November 7th, so if you haven't donated to her page - get on it! Thanks in advance for your generosity. She ran a half marathon this past Sunday, so she's gonna rock it come November!

- We're trying to convince Deebo to keep training us...indefinitely...for free...til he gets tired of us. Let's see if it works :-)

- Tuesday I forgot my socks in the gym and so did Monica. Bobby (Deebo) ran out and got us some so we could work out. Talk about a great trainer! - even if he has been getting fresh lately. He asked me if I ever let anyone "spank" me before. WTF??

- If you don't want to know the truth, stop asking me my opinion. And don't be mad if I can't co-sign "crazy." Not gonna do it.

- There comes an age when you just "know better." Act like it. And if you can't act like it, keep it to yourself.

- I'm not ready for summer to come to an end just yet.

- I don't understand how people can kill their own children. That is so sad.

- What is up with Brett Favre man?? He's killin' me.

- No Giants fan, but the Victor Cruz one-handed catch on Monday was SICK.

- What's up with all these bed bugs in NYC? Ewwww!! I've never seen any up close, I steam my pillows and mattress weekly, and change my sheets religiously....but it's giving me the heebie jeebies!

- Lauryn Hill - we need her to come back...I hope this is real.

- Jay Z and Eminem concert coming up soon, can't wait!

- Speaking of Hov, I love seeing pics of him and Bey "on holiday" in places like Italy and France. They do it up BIG! They must be some "uppity negroes" like Michelle Obama **snicker**

- I want a Tracey Reese dress.

- and some bangin' boots!

- I'm finally getting a new blackberry for work, but I still need to upgrade my personal phone.

- The same woman in my dept. asks me every week to borrow an umbrella, yet she never returned the one I let her "borrow' months ago - so I just keep telling her I don't have one. What's wrong with watching the Weather Channel or her local news?? How bout dat?...SMH.

- How can people expect the President to recover the 8 million jobs that were lost during the Bush administration in just one or two years? It can't be done overnight. I know people are struggling and I can't dismiss that, but come on people...let's be realistic.

- I'm loving pre-season football...simply because it's football. I'm getting my fix. Not sure if I'm gonna do Fantasy Football again this year with Rameer, but thinking about it :-)

- Brian's on vacation, so I have to pick the throwback for this week. This was my JOINT! Hope you like!




Anonymous said...

I had to do it. FIRST BITCHES!!!

annamaria said...

Work has been crazy busy. Loved yesterday's blog Brooke but I didn't get to comment til like 7!

Love "uppity negroes" lol

Love Barack!

Sophia is EXTREMELY cranky. She's teething. She's crying every 5 minutes. :( my poor baby.

Brookey sooo excited about the 18th. :)

Stef said...

If you're first, you can't be anonymous! Those are the rules! LOL!

Brooke, your blog yesterday was great! And I see that someone named Michael left a comment taking credit for being your muse. All the men want to be associated with you now! Tell "Michael" to stop playing! LOL!

I'm loving summer, never want it to end, even if it has been hot as hell out!

Jesse James is dating Kat Von D. Does anyone care? Is she white? Latina? What is she? Isn't he a racist? (allegedly?)

Jay and Bey make a hot couple to me, love them!

I love the term "uppity negroes" too - makes white folks mad :)

Poor Sophia, I hope she feels better soon!

I've been trying to learn football, can someone tell me the difference between "encroachment" and a "false start"? The guy I'm seeing said he's going to give me a prize if I figure it out ;) LOL!

Anonymous said...


The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, let me find out that the dude who commented all late and shit last night is the real dude! Why couldn't he join the conversation sooner if it was really him?? I think some guy is trying to be funny claiming to be your inspiration!

Michael Fitzgerald my ass!

and why would he put your address on the blog? Not cool.

I'm loving watching football, I'm getting my fix too B. I was nervous when Eli went down but you're right...Cruz did his thing Monday. He's trying to earn that spot! Not mad at him!

Michelle Obama is sexy for an uppity negro :)

Feel better baby Sophia!

Tell me more about this Pleasure Party business Annamaria ;)

Mr.Ford said...

Encroachment is a A foul in which a defender makes contact with a member of the offense before the snap.

False start is where the offensive player moves before the ball is snapped..

Stef said...

thanks Mr. Ford!

and so there is no false start ever on the part of the Defense?

phillygrl said...

Brooke---I LOVE Tracey REese's feminine style...Yeah a cute Dress w/ Tall boots sounds cute for fall!!
--I got my hair cut last night (people in the office are buggin out---Im like it's HAIR people..not like I came in missing a limb!lol!)

--NOOOO good movies out lately( Leonardo DiCaprio excludeD)

---My son has a new workd.."that's RUDE" he told me when I turned off the Backyardigans & told him to get in the tub!..When I tell him we are NOt going to toys r us again to look at Ironman figures, he says that's RUDE & folds his arms like he's mad.

--on a workout kick..I WISH I had a "Deebo", but I'll start this P90x, AGAIN--& try to get through it, Tony Horton is a maniac!

--All this Mosque talk is annoying me...I understand both sides, but feel like they should Build it... it's a civil rights issue

--My grandmother has NO IDEA of what things cost(keep in mind she has no 2-way on her phone & no cable--and if you talk about a house being $279K or $350K, she looks at you like huh? we pd $30K 40 years ago for this house & it's fine:-) ....she had to get a plumber & gave the man $200 for a $1200 job(now family is chipping in), HOWEVER, she know she wants to go to SAK's this weekend & what the prices are there!

--Michael Jackson has been on my music rotation along with Soul to Soul & MAry's 1st album!...:-)

--So aside form Atlantis in Bahamas being all kid friendly, these resorts now have "single mom's" packages-(Sandals & one other as well...I don't want to TAKE the kid, I want a VACATION from the kid--Next year for me, Egypt & Dubai..(maybe I can get to carribean for this x-mas?:-)

--I still say Puff & J.Lo were the HOT power couple!

--does anyone have a beach I can move to? although I love autumn, like others, summer's ending is causing me anxiety!

phillygrl said...

P.S. Kat Von D is Argentenian

Yolanda said...

I'm an uppity Negro. Thank you very much.

I'm also a hotel snob and I prefer not to eat at chain restaurants when I'm on vacation.

I'm currently on the family vacation from hell. Note to self: when offered a chance to vacation, say no if your crazy cousin and her kids are going. Love the kids, but madness always ensues.

If you're a parent, you should not curse at your kids. MAJOR pet peeve of mine and I sorta let the wonky cousin have it after she dropped some F bombs at the kids. Is you serious? At 38 yrs old? Grow up!

Then I remembered, never argue with a crazy person.

Capping off the vacay with a stop at an outlet mall in CT. Retail is my lovah!

I love my Mother. She's the bees knees.

I'm not scared of lonely. I've got this single thing down pat. But, fa realz this shizz is getting old.

I love tomatoes.

Seriously thinking about a dog... After September, perhaps.

More later? Unless ingot lost in the J Crew outlet!!!

Dr. PLJ said...

1) Feel better baby Sophia!

2) I'm supposed to be getting ready for a romantic getaway with my guy, yet I'm still recovering from a small procedure that the doctor told me was no big deal. Well, it's a big deal...grrr....

3) My guy has been so sweet while I recover. Last night, he came over just to give me a hug, because I wasn't feeling well. Then he got up before me and started making coffee and breakfast. Love it!

4) Dr. Laura...why anyone listens to this women about relationship advice is beyond me...a Ph.D. in exercise physiology does not make her a relationship/personality expert.

5) Thank God today is my Friday. Just have to get through this day.

6) Uppity Negro - me that the same as Bougie (sp?).

7) Montana Fishburne - so sad.

8) Dr. Frank Ryan died while texting/updating his Twitter page. Please be careful people when you're on the road.

9) I've been so busy lately that I haven't been riding. Not good.

10) How is encroachment different from offsides?

Brooke said...

I got single down pat too Yolanda, and for some reaon, I'm kinda diggin' it right now. I'm sure that'll change with the seasons tho, always does. I don't mind it tho :) Everything in its due time.

Outlet malls - good ones - are dangerous! The one in Limerick PA is a problem for me.

Karen, stop being "rude" to your son! ;)

Your grandmother sounds adorable by the way! I would kill for a $30K house....if I paid that now, that means Pookie n'em from New Jack City was living there.

Who's paying all that money to take the KIDS to Atlantis?? Maybe they're paying the nanny to come along too :)

I agree Yolanda, I HATE when people curse at their kids. If you're gonna curse at your kids, then don't have any. I can barely tell my nephews to "be quiet" without feeling guilty!

I hope baby Sophia feels better - look out for a package from Auntie Brooke real soon! (hint hint - it's GREEN!) LOL!

Been on Witches Brew all morning instead of working...they suck me in every time!

Dr. - I tell friends not to text and drive all the time. Some of them get it, some of them don't. I can't understand why people can't see how serious and potentially deadly that is. I've been guilty of it in the past, and once I drifted into the other lane and caught myself. Thank GOD no one was there, but that's all it took to wake me up. No text or email is worth dying over or possibly KILLING SOMEONE over. If you still think you can text and drive, then you're selfish and dangerous.

SarKism said...

Happy Almost Friday :)

I'm so amped for F-ball but cannot take pre-season. Its like foreplay a month before you can really get it on...yuck! I have ordered two new shirts for honoring Sean Taylor....RIP #21.

Ok...on the amped about football tip, the family is organizing a HUGE party to kick off the real football season so I guess its in my blood...go Redskins.

@Yolanda and Brooke. I must admit I've slipped a few times with the kiddies. Its the frustration. I apologize so much but I know its not right...working on it.

I love my mother. She's so funny and just generally a great woman. Sometimes I forget and then she says something and I remember wow! what a blessing. Love my daddy too.....cant take for granted my parents....42 years together and they havent killed each other so that in itself is an accomplishment.

Next week is the last week of summer for my son and I want to take the whole week off and just go from park to pool to park....I love that little boy. He's really excited about school and seeing his "girlfriend."

Reading the Girl with the dragon tattoo book and just cant get into it...

Saw Brooke's name on A&E several times over the weekend for the first time. I was all excited and my fam was looking at me like....Really? what's the big deal?

Soup and sandwich for lunch! BORING!!!

I aspire to be an uppity negro :) and work daily to give off the vibe just to make people uncomfortable in their stereotypes.

Jaz said...

I think uppity and bougie are different, but I love it nonetheless! Go Jay and Bey and Michelle Obama - take a great vacation and the the white people be mad that you're "cultured." LOL!

I was wondering the same thing about offsides too. Guess I don't football either :)

My mom used to curse in front of me all the time, but not AT me. Still not good though. Good thing I don't have a bad mouth...all the time :)

Soup and sandwich can be good if it's from Hale and Hearty. I love that place, thanks for the idea Sarkism!

I was hoping for fall, til I realized it was the last couple weeks of August already. Now I want summer to stay :(

What kind of girl would date a man who she KNOWS cheated on his wife? Unless she really just doesn't care.

Texting and driving is a no-no and I know someone who died from it. Please don't do it.

Brooke said...

Congrats to Serena who is now Godmother to a beautiful, new baby boy. She sent me his pics this morning on my phone, and he's gorgeous! She's a proud Godmother :)

I have to buy my Godson shoes and sneakers for school - Lee is going to second grade! Love him!

My phone is officially on crack - it has a mind of its own when I if you get any funny messages from me, know that it wasn't me...but my phone!

Soup for lunch sounds good. Curried shrimp soup from Hale & Hearty just might hit the spot today!

I think it's cute when people see my name on credits and get excited, because it means you're actually watching A&E! Not that I love all our shows, but my bonus is based on how well we do and if we reach our ratings if you have a Nielsen box, watch all day everyday! LOL!!

Sarkism, seriously considering getting a #5 Redskins jersey, but I can't do it just yet...not yet. Too soon :(

SarKism said...

@ Brooke. I have my eye on the womans one but its $70.....hmmm...yeah i'm gonna have to see how you look during the first few games before you join Darrell Green and Art Monk.

Annamaria said...

@ Anonymous no just her bottom two teeth right now. They are right at the gums but are pushing thru the gums. :( she was bleeding a lil last night.

@Brooke. I can't wait to see the green...LOL... I'll have to take pics so you can post them..LOL

P.S-why is my verification word CABLE????? LMAO

Jaz said...

I just went back and read the last comment from yesterday's blog - I think he's real!!! LOL!

Stef said...

Yeah, but that dude was talking about stuff from 1992 - not recent Jaz! I think he's just some random Michael trying to take credit for being the 4 hour Mandingo! LOL!

Jay said...

I'm beginning to wonder if that was the real "Michael Fitzgerald" too, or just some dude trying to be funny. We ALL want to be Brookey's muse, so he's probably full of shit :)

Only Brooke knows though ;)

Offsides is s penalty that happens when any part of a defender's body is beyond his line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. He doesn't have to touch the offense, which would be encroachment.

Stef said...

So what's the difference between a false start and offsides?

Brooke said...


a false start is basically offsides for the offense - at least that's the way I was taught. If the QB hasn't snapped the ball yet and the offense moves (a lineman or receiver I guess), then that's a false start. If the defense moves across the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped, it's offsides.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong?

Jay said...

Good job B :)

And with encroachment, you don't have to actualy TOUCH the offense, but be in that neutral zone between the defensive line and the offensive line.

Yolanda said...

...And I bought nothin! And it's tax free week too.

Le sigh.

I'll keep my little ole money then. :-(

Rameer The Circumstance said...

This will be my only RTT of the day - I'm CRAZY busy!!!

- Congrats to Serena on becoming a new godmother!!!

- My girl wasn't feeling well the other I was taking care of her. She was cranky, and kept saying she just wanted to lay alone...she'd be fine. She kept telling me "don't you want to go play your game (Madden on PS3)?" My spidey-sense IMMEDIATELY went off..."No, baby. I'm gonna stay here with YOU and hopefully help you feel better." She spent half the night telling me she knows I didn't want to sit in the bedroom with her, but I wouldn't budge.

Last night, she was so happy and loving ALL DAY AND NIGHT. You know why? Cuz that ish was A TEST...Mama ain't raise no fool! That's Women 101 - if they suggest you do something they don't really like (but know YOU like) over themselves, NEVER BITE. Even though they're SAYING one thing...

***in Tom & Jerry voice***

"Don' it..."

- I'm an uppity Negro, motel snob AND restaurant snob. And like Yolanda, I don't like going to chain restaurants...even when I'm home! Once in a blue, I'll get a taste for Red Lobster - but that's it.

- I hope Sophia feels betterz...

- @ Brooke-Ra - You KNOW I'm with you 100% on the not asking my opinion if you don't want the truth and "you should know better" tip. Story of my f'n life...I've always said people THINK they want the truth and/or an honest person. When they get it, they really DON'T like it.

- I think Latinegro and I were separated at birth. Really - we think alike on way too many things. Stuff he puts in his blog, on here, on Facebook...

- someone pointed out I'm as angry as I've always been online...but peaceful, calm and happy in-person. Never looked at it that way...but after he pointed it out, I DO tend to not let anything get under my skin in-person, but offer my direct opinion to many online. In-person, I only talk about certain things if someone else brings it up, or if I'm amongst my closest peoples. Interesting.

- Iron Man is not a hero. Oh, I like do - he's cool - but at the root of it all, he's a rich, arrogant, fornicating, womanizing drunkard who only serves his own agenda.

He's the only "superhero" who really could be a bad guy. IF you've ever read his comics, you know what I mean...heroes are usally either clear-cut or anti-heroes (like The Hulk and The Punisher)...

- I'm still wondering why people argue with me about weatherguy pointed out yesterday to his intern "Ive known him for over a decade, and he's more accurate about stuff than anyone I can think of on TV or otherwise..."

- Been wrong about SU b-ball the past 2 years, though. I think we keep not living up to our potential...

- Carmelo in NY? How dope would that be?

- Favre and LeBron are attention-whores. The reason Favre isn't hated or reviled as much - cuz he's won so much and continues to win. People forgive winners easily.

- Katt Von D is probably into just as much racist ish as Jesse James. From what I understand, she's half Latina, and she clearly is one of those that tries/likes to ingratiate herself to white society/viewers/fans...

- I've got at least 4 social events to go to this weekend, all with tons of food and drink...

Gotta go...peace!!!

Brooke said...

Rameer passed the woman test.

Woman: "Sure honey, go ahead."

**What she really means:**

"you better not!"


Tax free week is ridiculous to me. I remember when NY had those. I'm sorry, but they should NEVER tax clothes. In PA, NJ and DE, they don't do when I had to pay tax on a t-shirt when I first got to SU, I was floored. The woman asked me where I was from where they don't tax clothes. When I told her, she thought that was dumb. Who would think that NOT paying taxes on something is DUMB? When she asked why PA doesn't do it, I said they feel you should tax luxuries, not necessities.

This woman had the nerve to be like "well, you don't NEED clothes."

blank stare.

Uh...since when don't you "NEED" clothes? Last I checked, it was illegal in the US to walk out the house in public naked. Maybe you don't need A LOT of clothes, but you definitely need them.

Stef said...

Brooke must be back from lunch :)

Thanks for the football lessons everyone, now I can tell him I know my stuff and claim my prize.

Maybe I'll show him Brooke's story from yesterday and a month ago and see if he can be like the "fake" Michael Fitzgerald :) If he was real, Brooke would have said so by now :-) LOL!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

I think I'm an uppity negro too. Brooke seems like she would be as well...with all her "good English" and ish :)

I dunno y'all, I think that dude from last night was real. But if he is, then that's kinda foul calling Brooke out like that! I mean, putting her address on blast, how he knows her, etc. If I was him, I'd just be happy that I got with her sexy ass, no need jeopardizing getting the goodies by putting all her bidness out there! LOL!

I love that Stef is trying to learn football for her dude. But a woman who genuinely loves football, just for her own sake, is sexy as hell to me! So Brooke breaking down offlines and a false start made my heart pitter patter.

I need a new car. Thank goodness I live in a city where I don't really NEED it, but I need it.

I always get nervous when I encounter a bus driver who talks to himself while he's driving. And other people can hear him.

Brooke, that reggae throwback was the ish back in the day! Good job!

I feel like Brooke's been going to Deebo forever. Maybe now that's it's over, he's trying to get IN there! :)

Mr. Nice Guy said...

meant to type "offsides" not "offlines" :) LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

@Mr. Nice Guy,

I agree, that's why I think the dude is fake, cuz what dude would put ALL that info on the blog just to prove he knows Brooke or has been with her? That's tasteless dude.

Stef said...

@Mr. Nice Guy,

So what you trying to say? I'm not sexy because I'm not learning football for "my own sake"? I'm sexy REGARDLESS!

And you and Cable Guy are just jealous that Brooke's story ain't about ya'll! Whether that guy was real from the commentsor not, who cares? It was a hot story! Ya'll just wish ya'll could put it down like him! If he's real that is... LOL!

Thug Fo Life said...

Yeah Stef you sexy!!!

Brooke said...

just an FYI: The address given in the comments from yesterday's blog was my COLLEGE address, not my current address. I haven't lived on Winding Ridge since I was 21, and everyone who knows me knew I lived there. That was no secret :)

Far be it from me to reveal my muse(s), but if they want to reveal themselves, that's fine with me :) I think some foiks are reading too much into the comment from yesterday though - it was all in good fun peoples :-) LOL!

It's a STORY!

Trust me, if I thought someone was maliciously trying to put me on blast, I would have said so - or better yet, I simply would have deleted the comment. I DO have the power to do that you know :-)

SarKism said...

Hey blogfam...

random thursday question:

Did anyone see Eat, Pray, Love? like it? The American?
Anyone plan to see Takers?

LOL @ Mr. Nice Guy...I genuinely love football and plan my Sundays around it. Season ticket holding, tailgating, die hard fan and NEVER EVER thought of it as SEXY!

Brooke said...

I've seen Eat.Pray.Love and I enjoyed it. I didn't read the book tho, so I have nothing to compare it to. I wouldn't mind seeing Takers.

The Cable Guy said...

Okay Brookey, you right. My bad. I just thought dude was trying to blast you and be grimey! Male ego.

maybe I AM a bit jealous ;)

Stef said...

Yeah, cuz you a hater Cable Dude!

The Cable Guy said...

Shut up Stef!

You jealous you can't put it down like Brooke! LOL!

Jay said...

Guess from Brooke's response he IS real!

Stef said...

How you knoww? You haven't been with me OR Brooke!

annamaria said...

Brooke. Miss Sophia just got your package! When she saw her eagles onesie she giggled & clapped! Lol it is a lil too big for her but I'll make it work for the sake of a pic. Lol

Thanks for being a good sport & sending the one with the giants helmet!!!! Love the note.

The Cable Guy said...

I never said I was with Brooke, but I can tell from the way she writes she's a BEAST! And she's just on the other hand, WACK!

DMoe said...

Whassup ya'll...

Here's where I'm at:

- Missed ya'll while I've been here workin' my azz off at work.

- Monica running a marathon? Somehow, I imagine someone dressed up as a Chicken Burrito and Mo chasing them the entire course. Let's call it" "MOtivation". LOL.
Good luck with that, sucka!

- Football is back and so is Mr. Favre (again)... Let's geaux Saints. They think "it was all a dream..." We got something ELSE for his azz September 4th.

- Can't stand people who HAVE to have the last word. Makes my skin crawl. Scratch that. It makes me NOT want to have the last word just seeing how wack it is...

- New drink! Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka (that's the actual name of it) and Minute Maid Lemonade. Ladies and Gentlemen, its scrumptious. 1 part JW, and 2 parts MM Lemonade, and its MMMMMMM...Good!

- Football trip 2010 is officially planned. Time for phase 2: book flight.

- Confession: I want an iPad.

- Chick kills kids, and drives car into lake? Simply awful.

- I'm uppity and I know it...(I just clapped my hands)

- I miss my momma.

- My granddad (89 yrs old) has a cell phone, and my nieces put Jay-Z's "Dirt off your Shoulders" as his ring tone. Anytime it rings, hilarity ensues.

- I'm contemplating Twitter.

And with all that, don't call it a comeback...Here's the DMOE RTT playlist:

El Debarge/Second chance.
After a long battle with drugs and personal tragedies in his family, El D. returns with a decent ballad that speaks of the opportunity to start over. Hopefully, the album will be strong due out this fall.

Donell Jones/Love like this.
Speaking of comebacks, this kid fell off for other reasons. Nonetheless, he's back with a solid single that feels like today's R&B with a sound all his own.

Beyonce/Irreplaceable (Live)
Fellas, this song may be the ladies' ultimate "kick rocks" anthem, but Beyonce's live, acoustic version (from Las Vegas) is downright funky. Dueling guitars accompany, and the background chicks bring mucho flavor. If you throw in the crowd singing along and Beyonce's syncopated ad libs, this is a head-nodder. Listen closely, you might hear Bey singin' lines you never heard in the original studio version...

Aretha Franklin/The Weight.
That title's not a cruel joke about the Queen of Soul, its the real name of a real classic. It feels like gospel, but she sings it like the Blues.

Justin Bieber/Runaway Love.
After I heard Kanye's tweet about how he played this song 10 times in one day, I had to check it, and its hot. I won't wax poetic about vocal stylings, but the song is catchy and it ain't too fluffy either.

Rare Essence/Do you know what time it is?
Go-go is an acquired taste, and I sip some casually. While some songs in the genre don't move me, the right Go-go groove gets me every time. Try this one.

Janet Jackson/Anytime, any place.
I saw her perform this song in the N.O, and let's just say that listening to it after that is "different". The performance can best be described as a "tattoo on the cornea of every man in attendance"...I'll just leave it at that. Janet could always kill a ballad. They never get old.

Blow the dust off these:
Self-Destruction/Stop the Violence movement.
JJ Fad/Supersonic
Main Source/Lookin at the Front Door
Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam/I wonder if I take you home
Shannon/Let the music play

Stay thirsty my friends...

Thug Fo Life said...

Dont worry Cable Guy, I am going to handle Stef!!! LOL

Stef said...

I don't know what you don't seem to understand Thug, I don't date thugs no mo!

Brooke said...


I figured it would be too big, but I tend to buy big for kids since they tend to grow like weeds :) She can get 2 seasons out of it, easily :-) I was trying to be nice with the other onsie :)

I expect to see a pic that I can post on the blog tomorrow since I believe the Eagles play tomorrow :)

Stef and Cable nice :)

Justin Bieber D? Interesting....

"Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka" just sounds like a drink you'd get down South :-)

Mr. MBA said...

Since you dont do Thugs no more Stef, what's up!!

Jam said...

Speaking of Tracy Reese, Gilt is having an online Tracy Reese sale for a limited time:)

but everything looks so tiny:(

Stef said...

I see men want to act silly on this blog. Ya'll don't even know what I look like! If I looked like Brooke, I could see why, since she's beautiful - not that I'm not :-) But still, ya'll don't know me!

Yolanda said...


I'm totally gonna marry you.
JJ Fad AND go-go AND I believe I have this vodka in my fridge or some version of the sweet tea vodka. I keep a frozen Minute Maid lemonade in the freezer...old school style where you add water like my Grandma used to make!

Monica said...

Tell 'em Stef!

UGH this day can't end fast enough.

Dmoe you fool! Still waiting on the donation you were going to give me last year you cheap mofo! I won't hold my breath...or maybe I should since I might die from inhaling all the bullsh*t you talk LMAO!

Wish I could have had a longer lunch with Brooke :-)

I am in need of a serious vacation! To spend or not to spend...that is the question.

my nails are jacked up. Mani-pedi here I come!

I'm tired of running. Whoever decided that it is a "fun" thing to do, didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

I want to try this drink I saw in Timeout NewYork mag called the Roman Candle. Looks delicious!

my word verfication is "pooliter" LMAO

Brooke said...

"Pooliter"?? LOL!!

Running is not fun, ever. But you can do it!

Actually, I liked running when I played basketball, but didn't love it in field hockey. And for track, running to the high jump bar or the long jump pit was about all I could do with any enthusiasm. So I take that back, sometimes running can be fun...but not long distances :)

...not helping Monica am I? :) LOL!

Stef, I'm sure you're beautiful and the men on the blog know it!

I just had a craving for a cupcake.

Craving go away!

I don't like when our lunches are cut short either Mo :(

Okay, how about when I was getting my nails done, one of the women who worked there asked this woman if she wanted a wax. The woman said "a wax where?" And the worker said "your nose."

I tried with EVERY ounce of my being not to turn around and look at the woman, but I couldn't help it. Sure enough, she had strands of hair on her NOSE. I almost died. I've NEVER seen that before.

The women declined as if she was insulted that someone would ask her that, but yo! She had HAIR on her NOSE! I thought old girl was bold for even asking her, but then again, when my eyebrows get crazy, they have NO PROBLEM asking me if I want my brows guess they just figured she knew she was hairy. That was crazy!

DMoe said...


@ Yo -

I believe they call that "from concentrate" Its good, but get the two liter, its easier. JJ Fad was the shiznit. Let me add one more for the go-go....Chuck Brown's "Run Joe".

@ Mo -

"Pooliter" is Portuguese for "Burrito Killer"
LOL. Your lil comeback was pretty good, but since I'm tired of tellin you to "kick rocks", try any of these others synonyms on for size sucka:

Catch fire
Haul Azz
Agitate the gravel
Burn up the road
and my all-time favorite...

"Make yo head get small!"


I'm chuckin up my deuces.

Stef said...

LMAO@ hair on her nose! LOL!

I guess that's no funny, but that's CRAZY! She was mad someone pointed out her strands :)

DMoe and Mo at it again, I like their banter almost as much as I like mine between me and Captain Cable. At least DMoe and Mo aren't HATERS! LOL!

"make yo head get small" LOLOLOL! I gotta use that one!

Serena W. said...

I'm so late!


Brooke and the blog fam thank you for the congrats! I'll see DJ this weekend and will hold him so tightly. All babies need love.

He turned what could have been a really bad day into joy!

Go MoMo on the marathon!

DMoe when are you coming to dc man! We need to listen to go-go!

I didn't appreciate it until I moved to Dallas and heard chopped and screwed music! Boo!!!!

Performing spoken word at the 8th Annual Drummers Summit this Saturday in BK! All those interested in coming, get at me.

And finally I woke up this morning and after seeing a picture of DJ I smiled and said, "Mom after 6 months I'm still standing, you brought DJ to us 1 day early to make today joyous!"

I miss her so but she always sends a sign that she's thinking of me and to smile.

Peace out fam.

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