Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- Summer is winding down...are you enjoying it so far?

- Eat. Pray. Love was a good movie - I enjoyed it!

- I need to get back on my "good eating" plan...cuz what I'm doing now isn't working. I've been losing and gaining the same 3-5 lbs for weeks now. Not good.

- Deebo has been getting fresh with us lately...he needs to chill.

- The JetBlue flight attendant was gangsta wasn't he? He broke OUT!

- We all dream of how we'd quit a job at some point in our careers, don't we? :-)

- But hopefully we will never work in a place where a disgruntled employee shoots up the spot because he works in a racist environment and then gets fired. That was sad.

- Why were people upset that Michelle Obama and the girls went to Spain on vacation? Are they not allowed? People need to get over it.

- I need one more good beach day.

- I'll have another sexy story coming your way on Tuesday :-) Brace yourselves!

- Brian's Throwback!




Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!

Anthony Otero said...

- I got more sleep than normal and I am exhausted... -_-

- It appears I will be making a very brief trip to NYC...Lets go Mets!

- My dad is also coming to NYC this weekend and he has no idea I am coming... :)

More later...

Stef said...

How did Ant post so early??? Dammit!

Ant, where are you anyway? upstate?

I'll be glad when the fall comes. I'm getting tired of all this muggy weather. At least it's cooler today, but the heat has gotten to me finally.

I ate a HUGE breakfast! and I'm already thinking about lunch.

If you cheated and got away with it, would you ever tell your significant other, even if it's years later?

The Jet Blue guy was hilarious! He's my hero! LOL!

Anthony Otero said...

- Stef I am in Syracuse...

- I haven't had a bad summer at all...

- I need to read Eat. Pray. Love, I book the book a few weeks ago

- How do I submit stories for tuesdays???


Brooke said...

submit stories for Tuesdays? What do you mean?

Have fun with your dad! :)

I haven't read Eat.Pray.Love but I enjoyed the movie, so maybe I'll go back and read it.

Stef said...

Syracuse is far huh? Like 4 hours?

You seem like a NYC guy, you need to move here :)

still thinking about lunch.

I think I'm gonna try to get into football this year.

Jay said...

happy rainy tuesday everyone!

busy as hell at work today.

what's for lunch?

jet blue dude was wildin out! he grabbled two brews and was OUT!

where has DMoe been and his playlists? Brooke, he don't love you no more? :)

I'm ready for fall too. And football. Stef, get with it!

where is everyone today?

SarKism said...

Happy Thursday!

- I'm so ready for the weekend and I dont have anything special planned.

- My boss was out for 10 days on vacation and I feel like I had a vacation. It was so quiet and productive it was amazing. She is really toxic.

- I cant believe summer is near end. I didnt check off half of the things to do with the kiddies although this week/weekend we will start diligently working on them :) I'm still a crammer.

- I'm excited about school supply judgements.

- I love my hubby. He gets on my nerves but that dude makes me smile when he's a hundred miles away.

- OK....gotta go maybe more later. I'm meeting my sister for lunch:) treasure these small pleasures during the day.

Brooke said...

I would love to have lunch with my sister during the work week :) Those things mean more than we know.

Get on that list! Still going to Great Adventure in September!

Annamaria and friends and kids are at Sesame Place today - which is only 10 minutes from my house where I grew up in PA. I wish I was there now :(

I'm ready for football too. Still not sure if I'm going to watch the Giants and Jets this weekend but I may not have a choice. Go Jets! :)

Should they pay Darrelle Rivas? or is he being difficult?

I watched some of the Hard Knocks: Jets on HBO last night. Good show.

Still have to watch Entourage from this past Sunday. Boondocks too.

Maybe soup for lunch today. I'm cold.

Jam said...

- I lived 10 minutes away from Sesame Place for 5 years

- I was told I have a nice waist-to-hip ratio today

- When I first heard about it, I just knew the guy that did that CT workplace shooting was white. I was surprised to learn he was a black man :(

Brooke said...

I've been too lazy to get up and go get soup, so I've been on Nine West's site for an hour now looking at fall shoes and boots. Not a good thing.

I was surprised to find out the CT shooter was a black man too when I first got word.

Maybe I should go get a mani/pedi for lunch instead of going to get soup.

maybe I can do both. Can you tell Monica is unavailable for lunch today? :)

Stef said...

Yeah, where is everyone?

Yolanda? Rameer? Serena? Monica? Cable Guy?

The Cable Guy said...

I'm here! Just busy today!

Just pay Darrelle already, and get it over with. I mean, he's being difficult, but I think he's one of the best players in the league. Maybe he should have waited for his contract to be up instead of doing all this mess.

I'll be watching Giants/Jets this weekend. Football is football!

Go G-men!

Brooke, you like the Jets?

Jet Blue dude was OUT! LOL!

Brooke is sexy as hell. Just thought I'd say that :)

Deebo better back off. I don't care how good of a trainer he is.

Took my son to Sesame Place earlier this summer and he loved it! I didn't know you were from that area Brooke.

Maybe Rameer can take over the playlists since DMoe is MIA. Later for him :)

Serena must be busy today too. She LOVES RTT :)

where's my boo Yolanda?

My eyes still hurt from that "he/she" photo you linked yesterday...and then re-sent today. Unbelievable.

I like the heat, no problem with summer. Just give me some football and I'm straight!

Serena W. said...


Cable Guy I'm here man!

First of I love, love, love Souls of Mischief!

My girl Bev something simple yet deep this week to me. She said, "Wouldn't the world be a better place if people could do what they absolutely love that's positive!"

Totally agree!

Ant I'll miss you by a weekend. I'll be in NYC next weekend.

I don't want summer to end!

Going to catch the summer sales though!

SarKism my boss has been out for like 10 days and it's a piece of heaven in southeast DC!

Your husband has been funny since 1993 cracking jokes on the porch at SUmmer Institute lol.

I want to do a FALL Shopping Spree for real!

FINISHED MY 1ST DRAFT OF MY 3RD NOVEL! Crack open the champagne! Make Me Wanna Holler is done!

Getting the first round of professional edits back from another novel tomorrow.

Poetry book is in the final stages!

Sheesh can I get paid like 6 figures to write and do what I love!

But writing, poetry and spoken word is priceless!

Finished the book on Tuesday of this week which was exactly a year to the date that Mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I sense her wide grin from the heavens.

Had to wish my friend Lia and her fam the best as they moved to Tunisia, Africa on Monday for her next assignment :( sigh she went from living 4.1 miles from me to 4,273! (Not counting).

I took 2 mental health days this week.

I'm taking 2 sick days next week to come to NYC and take care of biz with Nana.

Ant please tap Cedric on the shoulder as I'm going to call him about a date to hit Cuse with poetry and workshops.

Storms here have been fierce.

Got my hair all twisted up (I look cute)!

Count down to Vegas is in t-minus 3 weeks and 1 day!

Brooke get off the Nine West site!

Just go to the outlet! They carry cute shoes for sizes like us (yeah)!!!

More later...

Stephanie said...

I've never been big on social networking, but Face book is the SHIT. I've just reconnected with 3 people I've been looking for for 10 years.
I think the Jet blue guy should get a raise and promotion.Dealing with the public can be frustrating.

@ Brooke, I agree that people should get over the First Lady's trip to Spain. They keep trying to compare her to Marie Antoinette and the famous quote " Let them eat cake." The claim is that Mrs. Obama has abused her power and the taxpayer dollar by taking such a lavish trip with her daughters to Spain while the country is under such dire economic strains.
Nobody seemed to care when President Bush spent almost his entire presidency on vacation on the taxpayer dollar.

Brooke said...

The outlets don't carry the NEW stuff! I want NEW boots and shoes! But a trip to the outlets ain't never hurt nobody :)

I just put a bunch of shoes I like in my size in my virtual shopping bag and closed the site. Didn't want to tempt myself to go buck wild!

Congrats on finishing the book Serena! I can't wait to read it!

My work computer sucks.

Not looking forward to getting my car inspected this month. I hope there are no surprises.

I haven't been to Vegas in a minute! I would like to go again.

Monica and I want to go to Italy just to eat. After seeing Eat.Pray.Love last night, it's our new mission. We'll just call it EAT.EAT.EAT! LOL!

We're going to go when we reach our fitness goals...and then we're gonna go gain 10 lbs. :)

They need to get over it. That Spain trip was probably paid for out of their pocket. And Bush STAYED on vacation, and no one said boo about it.

Facebook is fun, but it can be a major distraction...especially when I already suffer from "procrastinationitis" :-)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I took off of work today. Fools was trying to pull some ol' banana-in-the-tailpipe stuff on the kid - so I SCREWED them by taking off when they couldn't afford to have me do so. I bet they never saw it coming - cuz I never do that. IF they had just been upfront instead of sneaky, it would be no problem...but cuz 2 cats tried to be slick (and I find out before I left yesterday), I hope they're enjoying picking up the slack in addition to their own workload...

- They should ABSOLUTELY pay Revis. He's in the driver's seat in this situation if he saved his money correctly.

- I LOVE SarKism's hubby. That's my boy por vida...

- No one rocks out to the Souls Of Mischief like my crew. "93 'Til Infinity" has always been our theme song, since we were freshmen at SU in '93...

- My girl tried to convince me to do get a pedicure cuz THE BOTTOM of my feet aren't soft and smooth. Um...THE BOTTOM? Uh...NO. She just wants me to take her and pay for both of us - she ain't SLICK!!!

- She's gonna HATE ME Saturday - I'm buying Madden...

- Best wishes to Lia Miller in Africa...

- That he/she pic REALLY scarred me yesterday...

Since DMoe is MIA, here's a playlist for y'all:

Marsha Ambrosious "I Hope She Cheats On You" - best woman scorned song since "Bust Your Windows"...

Ellie Goulding LIGHTS - another dope artist from our friends in Europe. Entire album is fantastic...

Redman REGGIE (mixtape) - The Funk Doctor Spock returns with some definite Heat to continue your summer.

Brand New Heavies "Never Stop" - classic smoothness.

Keith Sweat "Make It Last Forever" - he may be the greatest beggar in R&B history, but don't front - dude RULED the 90s with his albums.

Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait" - this one-hit wonder had one of the funkiest jams of 1986 by a white band...

Kanye West feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson "See Me Now" - mixed reviews are coming back on this, but I think it's classic Kanye, mixed with his familiar blend of witty and clever lines...

Sade LOVER'S ROCK - really, anything by Sade is dope...but re-visit this album when you get a chance...

Ahmad "Back In The Day" - classic, smooth Hip Hop that I can relate to almost entirely...

Mos Def "Travellin' Man" - you can never go wrong with the might Mos.

Jamiroquai "Little L" - why do the European cats have more soul than us??

Amy Winehouse "Stronger Than Me" - see above comment...

Drake "Fear" - a somewhat older track that didn't make the album, but one of his best.

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth "I'll Take You There" - their 2nd studio album is an underrated CLASSIC. This song is just positive...

Original Sdtrk, Mo' Better Blues - Spike Lee's ode to Jazz music and his upbringing had one of the dopest movie soundtracks of it's time. VERY slept on.

Michael McDonald "I Keep Forgettin" - to this day...NO ONE can sing this dude under the table. NO ONE.

Daft Punk "Something About Us" - IF you don't know about them, just know they're DOPE. Kanye's track "Stronger" is a remake of their original song, and they're doing the soundtrack for the upcoming Tron sequel. This is one of their brilliant works.

Well, I think that's enough! More After The Break...

Serena W. said...

Stephanie I agree with you. Leave the Obama's alone! Bush spent %50 of his presidency if not more at his dag on ranch!

Brooke you can go to the Nine West Outlet in NYC. There is one on 125th Street. I also heard there is one on Jamaica Avenue in Queens.

I'm just saying!

Where is everyone?

Peeps need to leave Fantasia alone. Praying for her.

Thanks for the congrats Brooke!

Oh God...another severe thunderstorm headed to DC.

The Cable Guy said...

oh snap, great playlist Rameer! Dmoe has officially been replaced!

He don't love you no more Brookey.

Big Mos!

Pay Revis so we can get on with it.

Serena W. said...

Rameer that is our theme from 1993!

Playlist is dope!

I'm going to visit Lia next year ;)

Sade rocks!

A dude I met said her last cd sucked. I told him to kick rocks and boulders!

Brand New Heavies "Never Stop" - classic smoothness is the shizzzznit!

I wanna take a nap!

Can't wait till pay day tomorrow.

Found a 14K link chain in front of my job. Jokers have till next Friday to claim it or it's straight to the pawn shop!

Hey a sista gotta do what I gotta do.

This weather is interfering with running and pool time!

Brooke I just re-read your blog. What do you mean Deebo is getting fresh...hmmmmmmm!

Brooke said...

ask Monica about Deebo getting fresh!

Haven't been in a pool since Memorial weekend in DR. I might need to go to the beach this weekend.

I forgot pay day was tomorrow too, woo-hoo!

Jay said...

Dope playlist Rameer.

Brooke said...

I LOVED the Mo' Betta Blues soundtrack!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Thanks for the love, people. I'm no Dmoe, but he and I have similar tastes, I find.

- I don't know why people call from numbers I don't know...if I don't recognize it and/or you didn't let me know you'd be calling from a number I don't have at a certain time, I NEVER answer. And if you don't leave a message, oh well...

- Just found out there's a preseason game one ESPN tonight! Yessss!!!

- Vince Young spends tons of time with Steve McNair's children in his personal time. I wasn't a Vince fan before...but that may push me to liking the dude.

- "Jersey Shore" has me calling ugly women "grenades"...lmfao!!

- I can upgrade my phone in September...I've decided on the Samsung Vibrant. It's a SUPER Droid phone...

- I'm excited for college football season. Hoping my Orange can get an invite to a bowl for the first time in years...

- I need to shave. Again.

- I've gone to 2 weddings this summer - and both were BALLER-IFIC.'s really eye-opening to see how the rich live in comparison to us regular folk.

- I changed my girl's theme on her browser to a Syracuse theme. She's gonna CUSS when she turns this computer on...

- My girl has a real gumball machine in her crib. My dentist will not be happy with her.

- I really don't eat at most national chain restaurants. The only ones I even *want* to go to are Wendy's and the occasional trip to Red Lobster. But if I lived near Popeye's, they'd have to pry me away from the counter...

- I never stopped cheering for Tiger Woods. I still cheer for him.

- Sunday is the final episode of "The Boondocks"...

- my favorite kids show is Pocoyo...

- when I was a kid, it was "Pinwheel" on Nickelodeon...and anything Pooh Bear-related. I STILL love Pooh Bear-stuff...

- I played "Kan-Jam" for the first time 2 weeks ago...and me and my boy lost to my friend Kate and her boy. I'm STILL mad about it...(if you don't know what Kan-Jam is, Google it or ask one of your white co-workers - white cats love it in the summer).

- I've become addicted to the show "Bones" not that it re-runs on TNT...

Y'all have a great day and pleasant weekend!!!

Brooke said...

Popeyes beans and rice is the ish!

a Samsung Vibrant? I'll have to look into it since I STILL need a new phone. Thanks!

I have ZERO desire to go to the gym tonight. I just wanna go home and eat. I've been craving bad food all day. Something is wrong with me.

"grenades"? That doesn't sound nice :)

Just saw a pic of Maia Campbell. Yikes!

so sad.

Fantasia needs prayer too.

I taught my nephews to say a few phrases that I'm not particularly proud of, but it makes me laugh everytime - including "Run tel dat homeboy" and "mornin' scrubs" (ala Snoop Dog in "Baby Boy") I know - BAD AUNTIE!

Serena W. said...

Rameer there is a Popeye's walking distance from my apartment and I've never been. Fearful that red beans and rice would call my name lol.

Stef said...

That "hide ya kids, hide ya wife" video is hilarious! "Run tel dat homeboy!" LMAO!

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