Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Girlie Man or No?

Good morning!

So yesterday, a guy friend of mine told me that he "manscaped down there." I thought that would be a given for him since he always keeps a fresh cut and stays fresh-to-death-dipped when it comes to his wardrobe. But he said it wasn't your typical trim - he was completely bare down there for the first time ever...and he's diggin' it.

This was a bit TMI, but he dared me:-) Hey, if you like it, I love it.

We've asked the question before on this blog - do women like it when men "manscape?" Some said yes - they consider it clean and a courtesy. Others said no - they thought it was too girlie. Which got me to thinking about other things that many men and women may consider "girlie" but not necessarily "gay" when it comes to men. So I've come up with a list of things that are perfectly okay for men to do, but that might get them the side-eye because it's just a bit too feminine.

1. Manscaping. Since we're on the subject, I have no problem with men getting manicures and pedicures. I hate seeing chewed up fingernails and jacked up toes. If you don't do it yourself, then by all means go to a salon and handle that. I don't mind a man trimming down there either, or under his arms, nose hair, ears, etc. But I think I draw the line at plucking eyebrows (unless you have a unibrow). No clear nail polish, and if you use a "loofah" and strawberry shower gel, you might get the side eye. Jus sayin'.

2. Cooking. It's perfectly okay for a man to be able to throw down in the kitchen. I actually prefer it. A man who cooks for me is sexy all day every day. But I don't think I can say I've ever seen a man I know "bake." You know, cookies, cakes, bread...anything. My brother-in-law made these fried Moroccan cookie things once, but I think that's as close as I came to actually seeing a man make something sweet. It's okay if he DOES bake, but most men and women consider baking a "woman" thing.

3. Dancing. I love a man who can dance. Usually, a woman can tell how good a lover a man might be by the way he moves on the dance floor. Nothing "girlie" about dancing. BUT - if he's a ballroom dancer, or rocks some ballet slippers, he might be pushing it. I love watching Dancing With The Stars and enjoy watching a man freak the Paso Doble...but some women think the Waltz is a bit much for their taste. I don't have a problem with it, but some think ballet isn't the manliest way to move his body.

4. Reading girlie magazines. I have a subscription to Essence Magazine, and I may occasionally have a Cosmo or a Marie Claire lying around. And I've seen men pick them up and casually peruse them. I didn't think anything of it - but some women think that's weird. If you ask me, what better way to learn about women than by studying what we read? Either way, most men never admit to reading women's magazines - they just "sneak" and do it in the doctor's waiting area or "borrow" their sister's or girlfriend's magazine when they're not looking :-)

5. Crying. A new world will be built before a man will let you see him cry. I don't think anything is wrong with that, but it seems to only be acceptable at a funeral or when someone passes. I've seen men cry at the birth of their children, at weddings and even at sporting events when their team loses. But if he cries at a chick flick or while watching Oprah, women will undoubtedly call him a punk.

6. Shopping and fashion sense. I love a put-together man. If he can sport a Hugo Boss suit with some funky Kenneth Cole shoes, then point him in my direction. But if he can tell me what size a woman is at first glance and asks her if she's wearing Jimmy Choo's, then my spidey senses might go up. I know some men love a woman with a mean shoe game, but if you say my Manolo's are "fierce," then I might think you were a judge on America's Next Top Model. Most men don't spend hours in the mall trying on clothes either, and you definitely don't shop in pairs like women tend to do. And if a man walks up to another man to ask him wear he got his "outfit," then I'm walking in the other direction.

7. Drinking "girlie drinks." The only time I've ever seen a man partake in an alcoholic beverage with fruit and an umbrella in it is on vacation at the swim-up bar. Other than that, it's Henny or a beer or vodka or something that'll make your chest hairs grow. They may "sip" their woman's Cosmo to make sure it's "okay" but other than that, men usually don't order Appletini's.

8. Yoga/Pilates. I've seen men do it, and have no issues with it...but I know a lot of women who don't like their men doing these exercises. They want them to lift weights and play football and growl and whatnot. Maybe they'd be satisfied with them running on a treadmill, but something about yoga makes them think he's a hippie or something. Hey! Yoga is HARD! If a man can do that, then he's stronger than you think. If it's cool enough for Russell Simmons, it's cool with me.

9. Dieting. When was the last time you heard a man say he was going on a diet? I'll wait.....


Most men say they have to "drop a few pounds," or "get in shape." They say they have to start eating right, or cut out the junk. I don't think I've ever heard a man say the word "diet" in relation to himself. Ever.

10. Gossiping. Men talk just as much, if not MORE than women. But they don't like to call it "gossiping." They just say they were relaying something they heard, or "giving you the 411" or something stupid like that. But they do it. I guess if you do it around a water cooler, it's not "gossip" - they're just talking over some coffee or something. Say what you wanna say, but men are just as bad at this as us clucking hens are.

I'll stop there. I could add more, like watching chick flicks and wearing excessive amounts of jewelry, but I won't get into that either :-) If you can think of more to add, let's hear it!




Stef said...

First bitches!

Whoa! He is CLEAN!!! LOL!

Yolanda said...

I've dabbled in the manscaped area (ok, that sounds really hoeish) and it's fantasmo. No pubes all up on ya and smoothe to the to the touch.

I have no problems with men being able to dance well, burn in the kitchen or cry. I'd hope he would have a great fashion sense. Now, if he has an Essence mag subscription... he might get a side eye.

I think you have to judge the man based on all his qualities. And as more men get in touch with their metrosexual sides these days, I don't think it makes them less manly but there are certain lines that shouldn't be crossed. You really shouldn't be in the mirror longer than me.

Jaz said...

I usually don't like a man completely bare down there, but it works on him...assuming he has a nice package to go with it :) LOL!

Men don't watch chick flicks, and you're right, I've never heard a man say he was going on a diet ever either. Good list B, and nice eye candy! LOL!

Ms. Patra-son said...

Wad up??!?! I like a clean shave for man... cause I'm alway clean shaved I don't need your hair to be irritating my skin... I'm sensitive down there cho!

That's a nice pic btw :)

Stef said...

I normally don't like a man bare down there either, cuz I think it makes him look like a little boy, but if this guy has a nice package and he's ALL man, then I'll work with it! LOL!

Brooke, who are these men that you know that send you pics of their stuff!? LOL!!

I don't mind metrosexual that much either, but there are lines like Yolanda said. And any man who uses the word "fierce" is gay. But if he wants to bake me a cake, then I'll take it! LMAO!

Jay said...

Um...I didn't need to see that Brooke. Thanks. My eys are bleeding now.

You don't have to take every dare :)

But your list is pretty accurate. Those are just some things men don't do. It's okay if they DO do them, but we tend not to for fear of being judged by women as being gay.

I don't do bare, but I'll trim it to keep it nice. I can't put a razor down by my ish tho, that's too much. Sorry ladies.

Brooke said...

And it'll itch like the dickens when it grows back!

I don't like to put a razor down near my womanly space either Jay, I feel you on that!


I don't think MOST men have a problem sending pics of their stuff. If I kept every pic sent to me, I'd have a nice d*ck gallery by now :)

And Jay, you're right - I don't have to take every dare, but it's so much more fun when I do. I don't know why people test me!

must be my innocent looks.

Also notice how men never sit next to each other in movie theaters if they happen to go to a flick together? Nor do they stand next to each other in bathroom stalls (so I've heard - unless half time is about to be over and the bathroom is packed and they need to get back to their seat) and they never ask a man to hold anything for them - unless it's their jacket and they're about to fight. Add man purses to this list too while you're at it :)

the pirate said...

Okay, I have not left a comment since Columbus day 2008, but after my spouse read the blog today, she urged me to. lol
"Manscape!" Since the Doctor performed the all descendant ending surgery in 2003, and that was a prerequisite, I never went back! Once it was off, IT STAYED OFF!
Cooking...No one person can come close to my prep and presentation! No further comment necessary.
Dancing...Since my early days in high school, I always could dance and the girls always wanted to dance with ME! No further comment necessary because I agree with Brooke.
"Reading girlie mags" Dude, get into a doctor's office and read Cosmo and watch how many women strike up a conversation with you! You don't have to ask for numbers!
Crying...when you think about the way that your elderly relatives are being treated in a Roman Catholic facility, and they worked so hard all of their lives for the Church and they still get no respect...
Shopping...lol I don't have enough time except to take my son to Vicky Sees! Believe me, he completely understands the teaching tool.
I only drink scotch! One of the "women" shows that we were watching last week said "Women thinks it sexy when a man orders scotch."
Yoga...I don't even eat yogurt!!
Dieting...I workout 7 days a week. Who needs to diet?
Gossiping? I hang out with many women so it is inevitable!

Annamaria said...

I am cracking up with Brooke & her Dick Gallery...LMAO


Anywho the only three that will get you the side eye are 7, 8 & 9... I would have to question your manhood a lil. Men do more of #10 than women anywho. And 1-6 is all good..

Question: What do you think of a men that use body wash & loofah's (sp?)

Yolanda said...

I waxed a guy's chest once...quite sensual.

Anyway... if you wax it or Nair it off, it doesn't itch too much when the hair grows back in. If you shave, it will itch and you're more likely to get bumps which is not cute at all.

Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHAHA.This list is to funny and on point. I like my man to be clean and in touch with his feminine side but not a bitch-ass.
Manscaping is fine but completely hair free would make me fell like a female Chester the molester.
I dated a man once who could cook better than I can, and I can cook my ass off.

I hate momma's boys. Nothing pisses me off more than a man's mother calling me to tell me how upset her son is about some shit HE and I are going through. Makes me want to slap his ass.

LockSmiff said...

@the pirate – my hat is off to you for taking the lead & admitting to be a “manscaper”.

As for myself, I have recently ventured into the world of “manscaping”. And, I have to admit that the benefits are enormous. For example, since I started “manscaping” my girl no longer spits out my pubic hairs when she slobs my man meat! Think about it ladies, no pubic hair floss!!!!!!!

Also, because of “manscaping” my propensity to have sweaty balls has been reduced. My junk and my balls can breathe because they are no longer covered in fur.  That’s right ladies, no salt on DEEZ NUTZ!!!!

With that said, I’m a “MANSCAPER” and I am proud!!!!

Yolanda said...

Wow. This just took a turn.

Brooke said...

LMAO!! Yolanda, I thought the same thing!

But wait...you WAXED a guy's chest? he LET you yank hair off his chest with hot wax and paper?

And that was sensual?? hmmm.....

Pirate broke it down!


I don't mind a man using a loofah and shower gel...but if he smells fruity, that might mess with me a lil bit.

Stef said...

Stephanie is telling the TRUTH about mama's boys! I hate that too! Nothing is worse than having a man's mama all up in ya'lls business! Man up and get off the tit already!

Yolanda said...

Hey, he asked. I obliged with the wax. It didn't hurt him (at least he didn't act like it hurt). Maybe it was more sensual for me since it don't take much...

Mr. Wong said...

@Locksmiff - That was hilarious!!!

You are right though, woman shouldnt complain about manscaping because they dont want hair in their mouth!!!

The Cable Guy said...

Brooke, WTF. You got dudes sending you pics of their joints now? Really??

Keep that sh*t to yourself! LOL!

I trim down there, can't do bare though. And the rest of your list is on point. I can cook, but I don't think I've ever baked a thing in my life. I can dance too, but you'd never catch me watching DWTS. I'll read a girl mag in a doctor's office or at the crib if the girl has it lying around, but no subscription. I'm naturally skinny, so no diets for me - I need to put on weight. And I don't even know what an "appletini" is.

Jaz said...

@Locksmiff and Mr. Wrong,

Assuming they go down there! You can trim it without going bare!

PrettyGirl said...

@Jaz - Nothing wrong with going bare, you dont see porn stars with any hair down there...

Jaz said...

@Pretty Girl,

Most men I deal with don't f*ck like porn stars either - so no need to pretend to be one! LOL!

Brooke said...

LMAO!!! that's funny Jaz - and so true!

Once you start shaving, you have to really keep up at it. Nair is better :)

PrettyGirl said...

@Jaz - You are right!!! That was funny!!

Jay said...

Sorry B, not putting any chemicals down there either. Doesn't Nair burn?

I'm still mad dude let Yolanda wax his chest! That's tomfoolery right there.

The Cable Guy said...

Just read Yolanda's comment. A man let you wax his chest? What kind of freak ish is that!?

No way jose.

HornyChick said...

Loving the "V"!!!!!!!!! I wish most men had the guts to do that!!!!!!!!!

Yolanda said...

Nair only burns if you leave it on too long. Magic Shave powder (for sensitive skin) is the bomb for the nether regions.

Ok, why do I know these things?

*backs out of room out of fear of exposing mahself as a closet freak*

Anonymous said...

ok I think I just threw up in mouth....just because someone dares you, doesn't mean you have to accept it.....


Brooke said...

Sorry Nicole!

And it's not like the pic shows EVERYTHING! I had to give a visual of the manscaping, that's all!

The pic seemed to get alot of attention of FB :) LOL!


I've heard of this Magic Shave, I have to see what that's all about!

And you're not a freak :) It's called simple grooming :)

Stef said...

Sounds like Nicole didn't like the pic, but I DID! You can't see anything, so not sure what the throwing up in the mouth is all about :) His "V" is nice!

Yolanda said...

I quite enjoyed the pic and would like to see more of this fellow.

Ms. Penn said...

Nice pic and great list! I agree completely!

Don't mind if a man uses a loofah and shower gel either. But if he plucks anything, then we may have a problem.

I don't want to wax ANYTHING on a man. Unless it's his back, I don't think a man should wax ANYTHING. Just me.

Domina*tricks said...

BROOKE! Great pic! I'd like to spank this young man and applaud him for sharing! Nice, clean manscaping job too! You knew I'd appreciate that pic today didn't you? ;)

Nicole, loosen up a bit honey :)

This list is very true, very accurate. I like for my men to be men and my women to be women.

Where is Fury? I bet he manscapes very nicely :)

The men are hating on this blog by the way. Send Brooke pics of your "areas" so we can all compare and appreciate :)

I like a "clean plate" myself, on both men AND women. I appreciate the effort and the consideration, and I'll reward you for it :)

Great blog!

Brooke said...

Nicole is my sister, so she's not going to appreciate ANY man sending me pics like this :)

@Domina*tricks - yes, figured you'd like that pic :) And a "clean plate." LOL!

Annamaria said...

I cracked up all day reading this..
And Brooke why can I actually picture your sister covering her mouth in horror...LOL

TheLicker said...

I love a "clean plate" on a woman, makes munching that much better!!!!

Brooke said...

You'd think we didn't have the same parents the way my sister reacts to stuff now. I feel like I have TWO moms sometimes! LOL!

I didn't think the pic was bad. I thought it was a perfect illustration of a what a "manscaped" man looks like.

Stef said...


I loved today's blog too! (I love it everyday) but today's was so funny! That pic was clearly put up here for the ladies to enjoy :)

That's not Michael Fitzgerald is it! LMAO!!!

Annamaria said...

@Stef...Good catch. Michael Fitzgerald didn't even enter my head. (That's what she said) BUT I think that's one detail Brooke would have DEFINITELY put in her story if that was Michael Fitzgerald....

Brooke said...

I laugh everytime I read "that's what she said" from Annamaria. Damn her and "The Office"! LOL!

And no, that's NOT Michael Fitzgerald people :-)

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