Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Gonna be a beautiful day today!

- What is up with all these earthquakes? Pray for the people of China, Chile, and continue to pray for Haiti.

- Did you all hear about the man who punched his 7 month old child in the chest because he was jealous of him? He punched him so hard, the baby's heart stopped - the child died. How can anyone harm a child...a baby? There's a special place in hell for people like that. My heart is broken :-(

- If a man wears a belly ring, is that suspect? I think so...but that's just me.

- I'm going to meet Bob Saget today.

- People jumping off of buildings to commit suicide...da hell? Why choose one of the most painful ways to die? Between that and jumping in front of trains, I just don't get it. And sometimes you DON'T DIE! Then what?? You thought your life was jacked up before....?? Buffoonery.

- Saw Why Did I Get Married Too. I won't spoil it if you haven't seen it, but the ending? Didn't love it.

- I miss my nephews.

- My ass is on FIYA today! Deebo had me doing "booty exercises." I'm "booty challenged." :-)

- Someone told me I had the "lure of the animal" some super power. I'm not quite sure what it means, but I think I like it :-)

- I need another manicure. Toes are still going strong though!

- Soul Siesta is BOOKED! Count down begins to sun and sand! I've got 6 weeks to tighten up!Woo-hoo!

- DMoe will be in the NYC this weekend - flying up today. My iPod will finally get some new music!

- Today is TAX DAY - if you haven't done them yet, you better get on it!




Rameer The Circumstance said...


JUSTBNME said...

Dang it Rameer!!!!

Stef said...

Tasing Rameer with A-Buzz's taser!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Lolz...I rarely win on the blog any more.

- It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in the 'Lo!!

- The annual "who is he f***in'??" murmurs have started at work again. Never mind that I've had a girlfriend for over half a year now - anyone who is a pretty woman I'm near, I MUST be f***in'...

- Craig had me laughing out loud at work yesterday...

- NeNe's problem is WAYYYY worse...

- One of the first things I do in the morning after getting to work is to check Yolanda's page for Witches Brew updates. When did I become addicted so hard??

- My Lakers DON'T look good going into the playoffs. But my SU men's and women's lacrosse does!

- I took my girl to a new place to eat near her crib last Saturday. Food was PHENOMENAL...but the thing we'll always remember about the place is THIS. Where we were sitting, you had to walk past in route to the bathrooms in another part of the restaurant. I saw this attractive, older woman walk by and thought nothing of it. A little over 10 minutes later, she walked back past us. I said to my girl "she just tore that bathroom UP!!" My girl said I had no idea if she was even IN the bathroom that long, let alone if she took a sh*t - and I was just being an arse. Within 5 minutes, a group of girls all went to the bathroom...3 out of the 4 returned QUICKLY. IT was odd, cuz they didn't hang near the bathroom, they were in OUR SECTION, which really isn't BY the bathroom - it's just in route. They all were whispering...another woman walks by, and they stop her - "DON'T GO IN THERE!! SOMEONE STUNK THAT PLACE *UP!!!* I BELLOWED out in laughter and said (probably too loudly) "I TOLD YOU that chick was going to blow that joint up! Haaaaaa!"

My girl just laughed embarrassingly...

- "Justified" is really good...but this week's episode was the weakest one thus far.

- I missed the season premiere of "Glee" - but I DID see them do Madonna's "Vogue". Um...DOPENESS...

- I'm getting excited about Iron Man 2...

- the tea party is the new KKK. That's what some of my white co-workers said the other day...

- I need to see "Treme" on HBO...

- Shaq wants to stop Shaunie's Hoe Show on VH-1...

- Speaking of VH-1, I saw "Tough Love: Couples" - dope! Steve really went IN on those cats! Glad to see he saved his harshest criticisms for the men...I didn't think he was biased, but glad to see it confirmed.

Brandy & Ray J's show is a f'n mess, however. And Brandy looks CRAZY FAKE - between the overuse of make-up to her hair (WHAT THE F***??), I just *can't*...

- I need some wine. Going shopping tonight or tomorrow. You read right - not picking up a bottle or two. Going SHOPPING.

- Why do I feel like one of my gay co-workers flirted with me yesterday when he asked me if my underwear matched 3 of our females shirts that I had noticed were all coincidentally purple??

The weather guy replied "yuck!" after he made the comment. I wasn't sure where it came from, and asked "why are you concerned about MY underwear??" Then I just left the studio...

- It's warm enough to start playing b-ball regularly now!

- A comedian pointed out that most black people hum, and most white people whistle. All week, I've noticed that's true at my job...the theory was that whites are obliviously happy, and Blacks usually have things on their mind, and we used historically hummed and sang hymns. Hmmm...

- My football team lost our first game cuz our QB couldn't score in the second half, and he threw HORRIBLE interceptions. I was so pissed...

More After The Break...

Anthony Otero said...

- Death at a Funeral was Hysterical!

- I need to sell my house or get a roommate...whatever the case it needs to happen soon

- Still looking for a job in NYC...shm

- DR in May...I cant wait. I need a vacation

- Is it weird that i write down all the songs that pop in my head in any given day and then make a play list on itunes (this happens everyday)?

- I did my taxes along time ago.

- This is the year of the earthquake. This doesn't mean the world is ending...

- Anyone who kills a baby deserves life in prison with no parole.

annamaria said...

Step out the way Stef! My taser is locked & loaded!!!! LOL

1. Its gonna be a beautiful day today. Nice to home with my baby girl.

2 how anyone can harm a child is beyond me. Lord knows I've wanted to shake the shit outta Sophia a few times (like this morning @3am when she wanted to be up hanging out) but then she smiles at u & u just wannna give her whatever she wants!!! Lol

3. That lady that sent the kid she adopted back to Russia! GANGSTA! But after I saw the movie orphan I totally understand!!!

4.Need a mani & pedi BADLY! Must be done tomorrow or Sat morning! STAT!!

5. Can't wait to hang out with my peeps on Saturday night! Dmoe since u coming out feel free to bring me some music as an engagement present!!! LOL

6. Liz don't forget my shea butter!!! :)

7. Still feel bad for Nene from yesterday. But SOOOO thankful I don't have that problem...

8. Ms. Nay & I in a room together is TROUBLE. Therefore still looking forward to Saturday. What were these sigma's thinking picking us up at the playground?

Brooke said...

Turned on the repeat of Tough Love Couples last night, but couldn't figure out what was going on cuz I was on the phone. Still have to catch that.

Liz is bringing shea butter to the party? I want some!


Gonna give it another chance tho.

Witches Brew is crack.

I'm getting excited about Iron Man 2 as well.

Basketball Wives needs to go away. Brandy and Ray J too. They have a Football Wives show coming soon too. Maybe they'll be some actual WIVES on there :)

mylylahn said...

Brookey, love your random thoughts as usual!!!
That's horrible about the man who punched his baby. Sickening!!!

.......I'm booby challenged. :-/
Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Did my taxes yesterday and because I have no dependents I owe the state.
They should have a THANK YOU TAX. A Tax that says, thank you for being an adult and paying your shit on time and since we rape you all year here is a little something for you.

My family is crazy, calling me with all types of drama.Why do they call for advice and never use it. I don't have time for that ish.

My PMS is making me nuts, 2 more days to go and I'll be back to normal...... Yeah. Let's hope no one gets drop kicked till then.
have a great day everyone.

Yolanda said...

-My job hunt got a kick in the balls this week when I got a call 2.5 hrs before I was due to come in for my 2nd interview saying they hired internally and not to come in. They were nice about the rejection but c'mon... wheretheydothatat?

-Got a hookup for a free show Tuesday night w/ Patti LaBelle, Ruben Studdard and Brian McKnight (it'll be on Centric soon). I love FREE anything...especially free music.

-I'm falling deeper into the Twitter debbil. I blame Fury :-)

-'Why Did I Get Married Too!' Who saw it? Who hated it?

-Rameer, I wanna see your girl! I'm nosy like that.

-What does Mary J. Blige's real hair look like?

-Witches' Brew is crack... I'll be in bed, read something on Twitter or see breaking news and then run upstairs to update the blog because I know I'm the only night owl of the bunch. It's like I have to make us first on an update. Dang journalism degree!

-Can somebody take me to the June 17th Maxwell show? Yes, I'm greedy. (I'd buy you a drink though)

-T-Pain is an asshat. is my favorite website. Total cuteness.

-I haven't had any meat since Saturday. But I WILL be having some sushi on Friday. Yessur.

-I'm getting tired of salads. Although I really did like Tuesday's salad. Chop't is the bidness!

-Thank God Oprah finally dyed her edges to match the rest of her wig or whatever.

-For real, I need foot surgery or something. I cannot wear my cute shoes any longer than 2 hours. This sucks monkey bizzalls.

-I had a little mole near my eye removed Tuesday. I'm getting to that maintenance age. LOL. Bring on the Botox.

-Just kidding.

-I've used 'balls' twice in this post. Whatupwiththat?

-I wanna go on a date.

-I want a foot rub...perhaps, whilst ON the date.

-A kiss on the neck would be nice too.

-Ok, I'll stop now.

ArrElle said...

-Yes today is a nice day not just because of the nice weather also I'm alive to tell it!!!

-Saw "Why Did I get Married Too" thought it was good but the ending had me and my gurls baffled, like "is there going to be a part three"??? We shall see

-Want and will see "Death at a Funeral" this upcoming weekend

-Wow @ man killing child because he was jealous, well this dayum fool will be on lock down for all of his natural born life, dayum fool!!! Let's just burn his azz alive

-Will read up on why the woman returned her adoptive son back to Russia.. so I can chime in and sound intelligent 8-)

-Totally agree with majority of the ladies that I need a mani & pedi real bad

-Yeah I feel for NeNe, gurl luv ya keep ya head and let's hope you have stock in the Duracell and/Energizer companies for all the batteries you have and will be purchasing..LOL

-@Brooke it would be nice if you had a Blog Get Together so everyone can meet face to face (well I already know some of you already know each other but for us newbies) 8-)

-For the past two early morning, I’ve woke up at 3:21 am?? I need to play those numbers so I can hit
and get paid

-@Stephanie take it easy please don't drop kick anyone between now and next week. Just eat some chocolate..LOL

more to come later.....

Brooke said...

I'm gonna do a Blog Get Together after I get back from DR...maybe some time in June so we all can meet :-)

I love Yolanda's posts :)

Foot rubs and kisses on the neck during dates are divine :)

I wanna see Rameer's girl too :)

Why Did I Get Married Too had me pissed off at the end. I want to talk about it without telling the ending. But it SUCKED!

Going to see Maxwell and Jill Scott in Philly on June 19th. If my date falls thru Yolanda, come on up!

T-Pain is pure COONERY.

Death at a Funeral looks like pure comedy, can't wait to see it!

NeNe said...

Hey eveyone!

Yes, my problem is worse than Trippin's, but I still love my man!

So I had the "talk" with my boo about his premature problem. We haven't used condoms in a long time since we've been together so long, but he's gonna start again to see if that helps.

I thought he'd be embarrassed by our conversation but he was totally understanding and concerned. That's why I love his premature ass!

Didn't tell him I discussed this on the blog though! Yikes!

He said I DO feel tighter since I lost the weight. Great observation Latinegro!

I feel sexier than I've ever felt!

You all are a funny group. I love reading your comments everyday. Now I feel like part of the family!

Can I come to Annamaria's party too? You all are friends in my head.

People who kill babies should die, sorry, don't care if that's wrong or not. That story made me cry.

Thinking of getting that vibrating cock ring too Yolanda! owwwww!

Yolanda said...

-I will say the end of "WDIGM Too" made me GASP out loud. HAVE MERCY! But overall, the movie was womp womp. And one of the scenes/plots was straight outta "Soul Food."

-I'm going to see Max & Jill in DC on June 18th. I'm just being greedy. He's added another show on June 17th with a "special guest." I'm wondering if it will be Erykah Badu.

-Charlie Wilson and Chuck Brown will be here April 24th. I might roll solo to see that. If you haven't seen Charlie Wilson live... GO. He converted me last summer at the Essence Music Fest. Even in his Skittles-colored suit, he was fire! Plus, he sang all the Gap Band's hits.

-I really need a job for my entertainment budget alone. I love live music.

Yolanda said...

They're cheap and the battery lasts long.

I mean, SO I HEAR!

The Cable Guy said...


"The lure of the animal"? Who told you that?? Sounds accurate though. You bring out the beast in me :)

If Brooke had a super power, it would be seduction. Even in sweats and a scarf, I was drawn. Not all women can do that.

That dude who punched his son in the chest needs to be put in jail with a bunch of big dudes who know he killed a baby. Fuck him UP!

Can I come to the party Annamaria?

DMoe is coming up? So no RTT playlist today?

I hate sitting near bathrooms in restaurants.

I'm seeing more and more women's feet now that it's getting nice out. Lotion them suckas up y'all!
Crusty toes are NOT what's up.

Where is Fury?

Brooke, can I go to DR with you? I bet your sexy ass would look great on the beach laying next to me ;)

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing about Witches Brew. Where can I find it?

NeNe said...


I will girl, good lookin out!

Yolanda said...

Shameless plug:

There are 4 of us who contribute to the blog. Big changes coming soon!

How's that for a tease. BAM!

Serena W. said...

RTT!!!! Wooooohoooooo!

My bestest friend from 7th grade is coming in from BK tonight!

I have a day off tomorrow on DC! Its DC Emancipation Day!

Yes you read right!

Yolanda I need a date to take me to see Maxwell :( I'll buy 2 drinks!

Need a mani and pedi asap!

Been invited to an authors pavillion Saturday!

Just did a fab career day at my girl Renee's HS where she works. I talked to about 40 students about writing!

Loved it!

Miss calling Mommy. I would call her if she was here and tell her how great career day was!

I miss her :(

I wanna go to Barbado Carnival this summer!

Rameer I wanna see your girl too!

Feel free to ship me a bottle or 2 of Muscatto.

Send Brooke one too!

Annamaria and Austin have fun at the party.

Its a gorgeous day!

I may need to dip out of work early!

Yolanda that place sucks that called you 2.5 hours before saying don't come!

I liked Why Did I Get Married Too!

There has to be a part 3. Too many cliff hangers!

Maybe Tyler will make a movie out of one of my books when they are published.

Liz's shea butter is the shiznit my skin is clearing up from my eczema!

I want to go to an old hip hop show that would have Black Moon, Main Source, Pharcyde, Jungle Brothers and some others!

How dope would that be!

Trippin said...

Hi everyone.

Thanks again for the advice yesteday!

I had a brief talk with him about it last night and he ASSURED me that it's not me and that he loves me and desires me. I feel at ease now. I love that man.

Oh, and he had a GREAT orgasm last night. I was Superhead up in that piece, backed it up for him! Tried some new tricks, thanks Latinegro (Ant?)!

TMI I know.

You have a great blog family here Brooke. I love that!

You all are so funny! Especially Yolanda!

My sweetie surprised me with Maxwell tickets. Can't wait to see him live, I never have.

Anyone going to that concert should be getting some that night. If a man can't get any after taking a woman to THAT concert, then it's HIM.

NeNe, glad you had a good talk with your man. He sounds like a good one, just like mine.

Brooke, you always have such great insight into men, women and relationships. Why are you single??

You too Yolanda! Why??

Not totally surprised though, alot of bullshit men out here nowadays.

What kind of party are you having Annamaria? Did I miss something?

I'm still laughing at Craig's comments from yesterday - he's HILARIOUS! And a bit...TOUCHED!

Maybe I'll be back with more :)

Anthony Otero said...

- Witches Brew is Crack...I feel I get my new from

- I would like to know if there is a time when women will ever make sense to me..

- Trippin and Nene...glad to be of

- Someone told me I need to apply for the Alica Keys Blogger job.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the witches brew connect, I will follow this blog as well. Just read yesterday's blog and and LMAO.
Your comments are on point.

Yolanda said...

-Trippin, you will have a fantabulous orgasm after Maxwell. Why do you think I see him so much. LOL

-Why am I single? Age old question. Hopefully it will change soon. I’m not too worried about it. I think if it’s meant to happen, it will. I try not to obsess over it too much.

-Serena... we need to pick a date and go out, dangit!

-Ant, you should apply for the AKeys blogger job. Does it say you HAVE to be a woman to blog? You know she has a thing for you caramel boys (oops, did I say that?).

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke-Ra, Serena & Yolanda - you wanna know why I don't have many pics of my girl?

SHE doesn't want them up.

She has no problem being seen in public, or with PDAs, or whatever. But she's VERY private, and thinks things like that invite nosiness. Her attitude is "everyone who needs to know about us (family and close friends) do". She actually has a FB page, but rarely updates it, and almost NEVER comments on anything I post. She uses it to keep in touch with a few people, but does it through inboxing.

She's somewhat shy. Believe me, if I could take pics and post them liberally, I would've. But here's a secret - she IS amongst the many pics I have on Facebook already. Now, that's not much of a clue seeing as I have a gazillion pics (mostly taken by other people, ironically enough) - but that's the best I can do. Now that it's warm, I'm gonna try to get her to take more pics.

- love Serena's old school idea!

- I just may have to send some Moscato out. This summer, perhaps.

- Mi abuela may have us going to NYC in a month's time. We'll family business to handle.

- My new "boss" tried to play the "see, I'm your friend" act with me. She was really trying to get a grasp on what I do, since every time she see me, I'm on my computer, but she always HEARS about me doing all types of work. Funny.

- I forced a friend to break up with a guy recently. I don't usually get involved with that type of ish, but this dude was HORRIBLE for her. Way too many issues. Her parents love me for this.

- T-Pain is earning Coon OF The Year status...

- Going to an "Ebony 500" event tonight. That's what me and some of my peoples call it when a bunch of professional Black people get together to brag about how advanced they are and look down their nose at people. Everyone will be dressed up - 'cept me, of course. Sneaks, jeans, a polo and my customary SU hat...and I WILL be acting extra gully, if for nothing other than to "shock" these bourgeois Negroes. Oh, and I like to mess with the females by searching out the few white women in the spot and flirting with THEM. Lmao!!!

My peoples think this ish is the funniest thing in the world when I roll up into these events. It's like a skit almost...

- why do I now have two people I'm supposed to answer to, but make more decisions and get placed in a position of power more often than ever??

- I finally watched the entire episode of "Intervention" with the guy from City High. IT was easier to watch this time around.

- The ESPN 30 For 30 documentary on Allen Iverson REALLY f'd my head up. Getting the behind-the-scenes insight really incensed me, and I'm glad I saw it alone late at night. I wanted to randomly punch white people while watching it - that's just being honest. The racism in that town and amongst those people was soooooo thick. Even the director himself.

- Chelsea Handler better watch it - one of these rappers WILL tap that ass she keep playin'...

More After The Break.

Brooke said...

I was told to apply to the Alicia Keys blogger job as well. Still gotta read what that's about.


No idea why I'm single. Don't really think about it.

I want something good for lunch.

I was supposed to have the GYM for lunch, but one of my meetings ran longer after being pushed back and now I'm screwed. Dang it!

Serena, I was with WDIGM2 until the ending. That was wrong.

I would LOVE to see one of your books turned into a movie. I'd love to see one of MY books turned into a movie :) I guess I need to get to writing that book then :)

I want Moscato too!

Where's Craig today?

Yolanda said...

-Cut the crap Meercat and just email me a pic so I can analyze ya’ll :-)

-I LOVE Chelsea Handler. I would totally hang out with her.

-What exactly does a “Basketball Wife” do?

-I love Alonzo Mourning’s wife… she actually has jobs… PLURAL. And went to college and all that. And they just had an “oops” baby. That’s what my friend calls that baby that’s like 10 yrs younger than your last child.

-I need to watch Treme today.

-Already added 30 for 30 to my DVR (which I thought was already recording them… humbug).

-Allen Iverson has the most beautiful smile. He should smile more often.

-I wanna get vajazzled! (Google it) Heeee heee!

ArrElle said...

@Yolanda, gurl I've wonder the same thing "Why am I still single" but like yourself I believe that our time is coming always keep hope alive

-Wondering what did TPain do to win the "Coonery" award?? Does it have to do with rubbing elbows with the Republicans or something to that effect????

ArrElle said...

@Yolands "Vajazzle" meaning having rhinestones, etc glued around the Kitty Kat???

Brooke said...

Just Googled "vajazzled" - LOVE IT!

Yolanda said...

-T-Pain did an on-camera drop (little promo) for Sean Hannity's show on FOX. T-Pain had no clue who Hannity was but he did the drop anyway and made a comment about conservatives winning in the next election. An internet backlash happened then Pain responded with a blog post about how he's not registered to vote and who would take political advice from a rapper who talks about sex and strippers.

Now, grant it, he's not a genius, but when you have a platform like he has and are as high profile as he is...just don't say anything rather than inserting your mouth and opening your foot.

And who's PROUD of not being registered to vote? Coon.

-@ArrElle, you're correct :-)

Stef said...


I wanna get vajazzled too! Pretty little crystals on the vajayjay! I love it!

Speaking of vajayjay's - it gets TIGHTER when you lose weight? I need to get a gym membership STAT!

That City High episode of Intervention was CRAZY! She messed him up!

Basketball wives spend money and have babies. Not all, but MOST.

I wasn't impressed by Treme. At ALL!

Yolanda said...

LOL... I just read what I wrote.


Craig n 'em said...

WHO the HELL IS getting their PUSS BLINGED OUT???

COCK RINGS ROCK! I'm still wearing mine from yesterday...Never took it off...Which would explain my slight headache...

I watched REAL SEX last night...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Yolanda - yeah, I read that like "huh??" Lmao!

T-Pain has a LONG history of coonerific activity. Simply watch his recent cartoon "Freaknik" for an all-encompassing display of Man-Tanning your way to money. I didn't even watch it...saw literally 30 seconds of it online before my gag reflex kicked in and I had to close the tab. But my peoples told me about it...

- Drowning out the loud-ass, annoying producer who sits near me with Dragonette's "Pick Up The Phone"...

- I've taken to wearing my Black gloves around work again. People are just too nasty...and I'm starting to dry my hands out from all the washing and hand sanitizing I do daily...

- Disappointed to read these comments about "Treme"...hope I DO like it. =[

- Vajazzled? I find out what that was on The Witches Brew! Lolz...

- Anyone ever look at people and determine if they would look good if they were a different color? I do it sometimes. Example - Alyssa Milano would look good if she was Black, just like she looks good now. Cameron Diaz wouldn't (her don't look good white to me anyway). Nicole Kidman would probably look better.

As sexy as I think Jada Pinkett-Smith is...I think she looks worse if you make her white. Salma Hayek looks great in ANY race.

Try it sometime. It's fun to think about, I think.

- Negroes complain about how they are perceived and treated...but are active participants in determining that more often that not...

- I don't understand dudes who leave the house without putting any lotion on. I say this cuz now that it's warm enough to play ball, these dudes be coming o the court looking like Powder from the knees down and on their arms...

- I don't have much of an issue with Tyler Perry (though I could go on about the Madea character)...I just have no interest in seeing most of his films. At all.

- I know ladies like the Old Spice dude. I saw a clip of him being interviewed on Red Eye on Fox...and at the end he flirted with Ann Coulter! An she LIKED it! Lmao!!

Made me think of that Boondocks episode where her boyfriend was actually a Black dude...

- Did I mention I was FIRST today? Lmbao!!!

- Serena started a Scrabble online game with me and Ant - and she hasn't been back to make ANY moves since! Make some moves or delete the game, woman!!! Lmao!

- me and Ant battle in Scrabble like the old Knicks-Pacers games...

Gotta do some work. Maybe More Later...

Stef said...

LMAO @ Craig!

Take that thing off before you kill yourself! LOL!

Jay said...

hey y'all.

Brooke, "lure of the animal"? I'm sure a man told you that, and he's right. Your super power isn't just seduction, it's SUBTLE seduction. Like you don't mean to make men act crazy, they just do :) There's an innocence about it, and I'm sure you're not even aware of it - which is the best type of aura to have. Women who try to hard think they're sexy, but far from it. You have this thing where men are near you and can't understand what it is about you...but it's just "there."

Okay, that's enough of my daily flirt with Brooke :)

I think Yolanda has that trait too.

Brooke and Yolanda - you're single because 1) men are stupid and don't realize a good thing when they see it, 2) men are stupid and DO realize a good thing when they see it and do nothing about it and 3) men nowadays are bitchasses and can't step up. You just haven't met anyone good enough for you yet - they ain't ready!

...but I am ;) holla!

Treme was okay, gotta see next week though to determine if I'll continue to watch. It dragged a bit for me, and there was no real story. Well, maybe the woman looking for her brother, but other than that, they didn't get to the point soon enough for me.

I gotta see what this Scrabble on FB is all about. I don't FB much.

T-Pain is a modern day Sambo.

I might have to crash Annamaria and Austin's engagement party!

Craig is a NUT!

Craig n 'em said...

I hate when people say on their status "GOODNIGHT FB FAMILY!"...SMH...SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO TO BED ALREADY!

Ms Nay said...

- It been a while since i have posted on the blog

- It's beautiful outside.

- I can't wait fgor Saturday.

- A-buzz, me, and alcohol...not a good mix...but i soooo love it.

- Powerz better come through!

- I agree with A-buzz...after seeing 'Orphan' there should be a 30 day return policy.

- I too need a mani-pedi!!

- I am going to miss 'Ugly Betty' (don't judge me)

- I need a drink!

- My heart is FULL!!

- I want to go home.

- Cooking in pressure is the move. I made curry chicken in 40 mins on Monday.

- My husband is great!

- I want some shea butter too.

- I did my taxes months ago.

- Basketball Wives is a waste.

- I need a vacation.

Yolanda said...

Aww Jay. You can totally hump me after you’re done with Brooke.

That was sweet.

Men are stupid. Sometimes.

I wanna come to the engagement par-tay but I have to work the part-time (LOL at the idea of part-time only time)… Saturday night is the singles dinner for people over 35. I think I’m working the door. Oh joy!

I mailed my taxes yesterday.

I need to go get me some free stuff today... free Cinnabun... anyone, anyone. (

Brooke said...

I wish I could make curry chicken. I tried it once...was a DISASTER!

Why do I have the itis? I only had soup for lunch!

I'm outta here early today, 15 minutes and counting!

Already thinking about dinner.

Everyone at work is commenting on how much weight I lost. I didn't think it was even noticeable!

Mad I missed the gym today. I'm gonna have to do 2 hours tomorrow to make up for it.

Craig is a fool :)

Stef said...


I hate that on FB too! "Good Morning FB" - "Good Night FB" - who the f*ck cares!? FB is so dumb sometimes!

Brooke, you got the "itis" after eating SOUP??? Girl, your stomach must be shrinking! LOL!

annamaria said...

If ya'll can find the party, you are alllll more than welcomed to come! Hint: its at a lounge somewhere on the west side of manhattan! LOL

Ms. Nay & I are gonna get in TROUBLE.

Ms. Nay why I didn't get the invite for some curry chicken. U know I was in BK on Monday tooooo. Lol I've forgiven u already though! Lol

Now if it could only be this nice on Saturday so I don't freeze my arse!

Serena W. said...

Trippin...your man sounds great! Tickets to see Maxwell is a winner!

Anthony, Brooke and Yolanda...all of you should apply to the A. Keys blogger position!'d have to relocate to NYC though :(

Yes let's get together soon Yolanda! Tell me how the week of April 26th looks!



You will laugh at the word I added lol!

Hi Ms. Nay!!!!

I may be in NYC at the end of the month party people!

Rameer if you are in the city in a month we all gotta hook up!

Sad I missed yesterday's blog.

My girl never had Muscatto...need to buy a bottle tonight.

Serena W. said...

Rameer you're so right...she's in a lot of your pictures hee hee hee!

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