Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

There is still time to join Serena's team and walk or run on behalf of Ovarian Cancer on Mother's Day weekend. The race is Saturday, May 8th in Reston, VA at 8am. Out of her $500 goal, they have raised $460!!! They're almost there, and every little bit helps!

Just go to this link - and click "Join the Team." Your $25 donation will go towards their goal.

Not in the area? Well, you can click on the link and donate either to the general team page or one of the four members that are running or walking. GO TEAM!


- I always find it funny (and curious) when I hear some Latinos speak with a heavy Spanish accent, but they can't actually speak Spanish. What's THAT about?

- Is it me, or are people becoming increasingly more rude in the street? Bumping into you, no apology or "excuse me"? Or the old ladies who practically knock you over to get on the train before you do just to get a seat. Really?

- Did anyone see Oprah's interview with Todd Bridges yesterday? Whoa. So sad.

- It needs to get warm outside...and STAY warm!

- Can't wait to go to DR - 29 more days!

- I always make my lunch and never want it the next day. I'll eat it anyway though :-(

- I want to lose 15 lbs in May. Ambitious goal, but I'm gonna do it - so Deebo better work it!

- He trained us last night even though it wasn't our training night. He's awesome, but he liked to kill us!

- Did I mention Deebo knows how to dance salsa? He's the dancing trainer :-)

- Fury, are you blogging for me on TMI Tuesday? It's NEXT Tuesday, so let me know!

- And NO Fury, you're not allowed to get your "Tiger Woods on." :-)

- Brian told me about this song last night and I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked it up. about kickin' it old skool!

- Are the Bucks about to eliminate the Hawks in the NBA playoffs? Interesting....

- Speaking of playoffs, remember this shot from the 2009 Cavs/Magic game 2? I was watching this laying on a bed with Martha and DMoe while a party was going on in DR last year...

And to show I'm a good sport...for you Rameer :-)

- Mayweather or Mosely?




Yolanda said...


Stef said...


Yolanda said...

Now, on to some RTT:

-Dr. Height's Omega Omega service yesterday was awesome. My 1st one and certainly THE one to attend. Deltas are great :-)

-I love my President.

-2 nights this week, I couldn't sleep. Whattupwiththat?

-Going to some secret location for my b'day. The suspense is killing me.

-My Momma is great. She takes me on trips. LOL.

-Maybe 32 will be the magic number for me :-)

-I stalked the iPad this week. I like it. Not sure if I'm IN love with it, but we'll see. More stalking is needed.

-I'm still trying to figure out the NFL dude who asked a player if his momma was a prostitute. The ignorance to ask that question... and the restraint not to punch a mofo.

-Oprah's interview with Todd Bridges yesterday was too much. Making the man read his own account of being molested as a kid? C'mon Oprah!

-Larry King's a swinger? Whaat?

-More later...perhaps.

Brooke said...

Yeah, I felt some kinda way about that too myself Yolanda re: Oprah making him read that. My heart broke for him, I was in tears the entire interview...especially when his mother spoke. Too much!

Your mom is taking you on a secret trip?? That's hot!

Larry King? ewww!

I want pizza...not doing it though!

Jay said...

I got Mayweather this weekend.

NBA playoffs are okay, not GREAT this year. Unless I'm missing a game or so here and there.

Yes Brooke, people are getting more and more it the weather?

I want a cheesesteak. Brooke, you might have to take me to Philly with you one weekend.

Deebo sounds like a beast!

That "Fudge Pudge" song was the JOINT back in the day! Talk about a throwback!

I think I'm telling my age.

I wanna hear more about this bed you were laying in in DR Brooke. While a party was going on? Watching the NBA playoffs? and with DMoe and someone named Martha? What kind of freakiness is THAT??? :)

Stef said...

- Men are stupid.

- Okay, not ALL men...but most.

- Brooke, write a blog on stupid men please.

- What is a damn iPad and why is it so great?

- It's a beautiful day today.

- I think Mayweather will win, if he stays his ass away from Chilli that is :)

- He's playing her.

- Yes, I watch "What Chilli Wants."

- And Basketball Wives. Sue me.

- That girl Royce Reese is so silly to me. And dumb as all hell. A total ditz.

- I want pizza too Brooke.

- Where are all the good guys hiding?

Yolanda said...

-@Stef, I watch all that shizz and I don't care either!

-I'm in a Twitter debate about men now... about their "periods" and mood swings. Dude, you can't go from wanting to chop someone's head off to chirping with the birds and then criticize women for being "too" emotional. I'm cool with a man talking about his feelings... in fact, I like that. Let's communicate. Just don't brush me off when I got some things to say.

-I'm still trying to figure out what I'd do with an iPad. LOL. I'm a brand loyal consumer. Steve Jobs tells me what to buy. LOL.

-I've had the heat on for 2 days and now it's going be near 90 this weekend. Stop playing with me universe.

-I want some flowers.

-My bridesmaid dress is in. Please let it be too big, please let it be too big, please let it be too big...

Yolanda said...

-I use LOL too much.

-Going on an LOL diet.

-I'm on a Drake diet too... he's on the radio way too much.

The Fury said...

Damn I wrote a whole response and it got lost...damn Blogger.

Thanks for checking n on me, Brooke. My first official blog stop was to comment on your blog yesterday. Even before I went to my own blog. Luv ya! Tiger Woods? No? Come onnnnn! Tiger Woods y'all! Tiger Woods y'all! Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods y'all! LOL

Yes I'm all in for Tuesday. I even have a topic and flow ready. Actually it's more of an appeal...hehehe Be very afraid.

I'm gonna go on ahead and tell the folks to buckle their seat belts now. LOL

You can do it, Brooke! Do ya thang! What's your total loss so far? is that TMI for the public? Hit me in private;-)

Todd Bridges..heartbreaking.

Mayweather will run his way to a victory after Mosley leans him like a little passed six with a shot. Mosely won't be able to get at him after that. Tag and run..tag and run...we could be sleeping by the 9th round if Mosley doesn't make Mayweather angry enough to fight.

@Stef - Men aren't stupid. We're simple. Very different nuanced difference. LOL

DMoe said...

Whassup Ya'll...

What a day (already)...

Here's where I am:

- Take ATL out of Georgia and your in Mississippi. I went to court this morning for a speeding ticket (in the burbs) and I could have SWORN I was in an episode of "In the heat of the night"

- With that, I'm accepting applications for a new city of residence. Its official. Miami, LA and the Apple are the front-runners. Southern cities need not apply. I'm over it.

- 5 more car payments and this hooptie is mine!

- 10 minutes til I play ball at lunch. I need the stress release today bad (see the "In the heat of the night BS)

- Watched Stacy Lattisaw's "UnSung" on TVOne finally. She and Johnny grew up together, but he kept rolling while she fell off. Damn.

- Boondocks season 3 STARTS SUNDAY!! YEAAAAAAAH! If you dont watch it, your missin out!

- Somebody gave me a ticket to Hawks/Bucks game last night. I gave it back. LOL. "Nah, I'm cool"

- Mayweather.

- Yep, I watch gLee. Its a lil too hokey sometimes, but I aint afraid to say it. What.

- The party setup was gangsta in DR, and the fact that we could watch the NBA playoffs in a big-azz bed was PHE-GODDAM-NOMENAL.

With that, here's the DMOE RTT playlist:

1. Faith Evans/Ain't Nobody.
The debut album was classic, kick-ass bad-boy.

2. Nas/Illmatic
A "Top 20" Rap album of all-time.

3. Brandy/I wanna be down (Remix)
Lyte and Latifah touched this R&B joint in a special way.

4. H-Town/Knockin Da Boots
This song is a comedy, but its not even supposed to be funny.

5. Heather Headley/I wish I wasn't
She breaks it down. If I didnt DIG YO AZZ so much, I wouldnt be as pissed as I am. Words to live by.

6. LL Cool J/Doin It
This joint bangs. Nuff said.

7. Today/Him or Me (Remix)
90's New Jack swing at the height of the Teddy Riley era.

8. Tears for Fears/Everybody wants to rule the world
The 80s were great and so was this duo.

9. De La Soul/Buddy (remix)
Funky then/funky now.

10. Luther Vandross/Superstar, until you come back to me
This song will go straight thru you if you let it. A timeless classic that gets to the heart of love and things lost after the love is gone.

Stay thirsty folks...Its gametime.

Dmoe aka Chase Lounge

Anonymous said...

"No I don't have a Benz and I don't drive an Infinity...I Figure the 8 inches of me will be the remedy!" I love Fudge Pudge...have it on my IPOD...O.C. and Pharaoh Monch killed that joint!

The IPAD is a bigger IPHONE or ITOUCH. Will keep my money.

Atlanta needs to FEAR THE DEER! I had the Hawks winning the series in 6..oh well!

Can I Kick It??

The one day I don't park my car in the building parking lot....smash. Looks like the garbage truck took exception to clean exterior wash and decided to take off the entire right side of the whip!

Why do white celebrities have an affinity for adopting babies of color? While very admirable, I am starting to think white women in particular have replaced the Louis Vuitton handbag with black babies as the new status symbol! Don't believe me...look at that lady that returned the Russian kid she adopted! Put the kid on a plane by himself...shameless!

Speaking of, Sandra Bullock pretty much showed Tiger Woods’ wife what an independent woman can do when her man is caught cheating. See ya nuccka! Then again Sandra wasn’t getting that “Mandingo all up in that Bingo” neither! Cute kid she adopted though!

MF’ er asked me why I get my haircut every week. It’s called pride in my personal appearance dumb ass! I take a shower everyday too and have my suits and shirts dry cleaned…WTF?

Almost done with my MBA!! Thank you Jesus!! I wish I was smart enough years ago to apply for the JD/MBA program offered! Dammit man!

Floyd Mayweather-Mosley...I wanted this fight 6 years ago. This is the equivalent of Hopkins-Jones! At this point who cares! Mayweather in 8!


Brooke said...

I agree with that Drake statement, geez! His voice annoys me sometimes.

And Nicki Minaj needs to go away too. She sounds ridiculous to me.

Monica and I were having a discussion about bad boys, thugs, nice guys and corny dudes. Why is nice considered "corny?" And why does "bad guy" equal "swagger?"

Barack Obama has swagger, and he's no where near a bad guy or a thug. Never understood the appeal.

ArrElle said...

-I'm on a mission this summer to meet someone maybe several someones so I can date and get out of the house!! Too much alone time I will work on that

-Wasn't aware Todd Bridges was on Oprah. I will see if he's on youtube so I can check it out

-I wish the weather would act right, for the past two nights it was chilly at my place

-Trying not to be concern about the next drafts of job reorganization, I suspect that contractors will be let go and I'm one of them. sigh

-@Yolanda it was a NFL executive aka Vermin who asked that inappropriate question, dude was lucky that he didn't catch a serious beatdown.

The Cable Guy said...

Boondocks is the SHIT! Can't wait!

Brooke, what you got against Nicki Minaj's ass!? :)

Fury is on a roll, can't wait!

Mayweather all the way.

Damn, someone took of the side of your ride Floyd?? Not cool.

I gotta see this Todd Bridges interview, missed it.

Brooke, I wanna know the total myself.

You look good at any size tho, good lawd!

I need to get MY ass up in the gym too. Bout to be hot out this bitch!

Craig was hilarious yesterday!

Brooke, women think dangerous, thug nukkas can "handle" them or "protect" them. All they can REALLY do is run up your credit, eat up all your food and knock your back out. That seems to be enough for the bird chicks, not WOMEN like you and Yolanda, etc.

Notice I didn't include Stef's hatin ass :)

Basketball Wives is pure comedy.

Men are stupid and women are crazy.

I'm mad Brooke was laying up in a bed with DMoe in DR. How are you watching the playoffs with BROOKE laying next to you?? :)

Who is Martha? Sounds freaky indeed.

Don't count Kobe out, ever.

Bucks and Hawks...who cares.

I'd have given the ticket back too.

Nas Illmatic is the truth.

Whoever asked Floyd why he gets his hair cut every week must be a nappy, dusty, scruffy muphucka :)

I think Sandra Bullock ran out and got that kid at the last minute to prove she's not a racist like her Nazi husband. He's trash.

Brooke said...

I have no problem answering Fury and Cable Guy - I've lost 37 lbs since Jan. 1st. I'm VERY proud of that! And I'm STILL sexy! :-) LOL!

Stef said...

Wow, 37 lbs! That's great! Brooke, you go with your sexy self!

Cable Guy, don't start none won't be none - and BROOKE DON'T WANT YOU MAN! LOL!

The Cable Guy said...

DAYYUMMM! That's great Brooke! I wanna see! The things I could do with you, lawd have mercy!

Stef - as Brooke would say, "beat it! KICK ROCKS!"

Ms. Penn said...

That's wondeful Brooke. You and Monica inspire me. Gym, here I come!

It's nice out today, gotta get out and enjoy it.

The weekend is supposed to be even nicer.

I watched the Unsung on Stacy Lattisaw too. Good episode.

I watch Intervention now Brooke :)

Haven't caught on to Glee or Boondocks yet though.

Brooke, I agree with you. "Nice" shouldn't equal "corny" and "thug" shouldn't equal "swagger." Only immature women with no self worth believe that crap, and they always seem to be the ones finding themselves with wack ass men and get their hearts broken. Ladies, it's time to grow up.

Barack Obama is amazing. Now THAT'S a REAL man. No thug, or bad boy image at all...just a REAL man.

I agree Floyd, what is it with white celeb moms adopting Black babies like it's in fashion? I hope they're being loved and well taken care I guess that's all that matters.

I think I'd like to adopt one day. Every child deserves to be loved and well cared for.

I love DMoe's playlist today!

I still can't get over Brooke's success - I feel like going out and buying new sneakers and joining a gym so I can get in shape too! That's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Nas' Illmatic top 20? Let's be clear, that album is in the top 10of all time! Maybe even top 5! Nas was like 18 or 20 yrs old when he wrote that album...which is bonus points from my perspective. That album changed the game! It took story telling about hood/poverty struggles to another level!

@Cableguy..yup mashed up the whole right side! I am very upset! The guy that made the comment is a very nasty dude indeed! Wrinkled clothes, stank breath! He is a clinical researcher and lives in the lab so I guess his priorties rest in his work! His wife doesn't seem to mind it so hey!

The group Today..hahaha I remember Big Bub!

Brooke- 37 pounds since January!! NICE!

Did you hear the new Drake song?


Serena W. said...


Escaped for lunch and wrapping it up after having a banging sandwich, Baked Lays and Key Lime soda at Pot Belly's! Hmm hmm good!

DMoe get out the south!

Brooke I'm so freaking proud of you! 37 pounds!

Thanks for the shout out on the run! Donations will be greatly accepted!

Today was the ish!

How about Big Bub "I don't mind"

Double ish!

Yolanda I wanted to go yesterday :(

My job can kick rocks.

So can my boss.

I miss Mom. I used to talk to her during lunch hour.


Tomorrow would have made my sister Ayana's 27th bday.

Double sigh.

Pray for a sista.

Organized Konfusion rocks!

Gotta make a trip to a beach asap!

Got my edits back for my poetry book and I finally looked at them! Not too bad.

I don't want to go back to work.

Have 2 reports due by 5pm.

Going to a Team in Training Happy Hour after! Can't wait to see my whole marathon crew!

Contemplating on the next full marathon. I have an idea :)

Saw a couple on the street and they were going back to work and they pecked each other on the lips (so sweet).

Gotta roll out before they ticket my truck.

Stay tuned for more later...

ArrElle said...

-@ The Cable Guy, I co-sign with you, I believe that Sandra Bullock adopted the black baby for damage control, come you're going to tell us that he was adopted 3-4 yrs ago and no one knew???? Hey time will tell when Jesse James starts singing like a song bird on what Sandra Bullock is really like

ArrElle said...

BTW @ Brooke, you go gurl on losing 37lbs so far. Keep bangin

annamaria said...

Hola Blog Familia...

1. My baby got 2 needles & blood drawn today. She cried herself to sleep. Mommy cried too. Its a cruel world.

2. Now she's sitting on her grandpa's lap watching TV. I love seeing her with her grandpa's, uncles, big brother & her DAD. She's soo lucky to have all these wonderful male role models in her life.

3. I worked a foreclosure event at Nassau Colliseum last night 700 homeowners trying to save their house. Heart breaking. They expect more today & tomorrow.

4. Mayweather bitches.

5. I will be glad to be in the park tomorrow with Sophia!

6. Can't wait for pumpkin mush on Saturday. I luv ms nay! Lol

7. DMOE NYC! Why is there even a thought in ur head about anyplace else.

8. Brooke u look amazing & I never even thought u had an extra 37lbs.

9. I think I love my fiancee. I think he's sexy. Lol

10. She's a pain & she drives me nuts sometimes but I love my mom.

Brooke said...

I know it doesn't look like 37 lbs, but that's what the scale says, so I'm rockin with that :) Thanks everyone!

I gotta knock out at least 15 more by the end of May. That will make over 50 lbs in 5 months. I know I'm killin myself, but that's my goal!

My arms hurt from boxing with Deebo and Monica last night.

We just sat in the park and let the sun rest on our faces - so nice out!

I thought Sandra Bullock said she adopted that baby in January?

He's so cute too :)

What is pumpkin mush?

Who's got the fight this weekend?

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- Congrats on the weight loss, Brooke-Ra!!!

- Kobe Bryant is Kobe Bryant.Scored 13 points, but COMPLETELY dominated the flow of that game the other night. When they asked him why he isn't scoring as much, he said "I don't HAVE to. I could score 40-50 if I wanted to, but I have good players now". Kind of like LeBron telling people he could average 40 for a season if he wanted - who the hell can argue? Both dudes are completely unstoppable when they are healthy.

- DMoe's list is a winner.

- Just got my Iron Man 2 passes!!!

- I should be working on a commercial - but I HAD to do my RTT!

- Serena now knows the power I wield in Scrabble. Tried to told you, girl - I AIN'T NO JOKE...

- Did a shoot at a new restaurant today...bartender was flirting with me HARD. Cute girl, too. IF I didn't have a girl...lolz.

- I'm getting sick of the man-woman war. Sick of dudes talking about ALL women are this, and women doing the same. While I agree there are some things in general that are true to each gender, if you're over 30 and complaining about the opposite sex - it's YOU.

- I've paid over $200 for necessary car repairs in the past week. Guess what? Found out I need to pay $1,000 more! ARRRGGGHHHH!

- Next time you complain about life, think about the fact that most of us CAN pay over $1,000 for repairs on our CARS - and that millions of people in this world don't get $10 in a week to pay FOR FOOD.

- Fear The Deer indeed! Who the hell saw THIS happening? Not counting the Hawks out, though.

- I'd love it if Utah and the Spurs won their first round series. Just to prove my point that veteran coaches and players thrive in the post-season. The regular season doesn't tell many what they need to have to look deeper...

- I STILL miss Michael Jackson.

- Y'all didn't know about Larry King? What other old timers don't you know about? I could tell y'all A LOT...

- I LOVE Drake's song "Over". LOVE IT. I don't get sick of Drake, since I don't really listen to the radio - and when I do, I make sure not to listen to "urban" radio or Top 40. I usually listen to classic jazz, 80's music or classic Rock when riding out to a shoot...

- Organized Konfusion was THE ISH!!!

- I STILL rock with Pharoah Monche to this day.

- Kanye's next album is going to be BONKERS. You heard it here first.

- DJ Premier exposed that fraud Solar. But we already knew the deal anyway...

- Jill Marie Jones. Ain't nothing wrong with THAT.

- Mayweather. Not even a consideration - he's the best.

- Ecstatic my Raiders had a dope draft AND got Jason Campbell! Bye bye, Jamarcus The Hut...

MAYBE More After The Break...REAL busy today!

Jaz said...

Jill Marie Jones - is that Toni Childs from Girlfriends?

Stef said...

Good thing I'm not over 30 ;)

I'm just in a mood - it'll pass.

Yes, I think she IS Toni Childs from Girlfriends. I read on The Brew she has a new show :)

Watching Lean on Me on BET. Joe Clark ain't no joke! LOL!

I wish I liked sports more. I think women into sports are so cool, I need to learn more.

I don't remember this group Organized Konfusion, but I like it!

Jay said...

Brooke, I got the fight - you wanna come over? :-)

Stef said...

Brooke, why don't you have Cable Guy hook you up with the fight and we all come to your place?! :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Jill Marie Jones IS Toni Childs! Good recognition, ladies!

I always had a thing for her outside of the show and even ON the show. Separate from the character, she was yummy. I liked Persia White, too - the chick that played bi-sexual hippie Lynn...

Diana Ross' (Tracee Ellis Ross) daughter had a nice arse. But those bug eyes would've scared me off when it was time to get down in the bedroom - chick ALWAYS looked surprised!!!

Maya (Golden Brooks) was aight. Needed to eat a cheeseburger, though...

Jill Marie was an ex-cowgirl. Any of y'all knew that? I found out while "Girlfriends" was still on the air...

Brooke said...

Yeah, I knew she was an ex-Cowgirl.
I loved that show :(

I thought Tracee Ellis Ross had a great shape, I'm striving for that :)

Maya WAS too skinny...she looked "crackish" sometimes :)

Toni was funny as hell! I missed her after she left.

I need to get the rest of the seasons on dvd.

Getting ready to watch Rielle Hunter on Oprah. Can't imagine why she'd do Oprah of all people. She seems like a weirdo.

Stef said...

I'm watching it too Brooke, and how does a person who says "they're committed to truth" sleep with someone else's husband?

She's a crazy ho!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

"Girlfriends" was seriously one of my favorite shows. I wish it had kept going - and they never got rid of Toni...

Rielle Hunter? Man...2009-2010 is like The Jumpoff Era! Never have Jumpoffs felt so empowered. Blabbing everything, getting paid and getting famous for a few months. Despicable.

See what Superhead birthed?? We went from the Sextape Era to The Jumpoff Era - what's next?

Jaz said...

She's trifling! And she seems PROUD to be a jumpoff!

Stef said...

She's such a hypocrite! She's so gross!

Anonymous said...

Rielle Hunter is delusional. I say that not because I judge her, but because I WAS her.

I've had an affair with a married man before, and I'm not proud of it. But the LAST thing I would do is go on the Oprah Show and tell the world how terrible I was. The only reason she would want to do this is either for more fame, or to try to make it seem like it was okay to do what she did. She's trying to rationalize or justify it to US so that we don't think she's wrong. And all interviews like this do is make her look even MORE wrong.

I don't understand why these women think it's cool to come out and admit to committing adultery with these men. It's not just the married person who commits adultery, it's the single person too (according to the Bible anyway). That's not cool, and I was embarrassed, had low self esteem, and wasn't proud of what I was doing. So these women BRAGGING about sleeping with married men, and even asking for an apology!, are all delusional and crazy.

This woman is sad. I feel sorry for John Edwards' wife. I have since apologized to the wife of the woman whose husband I was seeing and I've prayed for forgiveness. The rest of these women should do the same and pray karma doesn't come back to bite them in the ass.

Jay said...

That's very real and honest.

And I don't see why people are so quick to want to admit such things. It's one thing to make a mistake, but another to BRAG about it, or show your mistakes to the world for notoriety. All that shows is that you're not remorseful or learned your lesson. Shameless.

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