Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I'm late with this post...and Serena is waiting for me! LOL!

- I'm tired. No sleep last night.

- Got to work late. Plenty of work waiting for me too.

- But I'm still going out to lunch :-)

- Gorgeous day today!

- I hate getting parking tickets.

- Not ready for the trainer tonight, but I gotta get right for Soul Siesta!

- Gotta pay for my vacation to Soul Siesta! Probably this weekend.

- Denise is going! Woo-hoo! Now I just gotta get Monica on board and it'll definitely be a party!

- I think I have allergies on top of my cold. Not cool.

- My toes look pretty :-) or so I was told :-)

- Going to see Why Did I Get Married Too tomorrow. I hope it's as good as the trailer looked on Oprah.

- I want to buy flowers. Tulips.

- All the men come sniffing around when it gets nice outside. Like clockwork. If you weren't calling during the winter, don't call me now. Kick rocks!

- I need to drink more water. But I really want Snapple.

- Can I just cheat and eat pizza today? Just for today? I need it!!! LOL!

- I'm sad Donovan McNabb is a Redskin now...and PISSED at the Eagles for trading him. I hope he murders the Eagles when they face the Skins this coming season. I can't even be loyal right now. I know my loyalty will return, but I can't imagine when. I wish Donovan well and I hope he has a great season. I might just have to cop a crimson and gold #5 jersey....yeah, I said it!




Anonymous said...


Anthony Otero said...

technically you should be saying.. First Bitches...but whatever...I still beat Stef..

Anonymous said...

Wow... now that's a first for me! ;-) No tazing please... ok. let me go read the blog...

Anonymous said...

well you know that's not my lingo. but you get the drift... ;-)

Stef said...

Ant, I'm still gonna tase you!

Jay said...

I knew Brooke was gonna say something about McNabb going to the Redskins. I know you're heartbroken B, but it'll be okay. The Eagles never respected him, maybe now he'll be with a team who does. He's done so much for that franchise, and they won't know it or miss him til he's gone. I hope he has a great season(s) with the Skins too. Good dude.

Since when did Stef and Ant have beef? :)

Enjoy the weather while it lasts, gonna cool down this weekend. Looking forward to when the summer comes and STAYS.

Brooke, eat pizza if you want it.

Anonymous said...

-i have a BUNCH of diet snapple in my cube...come on up brka-brka-brka

-sherri sheppard is an idiot

-just mad a new batch of shea body butter and i infused coco butter this time. i smell like chocolate! it fells better too - much creamier!

-having a bad curl day :(

-dont know what i want for lunch but im hungry

-going to capitol grill saturday!!! whoo-hoo!

-lost another 5 lbs!!!!!

-wearinf sneakers and i DON"T CARE!!! HR doesn't pop up!!

-LOVE my new phone!

-miss eating with brka-brka and mo-na-na :(

-leaving at 5 today! yes!

-i have the 14th off; what should i do?

-keeping fingers crossed that my raise kicks in this week *here's to hoping*

-miss you guys on the board :(

Anthony Otero said...

- I find it amazing that I will be in DR already during Soul Siesta.

- I went to Six Flag Great Adventure this past weekend and I lost a part of my soul on the this roller coaster called Kinda

- Baseball is back and I am loving it.

- I still cant believe McNabb is a redskin

- I still hate Duke

- 30 poems in 30 days! Poem #8 tonight!

- I need to put my house on the market..

- I am not happy with my NYC job prospect. They are playing games.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that Donovan thing has really messed with me... especially since he jumped from the pot into the frying pan. Redskins gave up some crucial picks and they don't have an O-Line to give him cushion to do his thing. Now, given, he's a lot more mobile than most QB's, but even his receiving team is limited. Santana Moss... and who else?

The 'Skin fans are just as bad as the Philly fans (sorry Brooke, but you gotta call a spade a spade). They don't look at the whole picture, they just look at the lousy end result and start yelling. I feel really bad for him. He definitely got a raw deal there.

You'll love WDIGM2... trust me. Janet makes Elin look like she needs to do some pushups or something (slight spoiler-sorry)... lol.

Glad your toes look good. Makes me realize I need to get mine done. :-(

Enjoy Soul Siesta! I'm sure it'll be fab!

- I'm hoping I'll have enough energy to put a good dent into my Jersey spot. Moved in a few months ago and still looks like I just moved in... UGH! Too much stuff!

- Dreading the weekend as it will undoubtedbly be way too busy as usual. Baby shower, B-Day party, dress fitting (4 my gal's wedding), and still trying to fit in making some kind of progress in my house... where the freak is Calgon when ya need it? On the real...

Brooke said...

I saw that Janet was buggin out and smashing stuff on the trailer talking about "you wanna see crazy, I'll show you crazy!" Tyler Perry said on Oprah that he had the golf club scene written LONG before Tiger took a nine iron to the face. I can't wait to see it!

Okay, no more spoilers! LOL!

Congrats on the new crib.

I can't even talk about Donovan leaving anymore. Hurts my heart.

I hate Duke too.

Liz! Hi! And I WILL be up for some Snapple! Yeah baby!

Capitol Grill is the shiznit!

Are we getting a raise? I've been hoping and praying too!

Haven't been to Graet Adventure in a minute. I love roller coasters!

I know Philly fans are bad - I'm just not one of them :)

Jay said...

I think Brooke is the most tame Philly fan I know. Must be the suburb in her :)

Brooke said...

@Jay, don't let this suburb fool you :-)

phillygrl said...

BROOKE!!!! I can't believe you, Crimson & gold...BOOOO!!!!! (Is KP in DC?? high school days had a KP in them:-)

Powerz said...

A-Buzz and The Combination (Sophia Jersey Shore Name lol) visited me at work today!!!!!!

Capital Grille is the bomb!

Ant, if you in NY, Holla at me about your house.

Anyone else looking for Real Estate info, check out my site (shameless plug, lol)

I loved Philly Freaknik back in the days on the Plateau and South Street! Blue Phi!!!!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I thought Brooke-Ra might have a comment about Don-Don. Speaking to both you and KP...

While MANY are pissed, for the record - Andy Reid DID NOT want to trade him. He lost absolute power over decisions when he took that time off for family; it's that young dude running things who overruled Andy's desire to keep Donovan. Doesn't make it better, but at least you know the coach was loyal.

And KP - I disagree with what you wrote. Washington fans supported Joe Gibbs through anemic seasons and still fondly love Art Monk, Joe Theismann and Doug Williams. They're much more like typical fans than Philly. Philly fans have the rep of being some of the worst fans for ANY sport. In terms of football, only Cleveland has fans with a nationally bad rep close to Phillys.

If Washington had a QB who took their team to the playoffs every year, I doubt they'd be turning on him like some did in Philly. But they'll find out (in Philly) for the next decade or so...

Also, this is a MAJOR win for Washington. Don has took much less talented teams to the NFC championship...Wash has a good defense and decent (not great) WRs - better than what Don's typically been used to his career. With a solid running game, it's no wonder people are penciling them in for a wild card spot already. Plus, they're talking to former all-pro tackle Flozell Adams this week, and stand to draft the top OT in the draft.

They're DOING the damn thing.

My thoughts...

- I hate Duke too.

- Lakers need to get that ish together...

- Kentucky has FIVE PLAYERS declare for the draft?? DIZZAM!!

- Everyone keeps asking me have I lost weight. Truth is - I GAINED it. Ugh...

- I'm done with Philly, too. Had a long history of supporting them, too - Reggie White, Randall Cunningham...that's out the door now.

- I have so much work to do this week, it's insane.

- got a shoot to do, so I'm out the door...

SarKism said...

here goes....

@Brooke....Thank you and the other Philly fans....Welcome to DC, Donovan!! I'm already planning orange and blue/maroon and gold tailgating and so glad that I renewed my season tickets...Go Skins. Win or lose it will be a better season and after the last few, we need it.


- My inlaws are in town for the week and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are the nicest, sweetest people in the world. I will actually miss them when they leave.

- My son is on spring break from school and I dont think I realized how much I needed it :)

- My mom has a cold. I hate seeing her sick.

- I love my hubby. He gets on my nerves but still he's my dog!

- My boss is still disfunctional..

- Its almost Friday and the weather should be perfect for working in the yard. Yippee

- Had lunch with my sister and it was great.

- Counting down the days to vacay (6.5 to go) watch out LA

Brooke said...

Don't thank me, I want Donovan to stay!!! :(

And I know Andy Reid wanted him too, I'm pissed as all hell that he's not gonna be in an Eagles jersey in the fall.

Gonna be hard for me to cheer for Kolb. I would cheer for Vick tho.

@Karen, I actually like the Redskins when they're not playing Philly. My best friend's husband used to play for them, so I got used to cheering for HIM when the Skins played. It's not like I said Dallas...if Donovan ever played there I'd be a mess...cuz I hate Dallas!

Yes, Philly fans are bad for all sports for the most part - but Phillies fans are the nicest I think.

Pizza was DELICIOUS!

Stef said...

Powerz is a realtor? I might need to look him up! Everything in NY is so expensive though!!! Uggh!!

I know nothing about football really. I'm impressed that Brooke is an actual sports fan. I think men find that sexy.

Where is DMoe? He bounced on us.

Fury's blogs are off the chain.

Glad you had pizza Brooke, you deserve it!

SarKism said...

@Brooke - I had pizza too. Glad you got it.

Annamaria said...

1. Sophia & I came to chill in the city. She was sooo happy to see Powerz she screamed Dada when she saw him. I secretly am jealous & want to tase them both.

2. I normally hate shameless plugs (Powerz) but we have a wedding to pay for sooo plug on! Lol

3. We went to see my sister in law/MOH after leaving Powerz and Sophia had sooo much fun she is KNOCKED out right now.

4. Going to a bridal expo with my MOH & wedding planner to the stars (ms nay).... I think all 3 of us are using it as an excuse to get out the house!!! LOL a sister needs a few more girls nights out!

5. Had fun when the girls came to hang last weekend! BOOO BROOKE!

6. Sooo glad I only work part time so I can enjoy days like this!!!

7. My office moved yesterday! Why did the movers show up 1.5 hours late. By the time they got there I had moved all my shit to my new office already!

8. I need a nap.

9. Hoping my mom will pick up Sophia early tomorrow so I can get a mani & pedi.

10. Meant to comment on yesterdays blog but I had no computer all day. Jealousy is an UGLY thing! And women are guiltiest of it! It sucks but I try not to be around it. And frankly I don't give a f*#k. Don't hate me cuz u aint me!!!! Lol

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Here's where I'm at:

- Back from the N.O, and its always good to be home.

- Football gods, the Eagles did McNabb wrong. You know what to do.

- RIP Malcolm Mclaren

- is locked and loaded. I gotta see every shot Tiger takes.

- Speaking of "Eldrick", Nike's ad with the voice of his dad as he stares back at you, is...BRILLIANT marketing. Own the imperfection. If you haven't seen it, check it out somewhere.

- Temps are rising, that means new T-shirts! I'm a bit of a collector of unique ones.

- iPads are sexy.

- What's that? Temps rising?
One word: Mojito!

And with that, here's the DMOE RTT "Its damn near summer" playlist:

- Carl Thomas/Summer Rain.
His debut CD, "Emotional" flat out never gets old.

- DJ Jazzy Jeff, Fresh Prince/Summertime.
When the sun comes out, dust this one off and keep it in rotation until Labor Day.

- Isley Brothers/Summer Breeze.
Vintage 70's groove that just oozes "somebody's patio".

- Koffee Brown/After party.
Remember this group from the late 90's? I dont know where they are, but I know the CD was an azz-shaker. If you saw this duo lately, ask em "WTF?"

- Floetry/Floetic.
The ENTIRE CD is completely "rawesome" (that's RAW + awesome) and my fave is "Mr. Messed up". Simply put, I love these chicks. If they recorded pages 65-99 of the phone book, one of them would give the sexy voiceover while the other rapped it all.

Download of the week -
- Jamie Foxx/Winner (feat. JT & TI)
This might be the hot summer joint, and if it is...tell em DMoe sent ya.

Throwback Jam of the week -

Force MD's/Love is a House.
These fellas were all the rage for a hot second. Their slow jams are classics and included "Tears", "Here I go again", and "Tender Love". I have a bad feeling the money's gone and they walk amongst us (literally).

Stay thirsty.


Jaz said...

I think A-buzz, Powerz and The Combination are a great family!

I want a mani/pedi...I want pretty toes.

And I want to own a house. Might need to hit Powerz up myself.

Can I come to the wedding?? :)

I love love :)

It's beautiful outside.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I just saw yesterday's blog today. No need to add to the comments in terms of reaction, we all seem to agree. But I will say for every woman who commented against it - there are like three women who engage in that activity on THE REG...

I used to amuse myself by triggering scenarios to see which women I know and/or am around who react with hate to an attractive woman or just another woman period who garners attention from men or a group. So funny.

- Brooke-Ra - you must be talking about Kevin when you say you cheered for an ex-Washington player. I think we all cheered for him...

- I'm a bit tardy on renewing my Scrabble rivalry with Ant...

- The Fury is THE MAN. I'mma need you to let him guest blog on the reg, Ms. Brookes-Ra.

- Tiger banged his neighbor's daughter? Gangster.

- Tiki left his preggo, sexy-as-all-hell wife for the little blonde-haired intern? Damn, son.

- Speaking to a cousin last night, he began recounting all of the injuries younger family members suffered at my hands when I was younger - geez. It was actually a long list - broken arms, legs, noses, separated shoulders...never thought about it, but I was a skinny-ass wrecking machine. In my defense, they always started/attacked FIRST.

- It's raining here. Ugh. Can't really complain though...overall, we've had good weather this year.

- My Spring football season starts this weekend! Yes! And, one of our refs just started working at my station...and he's reffing our first game. So I KNOW we got some homer calls coming our way...haaaa!

- The new season of "The Real World/Road Rules Challenge" began last night. I don't think there's any other reality show I love more than these kids competing, drinking, screwing, fighting and cussing at each other for like 2-3 months. Yessss!

- "Justified" is BY FAR the best new show on cable. Holy spit. F/X sure does know how to make great TV out of varied subject matter...

- I'm in a De La Soul type of mood today.

- This old white guy came in talking about the Indians and there troubles fighting against the state yesterday. Of course, typical old white co-worker, he was AGAINST the Indians ("They want EVERYTHING their way", he said. It's not like they were slaughtered and had EVERYTHING taken from them or anything).

I replied I'm for the Indians typically, and that he and others are lucky I'm not in charge - we'd stockpile weapons, and take out as many white men as we could before eventually losing in about a week's time. Then I said before we went out, we would have already enacted a plan to kidnap as many white women as we could and impregnate them so that our bloodlines would live on and so that at the very least, history would NEVER forget what we did. My boy laughed and said "oh, you're a student of OLD SCHOOL war tactics!" We laughed it off.

Dude was upset and depressed about my joke all night I found out! Really? Haaaa! Sensitive-ass buster. I can't wait to see him again...I was obviously having fun at his expense, but he took that ish straight to the artery! Oh well. He ain't think about that when he was talking greasy about the indigenous peoples, so F him.

Gotta go do some serious editing. Excelsior!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Dmoe - you wanted to know what happened to Koffee Brown?

They were well-known to be a couple. Well, after their single hit and blew up, the dude got caught up in the fame and started hooking up with groupies on tour. That's right - these two were a couple, on tour TOGETHER, and he was still trying to sneak eps on the side and think his wifey wouldn't find out!

Needless to say, they broke up. Before the album even had a full chance to go through label support and chart revolution.

People don't understand - that fame and the women throwing themselves at you is A MONSTER. Any dude under 30 saying he would 100% not succumb is a damned fool...I've seen the strongest dudes in the world fall victim. You just never know...I'm sure some dudes wouldn't. But most WOULD.

Anonymous said...

Yep, KP is in DC, though I doubt I'm the same one from your highschool. :-) Grew up in Jersey.

Thanks Brooke. But I feel like I've been moving into it forever! lol

And please know, I know you're the exceptional fan Brooke, don't worry. And I have actually sat with a few at the stadium with all Giants gear and a Giants blanket on. Of course the Eagles were whipping our tales and we were behind the Philly bench so I imagine they are a lot more tame down there, but those fans were actually quite cool. But it wasn't cool to find a thick red "P" for Phillies in ketchup on my parked car window when we got back from the Eagles game just because I "forgot" to take down my Yankees hat out of the back window (though we should be able to support the teams we love no matter where we go... in theory at least). But alas, I digressed. Sorry.

Happy Thursday everyone!

Serena W. said...

What a day at work! Deadline for an adult class and everybody and their mother decided to turn in their applications today!

But at least we are able to offer a free class at a college, stipends, transportation, etc. So I feel good.

Today makes 9 years that my Papa has been gone and I miss him so. A day like today we would take a walk to the store and buy a candy bar (even as a grown up) and shoot the breeze.

We used to pick flowers when I was little too (well I thought they were flowers, but they were dandelions lol). Had the nerve to give them to Nana and Mom thinking I did something grand!

The air is finally on in this office! We had no A/C all week, the windows have no screens and I had bee’s flying in here! OMG!

My apartment…same…no A/C yet and I had to open up a window and the backdoor and have all the lights out in order to get cool! Double OMG!

Can a sista get a drink? A stiff one please.

A beach with some sand would be nice too…

I miss Mommy…

I know she is shining on me, especially on a crazy day like today.

I wanna go roller skating

Swimming too…I think I’ll do that next week.

Going running this Saturday!

Signing up for a 5K tomorrow.

OMG! Can it be…Maxwell added another show in NYC the weekend I’ll be there in June! Tickets go on sale tomorrow! PAYDAY!

I think I deserve to treat myself tomorrow with a Maxwell ticket for me and my bestest friend Venetta!

Can’t wait until 5pm to get out of here and write…

I may write outside and enjoy the weather for real!

Glad McNabb is coming down the road! Maybe the Skins will win a few games.

Sucks how the Eagles treated him! They suck!

KP was first today! WOW!

Brooke get a slice of pizza for me!

You would post RTT right when I stepped away from my desk! LOL!

Had a grand time this past weekend in NYC with Annamaria and Liz!!!! I met lil Sophia...then she fell asleep lol!

Annamaria, tel Naykeeeeeeeeeeda and her lil mama Leah hi! Her daughter is sooooooooooooo cute!

DMoe...Koffee Brown/After party is the shiznit!

BRB…I hope.

Brooke said...

I'm mad I missed the shindig at Annamaria's house :( I won't miss the next one! Promise!

I love seeing Serena's comments. They make me smile.

Another 5k? Girl you are on fire!

Never really cared for Tiki Barber. What he did was not cool.

Not cool that they put a red P in ketchup on your car either KP. But that's Philly for you. Sorry!

I'm gonna ask Fury to guest blog every TMI Tuesday from now on - let's see if he says yes :)

My cousin called me to tell me she can't believe I told everyone I can squirt on the blog. But we all grown right? Not like I'm running for office or anything :)

BTW, she can too - Must run in the family ;)

Serena, come to Soul Siesta!

I need a nap too.

The Cable Guy said...

Let me find out the Dean women are squirters! Hot damn! That sh*t is sexy as hell!

Brooke, where is the SU jersey pic? Did you decide against it after they lost in the tourney? We want to see!

Why doesn't Brooke have a man? Seriously, I need to know the answer to that, because it makes no sense. Are ALL men in the NYC (and Philly for that matter) THAT wack?? Somebody please speak on it!

McNabb in a Redskins jersey means nothing to me. He's still on an opposing NFC team...Go G-Men.

But I feel for Brookey though, I know how much she loves her Eagles and is loyal to McNabb cuz of the whole Syracuse thing.

He'll be fine.

Read the blog yesterday - women (AND men) need to stop hating. And if you can't help it, feel free to hate on me! LOL!

Stef said...

Yes, the men in NYC ARE wack, and that includes you Cable Dude, cuz you mad thirsty! She don't want you man! LOL!

But I'm surprised Brooke is single too. She got alot going on for herself.

Actually, not surprised. I know alot of women who got it going on and are single. Men are just dumb.

Now I want pizza.

Jay said...

I'm wondering why Brooke is single too. I'm trying to change all that though ;)

Stef said...

Brooke gets hit on by men AND women LOL!

Watching Oprah, couple saying they haven't had sex in over 2 years. Buggin!

Annamaria said...

@ Jaz: sure u can all come to the wedding but I aint getting married in the US so its gonna cost ya! Lol

@ Serena: ms nay & leah read the blog sooo I'm sure they saying hi back! Especially Leah!

@ Brooke: actually you've missed the last TWO but who's counting? Lol

Brooke said...

The last two!!?? Really?? I have alot of making up to do!

I'm watching Oprah do you NOT have sex with your spouse in over 2 years?? I don't think I could ever do of us better be sick or something! That's crazy!

Serena W. said...

Brookey I would love to go but that is Dance Africa weekend in Brooklyn and I have to go to that :) have fun in the sun for me!

Thanks for the compliment, I'm glad I can paint a smile on people's faces.

Sometimes I feel so down, so it feels good to be able to make people smile.

So as much as I would like to see Maxwell and Jilly their tickets for NYC are way...way...way to pricy for my pockets! Too much!

About to change into the after 5pm clothes and break out to enjoy some sunshine!

P.S. Brooke if you miss the next throwdown, myself, Annamaria, Sophia and Liz will tase you!

Serena W. said...

Also we'll get Ms. Nay and Leah to tase you too Brooke! LOL!

Brooke said...

Lil Miss Leah won't tase me, she's my buddy :)

Lil Sophia might tho...cuz look who her mama is! LOL!

I wish I was changing into after 5pm clothes. Instead I'll be changing into gym clothes and getting whooped on by Deebo :(

Anonymous said...

Work is done finally! I read thru all the posts this time. I wanted to respond to some of it that I didn't b4.

1- U all made me look @ Humpday's blog. No argument here. It brings back painful memories. Some of my closest friends are lost to me b/c they allowed jealousy to consume them. I think when ppl aren't comfortable in their skin, they are prone to hating others for being their best self. We all have the power to do that but so many people- men & women alike (tho women seem to be more vicious with their hatorade)- seem to find it easier to use their energy towards studying others & hating on their stilo. But it’s taught me how to pick my friends better. I used to claim people right away if I liked their energy. Now, I give myself time to learn a person (almost like dating), & gradually let them in my heart if it's clear that they’re comfortable in their skin. The reality is that we all have insecurities, but where some deal with them in the background, others who get labeled ‘insecure’ roll with them suckers on their sleeves & use them to respond to mostly whatever they encounter. I faze those folks out without feeling bad about it anymore.

2- Uhhh Rameer, you said that like Art Monk, Joe Theismann, & Doug Williams aren’t all legends in their own right. 2 are in the HOF & Doug was the 1st black QB to win a Super Bowl (passing to Mr. Monk didn't hurt). They all get legit passes. As for ‘Skin fans, having worked in the area off & on for the last few yrs & having gone to SEVERAL games over the yrs at their stadium in Landover, though they’re not as mean/demonstrative as Philly fans, they are fickle at best, extremely fair-weathered at the least. Being able to roll up ticketless 8 minutes into a game & getting in b/c “fans” were already leaving in droves & one gave me a used tkt that I wasn’t supposed to get in on- except my ‘I had to go get my cell’ excuse worked- was terrible! The 'Skins wound up giving my Giants a run for their money 2nd half, but they didn't have much support to get them over the hump so my G-Men survived. But it's par for the course with them Rameer. Trust me. Snyder had fans thrown out THIS PAST SEASON b/c of dirty signs they made anti- him & the team. So alas, I can't be convinced that the 'Skin fans are regular. Most of them admittedly can’t either.

3- Boy do I miss Mitch. He just had another birthday recently. God bless all who loved him strong. He left a positive imprint on so many of us, but I know it's strongest with his family. God bless them.

4- Serena, I know we all try to be "strong" during times like these, but sometimes you have to be strong enough to let a good cry or two out. It's ok. It's a part of mourning & your loved ones deserve to be mourned. The tears let out the pain that builds in us & makes way for things to be appreciated deeper & for genuine smiles to touch not only your lips, but your heart as well. Just remember you got a huge hug coming your way next time I see ya chica!

5- Annamaria... such a pretty name... we don't know each other but I'm excited for you!!! Good luck on your wedding & your marriage to come!

6- It takes a lot for me to cuss, but Tiki's an ass. I'm sure there were issues on the home front. We don't know the whole story. But his wife is carrying his TWINS?!?! And he's just now seeking a divorce when he's been carrying on with an intern fresh out of college for months? Tiki is an ASS!!!

7- Brooke IS beautiful- both inside & out. I'm sure God is just getting that "right man" ready for her & being that he's got to be on point, it's taking some time. Brooke will have her day, just watch.

8- I always wondered about Koffee Brown. They came out STRONG! Thx Rameer.

Lastly- Dang... NY pizza is sounding great! I'll go get some if you go get some! ;-)

Brooke said...

Awwww, thank you KP :-) So sweet!

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