Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

I hate being sick. I woke up at 4am to throw

- I think I overdid it at the gym last night.

- Am I the only one who thinks Nicki Minaj's voice is annoying as hell?

- I'm still mad that Jermaine Jackson named his son "Jermajesty." da hell?

- I've been on Witches' Brew all morning instead of working.

- I don't feel like working out today at lunch. I'm too tired.

- Been drinking tea all morning. Not hungry for lunch, but I'll eat anyway.

- I want to go to Soul Siesta. I think I'll book it this weekend. Enough with the lollygagging.

- Whenever it's nice outside, they crank up the AC in my building like it's 100 degrees outside. I'm freezing in here! Pure fuckery.

- I could crawl under my desk and go right to sleep.

- Has anyone been punked yet today for April Fool's Day? Or do people still do that anymore?




SarKism said...

1st bitches!

The Fury said...

Brooke why are you working out when you're sick? No bueno! Hope you feel better soon

April fools day is annoying. We already have media takeout posting fake ish all day everyday. Do we really need more?

who's getting an IPad this weekend? I'd like you to check my blog and tell me how it looks

...then tell me where you'll be so I can see it myself...oh...ummm...come alone and unarmed :-)

Nicki Minaj's single is wack... But good Gawd the fake ass looks stupendous in the video. How dare they have Amber Rose just sitting down in the video?? I wanna see a director's cut. Refuse to believe Hype had double bubbles and didn't use them

speaking of bubbles...i like the Erykah Badu album

speaking of Erykah Badu...i want some tea

speaking of tea...that $1 sweet tea @McDonald's is of the devil

speaking of fast food...Tiger took the "all they get is 50 cent franks at Papaya's" line to the next level. Now they get a $5 Foot long @ Subways....pimpin

speaking of Subways anyone ever have sex or a sex act on a train?

speaking of trains...fuck the MTA


annamaria said...

Happy April fool's day! As I prepare my taser!!!

Here was my April Fool's Day morning:
Dropped Powerz off at the airport (he almost missed his flight). Sophia & I get back to the house. An hour later we get back in the car to go to the dealership to get the oil changed.. NOTHING the car won't start. I sit & think of course this would happen when he goes out of town.. I call Sophia's godfather to come help me..he doesn't believe me that I'm stuck. He thinks I'm playing an April Fool's joke on him! I had to call Powerz brother in law to come help start the car! And he said on his way to my house he thought I was playing a prank on him!!
I go take the car to the dealership. Nothing wrong with the car! Of course!!!
Now I'm sitting here waiting for the cable guy (the real one) cuz my cable isn't working AGAIN!!!! (Side eye @ the cable dude)

The Cable Guy said...

Not my fault miss lady!

Jay said...

Brooke, don't work out while you're sick. It's counter productive, and you'll make yourself worse or get hurt. You know better :)

Not impressed with Nicki Minaj or her fake bubble.

Erykah Badu is buggin. She's weird.

Never had sex on a train, but would imagine it would be fun.

Annamaria, you've had quite a morning :) Somebody's messin with you.

Stef said...

How Sarkism gonna be first and then not comment!? LOL!!

Gonna borrow Annamaria's taser.

April Fool's pranks are stupid.

Who started that anyway?

I need a vacation.

I want pizza.

Nicki Minaj is wack. So is her fake ass.

Amber Rose is pretty, but famous for no reason...other than her ass and Kanye of course :)

Brooke, get better and REST.

Fury, I can't wait to read your next story for TMI Tuesday!

-V- said...

Hey Sweetie.

Gone for a minute ... been makin' moves to make moves.

Just sayin' HI!

Powerz said...

IT IS HOT!! I hate traveling when the weather is different. I look like an idiot walking off the plane to 80 degree weather with a Sean John Volour Hoody! Lol

A-Buzz would have these issues when I leave!

Gonna see my grandma that I haven't seen in years! She is so sweet! I love her! She make the bomb fried chicken, southern style!

I miss my girls!!!

Brooke said...

hi V, can't wait to see you in May!

Powerz, where are you at?

Brooke said...

Oh, and I'm not working out today Fury, taking the day off :)

You're blogging this coming Tuesday, I hope you know that :)

You know I must be sick when the mention of southern style fried chicken doesn't even phase me :(

Serena W. said...


Can't wait to hit the city tomorrow!

Brooke feel better because we have a dinner date with Annamaria, Powerz and Sophia! I don't think you want Lil Sophia tasing you because you didn't show up!

What time is dinner?

Today makes 9 years in my illustrious sorority Delta Sigma Theta!

Where is Yolanda! We need to hang!

Okay a gang of us out here are going to see Why Did I Get Married Too! Can't wait!

Starting to run again next week! Body is fully recovered!

May go to an African dance show this Saturday in New York too :)

Can't wait to see Nana and my baby sister and give them big hugs.

I know as soon as I hit the front door I'll start crying. Mom always greeted me. Sometimes she would come outside and meet me on the curb because she was so excited to see me!

Praying for peace at my job...had a nice chit chat with my director.

Put a down payment down on 3 books to be professionally edited! It's about to be on!

Can't defer my dreams any more. As Redman says, "Time for some action!"

Gotta go and run errands for work and then head home!

I'll see some of you on the flip side ;-)

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!

Annamaria said...

He is in SC visiting his dad & grandma...So Serena you won't see him tomorrow...


Powerz said...

Brooke, down in sunny Orangeburg, South Carolina! Beautiful weather, not much to do but great weather! Lol

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...Here's where DMoe is:

- I'm about 5 minutes behind everything. Everywhere. I need 10 minutes to catch up.

- If you've never watched the Masters' Golf tourney, besides Tiger's must-see return, it is simply a magnificent broadcast to see in HD. For those who care to see a crystal clear picture on your TV, this is one of THE best sporting events you will ever see.

- I love Snapple and I love Barq's Root Beer.

- I gave up Burgers and fries for Lent. Guess who's goin to Mickey D's early on Easter morning?

- Erykah Badu is alright with me.

- Nicky Minaj is alright with me too.

- I have a running list of people in the public eye that I smack my teeth at every chance I get. Its nothing personal, but I just think they are some "lame mu**uckas". I'm sure you have a list of your own...

Here's mine:
1. Smokey Robinson
2. E-40
3. Jaheim
4. Anderson Varejao
5. Flo Rida

There are others, but that was my top 5 of some lame-azz people.

With that, here's the DMOE RTT Playlist:

- Usher/Raymond v.Raymond.
Something for everyone. Club bangas, pop hits, gooey ballads, and azz-shakin grooves like "Daddy's home". Simply put, he did what he's supposed to do on this one. Coppable.

- Jonathan Butler/The best of.
This guy's gone Gospel as of late, but he had some real hits in the early 90s, remember "Sarah Sarah" and "Lies"? His versatility has gone largely unnoticed, but outside of R&B, his Jazz guitar efforts are timeless, and while i hate the term "smooth jazz", he has a good brand of it.

Erykah Badu/New Amerykah, Pt.2.
The thing I hate most about an artist like Erykah, is that in music's effort to put her in a box, much of her immense talent doesn't fit in the space provided. She keeps a head bobbin, jazzy-azz syncopated style that has become a signature move. If you listen to "window Seat" and a few other stand-outs on this CD, the style never gets stale. "Baduism" STILL gets regular rotation from multiple cuts, her new work is no exception.

Tenor Saw/Ring the Alarm.
...If somebody asked you "Hey, what IS dancehall music?" Play this joint, and let the 'hips' fall where they may.

Untitled(How does it feel)/D'Angelo.
We fellas can't hate on the video, cuz that's all for the chicks, but this joint drips with the kind of "absorbable swag" that works for me. Fellas if this song is on and she's not "cooperating" - its YOUR fault.

Throwback Jam of the week:
I feel good all Over/Stephanie Mills

I dont know what she's doing now, but back in the day, Stephanie Mills could make a ballad with the best of them. Her greatest hits isn't necessarily a "must play" all the time, but when the mood strikes, I can run a rotation with Miki Howard, Rene & Angela, Allyson Williams, and a few other R&B chicks from the era.

The original broadway "Dorothy" from the Wiz had a great career and some great songs.

That's it...

Your friend and mine,

Brooke said...

Erykah Badu's video with Weezy made me dizzy. "Erykaleidescope" stuff...was a bit much for me. I have to hear her whole joint tho. Rameer sent it to me, with a host of other albums, so I gotta get to listening.

My DMoe ipod will be updated in 14 days :)

I'll be so happy when it's 80 degrees everyday.

My nose is tingling. That can't be good.

Anonymous said...

What ya'll think about the 3D TV's?

My wife and mother had a nasty argument on Sunday. What to do, what to do?? I am caught in the middle! This argument comes at a great time especially since we just put in an offer to buy a house around the corner from my parents ...I am thinking that may be a mistake.

Nicki Minaj is a recording artist?

I think my office Admin is trying to sabotage me! Who throws away original archived contracts without asking? My boss just roasted me! I am going to speak to HR and have her replaced!

I have to tread carefully because she is pregnant?

Brooke feel better!!! The weather is starting to is not the time to be sick!

Tried Verizon Fios...hated it....switched back to Optimum...Good luck getting that ET fee verizon!

Cannot wait for Baseball Season to begin. I think the Phillies are going to take it this year!! LMAO!

I didn't know Erykah Badu had so much junk back there? Was the film manipulated? I like the concept of the video though!

I cannot believe that my one year anniversary is next month! What to do? What to do?


Brooke said...

Sorry to hear about the fight between your wife and mother, that's gotta suck!

Moving around the corner from in-laws? Not sure that's EVER a good idea. Unless they watch the baby.

Married and a kid in one year!? You don't waste any time man!

I know, I hate being sick...but ESPECIALLY hate being sick when it's warm outside.

annamaria said...

My mom watches Sophia while I work & on the weekends sometimes & I don't live around the corner from her & I DON'T NEED TO! FLOYD DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!! There should be a safe distance between the couple & all in laws..LMAO

Congrats on your one year anniversary though...I'm excited about being married BUT sooo not excited about planning the wedding..LMAO... Is that strange.. I just don't want to deal with details. I don't care about the flowers or the cake or how many tiers they are or what it's filled with BLAH BLAH BLAH... Just give me the beach & a minister...

I do think I found the perfect dress

The Fury said...

Yep it's me and the TMI Tuesday next week. Hope I don't disappoint...

Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper with a viable career and a release crazy is that?

@Stef is her ass really wack though? I mean outside of it being fake...

Amber Rose is a model...ahem...and yeah famous cuz Kanye is her boo. That's all. That's all it takes these days

Brooke take care of yourself! No more workouts until you're feeling better.

Optimum over FIOS? Really? Those errant channel cutoffs don't bother you?

Annamaria had a helluva morning. Powerz comes on like "yayyy Grandma's chicken" Brother you're gonna be in the dog house when you get

when the hell did cupcakes take regular cake's spot?

Brooke said...

Since it's a pain to cut cake. With cupcakes, you just grab one and go. No knife needed :)

So ass aside, you all can really stomach listening to Nicki Minaj? Really?

I thought Amber Rose was a stripper? Who cares...

I have a training session with Deebo tomorrow, so I hope I feel better by then :(

I've been trying to drink alot of water today, but it just makes me feel like I'm drowning :(

Serena W. said...

Brooke you need to rest your body. Cancel your training session. Trust us ;)

Well if we don't see you tomorrow evening I'll tell lil Sophia to not tase you. Its not your fault lol!

But really. Feel better.

Yolanda said...

I'm late to the party.

Thanks for the Brew shout out.

Brooke please feel better.

Where's the Meercat?

I saw someone get punked today by a sign on the copy machine that read "upgraded with voice activation." I watched the girl try to TALK to the copier. Hilarity!

Fury keeps me awake on Twitter with his nasty tweets.

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