Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Happy birthday Deebo! AKA my trainer Bobby :-)

And Happy "Earf" my nephew Kyce calls it. That's "Earth" for those of you who didn't get it. :-)

- RIP Guru and Dr. Dorothy Height. Legends.

- Speaking of Guru, what is Solar's deal? Crazy suspect.

- And speaking of REAL hip hop, check Serena's poem "Ode to Hip Hop" - hot!

- So Donovan wants T.O. to come to the Redskins huh? Interesting...I'd watch that. T.O. is a hot mess, though...and I wasn't a fan of his when he was in Philly (although he was doing some work.) That man has issues.

- Speaking of issues - did you all hear about the Phillies' fan who THREW UP on a guy and his 11-year old daughter at a Phillies' game?

I was grossed out for a long while after hearing that story. And I'd probably be in that jail in the Linc, cuz he'd have caught a beatdown if he had done that to me AND my child. You'd think spitting on a person would be the worst thing someone could do, but vomit?? Yeah, there would be all kinds of crazy unleashed on dat ass. What the hell is wrong with people??

- While we're talking about sports, is a 6 game suspension enough for Big Ben? I mean, the rape charges were dropped and all...but still.

- My trainer is a PIMP. He has several...uh..."girlfriends." :-)

- Work has been kicking my ass for a week now. I actually look forward to leaving to go to the gym.

- Monica sent me the link to Ciara's new video "Ride." I see Witches' Brew posted it as well.

Not sure what I think about it as far as its entertainment value - not completely sold on the song - but sex sells. And I can't hate - CiCi's body is sick! If I had moves like that, I might not be single ;-) Geesh! 50 is probably goin crazy!

- I need to post that video on my trainer's FB page - give him a challenge...something for me to work towards :-)

- Every time I see Ciara, I miss Aaliyah that much more.

- Finally, here are some pics from Annamaria and Austin's Engagement Party. Good times!

A-Buzz and Ms. Nay was gettin' it IN! LOL!

Powerz, A-Buzz, B-Cat and Dmoe.

DMoe was mean-muggin' :-)

Powerz and Geeque :-)

The happy couple - congrats again!




Rameer The Circumstance said...


ArrElle said...

FINALLY............FIRST BIOTCHES NOW WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

ArrElle said...

DAYUM U Rameer!!!!!!!!!! Sigh "next time"

Stef said...

LOL! ArrElle, don't you HATE that!?

Ciara's body ain't nuttin to play wit! Damn that girl! She can't sing at all, but she can dance her ass off!

Why do men lie about being married? I know women do it too. People who do that SUCK ASS!!

Ben Roethlisberger (sp?) is a rapist, plain and simple. Fucker!

That Philly fan was gross! No wonder you all have the rep you do!

It's a gorgeous day out today. Happy Earth Day!

I need a vacation badly!

What's for lunch?

Annmaria and Austin, you two make a great looking couple! You're so pretty A-Buzz! And DMoe looks WAY better than Samuel Jackson :) Nice to put some more faces with the names! Brooke, you're always beautiful :)

Geeque said...

RIP Guru. That Solar situation is definitely suspect…

Rameer The Circumstance said...

- I LOVE the pics of AnnaMaria and Powerz! NICE!!!

- That Ciara video is one of the sexiest joints I've ever seen in R&B. Makes me want a sammich and a belly rub after watching it.

- I watched a special edition of ABDC last week, where all the champions came back to perform. It confirmed exactly why I didn't watch it this season - this season's champs were wack as all hell, and Jabbawockeez made EVERYONE look like they were rank amateurs. The Jabs have NEVER been matched - the only crew that's even decent enough for a comparison is Qwest Crew.

- They killed Hodge's wife on "Criminal Minds" last night. My girl watches (as I've said)...gotta admit. One of the dopest cop show episodes I've ever seen. Damn. IT was ILL!!!

- NFL Draft AND Lakers game tonight! I'll be in sports heaven.

- Who are the idiots claiming Kobe ain't still got it? Ask the Thunder that question...

- The man PR woman who works are biggest, most famous theater in Buffalo is IT. She scares everyone, cuz she's no-nonsense and to the point (people HATE powerful women who have no time for foolishness), but truth be told - she is sexy as all hell! One of my reporters finally saw what I was talking about when we went to go interview the cast of "Jersey Boys" and she was my contact person. He was like "geez, I didn't know Lisa was so stunning." I'm like "when did you get your sight back??"

- I asked my girl about posting pics cuz people want me to identify, let's just say she ain't down for that. So, Serena, Brooke-Ra, and Yolanda - all I can say is she's amongst my pics on FB.

- My football team is 0-2 in my Spring League cuz the QB is SUCKING. Pisses me off...

- I want wings tonight.

- Going on a wine run tonight before the draft...

- Ciara. Ain't nothing wrong with THAT.

- Bow Wow? Um...yeah. You stupid, son.

- I've been MURDERING people in Scrabble lately. I need to start another game with Ant - he's my only comp...

- Serena, Ant and I played a game - I won on the final play. Yessss!

- My mother promised to make fish for Sunday dinner this week! I'm a bit's the little things.

- Dairy Queen is offering a Blizzard for 25 cents when you buy one at regular price. Get yours!!

- Why are people STILL giving credence to these "Black women are doomed" reports??

More After The Break.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oh yeah - Solar? He needs to be mounted by Ben Rapistberger. What a scumbag.

If you read a post I put up yesterday and all his shady dealings and how he controlled Guru and isolated him from everyone that's very disturbing.

And Ben IS a rapist. F'n scumbag.

A-Buzzz said...

1. Rameer you getting tased! lol
2. Thank you Stef!!!!
3. Yes I was wondering whether DMoe looke like Sam Jackson myself
4. That was an AMAZING night!!!!!! I enjoyed every minute with everyone there!!!
5. Damnit now this means I have to start planning this thing...
6. I'm the unbride.. City Hall & McD's!! :)
7. I am extremely happy with almost every aspect of my life.. I know it pisses some people off at times but fuck em...
8. Brooke LOOKS GREAT!!! Deebo may be kicking her ass but she looks amazing..not that she needed it...
9. I really hope single dad finds love. Thanks to him for the compliment yesterday. Its funny because I respect the fact that he's up to being a full time single dad for the good of his son soo much & I recognize his baby mom's for realizing that he's that good of a man. With all the triflin women in this world it's nice to see that she's giving him his props...
10. Yolanda if you don't live in NYC you need to visit Single Dad anyways! lol I'm rooting for a blog love connection.. if it ain't them it will be Stef & Cable Guy...
and finally
Sophia would like to comment today

,zkjem/.m j,klkkkkkkkkkkcvf2sCFFFZ

Annamaria said...

Rameer that was an OLD episode of criminal minds...Actually that was last season season finale!
That's my show...
CAnt wait for True Blood to come back...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

WORD?? Damn - that "Criminal Minds" episode blew me away. My girl had never seen it, either. She yelled at me for pointing out the serial killer was Ponyboy from The Outsiders and that he was "Soul Man"...lmao!

Annamaria said...

yep...I cried like a BITCH when I saw that episode.... When she was on the phone with Hodge sayin goodbye!!! DAMN

11. My shoes on Saturday were sick RIGHT MS.NAY... She picked them out...

12. Powerz get your shotgun ready.. YOUR 8 month old was dancing to the Ciara video.... She may have my bad habits..BUT she's your responsibility when she acts a fool! lol

Ms Nay said...

Thanks B-Cat...that is a great first image of the bloggers to have of me.

That was a great night.

Happy Earth Day!!!

Powerz and A-Buzz are great!!

A-Buzz...get to planning!!

I really love my pressure cooker.

I love all the haters.

RIP Guru

I sgree with Stef...people who lie about being married are the worse.

I also need a vacation.

Criminal Minds is Da Shiznit!!!

True Blood is the business!!!!!

I though Powerz was the only one that watches ABDC.

Annamaria said...

Ms.Nay is gonna tase me one of these I love her anywho... lol

Her shoes were HOT on Sat tooo!!!

Powerz & Geeque are lucky men!!!! lol

BUT we are just as lucky cuz they put up with us!!!

Brooke said...

Annamaria told me to post that pic Ms. Nay - I asked for permission! LOL! I'll find another one of you to repost :)

She said she needed someone to go down with her.

DMoe watches ABDC too.

I can't wait to eat lunch, I'm hungry.

Thanks Annamaria - Deebo IS kickin my behind, but I DO need it :)

Everyone is getting on my nerves at work today.

These braids need to come out - NOW. I'm afraid of what's under there tho :(

I told Deebo I would make him a cheesecake for his birthday and he said "no, I don't want that...I want..."

...I cut his ass off right there. Now he ain't gettin' nada!

Ungrateful ass.

Anyone hating on your happiness Annamaria can kick rocks!

Annamaria said...

Brooke there is one of her & I that you can actually see our faces... Let me know if you don't have it & I can send it to you... Post that one.. That is a nice pic.

Yep I agree Brooke..They can kick rocks...

Jay said...

Lol@ "Rapistberger." Yes, he did it. Six games isn't enough.

Philly fans get the rep they do cuz of shit like that. Who the hell does THAT? I know not all of you are like that (mostly the drunk white fools down there) but eewww!!! That made me sick.

Ciara. Wow. That's all I can say. Not sure I'd want my teenage daughter to look up to her, but damn.

Brooke, you don't need to aspire to the likes of Ciara to be hot, you already are. And you don't have to be naked or gyrating all over the damn place to be sexy. Just like to point that out. That's all Ciara seems to know how to do.

I've never watched Crimincal Minds, but everytime I flip past it on A&E, I think about B.

I think about B most times I flip thru A&E. Intervention is a great show.

I'm all over the NFL Draft.

Can't hate on Kobe.

Congrats Annamaria and Austin - good looking couple. That night looked like alot of fun - I should have crashed :)

Jaz said...

Annamaria, you are so pretty!

Brooke, like Stef said, you're always pretty too!

Powerz, Geeque and DMoe are handsome too! Now I know what DMoe looks like as I read his RTT playlist.

I was worried he looked like Samuel Jackson too...with a jheri curl! LOL!

Glad I was wrong!

I wish I would have gone, looked like a fun night!

Can I come to the wedding?! :) LOL!

Don't really follow sports like that, but I think that guy raped that girl. If he was black though he would have been under the jail.

Maybe not, cuz Kobe got off.

What's the big deal about the NFL draft? The guy I'm seeing can't stop talking about it!

I think I'm gonna have pizza for lunch.

Tell Deebo to kiss your ass and give ME his cheesecake! LOL!

That being said, I need a trainer too. Think Deebo could hook me up?

Annamaria said...

ya'll should have crashed..... after the 5th shot I wouldn't have noticed...
Did the wedding guest list last night...50 people & we hoping 10 say no! lol

awww my verification word is gentes!!!

So glad DMoe didn't have a jhericurl cuz we would have HAD to make fun of

Jaz if it was free I'd gladly invite everyone to the wedding... LMAO

Brooke said...

Okay, I went back and posted another pic of Annamaria and Ms. Nay :) Beautiful women :)

I'm sure Deebo could hook you up Jaz...after I get my foot out his ass for dissin' my cheesecake!

Stef said...

awwww, Ms. Nay and A-Buzz look so pretty and happy! Thanks for posting!

We need a blog barbque to happen in the summer Brooke!

Annamaria said...

Oh and thank you for the compliment Jaz... and you should have just crashed the engagement party! lol Jay could have been your date..LOL

Ms. Nay & Geeque are an awesome couple.. And I love hanging out with them...
Brooke did you get the other pic?

Brooke said...

yes, I posted it :)

ArrElle said...

@Rameer or anyone else, please direct me to the post abour Solar taking advantage of Guru's situation..

@Stef, gurl you know I was real excited to be the first one to post

Will post more later

Annamaria said...

AAAWWWWWWWWW dat's my bitch!!!!!!!!!!! lol.. Those are some bad bitches..LOL

Nah but really I've probably known her the less than I've known anyone else but she's a wonderful human being wrapped in a thug cover! lol

Serena W. said...


Hi everyone!

Brooke thanks for the shout out on my new poem, "Ode to Hip Hop" everyone please check it and drop comments!

Going to African dance class tonight "yiiiiiiep!"

Rameer I don't like playing you in Scrabble! Lol.

My Rite Aid has a wine section! Dope!

The weather is gorgeous.

I do miss Aaliyah.

RIP Guru.

Dr. Dorothy Height will still be an inspiration to me and how she has been a true leader and diva in her 98 years of life.

I love watching my Nana and little sister's relationship flourish.

A co-worker slammed the door in me and a colleagues face yesterday and I wanted to do an X-Men joint and reach through the door and yank him back into the hallway!

He's a b****a**!

Sorry for that moment...I told his manager and he had to apologize. He said he couldn't hear on the phone!

Annamaria tase him!

Great pics of the party!

Congrats again Annamaria and Austin!

I went to the Readers With Attitude Author's Pavillion in Richmond, VA on Saturday and had a great time!

I hit the mic a couple of times ;)

This sista took some hot pics! Love em!

Just drove passed the headquarters of Delta Sigma Theta...shout out to my sorors on the blog OO-OOP.

About to get my admin some fresh hot doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

OMG...I found a parking space in Dupont Circle in DC! Anyone know this area...parking is a beast.

I've been blogging at red lights...

More after a hot doughnut from Krispy Kreme.

ArrElle said...

In regards to situation pertaining to the letter Guru has supposedly have written during his illness has everyone crying foul. Well has it occurred to anyone that Guru didn’t want his family to have any proceeds from his estate because he doesn’t have a close relationship with him?? Now please note that I don’t know the whole story nor have I seen or listen to any statements that have been posted on several gossip columns on the internet by various family members of Guru’s. The reason why I brought this up is because unfortunately not everyone comes from a loving family as such as myself and made a choice to distance myself from them, not saying it’s right but life is not always presented to you in a bowl of cherries. Maybe Guru’s family is that type of family who didn’t give a rat’s azz about you unless something was in it for them such as money. Guru could have confided in Solar on how his family gets down. Just sayin……

Annamaria said...

Serena I got your back.. I will stick my taser all up in dat ass!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the congrats...

Get me a damn krispy kreme donut!! YUMMMMMMMM I haven't had KK since I was preggo.. They are crack!! I WANT ONE SOOO BADLY...

I just had some leftover CRACK chicken for lunch..My peeps from BK KNOW what I'm talking about...

Ms Nay said...

Thanks B for putting the pic up.

I would hate for people to get the wrong impression of me ;-)

Anna I hate you...stop trying to me sensitive.

Uuuummmm...CRACK CHICKEN!!!!

Uuummmmm...KRISY KREME!!!!

Anna is my half pint PR Beotch!!!

I really wanted to DMoe to look like Sam Jackson...LOL!!!

Anna I am happy with our life also...LOL!!!

I am happy that I have great people in my life. is only 2:27 PM . WTF!!!!!

I need a draaank!!!

Powerz said...

Hey Brooke and DMOE, thanks for coming out. DMOE is mad cool. We definitely have to do a blog BBQ Brooke!

Stef, thanks for the compliment!
Rameer, thanks for the compliment!
Ms. Nay, thanks for the compliment!
Jay, thanks for the compliment!
Jaz, thanks for the compliment!
A-Buzz, thanks for the compliment!
Serena, thanks for the Congrats!
GeeQue, where's my compliment!?!?!?!?

Whew! got all the acknowledgements out the way!

I want to see OVA!

I want to go back to Mediaval Times!

I drank 2 Water bottles today! Happy Earth Day!

ABDC is cool. DMOE understands!

I like Poetry:
" is deep, this I know but from tongue my words will flow to find your soul deep within and experience your desires again and again....." POWERZ

Crack Chicken is the bomb!

I just found Carrie Ann Inaba from DWTS was Fuuk Yu from Austin Powers (The Asian twins) Nice!

Annamaria said...

Nay I'm not trying to make you sensitive..You just make me want to cry...LMAO

Powerz said he's throwing a blog BBQ!!!

I think it would have been cool if DMoe looked like Sam J. BUT he still would have gotten made fun of...

WHERE IS GEEQUE??? And can someone make him get a Blackberry already...

I need a drink...
I want that wine that Liz brought to my house the other day...YUMMMMM

Speaking of Liz her ass is gonna get tased cause she didn't come to the party...OR BRING ME MY SHEA BUTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stef said...

Powerz, you wrote that?? Nice!

ABDC is corny to me :)

So is Randy Jackson.

I can't stand rude people, I would have yanked that fool Serena if he slammed a door in my face!

It's too nice out to be working.

What is OVA?

Where is DMoe?

Krispy Kreme is CRACK, but what is CRACK CHICKEN??

I want some.

I think Guru and Solar were on the DL. Jus sayin.

Brooke said...

Serena, your car is supposed to be a "NO Phone Zone!" No texting, typing and driving!

Annamaria said...


Crack Chicken is this friend chicken from this chinese restaurant in Brooklyn... They fry it in like soy sauce or something.. IT IS CRACK!!! YOU CAN NOT EAT JUST ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!!! AND IF YOU ARE DRINKING YOU DEFINITELY CAN NOT STAY AWAY...IT'S CRACK CHICKEN MAN!!!!!!!!!!

POWERZ said...

I wish my poetic skills paid the bills but I'm must be at work so on the blog I lurk! The poetic finess that I possess will pass any test more or less

Check this out and tell me what you think.....

What To Do

what do you do when the time is right
you ready to lay it down but no protection in sight
do you abstain and let the moment pass
or do you gear up to wax that ass
is it worth the risk to maybe plant a seed
won't be easy with already 2 mouths to feed
she's laid back and ready to go
so you start moving in nice and slow
your heart's pounding fast you can almost feel it
but will you go though with it or will you forfeit
you can't let her think that you're a punk
especially after talking all that junk
"Yeah, I'm the man! I can go for hours!"
Why do you think they call me Powerz???
What would she tell her friends if I backed down?
"remember that guy, he got scurred, he’s a clown"
I can't let that happen, I have a reputation to uphold
I have to send her back with a story worth being told
maybe if I tell her, she will understand
look me in the eyes and hold me by the hand
then she'd whisper "we can try another day"
"I'm not mad, trust me, it's really ok"
Ha! That's bullshit! This is my only chance
Cuz if I leave now, I'll be lucky to get a glance
Now is the time to show her I'm different from all the other brothers
I lean down and whisper "wait here while I go get some rubbers.................."

Anonymous said...

35th beyotches!

-Made a simple joke last week about 'meeting the kids'...that pretty much ended the conversation. LOL. Oh well.

-Isn't it grand when you have a light bulb moment?

-Oprah could give away bars of Ivory soap and the audience would still lose their minds.

-Finding things to tweet about can be tough when you've got lots on your I don't want to come off as Debbie Downer.

-I think I'm just going to start tweeting fortune cookie phrases so people will just assume I'm a deep thinker.

-Lipton green tea citrus is my drug of choice this week.

-I started developing this RTT list last Friday cuz I'm quite random, yet planned.

-I think my Mother may be planning to buy me an iPad for my birthday. I think she has some out-of-work sympathy for me and just wants to make me smile.

-My Dad is horrible with the check-in phone call. That must be where I get it from.

-I must do better.

-Last week, I had to sit in for a speed dating event I was working because they needed another woman to even out the room. Interesting. It was an interracial speed dating thing but most of the men were Black. Made me wonder who they thought they'd be meeting when they got there. I wanted to ask some probing questions about dating preference but I kept my mouth shut. Date who you wanna date! Plus, I need to keep the job.

-Went to a job fair and seminar this morning. Left all invigorated to re-focus my search. Hit the door at home and all I could think about was a nap. When did I turn into a kindergarten kid?


annamaria said...

And 39 weeks later Sophia arrived! :)

Serena W. said...

Brooke I wasn't driving. My foot was on the break pedal and I texted. Then when I released and drove off, I put my phone down lol.

I know...I know...I have to do better. But I don't text while driving anymore (no really :).

Powerz loves poetry! You're dope!

Where is the DMoe List?

Wow I just saw the Ciara video and I need to go to belly dancing class or something after African!

I don't want to work any more today.

Where's Ant?

Where's Yolanda?

Craig...Pretty Ricky...

Ah well.

Stef it took everything in me to not yank him! But I heard my mother's voice within me.

It said, "Oh no he didn't!"

LOL...she would say something like that. But I was poised and because I'm somewhat of a manager I had to be an example.

BUT...if I was 21 or even 24 again it would have been me and him! lol.

My bestest friend visited me this weekend from BK. I was so glad to see her!

I can't believe May is next Saturday!

Speaking of which...I'll be in nyc next weekend.

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I was typing while you posted something!

Powerz you're a mess! A hot one!

Serena W. said...

Yolanda I love this...

"I think I'm just going to start tweeting fortune cookie phrases so people will just assume I'm a deep thinker."

-Lipton green tea citrus is my drug of choice this week. (They have it on sale at Rite Aid girl...I got some last night)!

I need a nap!

Anonymous said...

What is this discussion of hot shoes?

Is there some shoe porn that I'm missing?

I wanna see!

Um, and helllooooo DMoe ;-)


Brooke said...

y'all are making me sleepy with all this nap talk!

I can't stop eating these multigrain crackers!

Powerz, clearly there were no rubbers around when you and A-Buzz got together to make lil Sophia (aka "The Combination") LOL!

Great poem though!

My booty hurts today - we had Deebo for 2 hours last night!

Tonight is Tru Dog's class!

Who wants to help me take my braids out?!

Jaz said...

Yeah, DMoe is handsome girl! If Yolanda can't have him, I'll take him. The guy I'm seeing is working my nerves today :)

Brooke can't have ALL the guys! She can have Jay and Cable Guy :)

I need a nap too.

Serena, put the phone down!

Brooke said...

Annamaria and Ms. Nay DID have on some hot shoes. My shoes were kinda sexy that night too, but their drunk asses couldn't see them :)

Serena always comes during the weekends I plan on being in Philly :( I'll see what I can do tho if y'all wanna hang.

And Serena, put the phone down! Like Jaz said!

I need to watch that Ciara video daily...and with that, I put the crackers down :(

I didn't come here to work.

Stef said...

DMoe kinda looks like a grown (and straight) Tevin Campbell! LOL!

momo925 said...

Hey everybody! Happy Thursday!

Anna Maria sorry I couldn't make it to your party :-) Powerz and Anna Maria congrats again!

Rameer I LOVE LOVE LOVE Criminal minds!

Brooke you will get there. We are on a mission and you are looking AWESOME lol. And NO it's not the pants making you look that way...its YOU!

I'm so ready to be out of work already!

Today is my brothers birthday!!! wooo hooo love him to death!

Brooke I said I would help you take yo braids out! lol

Haven't watched ABDC since this seasons first episode. The crews were definitely not as good and I couldn't stand Omarion as a judge! ugh

DMoe said...

Whassup yall...

Sorry I missed all this.

- I've actually been "working" today. LOL. Da hell? Who's idea was this?

- While I was "working", me and a coworker had a "battle of the headphones"...He had his "Beats by Dre" phones, while I came with the Bose QC15's. The verdict? Its like comparing a Range Rover 4.6 HSE to an Escalade. It all comes down to what you like.

- Had a blast in NYC, and Tase-a-maria and Powerz are a cool-azz couple. I wish them the best. Meanwhile, Brookey is the bees knees, and Ms. Nay was "just OK"

- When I landed, Michael's Human Nature was playing, and he sang (right on cue) "Get Me Out, Into The Night-Time, four walls won't Hold Me Tonight...if this town, is just an apple...Then let me take a bite..." I love that line.

- Let me tell yall something.
I JUST cut the jheri curl. I was rockin a SoulGlo for months, but decided to take it
I used to pick it out, adjust my mustache hair in my rearview mirror, and smile back to myself JUST LIKE Darryl Jenks.

- Thanks for those compliments on the pic, I have no idea why I didn't smile. Then again, I think somebody said "Monica" or "MoMo Burrito" when they snapped the picture. That's what happened.

- Recently in life, I've been tested, but I plan to set the damn curve. Suckas can't hold me down.
Not only will I "pass" the test, I'll kick that azz.

- ABDC is a fun show and its on my DVR. Get off me. I'm a sucker for group choreography, and you can blame growing up with Michael Jackson videos for that love.

- Jabbawockees are miles ahead of all the other winners on the show.

With all that, here's the DMOE RTT playlist:

Wale/Attention Deficit.
If you like Lupe Fiasco, you'll like Wale. Beyond his "Pretty Girls" joint, the album is a nice listen with hook-singin' cameos from Chrisette Michelle, Melanie Fiona, and others. As rap goes these days, this is pretty good stuff beyond the norm.

Hil St. Soul/Soul Organic.
One of the best voices you've never heard with a sultry, easy-going sound perfect for the summer. Check out her cover of Aretha's "Until you come back to me" right before you light the bbq grill and pour the pitcher of margaritas. Jus sayin.

Kem/You might win.
Apparently, this guy should be WAAAAY more popular than he is. Album II is a fantastic follow-up to his debut album, and if you dont have this in your collection, your R&B weight is down. Get it.

Gang Starr/No more Mr. Nice Guy.
In honor of a pioneer, take your ears all the way back to his "Words I manifest". The funny thing is, good rhyme is timeless. Its too bad his catalog will get the credit now that he's gone. Between his Jazzmatazz work and classic bangas like "Dwyck" and "Mass Appeal" this guy was one of the best. R.I.P

Stay thirsty my friends,

Annamaria said...

Brooke I love you but you CAN NOT I REPEAT CAN NOT SAY:

"My booty hurts today - we had Deebo for 2 hours last night!"


Anonymous said...

-I had sushi today. Lately, it's been all I think about. I think it's because I've given up meat for the last 2 weeks (minus that chicken I had on Sunday...LOL).

-Ya'll see the CDC study that 48% of Black women have been exposed to (carrying the antibody) or have herpes? It's a study that some groups challenged but the CDC is standing by the figures.

-I stayed up and watched that Nightline garbajj last night. It was heavily edited and watered down. They just want you to go online and watch the whole THREE HOUR debate. Um, if I got 3 hrs to kill, it won't be watching Nightline.

-Is it bad that I recognized every incarnation of Madonna from that Glee episode? Pop culture is my friend!

-Yesterday marked 1 year since my dog died :-( I need to hurry up and get a job so I can get a dog. Don't laugh at me!

-Was I the only one who spotted some kinda baby bump on Alicia Keys last night on American Idol? Coulda just been her ill-fitting jumpsuit. However, my friend who saw her show last month in DC msg'd me that the Brew needed to put her on pregnancy watch. Ya heard it here first. LOL!

-I need a tan. A fake one will do.


Serena W. said...

OMG! I've been at my desk for a while now people! Geeeeeeeeeeeez!

The phone is down!

Momo...hi!!!!! I'm thinking of doing a tri next year and I'm really scurrrrrred!

I ran 3 miles of hills on Monday.

I had to clear my head. I have a breath taking picture of my run though, maybe Brooke can share one day with the blog fam :) got some sistas checking you out man!

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ ArrElle - in regards to Guru, I can say from knowledge Guru was always close to his family according to most who were around him most of his life. From everyone I know who knew him, they ALL say that everything surrounding the situation is bullcaca - and NO ONE believes he wrote that letter or okayed it.

Here is the link to the article I described:

- I just shot and interview and footage for a commercial (didn't even KNOW I had to do THAT) at this huge nursery. They gave me some flowers to take home! Everyone assumes "oh yeah, you gon' take it home and get some tonight..." - those fools don't know me at all.

I'm giving it to my grandmother. Any time I get freebies, I always think of the ladies in my family first.

- As I was "beating up" (i.e. wrestling) my girlfriend last night, I inadvertently his call back on my phone. My mother heard me tossing around my girl and forcing her to watch sports for like 1:00 before she hung up. A few minutes later, I saw my phone listed me as calling her...when I called back, she said "YOU LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE! If SHE DON'T WANNA WATCH SPORTS, LET HER WATCH HER SHOWS!!"

Nice. Yelled at by my mom for Ike-ing my girl into watching sports.

She still watched that ish, though. Lolz...

- Serena...I LOVE playing you in Scrabble! Lolz!

- I gotta check out "Ode To Hip Hop" - haven't read it yet...

- Getting geeked for Iron Man 2!!!

- Knowing IS half the battle.

- The video for the Black Eyed Peas' "Imma Be" is DOPE. Youtube and watch the 10:21 version...I don't care if you like them or the song. I think the vid can still be appreciated...and the fact that they went electro-Hip Hop with it.

- I still can't get over that Ciara video. COOOOOOTTTTTTT-DAMN!!!

- I've been happily jacking Internet at home now for 2 years...

- I need to go back to DC soon. Oh, and it looks like I may NOT be coming to NYC after all...mi abuela is leaving next week, and I can't go with her. She'll be up there for like 2 months, so I may come during that span...

- A new car would be nice. Nothing wrong with mine, just saying.

More After The Break.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'm back...quickly...

- Let me again publicly say how WRONG I was about "Glee". Holy spit - that show really is THE ISH...

- "Every now and then, I make a "differences" discovery. Meaning, I notice a major difference between particular groups of people. My latest one?

That women LOVE "Criminal Minds". I thought it was just my girl, but every time I mention an episode to a woman, they either know the episode or go on and on about how fantastic a show it is. It IS a fantastic show - but I never knew until she put me on. And now I'm finding it hard to find a woman who DOESN'T know about it! Dudes are like "I heard of it" or "I see it comes on" but ain't really that into it. But me?

She's got ME changing the channel looking for it on A&E and where ever now!

- I *refuse* to break down the fallacy and manipulation of facts in that CDC study again. I'll just say this, Yolanda - don't believe the hype. In fact, here's a good rule of thumb - if the media says ANYTHING or any group does a study about Black women and releases the "results"??

Believe it about as much as you would little blue men who are 3 apples tall living inside of mushrooms in your backyard.

- Ciara...damn.

NOW More After The Break.

The Cable Guy said...

Jaz and Yolanda can have DMoe.

Brookey Baby is ALL MINE.

He was a little bit too close for my compfort though, but not worried. A guy that refers to Brooke as "the bees knees" ain't tryna hit that. If he is, well, that's just...anyway...

C'mon son - Guru didn't write that letter. Solar is wack.

Redskins with McNabb AND T.O. I think I like it. Surprised McNabb would welcome THAT hell again, but that was the only combo that got the Eagles close to a Super Bowl.

Ben did it. Six games isn't enough.

Brooke, all the women you know are pretty...great photos!

I want Brooke to have my baby. We'd make some pretty babies :)

I liked the poem Powerz!

Austin got him a fine ass fiancee, I'm tryna wife Brooke so I can hang with him and Geeque!

That vomit story was disgusting. He'd have been DEAD if he did that to me and my son. DEAD SON!

I wanna see how great Brooke looks now that she's been training with Deebo. She was fly already - good lawd!

Where's Craig?

Brooke said...

we air Criminal Minds on A&E and I've never seen one episode. Not one. So I guess I'm the exception :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

The T.O. to Washington rumor was debunked the other day by coach Shanahan AND McNabb. So it ain't happening...meant to mention that...

momo925 said...

Hiiiii Serena!!! I signed up with TNT to do the NYC marathon in the fall! You are scared of the tri and I'm scared of the I think you will be fine!

DMOE shut up! You know you were making that face b/c you were sad that I wasn't there so ha ha!

LMAO @ cable guy and his "bees knees" comment regarding DMOE ---HI-LARIOUS!!

Serena W. said...

Cable Guy is on the prowl for Brooke!!!!

Rameer I'm starting another round of Scrabble!

You should come down for SU Bar-b-que in July Rameer (and any SU head on here). Stay tuned for details

Serena W. said...

Let's swap stories Momo...I'll be out there for NYC to cheer on my girl Tanisha so I'll cheer you on too!!!!!

It would be so cool to volunteer at a water stop!

Brooke said...

I'm gonna need to come down for that too Serena, can't wait to get details so we can all roll!

I need to get in on this Scrabble game on FB. But I'm afraid I don't have time. I'm not on FB enough for that, but it sounds fun!

The Cable Guy said...

Good to know Rameer, I thought that was too good to be true, but would have been interesting.

momo925 said...

That would be really cool Serena!!

Stef said...

@Cable Guy,

Brooke don't want you MAN! LOL!

"bees knees" WAS funny though :) Yeah, DMoe don't want her if that's the best thing he can say about her :) hahaha

Brooke is Jay's woman!

...or so he hopes :)

Brooke, maybe you can date the Single Dad from yesterday? Is he cute? :-)

Jay said...

Rameer may be on to something. I've never stopped to watch Criminal Minds, but all the women I know love that show, including my mother and sister.

Cable Guy is a wild boy.

I need to see the results of training with Deebo myself ;)

Brooke said...

Single Dad doesn't have any pics on FB, or they're private :) No idea what he looks like :)

Serena W. said...

Momo see if TNT will have a water stop. If they do I wanna volunteer at it :)

Jaz said...

I know this may seem like a silly quesion, but is it worth buying Avatar on dvd if I don't have a big tv? I didn't see it in the movies and I have a 32 inch HD tv. I know it was shot in 3D. Worth it?

Brooke, with all these guys around you, why are you single????

My guy is trying to act right again, so I guess Yolanda can have DMoe :)

DMoe said...


@Cable guy -

You are certainly correct.

I most definitely am "not" trying to "hit that". LOL. I haven't "hit that" with any woman since I was about 14.

But, if I was (per se) -

I'd be more than happy to take your hatin' and grind it up, roll it up in a cigar and smoke in salute to you after the deed was done. That's IF I was...

LOL. Now...While you talkin...Can you check my HD channels? They're a lil fuzzy.


A-Buzzzzz said...

DMoe sooooo won that one!
PLUS he was the one in the pic & at my party on Saturday....

Serena W. said...

Rameer I started a game and got Monica in :)

The Cable Guy said...

Well, since IF ain't a SPLIFF, you can roll up and smoke what you want since you AIN'T tryna hit that. That's all I needed to know :)

Brooke said...

I wanna play Scrabble!

momo925 said...

LMAO!!! yo cable guy you are killing me today!

Rameer The Circumstance said...


All those weeks of ribbing on Captain Cable, and he comin' back with some good ones! Y'all better leave the Captain alone - he look like he got a fresh bag of "OH YEAH?!?" waiting for y'all! Lmao!!

- I'mma check on the Scrabble game, but I won't be able to really get into it until tomorrow after 1pm. Doesn't really matter - all who oppose me will crumble before my might...

- I haven't seen Avatar either, Jaz. We're like the only ones...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Serena - you're not gonna like how I just started out our Scrabble game...geez, I'm NICE.

DMoe said...

With all due respect to B, I'll let Cable guy have the last word on that.

Meanwhile, I want in on Scrabble.

Ya'll want some...come get some.


Yolanda said...

Cable Dude... can you hook me up with Centric? It's not in my digital package.


The Cable Guy said...

anything for you Yolanda :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Damn - people just LOVE to get wrecked in Scrabble! Aight, DMoe - I got you next week - after I finish THRASHING Serena and Monica (not on the blog). I can't say I'll thrash Ant - we usually play close. But I'll beat him in this four-way Scrabble match that Serena started all the same.

The more challengers that pop up - the worse the arse-whoopins have been lately...

Stef said...

Damn DMoe, that's all you got? You gonna let Cable Guy play you like that??

LOL@Yolanda! I want Centric too!

cable dude, how you feel about everyone clownin' you for cable? LOL!

The Cable Guy said...


I don't care what your hatin ass thinks of what I do for a living OR anyone else for that matter. I HAVE A JOB, and I like what I do. If y'all think I'm supposed to be embarrassed by that, you'd be sadly mistaken, and can basically kiss my ass!

Ain't no one on here payin my bills or putting money in my pocket - and from what I've read in past posts, some of ya'll would LOVE to have a job right about now.

Not talking about my boo Yolanda though, she's alright with me :)

SO...Stef...kick rocks!

Rameer The Circumstance said...


I keep tellin' y'all to leave Captain Cable alone! He READY for y'all arse now!!!


Annamaria said...


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Y'all are cracking me up today!

LOL@Rameer and "Dizzam!" LOL!

Cable Guy is going IN today! LOL!

And you know what, I don't blame him! Shiiiiit, there are PLENTY of people who WISH they had his job, or any OTHER job for that matter!

That's right, be proud of your job man! Don't let these guys try and clown you! You probably got more money in your pocket than half of them!

momo925 said...


He goin' iiiinnn
He goin' iiinnnn
He goin' iiiinnn

Stef said...

Forget you Cable Guy! LOL!

Serena W. said...

This blog got really funny!

Rameer I don't like you! He put ABLATION! As a Scrabble word and got 64 points on the first move! Punk!

Cable Guy you cool with me, I don't have cable. Can you hook a sista up!

The Cable Guy said...

I got you Serena!

Funny how some of ya'll like to clown, but be the first broke asses asking for free cable and sh*t! :)

But like I said, Yolanda and Serena (and Momo) are cool with me :)

"Forget you Cable Guy" ??

That's the best you can come back with Stef?

Forget me?? You wish you could :)

Forget YOU hater!

Stef said...

I hate you! LOL!

and I have no problem paying for my own cable!

Brooke said...

Ablation?? Da hell??

So wait, y'all can sit there with a dictionary and play online? I think I'd rather play in person and see how nice y'all are :)

Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Brooke - I'm at work. I HAVE no dictionary. And you still need to know that it's a word, even if someone had a dictionary, right?

I SUCK at math. English? I'm NICE. REALLLLL NICE - most Newhouse heads are!

Besides - watch any doctor drama, and you've heard that term before...

Brooke said...

well, you have a dictionary online - you can look the word up on the internet :)

I'll have to try playing it one day to see how it goes. I haven't played Scrabble in a minute, but I was pretty good at it when I was playing :) Ya know...being a Newhouse grad and all :)

Serena W. said...

Main Entry: ab·la·tion
Pronunciation: \a-ˈblā-shən\
Function: noun
Date: 15th century
: the process of ablating: as a : surgical removal b : loss of a part (as ice from a glacier or the outside of a nose cone) by melting or vaporization

In other words...Rameer to smart! LOL!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

Wow, looks like I missed a lot!

Cable Guy is on a roll today!

I'm not mad though, a job is a job, and if you love what you do and are proud of it, then it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Do YOU Captain Cable!

Why do we call you Captain Cable anyway? :)

I liked the Single Guy blog yesterday Brooke, even if you forgot I wrote to you before :)

I might have another "Dear Brookey" for you for next week. Stand by :)

Good night all!

Serena W. said...

Hey Mr. Nice Guy if you look through the comments you'll see why Cable Guy is now "Captain Cable" lol! Let's just say he's trying to make sure nobody steps to Brooke.

Brooke the weather is warm and the brothers are out! Hawking girl!

Mr. Nice Guy said...

I meant "Single Dad" blog :)


The Cable Guy said...

Rameer gave me that name, forgot why now tho. It's all good :)

Brooke said...

They're not hawking ME girl, I'm just layin back in the cut :)

I love that Barack Obama gave Wall Street the bizness today! Greedy mofo's!

I'm having a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym tonight since Monica isn't going. She truly does motivate and encourage me. I gotta do it on my own today! :(

DMoe said...

@Stef -

I let that be the end of that...

@Cable Guy -

I clown you cuz its all cool. All jokes aside...Dude, don't feel like you ever gotta justify your gig for anybody.

Black men havin' jobs is a whole other blog topic.

That's said with love. L.O.V.E.


Rameer The Circumstance said...

@ Mr. Nice Guy - *I* started calling him Captain Cable a long time ago, cuz he was laying it on pretty thick to Brooke-Ra one day. Back in the day, we had a term for dudes who did for or told a woman anything she wanted...a "captain".

(see E-40 for further clarification)

Thus, I started calling him Captain Cable! It has a ring to it. But then again, I ALWAYS give people nicknames.

@ Brooke-Ra - I figured you'd like the Newhouse reference. As my boy Max would say - we gotta brag on it every chance we get! Lolz!

And I still think having an online dictionary doesn't help you with KNOWING the word. You have to arrange what's on your rack into an actual word - you can only do that if you KNOW a word. You might get lucky with a two or three-letter word - but a word like ablation??

If you can know that's word simply from having a dictionary that you have to skim through or check online - more power to you. I don't take that long to put down the long words. It's the linking of short words for the most points that's the hard part.

Besides - I've MET people who said they would try to cheat by using a dictionary. It doesn't work for them, cuz like I said - they didn't have the vocab in the first place to even know what to check for.

I personally get pissed if someone is taking a long time to drop a word - it shouldn't take more than 5-7 minutes to look at the board and make your move. Ant knows - are games tend to be pretty well-paced, unless one of us is busy with actual work and trying to go between work and Scrabble. But if I have a free hour? We usually go pretty briskly.

I know I'd personally be shocked if Ant could move THAT fast and look up words in a dictionary. You STILL have to arrange the words on your rack into a viable word...

Rameer The Circumstance said...

Oops! Meant OUR games.

Brooke said...

True Rameer, true. I find that when I'd play with people, they'd have the vocab, meaning they knew it was a word by sound, but they weren't sure how to spell it.

But I get you. I'll have to check it one day when I have some free time.

Rameer The Circumstance said...

I'd love to play you sometime. I wouldn't talk junk to you...

Well. Maybe. ;-)

'Nite, all!!

The Cable Guy said...

Ain't nobody clowning me, but it's all good. I don't need to justify ish to anybody, especially Stef's hatin ass...she just asked the question.

And I have no problem professing my admiration for Brooke. She's worth it. All the women on this blog are. That's hard to find around all these bird chicks out here, so I give props where props are due. CAPTAIN CABLE it is!

Yolanda said...

DAYUM! Cable Dude ate his Hulk Munch this morning. He's going for blood :-) I bow down to the Cable Greatness... mainly cuz I'd like to keep my HBO.

Go boy! And you don't need a disclaimer... I know you wouldn't speak ill of me (plus, I'm not totally jobless... LOL)

(But I stick to playing Uno)

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