Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

Is it me, or is the summer speeding by? It's damn near mid-August already!! Geesh!

- I need to get in at least one more beach day...that'll make me happy.

- Can someone teach me Fantasy Football? Rameer sent me a Fantasy Football invitation on Facebook and I wanna do it right. And I wanna win! :-) I play in my office pool at work, but that's just weekly picks. Fantasy Football is a mystery to me, but I'm sure I'm making it WAY harder than it needs to be.

- Speaking of Fantasy Football, check this breakdown from a man's point of view about women and dating - Fantasy Football: Stacking Your Dating Roster - on Witches Brew's blog. This has SUpreme written all over it ;-) And I approve :-)

- I gotta have the "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?" t-shirt! And I don't even watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta...or any other city for that matter - but I may start just cuz of Sheree :-)

- Someone remind me to pay my cable bill.

- Speaking of, I have Starz and Encore for free on my cable line-up somehow. Has Cable Guy hooked me up on the sneak? :-)

- I miss my sister and nephews.

- So Dana and Steve took my advice from Monday's blog and made "love in the tub"...or so they told me yesterday at lunch. Steve is bruised...jacuzzi tub with bubbles...that's all I gotta say about that. I didn't say hurt 'em Dana!

- When was the last time you had a sexy man in your bed? Only women need answer that :-)

- I'm loving the bright purple polish on my toesies!

- I'm running out of popsicles.

- Did anyone watch the Marion Barry special on HBO? That mess was like whoa.

- Only black folk would re-elect a crackhead :-) What did Chris Rock say? "Smoke crack, get your job back." LOL!!

- Speaking of Chris Rock - is this true ladies and gents? Can you go backwards?

"Spitters are Quitters!" Ha!




DMoe said...


DMoe said...



Ms. Patra-son said...


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

About to shout off Dmoe's Pinky toe!

Ms. Patra-son said...

I'm hear LMAO at this first thing!

OMG - one of the Kardashian siser is prego!! She's due in December!

Going to ATL on Sunday, hope it's not that HOT!

I would like to meet the people that's on Brooke's blog, they sound so fun!

Can't wait fort he weekend!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-We practiced MJ's Thriller dance. Apparrently I am not the only one who studied the video!

-I swear Dmoe and that girl watch brooke as she types up her blog. Y'all disgust me! LOL

-My inspiration for getting in shape now is so that I can look good at the Thriller party doing the Thriller dance.

-I really love networking.

-I love it even more when I manage to bring two good resources together!

-I didn't know black men could join the hair club for men!

-Had a debate on healthcare with all white people last night. Stepped out of my comfort zone.

-I really don't know anything about the healthcare bill. But what I do know is that he doesn't tell us we How many kids we can have. (That's what made me jump not the debate...tired of the dumb shit)

- Realizes that no matter how people try to deny it... race place a huge part of what we think and our perspective on life

- Have we fallen asleep on government because Obama in charge and we trust him too much.

- Are white people OVERLY critical of Oba,a because he's black.

-Exactly why is socialism bad?

- I'm getting T-shirts made that say Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa made. You want one!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Said....

Pay your cable bill

I'm gearing up and getting really excited for BURNING MAN, plan to be out of touch with technology for a week

Plan to expense the trip as business since I am meeting one of my web clients there for the first time face to face

Blondie tonite! please dont rain

Peach picking in CT is on!

Ms. Patra-son said...

Where in CT is the peach picking? I would love to take my baby!

Rameer said...

- That "Who Gonna Check Me Boo?" t-shirt is FIYAH!!!

- I always said Kourtney K was by far the hottest of that clan. She would BEEN Mauryied if it was the kid...lolz!

- I just found out tow more of my co-workers are going to get CHOPPED today at 3pm. They have no clue...I feel like I'm looking at dead men walking...

- I caught the tail-end of a Criss Angel show this weekend (please don't ask me why I even watched that crap for 5 minutes), and during the credits saw Meryl's name!!! I was soooo proud!

- That SUpreme guy is pretty sharp.

- My Facebook argument count is waaaaaayyyy over the quota for the month.

- Speaking of which...the line "It's a thousand yous; it's only one of me"? Instant Black woman irritant. I'm gonna keep that one in the back pocket from now on to cause trouble.

- Someone who doesn't know me that well accused me of being against Black women and being overly misogynistic last night on FB. I had to laugh...there's literally NO WOMEN who know me who would even halfway agree with that. Funny the wrong impressions people jump to when reading words rather than knowing people.

- A girl got upset in my newsroom cuz I jokingly said I would stab someone for one female friend and not for her. *Really*, people??

- I've seen way more chick flicks this year than in other years. Next up - The Time Travelers' Wife. I DO like Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana a lot...

- A friend dared me to find an obscure album that isn't out for him the other day, trying to test my bootlegging find-free-albums skills. He bet I couldn't find it...he lost. They ALWAYS lose.

- I don't hate T.O. I just could care less to watch his life on TV. I only want to see him in terms of football.

- A girl asked me to introduce her to some celebrities next time I'm around them/one. I told her I had to go. When she asked why, I simply said "I don't stomach groupies well".

- My GM is receiving an award next week, and invited me to the fancy dinner for the award recipients. I find out from someone else he *really* invited me and my boy cuz he wants to see what hot chicks we bring as dates. Trifling. I like him, but stop using me to gawk at pretty women, with yo ol' married a$$...

- Meryl, you don't know how to play Fantasy FB?? Ask Ant...I'm sure he probably knows. I can coach you if you like...

- Be back with more laterz...

Yolanda said...

-I got paid today.

-I paid bills today.

-Where's my money :-(

-Adulthood sucks sometimes.

-I had a sexy man in (well, ON) my bed last night. It was just a visit. But I enjoyed the idea ... heh heh heh.

-I'm SO down for one of the "Boo" tee-shirts but Bravo failed! It should read WHO GON' CHECK ME BOO? What is this GONNA stuff?

-I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow for a conference. I'll be working there 7 days. That's TOO much! Vegas is a 3 day kinda place. Anything else is sensory overload.

-I play fantasy football and lose. But when I almost beat our fantasy league's commissioner last year in one game, I was feelin' myself a bit. I still lost though.

-I'm too loyal to the Redskins and cute men when I make my football pics.

-I'm going to pic all ugly dudes this year.

-My fantasy football team name is "Team Joe Jackson"... maybe that will bring me some luck.

-I'm kinda sexy today. If I must say so myself. Caught a look at myself in the mirror at work and had to say dayummmmm. LOL

-I watched Marion Barry last night. My mother is a DC native (Southeast, stand up!) and she never talks about the city being as bad as it was before Marion. I've got to ask her about that.

-I love this city!

-Only in DC (and, maybe New Orleans) can the mayor have tons of chicks on the side, smoke a lil crack and still keep a job.

-This is a pretty good summary of all his womenzzzzzz (

-PS... seeing the HBO film made me realize homeboy was NOT a crackhead. Cocaine, yes. Crack, no. He didn't even know how to use the pipe.

-The bitch set him up! (Classic line that I never tire of hearing)

-Oooh, did anyone know that the woman who set him up was a college classmate of Prof. Mayes' (an AAS professor at Syracuse)?

-I really want a maid. (Hey, it'll keep someone employed, keep the economy going and keep me from dusting and using bleach. It's a win-win situation).

-Let me quit fakin' like I don't have work to do :-)

DMoe said...

Happy RTT muchachos...

Here's my donation -

-My cell phone is lame. Then again, everything that's not an iPhone is lame.

-"Return of the Jedi" was on SpikeTV last night. By my count, that's somewhere close to the 61st time I've seen it in my lifetime. Check your local listings.

-I'm ready for a vacation and I'll be damned if I still haven't settled in from the last one.

-In my humble opinion, Matt Lauer, Clive Owen and Jude Law are some cool-azz-white-dudes. If I was a white dude, I'd be some cool-azz combination of those three.

-Fall means football. Hurry the hell up. I hate August.

-I confess: I am a fan of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV.
Color me a sucker for group choreography and repeat after me: "Thanks Michael Jackson"

-Something big is coming my way. I can't explain it, nor do I have any idea what it is, but everyday I wake up saying "keep rollin and its gonna be there..."

And with that, rather than a guide today, i'm gonna run off a quick list of today's top ten sounds in my ear.
Here's what DMoe's rockin' to this RTT:

10.Yoyo/You can't play with my Yoyo.
Hilarious line:
"I'll steal yo man, thats if he is a hunk and he'll call me 'baby yo' or even 'pumpkin', or maybe 'buttercup', or maybe 'Miss Yo', we had dinner and now we drinkin' Cisco..." ---- LOL. Really?

9.The Jacksons/This Place Hotel.

8.Tribe Called Quest/1nce Again.

7.Jade/Don't Walk Away.

6.Aaliyah/At Your Best (Remix).
"One two checka, baby let me know whassup..."

5.You/Raheem Devaughn.

4.You ain't heard nuttin yet/Heavy D.

3.Tony!Toni!Tone/It never rains in
Southern California.

2. Phyllis Hyman/The answer is you.
(after watching her episode of UNsung on DVR)

1.Marvin Gaye/Turn on Some Music.
(you know this song from the sample in Erick Sermon's "just like Music"

Enjoy the day and stay thirsty my friends.


Brooke said...

I love RTT :)

Ant, help me with Fantasy Football!

Marion Barry was a HOT MESS!!

I think I'm gonna bum rush Pretty Ricky's "Thriller" dance at the party. I know it by heart!

I heard about the Kardashian chick being prego this morning. If she's due in Dec, she didn't JUST miss her period. How you don't know??

Still didn't pay my cable bill - guess I don't wanna get rid of my money like Yolanda did today :(

You peeped me on Criss Angel huh Rameer? :) I need a credit for that damn show, cuz he works my damn nerves!

I wanna see the Time Traveler's Wife too.

and go peach picking :)

I could use a maid...and a cook, and a personal trainer. Then I'd be straight!

What do eat for lunch?

Anyone have a hook-up to the VMA's?

Clive Owen can get it! Jude Law is kinda girlie to me, and Mart Lauer is so funny cuz he's such a smart ass...but Clive Owen??? CAN GET IT!!!

I love discovering new music on the new iPod Dmoe hooked up for me. This morning was Esperanza Spalding, Rosa Passos, Sergio Mendes, Soul Rebels Brass Band and Laura Izibor. My morning commute is flavorful now :)

momo925 said...

what up my blog peoples!

I wish the sun was shining today...these clouds are for the birds!

I'm hungry! I mean I always knew I was greedy but this is rediculous. I ALWAYS want to eat now! ALL THE DAMN TIME! lol I sleep and dream of bread or pasta from Carmines restaurant LMAO. I guess this is a manifestation of my desire for carbs since I have taken to limiting them but DAMN can I get a break?!

I'm thinking of going to the maxwell concert with in Sept!

I'm not looking forward to this Saturdays training session (an open water wetsuit swim in coney island and then 30 min run directly after). I will pray real hard for the strength to trudge on!

For those of you who haven't donated but I'm sure still want to because you have super huge hearts that are all about giving, its not too late for you to donate! Every little bit counts :-) save a life from cancer today! $5 won't hurt your pockets too much lol

Brooke are we spinning tonight? I'm supposed to ride for an hour and then run for 30...maybe we should try nysc? I don't want to miss the class today.

I definitely wa nt one of those shirts that say Ma Ma Se Ma Ma Sa Ma Ma Coo Sa! LmAO

lmao yolanda get ya sexy on girl!


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Oh yeah Brooke... you said to reminf about the Soul Siesta today!

Ms. Patra-son said...

Brooke, both Khloe and Kourtney was on KLG & Hoda show this morning and she said it. She also said she got pregnant for her ex and now they are back together!

Those girls are a mess but I love em'

Ms. Patra-son said...

OMFG... Can someone tell this chick at my job to stop talking to me???

She talks a lot and go in and out of different conversations I just can't keep up...

What the hell is she talking about right now, I'm typing this and really not listening to what she's saying... I'm actually saying um um, and not giving her any eye contact and she's still talking... please GOD HELP ME!

Brooke said...

Yes, we can spin tonight, I'm ready! I think!

I''m hungry too :)

Yolanda is a sexy bee-otch!!

Maxwell at the Garden 9/28! Presale today!!

Oh right, I told Pretty Ricky I'd put my deposit down today for Soul Siesta 2010 - who's going with me!?

The Kardashians are simple as hell.

Rameer said...

- I'm with DMoe...ABDC is the ISH! And it looks like this season may be the best competition EVER. They've already gotten rid of the only wack crew...

- Though they have skills, NOT feeling the flamer crew on ABDC. If I want to see femininity in my dancing, I'll watch WOMEN thank you. I'm a masculine man - flaming dudes and trannies ain't my thing.

- I wish this loud-a$$ producer near me wouldn't talk. She's a HUGE talker, going on for 1-15 minutes at a time, no matter if you've asked her a yes or no question. But what annoys me, other than her talking on and on and doing it too loudly, is she is constantly talking about things factually that are COMPLETELY WRONG. Arrrrgggghhh!

- I admire momo doing something to fight cancer. =)

- I've been invited to go see District 9 tonight. Not sure if I'll go.

- white people are ridiculous about health care and Michael Vick. I just made a bunch mad on Facebook by calling them out on supposedly being "Christians" but choosing when their faith applies. Ain't no half-steppin'.

- I love my job. It's the people who annoy me.

- Three girls from my past have called me up in the past two weeks like "whassup?" I have no clue why this happens at different points in life. Do I have a "break in case of emergency" sticker somewhere on my person?!?

As Meryl would say - bufoonery.

- I'm laughing at people complaining about how bad G.I. Joe was. They're like "oh yeah, well how would you know it was gonna be bad?" I'm like "um...MARLON WAYANS was casted to be Joe, maybe??" LMAO...

- Yolanda is right. Shirt should read "Who GON' Check Me, Boo?"

- I'm going to lunch.

Yolanda said...

Thank you... I'm feeling sexayyyy!

Maybe it's this perm. LOL.
Slave to the chemical, I swear.

Rameer's FB threads have been OFF the hook! Yesterday's was basher of Black women! LMAO! I had to back away on that one.

Ooh, got my Maxwell tickets yesterday with the DC pre-sale. Can you say SECTION 101 side of the stage baby?!!!
For 88 bucks!

I love me some him.

I'm officially a Maxwell stalker though...every time he comes here, I go. So loyal we Tauruses are!

Brooke said...

Go see District 9 so we can talk about it. I'm still not sure if I liked it or not.

I stay away from Rameer's FB status comments. I read them and laugh, but not getting sucked in if I can help it :) You black woman hater you! (jokes!)

I'm a slave to the perm too...I wish I wasn't...but I am!

I'm waiting on the Philly presale for Maxwell...but I don't see it!

Rameer said...

Wasn't that just the craziest thing?!? ME?? OF ALL PEOPLE???


Man...she got offended when I wrote I laughed - but I really did! I've never been so grossly mis-categorized in my entire life!

- I just told the woman I don't want to go see District 9. It just doesn't look like anything that would interest me in the least and the aliens look WAAAAACCKKKK...

- I WOULD say Yolanda gets her sexy on. I WOULD. But I remember her from school and she doesn't remember me. I don't *like* being told I'm not memorable... =[

- I was going to leave the building and go get lunch, but I stopped myself. I will simply not eat until I get off. I wanna get fast food...and I didn't lay anything out to cook before I left for work. So I'm gonna get my fast food for dinner - I don't want to eat crap twice in a day.

- I treated my sister to Red Lobster this weekend. I haven't been there in years, and I tend to not go to "chain" restaurants (I don't go to a lot of restaurants period - I'm a cook-in type of guy). That little brat PROMPTLY ordered the absolute most expensive thing she could! And she KNEW I wouldn't say no!

I told my mother THAT'S why I still pop her upside the head regularly. Brat...

- I shut down my friend's thread when I brought up the Christian thing. NICE.

- I think DMoe's Samuel L. Jackson pic on here is THE ISH...

- The guy who sits near me who doesn't know how to eat quietly is one of the people going to get canned today. He's eating right now...and I'm not drowning him out. This'll be the last time I have to hear it...maybe it's cuz I feel bad he's getting laid off, but today, his smacking doesn't bother me.

- I've been jamming to Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park lately. I guess I'm going through my pained white rocker with Hip Hop influence stage.

- Mariah Carey is still tasty to me. A bit crazy, but tasty nonetheless.

- Yolanda changed her FB profile pic to the "Check Me Boo" t-shirt! LMBAO!!

- My friend Nadine has a family of flawless looking women. I may have stated this before...but she sent me pics of the older women. EVEN THEY are fine as hell - on some Lena Horne ish! I think they kill any ugly females that come out at birth.

- My workload has been really light since I've come back from vacation. That changes DRASTICALLY tomorrow...

Yolanda said...

LMAO at Nadine's family killing ugly babies. Hey, she's Cape Verdean...they are a beautiful bunch.

You WOULD say I'm sexy, Rameer? Admit it... you tried to hit back in the day, and now I didn't remember you. Haaa!

I keed, I keed. :-)

I swear, I have a great long term memory that's totally untouched by substance use :-), I really do. Once we meet face-to-face, I'm sure it'll all come rushing back to me.

I sure hope Sheree gets a cut of the tee-shirts! She could sure use the help for her She' by Sheree clothing line!

THATgirl said...

-I've been in the most boring training all day...that's why I wasn't first.

-I made my list of random thoughts as I sat there though...most are too random to share.

-Well no, one was that maybe I do need to hang around new people. I can't help whos company I enjoy...but maybe different and/or better company isn't so bad.

-DMoe gets on my nerves. As I'm typing, I'm looking over at his "first" post. Whatever.

Back to training...

Brooke said...

Y'all crack me up :)

Rameer likes DMoe's pic while Thatgirl says he gets on her nerves. And Pretty Ricky wants to shoot his pinky toe off! LMAO!!!

Brooke said...

I burned my tongue eating soup today. This would have never happened if Monica would have let me go to Wendys :)

Serena W. said...


I look forward to RTT because I've been feeling blue lately :(

Can a sista get some more money please!

Yolanda I'm with you, I paid bills and where is my loot!

Waiting to hear about the long term contract...still...

On my way to NYC soon to take care of Mom.

Still need prayers.

Call the ones who raised you today and tell them you love em!

I have some for real...die hard...true friends! God shows you who is really in your corner when disaster tries to strike.

He also shows you who isn't because it's so about them that it's sickening!

Zay Buge thanks for hitting a sista up last week.

Pretty Ricky you are the bomb making connections!

I need a beach and a strong drink!

I'm finally following the Witches Brew (nice set up on the blog).

Anyone know of someone that could help a sista put my business plan together?

Annamaria said...

DMoe your days are numbered Sophia & I are warming up our tasers!!!!!!! lol

1. I know I have to download pics of the baby & send them out but I've been a lil busy being a cut a sister some slack typing one handed as we

2. I went to the Dr yesterday pregnancy weight GONE with the exception of 5lbs that I'm ok with keeping...YIIPPPPPPEEEEE

3. Thank you mom for the medievil torture device you've had me wearing since I had the baby cause I barely have a stomach anymore.

4. This lil girl is a night owl. Rarely ever cries only when hungry.. but she stays up all night chilling..Lol you can leave her in her bassinet & she won't make a peep but when you look at her she is staring at you with these big eyes..LOL

5. I'm completely and utterly in love with her. Never thought I would feel like this about anything or anyone..

6. Consequently more in love with Austin for giving me this beautiful gift...

7. I love the way she smells & watching her sleep. Just wish she would sleep more during the day & less at night...

Brooke said...


I missed you!

Prayers still going up...and answered :)

A beach sounds really good on a day like today :)

Annamaria, I'm so happy for you!

And I got the pic you sent of her in her one week outfit - ADORABLE!!!

Annamaria said...

I'll send u one of her today....she has purple

Brooke said...

She's gorgeous in her purple!! My favorite color!

The one with her arms crossed in front with her eyes closed is precious! She looks like an angel!

Rameer said...

- I don't know if I said it when I was on vacation...but CONGRATULATIONS, ANNAMARIA!!! =^)

- The "you hate Black women!" person on my friends' list is really perturbed by her discussions with me. She's posted like two or three statuses indirectly referring to me. If she *really* knew me, she'd know I get off on that type of stuff. Nothing makes me smile more than a person who is completely concerned with me when I ain't really thinking about THEM.

- A friend hit me up today and told me to stop it. She said "I know what you're doing with all these little FB wars...I can tell when you're serious and when you're amusing yourself. And you're amusing yourself!" I couldn't even argue...she knows me well.

She said she *used* to fall for the same crap until one of my boys ratted on me...snitch.

- I work for a news station, as I've said in the past. You would think when I'm in the office, I SHOULD know any big stories, right? So why did I have people calling, texting and e-mailing me all day saying Michael Vick got signed by the Bills? And then when I said it was completely untrue, these same people had the audacity to ARGUE WITH ME?? Um...we can call the owner directly and check anything. What makes YOU think you know more than US??


- I'm looking forward to getting off work and getting my fast food. I know - that's bad. But I think I appreciate it more since I rarely eat it.

- I have to go out to our county fair tomorrow afternoon. The good thing - lots of free food and snacks for me! The bad thing? IN-BREDS and country folk...

- I'm such a wine snob. Really...I gave someone the stinkface last week when they offered me regular alcohol. Got called out on it, too.

- Meryl always says all these guys who tell her she's great never ask her out. But I would if I lived there. I don't, so I won't.

- How my GM gonna decline his invite to the ceremony he's receiving an award at...and volunteer me and my boy to accept on his behalf and give a speech for him?!? BUFFOONERY!!!

- I hate Black women. o_O

- If you believe that, I've got some oceanside property in Iowa you might be interested in.

- I can't stop playing Maroon 5 lately. I don't know what the eff is going on in my brain.

- I'm going to Wendy's for fast food. I'll think of you, Meryl.

Brooke said...

gee Rameer, thanks alot :)

Have a frosty and some nuggest for me :)

and I know you'd ask me out if you lived here, but don't tell nobody -I'm a black woman :)


Serena W. said...

Hey Brookey! Thanks for the shout out! Its so needed right now.

DMoe I'm with you. I feel something big coming despite this storm I'm in.

Annamaria...message me a pic of the purple on :) that was so beautiful that you never thought you could love someone the way you adore Sophia. Truly blessed.

Can someone hook a sista up with a Maxwell ticket in DC please!

Gotta call the radio and win!

Pretty Ricky...good looking on that connect! We just chatted on the phone :)

Can I put $5.00 on Soul Siesta lol.

I may not comment a lot these days but I do read the blog to put a smile on my face.

Go Momo!!! You rock girl! Everyone please donate to the cause! GO TEAM!

THATgirl said...

I can't wait to have a baby. Well, I can. But I love the fact that everyone that has a child, immediately after the birth of the baby, says that they never imagined they could feel that kind of love for something/someone else. That is absolutely amazing.

Yolanda said...

Hol'up...all we need to do to lose weight is have a baby? Why didn't you tell us sooner Annamaria?

Uh, can we ALL see lil miss Sophia please? I wanna see her widdle face too :-(

Brooke said...

I have a few pics of the lil mama, but waiting on Annamaria to give me permission to debut her on the blog first :-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Said:

Sorry I fell offline to go to the BLONDIE concert

Peach Picking in CT if you want BIG Lyman Orchards, but I went to a little secret place email me for the details.

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