Friday, August 21, 2009


It was because of this song that people started calling me "Brookeybaby." :-) Let's go!

1. Would you rather be considered extremely intelligent or extremely sexy?

2. Where is your favorite place to be kissed?

3. Name a sexy song.

4. What type of sex do you like to have most?

- Slow and sensual
- Romantic and tender
- Energetic and playful
- Fast and dirty

5. Men: thong or boy shorts? Women: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs?

6. How long should a couple in an exclusive relationship wait before they stop using condoms? Is there ever a time when it’s safe to NOT use condoms?

7. If there was only one choice on the menu tonight, which would you choose?

- Intercourse
- Oral Sex
- Extra hour of sleep

8. How would you rate your sex life so far this year on a scale of 1 to 10, with (1) being terrible and (10) being great!

9. If you were in the Winter Olympics of Sex, which “sport” would you win a medal in?

- Opening Ceremonies (foreplay)
- Luge (oral)
- Cross Country (intercourse)
- Combined Downhill (oral & intercourse)
- Short Track (minute man)
- Super G (orgasms)
- Freestyle Moguls (anal)
- Triathlon (foreplay, oral, intercourse)
- I’d go home empty handed

10. If you could improve any aspect of your partner’s sexual skills, what would it be?




DMoe said...




DMoe said...

Oh, excuse me....

FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Brooke said...

you be ON IT!

Now answer the questions :)

Yolanda said...

1. extremely intelligent because intelligence is sexy

2. "i want somebody to walk up behind me...and kiss me on my neck and breathe on my neck" (yeah E. Badu!)

3. sexy song? (see above)

4. slow and sensual

5. boxer briefs then nothing!

6. after several negative STD tests and, preferably, once he puts a ring on it (not that a ring keeps people from cheating though)

7. intercourse

8. 6 (it's alright...but not often enough)

9. LUGE!!! (*tooting my own horn*)

10. do it more often!

Brooke said...

Intelligence is EXTREMELY sexy :) Totally agree with you Yolanda!

DMoe said...

1. Intelligent.
2. The neck
3. Adore - Prince
4. Slow and sensual with a hint of romance in a tender, energetic, playful way.
5. Thong
6. Mutual decision, but tough to say exactly when
7. Intercourse
8. 8.5
9. Triathlon
10. More action from "above"

Stay thirsty my friends...

NightFall914 said...

1. extremely intelligent

2. A few...Besides lips it would be neck and "head" ;)

3. Freakin' U remix (Wu Tang and Jodeci)

4. Energetic and playful/Fast and dirty

5. boy shorts

6. SMH....never stop using till engagement


8. 8.5...last yr was better

9. Combined Downhill

10. Naw, no changes needed.

Anthony Otero said...

1. I would go with extremely sexy...prolly why i work out so much. I am already intelligent..

2. If you can kind that spot around my neck then I will melt...

3. Whatever - Jill Scott

4. Energetic and playful

5. Thongs and wearing my shirt...

6. This is hard. I am not sure that there is an official time line. I would go with when you are in love.

7. Oral sex

8. I will give a 3. I can count on one hand how many times I had sex this year (2 hands if we include oral)

9. Luge...definitely.

10. I dont have a partner so...

Brooke said...

your answers don't surprise me Ant :)

The Fury said...

1. extremely intelligent

2. the lips..and the underside of the manhood.

3. Mirror - Ne-Yo

4. Energetic and playful

5. Thong

6. As long as it both takes for both involved to be extremely comfortable...

7. GREAT intercourse

8. 3...I'm too freaky to say it's been a good year.

9. Super G

10. I'd want any partner I have (past or present) to improve the skill of opening up and letting go. We all could use more of that regardless of who we are. that shit just makes sex better.

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