Friday, August 28, 2009


As you can tell by my playlist, today I’m celebrating the life of Michael Jackson. August 29th, 1958, the King of Pop was born. Saturday, he would have been 51 years old - gone too soon. Tomorrow, many will remember the life and legacy of the greatest entertainer that ever lived.

But tomorrow isn’t just Michael Jackson’s birthday.

On August 29th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck Florida and the Gulf Coast – and devastated the city of New Orleans. The storm killed more than 1,800 people, displaced many more, and the damage done by the storm is estimated at around $80 billion.

We all remember where we were and what we were doing as news of Katrina’s devastation and images of her wrath ran across our tv screens - people stranded on roof tops, being rescued in boats and dying in the streets. Children and the elderly were lost. Homes torn down, lives destroyed.

Those images will always remain with us, too painful to re-live. They remind us that America is willing to abandon an entire city when it was inconvenient to save them. We saw images of desperation, racism and hopelessness.

Four years later, rebuilding continues. Yes there are still FEMA trailers where homes should be. Not everyone has returned home. Nothing happens as quickly as we want it too. But four years later, there are rays of light…and hope.

New levees, new buildings, returning residents, better school systems, children achieving…thriving. New Orleans is coming back…regaining its status as the gem of a city that we always knew it to be. New Orleans is moving past disaster, and into a better and brighter future.

Tomorrow we celebrate a life, and the rebirth of The Big Easy.


*New Orleans photos courtesy of Dereyck Moore


Ms. Patra-son said...

I think I'm first Bitches!!!!

Ms. Patra-son said...


Rameer said...

Nothing I could really add...well-written blog, Meryl.

Brooke said...


Tameka is funny :)

"I think I'm first bitches!"


There must be a moment angst wondering if you'll beat the next person typing in that word before you post to see if you're first :)

Thank you Rameer :)

Ms. Patra-son said...

It was like an adrenalin rush! LOL

Brooke said...

Well, glad you made it ;)

-V- said...

It took FIMA 5 days to get water to the Super Dome ?!?!?

Brooke said...

I know, that's insane.

DMoe, a NOLA boy, is guest blogging on Monday about his Katrian experience - so hopefull you all will check it out.

Brooke said...

*Katrina - not "katrian" - would be nice if I could type today :)

Annamaria said...

1. you have to be assertive. There is no I "think" I'm first. Say it loud & proud. First bitches.. lol even if your second.

Happy birthday MJ and my dad.

Going to New Orleans next year for a wedding. We're hoping to make a vacation out of it.

George Bush is an idiot. Takes 5 days to get to Louisiana BUT they get to Thailand in 14 hours.

Serena W. said...

Thanks for this thoughtful blog Brooke.

King of Pop's memory will live on forever. His giving spirit and musical genius is missed.

I can't believe its been all those years since Katrina hit. Parts of Mississippi are also still torn up.

Its awful that we can spend gobs of money on war but can't get these people their homes built already.


RIP to all those who lost their lives during this devastating hurricane and God bless the survivors.

Have a great weekend everyone.

DMoe said...

Well done Brookey.

MJ was a legend on his last bday, but ya'll know how we do. We don't give em flowers til their gone.

Have a good weekend and stay thirsty my friends.


iriegal said...

He was indeed gone 2 soon.

Katrina was such a sad chain of events. I worked at a salvage yard back then and all I remember was having to take the calls of so many who had lost their homes and vehicles.

....and of course the saddest part those who lost family members. Great Post

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