Friday, August 7, 2009


I'm off again today, so I don't really have anything blog-worthy to write about. So I figured why not do another TGIF Sexy Survey?! I'll keep the questions short and sweet :-)

1. What is your favorite sexual fantasy? I wanna pick the best one so I can execute it ;-)

2. Which would you prefer - a strikingly beautiful partner who was terrible in bed, or an average looking one who was fantastic in bed?

3. Is there an age that's too old to have sex?

4. Do you think a person is born with their sexual orientation, or can a person be "changed" to be straight or gay?

5. Do you consider "cyber" sex or "phone" sex to be real sex?

Okay, I'll stop there. Can't wait to read your answers!

Have a great weekend!




phillygrl said...


Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...


phillygrl said...

ok....not getting into sexual fantasy..but I do think that person is born feeling a certain way(along the way environment may add into the equation)..for instance in college people usually"experiment"...or just uncover things abt themselves they weren't aware of before, that's a tricky one.."nature vs. nature" issue...although I cant REALLY understand, I do see both sides of the coin.

-i prefer an average looking person that's great in bed--who wants to always be 'working on it'...or showing /learning..i mean that's cool...but not elaborating:0)
--cyber/phone sex is not REAL sex..I don't care which way you look at it....

--enjoy your vacation brooke dean!!(whenever dave asks me abt you he always says your WHOLE name, lol!)

phillygrl said...

To pretty Ricky>>>mwuuhahahaha!

Brooke said...

You guys are funny :-)

Everyone at my job calls me "Brooke Dean" too :-)

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

Hell no Cyber sex and phone sex is not real sex... it's "well if I can't have sex... sex"

Number 4 is a good question. If sexual orientation is in your DNA sometimes it kinda goes against everything which christianity teaches us. I'd probably get kicked out the church for my views on thia anyway. I think I'm more grossed out (yeah i said it) by the acts of homosexuality..AND I CAN STAND A GIRLY ACTING GUY!!!! However... I'm not one to watch heterosexuals either with alot of PDA! But... I can't be mad if the person you happen to love in that way is your same sex..if you're happy and it doesn't effect anyone else... then do you!!!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

And Brooke...i don't think anyone is falling for the banana in the tail pipe... ain't no one telling you their secret sexual fantasy. Only a few people get to come into my freak closet!!!!

I take that back..Cable guy Might...and betcha bottom dollar his fantasy is gonna involve you. LMAO So be prepared.

-V- said...

1. No sex fantasies left ;-) although the spur-of-the-moment chance encounter with someone who takes your breath away exciting.

2. She's gotta ba able to throw down behind closed doors. "A lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets."

3. I'll tell you if I get there.

4. Most are born, some become based on environment.

5. "cyber", "phone" ... real sex is simply called "sex"

Yolanda said...

1. I wanna do some thangs on my balcony. Hee hee.

2. Average-looking dude who knocks my socks off! Looks can only go so far anyway.

3. Never too old to do it. I used to work at a network that catered to people 50+. We did stories all the time about the rising instances of STDs in senior nursing homes... so, there ya have it! Folks are still getting it in (and sans condoms)!

4. I think you're born however you're supposed to be. Now, I do think there are some people who are interested in the fad or trend of it, or maybe they are try-sexual. But for the most part, I think people are born how they are.

5. Cyber/phone sex is not real sex if I'm having it. Now, if my "man" is having it with someone who is not me...then it's real sex and he's got some 'splainin' to do!

Enjoy your time off Brooke!

Anonymous said...

where shall I begin?

1) Sexual fantasy: I would love to see Brooke “get it in” with a stripper chick. Not just any stripper chick. A nice round BOOTYLIOUS chick like Buffy the Body.

2) Preference: Brooke & The Locksmith getting it in one mo’ gin.

3) Age: Brooke is DEFINITELY the right age!

4) Sexual orientation: Is being a FREAK an orientation? If so then ..... Yes Brooke is a freak!!!! Why do you think her blog always has a sexual overtone to it?

5) Cyber or Phone: Neither … she prefers the real Mccoy.

Enjoy your weekend Brooklyn …….

Brooke said...

hey, how did this become about me?!

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