Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Before Britney, before Ciara, before RiRi and before Beyonce...Aaliyah was the one to do it. It's been 8 years...and we still miss her. She was definitely One in a Million.



Serena W. said...

FIRST B******!

Serena W. said...

Okay can I say publically how much I miss her! She was on the verge of seriously blowing up when she was taken away from us. I know we aren't supposed to question why her time on earth was so short but it's hard not too. We also share the same birthday. I remember writing a poem and sending it to an address where I'm sure thousands of other sympathy notes were sent eight years ago.

One of my favorite tracks is Four Page Letter!

Also you gotta love the R. Kelly remix to (At Your Best).

RIP baby girl.

Annamaria said...

I must say whether anyone agrees with me or not she was truly talented.. Rih Rih, Beyonce, etc etc can not compare to the talent she possessed. I can also appreciate the graceful way she carried herself. It was a huge loss to the entertainment world.

Ms. Patra-son said...

Dag time flys! 8 yrs already! It seems like it was yesterday...(teary eye) For some reason I think Ciara wants to be like Aaliyah (just my opinion)


DMoe said...

8 years. Wow.

Magically, "Rock the Boat" just came on my ipod in the shuffle. The video is poignant in many regards, and not because it was her last, but more so because we actually got to see her in that interesting "light." Who would have any idea as they shot that remarkable footage, that it in fact was her definitive moment on earth and life.

The mermaid scenes were especially striking. Poetic, allegorical and ironic that her final hours on earth were chronicled in THAT particular way.

Ponder that and RIP.


The Cable Guy said...

Wow, it's been 8 years?? Babygirl was one of the best who ever did it. Thank you for posting her videos and remembering her today.

Anonymous said...

wow...has it really been that long??

i agree with annamaria...riri and bey can not compare. i heard that she was accepted into julliard music program but turned it down to record her album - THAT's talent.

her birthday is the day before mine so i'll never forget.

she was classy, elegant, and beautiful. the video for "rock the boat" featured dance moves that could have been construed as overtly sexual but somehow, they came across and sentual and graceful.

dang liyah, we miss you :(

Rameer said...

Aaliyah was def the ish. Ironically, her second album was so revolutionary and new in sound - Timbaland did a great job at crafting styles for her and Ginuwine - that after the first listen, I gave it to my baby sis. After about a month, I regretted it...and had to jack a new copy.

I will say this...not to rain on people's memories, but vocally she's nowhere near Beyonce. The reason I think you guys all say she's better (I don't disagree) was cuz of original style and great production by Timb and Missy. Artists like her and Janet were never GREAT singers, but they knew how to do their thing with the voices they had an craft a whole style and vibe that is still jacked and copied today.

And YES - Ciara COMPLETELY jumped in the lane Aaliyah vacated. Tomboy look, soft airy vocals, choreography and everything...

Aaliyah was DOPENESS. RIP.

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