Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Random Thoughts Thursday!

- It's gorgeous day today in the NYC!

- I spoke to Nicole (my sister) and Kyce (my nephew) first thing this morning. What a great way to start the day!

- Why was I up cooking my lunch early this morning? I was in the kitchen sweatin' like a runaway slave. Watch lunch time come around and I don't wanna eat it...always the way.

- I hate it when I have a Lil Wayne song stuck in my head.

- The older I get, the more I find I have zero tolerance for bullsh*t.

- I want to see a good movie...any recommendations?

- Anyone wanna take bets on when Annamaria has her baby? She's due 8/9.

- Her baby's gonna come out wielding a taser and a shank :-)

- When I miss a few days of taking vitamins, I really feel it. I need to be consistent.

- Why would anyone like chunky peanut butter?

- This humidity is killing my hair. I feel fuzzy.

- Can't wait til football season starts!

- Speaking of, many of you have asked me to blog about Michael Vick. I think he served his time and should be allowed to make a living. The animal lover in me won't allow me to blog about it in depth, but he paid his debt to society and deserves a second chance. There are people who have done worse things to humans and served less time, so what I really think the issue is about is our justice system and making the punishment fit the crime. I'll stop there.

- I'm already thinking of something else for lunch... :-(




Annamaria said...

FIRST BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Annamaria said...

1. It is gorgeous BUT I just feel fat & HOT..LOL

2. That sounds like an EXCELLENT way to start your day...

3. What did you make for lunch.

4. WHY did Wendy Williams call Lil Wayne a virus today! I was

5. I never had tolerance..

6. I took Austin to see Orphan last week. That was a scary BITCH...

7. I have a Dr's appt tomorrow soooo let's hear what all of you think.
Austin thought 7/27 which passed
His sister said 8/1 which doesn't really work for me
I'm going to stick with Tuesday 8/4 so that Sophia & Barack can have the same Birthday!! Let me hear what the rest of you think.

8. I'm scared that she is going to have a bigger taser & shank than I

9. I'm bored soo I want her to come out already...LOL

10. I found an awesome article on about great jobs you can do from home which I am definitely going to look into..

11. I agree with you on Michael Vick & ultimately I think he'll be fine.. Just like that idiot Plaxico...

12. Why do I get 100 texts & BBM's a day asking if I had the baby??? WOULDN'T I HAVE TOLD MOST OF YOU IF I HAD BY NOW?????

13. Did everyone read the Daily News article about the dude in SC arrested for having sex with the horse??? And this was his SECOND offense....WTF

Brooke said...

Okay, gross...a horse?? Ewww.

People are f*ckin nuts

I made chicken....boring.

Orphan looks crazy, but when I first read your comment, I thought you wrote "Oprah." I was about to get really excited!

I love how you said "8/1 doesn't really work for you." Uh, newsflash, lil Sofia (Sophia?) is coming when she gets good and damn well ready.

It would be nice if she DID share Barack's birthday though :)

Once she's here, you won't be bored again...EVER.

Plaxico is an idiot.

Georgia Peach said...

LOL...congrats on reclaiming the #1 spot Annamaria.

1- Brooke - add my new email to your email distribution list. Ping me on fb if you don't have it.

2- I have been on the phone all morning trying to call a guesthouse in Belgium. The phone system there SUCKS! No voicemail, it rings, then says it's busy. F*ckery!

3- I have also been on the phone trying to find a company that will take a donation of furniture (but pick it up). I'm trying my best not to spend any $$ on movers for my move.

4- I really have enjoyed not going in to work this week. It's really freeing. I thought I'd miss it a lot, but I really don't. I miss some of my friends at work though.

5- I'm hungry... guess I should start looking into lunch soon.

6- What is up with all this crazy weather we're having? Why have I gotten caught out in the rainstorms 2x this week? Got drenched once.

7- Why won't Joe Jackson stop talking?

8- I really like the Maxwell CD more than I thought I would.

9- I really gotta get started studying with a vengeance...lots of pre-course work that I haven't really even scratched the surface on...

10- I'm starting to get emails from the folks at that site might be the truth! Thank God!

11- Might have to buy an air mattress, but I'm ok with that.

12- Time is flying by...I feel like it was just the first part of July a week ago.

13- I'm really hungry, will try to jump back on later

14- Annamaria I think the baby is gonna be born on 8/6.

Serena W. said...

I think August 4th at 11:59pm sounds good for Sophia to come out lol!

I have a second interview today for a year long contract (fingers crossed and prayers up).

I no longer tolerate bs!

Especially when it comes to my money!!!

This transition is still kind of tough. But as they say God puts you through tests and then your TESTimony will be even greater and you'll be stronger!

I love chunky peanut butter!

Praying on a couple of things this morning (so send more prayers up).

One of my best buds and I have been having a tiff for a week now. Sigh...

Brooke I think its time for braids again :)

Woke up early this morning and started typing up poems and pieces that were sitting in my journal!

It felt great!

I'm going to take my broke self for a walk along the river front over the weekend. Its so beautiful out.

momo925 said...

It is blazin' outside and I LOVE LOVE LOVE every minute of it!

I'm ready to each lunch already.

I have decided I will NOT get the new ipod shuffle. Apparently there is no way to fast forward a song unless you do it through the headphones that come with it. boooooooooooooo to that! lol

I need some new music to listen to...any suggestions?

I'm ready to go on vacation...I dont know where but I want it to be somewhere hot!

I am in need of a tan! I want to get back to my bronze skintone ...this extra light skinned stuff is for the birds lol

I hate liars!

Why can't people just be who they are.

My desk looks like a tornado hit it.

Today I WILL actually do some work

Brooke we should get pedicures during lunch today :-)

I also think we should get some more ice cream today...this is my last day I promise! lol

The orange and lime green sherbert at blimpies up the block is CRACK! lol

Annamaria your fat and hot days will be over soon!

why do I always get free screening passes to the garbage movies I never want to see even if its are free?

momo925 said...

I'm sending up prayers for you Serena!

Annamaria said...

Brooke it's SOPHIA...don't call her Sophie..Her father will pull out a taser!!!! LOL he HATES that name..LOL...

Yeah 8/1 doesn't work for me. We have the kids this weekend & I wanna hang out with them Saturday sooo she just gotta wait....LOL she's been a royal pain in my butt so let her lil stubborn ass wait.
(when Austin reads this he is going to beat on me cause he hates when I am mean to her..LOL)

I like 8/4...she can share something with our president.. And that is the date I said from the begining...

-V- said...

- There's a few clouds today ... Dubya Tee Eff!

- Just fired someone this morning (YES, even Tommy works sometimes ... you know, at the job).

- Dante Stallworth got 30 days for drunk driving & KILLING A HUMAN! Leave Vick alone.

- Please have a Chicken Souvlaki on Pita from a street cart for me, I really miss those.

- Or 5 Grey's Papaya hot dogs with pineapple juice (drool ...).

- (still drooling ...)

Brooke said...

Well, being born this year she's already an Obama baby! :)

And don't be mean to her! She's gonna REALLY take her time now, you just watch.

I think we should pre-arrange her marriage to Ibrahim :) A 3 yr age difference sounds good to me :)

Serena, prayers sent, and answered.

Joe Jackson is an imbecile.

The rainstorms we've been having are crazy, but sexy too. Love summer storms.

Mo, I already told you not to get the shuffle! The Nano's were on sale at Target, you should see if they still are.

I need new music too...but Maxwell is holding it down for a while.

Mo, you're tempting me with the pedicure! AND the ice cream!!! Today is IT!!!

Are we spinning today?

I done messed around lost 5 lbs doing all these workout with Mo! Spinning, swimming...I need to hang out with you more often!

And yes, Mo's desk looks like a tree exploded...paper everywhere!

V, last time I ate food off the street in the city, I got violently sick. Never again.

And I KNOW better. My mother told me to never do that...especially soft pretzels off the street in Philly. Only thing I buy from a truck off the street is ice cream.


those hot dogs ARE good tho...

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-I concur with Brooke...V You ain't got no job.

-But V... very ingenious with the Dubya Tee eff... It took me about 3 minutes to figure out WTF you was talking about. LMAO

-My question of the day on my facebook page was..If you get in the shower and have to pee... do you get out?

-Brooke's response was "LMAO" Hmmmmm..She's a pee'er.

-I'm always assed out when I try to get someone to name a baby after me that's gonna be a girl. There are no cute girlish ways to play off my name.

-I'm on 1.5 hours of sleep. A little loopy.

-oh yeah.. brooke sorry I gotta use your page for a shameless plug but. THE SOUL SIESTA IS COMING BACK ROUND!!! Ask Brooke for my info if you want more info.

DMoe said...

Happy RTT -

Annamaria, you got this one...Watch yo back sucka.

Anyhoo, here's where I am:

- My latest obsession has been a complete makeover of my daughter's playroom. This means trips to Pottery Barn Kids, Ikea, and Home Depot. There's been paint, shelves, a visit from the cable guy (a different one) and lots of "assembly" of all the stuff I had to include in the project. The premiere is in T-minus 4 days. I won't allow her to set foot or see it until its complete.

- Current obsession numero dos: I have a fascination with Brazilian jazz, and am teaching myself the words to the Tom Jobim/Elis Regina classic "Aguas de Marco" --completely in Portuguese. WTF is my deal?

- I hate "screen hawkers" at work. Don't come over to me trying to speak on something with your eyes floating over to my PC OR the Mac I multi-task on. If you wanna be Snoop Dogg, take yo azz back to Cali.

And with that, here's what DMoe's rollin to this week:

Laura Izibor/Let the Truth be Told. I'll admit, it had to grow on me, but the CD has its moments with me. Some songs are profound, emotional testimony, while others just seem to be a bit too thick and melodramatic. Overall, R&B needed the new wrinkle this young lady has provided with her debut album. If you like Chrissette Michelle, I think you'll dig Laura Izibor.

Hot 8 Brass Band/We are One. If you love Frankie Beverly and Maze, I highly recommend listening to this N.O Brass Band's rendition of the classic Maze tune. Some recordings give you certain things. They are transcendent, and with all the people of New Orleans (including me and my family) have experienced since the Katrina days in 2005, you should listen to this lil somethin' that absolutely makes us shake our azz.

Sergio Mendes/Timeless. Back in the late 60's, there was a king of Cuban piano Jazz and his name was Sergio Mendes. Fast forward 30 years, throw in the Black Eyed Peas, prodcution, and some hot cameos from John Legend, Jill Scott, and Q-tip to name a few, and the result is in fact TIMELESS. This CD has been right in front of you at your local Starbucks from time to time a couple of years ago, and its just a damn good, feel good mix.

Honorable mention -
Mary J. Blige's new lead single feat Drake "The One". Mary's doing the reinvention thing nicely, and this one should be a knocker. But please be careful with the auto-tune.

Last up, I'm officially rooting for Whitney Houston...The album's been moved UP a week, and come on chick...You owe it to yourself to come back correct.

Dmoe aka Smallie Biggs

Brooke said...

You're right Pretty Ricky, there is no girlie way to play off your name. Not even a lil bit.

If I ever have a girl, I'm just gonna name her Nicole after my sister so I don't have to think about it :)

Yes, my response was "LMAO" because I thought that was a funny question - I will neither confirm or deny if I'm a "pee'er."

I'll be at Soul Siesta again, so plug away! Serena, you HAVE to go next year! Everyone should! Make it a Brookey's Cafe Blog get together or something!

I want a playroom...and a playroom with cable? Impressive!

Glad Kyce annem can't read that. But then again, the entire house is their playroom.

I have a privacy screen, so folks can try to be nosey if they want - ain't happenin'.

Annamaria said...

Brooke I don't mind a 3 year age difference BUT I've already prepicked a hubby for her BUT it depends on how he comes out.. His mama is due any minute now also..LOL BUT all future husbands MUST go through her father.... You ain't never seen Austin sweat until you mention one of his daughters getting the business....LOL....

Anthony Otero said...

Entrance Music: "I think I might give away a million bucks
I think I might give away a brand new truck.."

- I am feeling real good today

- ever walk around to the beat of the music you are listening to?

- It is a beautiful day out as well

Georgia Peach said...

LMAO@ pee in the shower question of the day. I would get out. If I had a penis I prob would pee in there, you have better aim with the penis.

- I agree about the Sergio that album.

@ Serena - prayers sent your way.

- I have inhaled my turkey sandwich and salt n vinegar potato chips (I'm gonna miss those when I move).

- I found a place that is picking up my bedroom furniture, tv's, a/c and a desk on Sunday! YEAH...this is really happening. But no tv and a/c for almost two weeks. What is Glee gonna do???

@ Brooke - congrats on the 5 lbs. I really need to start working out myself. Hmmm gotta get that on the agenda stat!

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

-Brooke that answer means that you are not a chronic pee'er... but you have let it flow from time to time. It's OK. One of the replies is that...peeing in the shower is GREEN

-And for real... I know most promoters say this...and i hesitate on saying it now... but our hotel really might sell out this year. So at least get your first deposit in! (we're already approaching last years numbers... and our busy season is November - March!)

Serena W. said...

Well since the bday cruise will be canceled then I'm in for Soul Siesta.

Brooke and Month thanks for the prayers.

I love Brazilian music!

DMoe send me a playlist to download!

Laura Izibor is the shiznit!

So is Chrisette!

I'm so happy to have a few of my sista friends within a 10-20 mile radius and not 1,300!

They pull through when I just can't anymore.

Missing my arts collective from Dallas.

And that fine a** guitarist that kept (and keeps flirting with me).

Despite the storms in my life I'm putting an umbrella up and keep on walking like Cece Penniston!

And "B" the dude...the fine a** guitarist kind of shares the same name as you lol!

Ms. Patra-son said...

1. Damn I'm distracted, can't finish my work... I guess this happens when the weekend is near!

2. I'm taking my daughter to the park on saturday and do pedi and mani on Sunday.

3. ummm... meeting at 2 don't want to be in it.

4. I have some gold jewelry that I think I might sell this weekend too.

5. Tonight is "Live @ Five" in Stamford, CT Bo Bice will be proforming; should be fun, but I wish it was Chris Daugthry!

6. Need to go thru my storage and sell a couple stuff but soooo lazy.

7. There's this stupid chick that work with me, she's so dumb!

8. For lunch I will have watermelon, 2 oranges and a banana.

9. Going to the gym tonight again

10. I love President Obama, but damn with the press conferences for everything dude!!

11. I want to go to Philly this weekend, but don't know!

12. I have a crush on a 25 year old kid - Damn I'm near 30! OH WELL!

Serena W. said...

So I hate automated wordsmithing!!! Why can't I say Mo without it turning into month!!!! Lol.

That made me smile!

Liz thanks for the prayers.

By the way Liz I'm scraping the jar of shea butter (ahem)...when will you start selling em!

Brooke said...

Uh, did Liz comment and I missed it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Brookey baby, i have to agree with you on the humidity. I have a permafro every darn day. There is not a gel or conditioner made to keep these ganip gaknaps down.I jsut saw two great movies, The Hangover, and Star trek ( don't laugh, Star Trek was freaking awesome)But the movie that looks really good is The Time Travelers Wife. Enjoy your lunch.

Powerz said...

1. Have the baby so I can get my 2 weeks off

2. Sophia, not Sophie

3. No business for my little girls

4. Driving in that rain yesterday was bananas

5. I think I want a banana

6. Titi is a curse

7. Tasers are not allowed in NY

8. I hate when Wendy Williams say "How you Dooin!"

9. She stole that phrase from Raspuci in Norbit

10. any relation to Raspucia in Norbit?

11. Are there any real people named Raspucia or Norbit?

Pretty Ricky What Dey Call'em said...

LMAO at Ganip Gaknaps!!!!

Serena W. said...

Ah damn that wasn't Liz lol! These alias names are messing with me!!!

Well whomever speaks to her tell her I'm scraping the damn jar!

Pretty Ricky promote on!!! I once learned that if you don't believe in your product and get it out there who will! I'm glad you're hitting last years numbers!

Ant I'm happy that you're happy! You had some storms in your life too :( but you pulled through my brother!

Annamaria said...


1. I swear if you even THINK about leaving my side at any point in those 2 weeks you will be the NEXT AIG employee on the news for abusing their benefits..LOL..

2. Your girls will get the business eventually..... SORRY TO TELL YOU THAT... Remember my daddy said the same thing & we both know you knocked me up by giving me the business...LOL

3. I almost peed on myself (not in the shower) when I read you want a banana... You are a very strange

4. My mother already told you that TITI is NOT a curse...It's a source of nourishment. and enjoyment.

5. Tasers are not allowed in NY but neither is marijuana, crack, cocaine, and all the other things you see in NY....besides we are getting a PR supreme court judge.. You watch how fast that rule changes! LMAO

6. Stop hating on Wendy.... I think you secretly love her & are afraid to tell me...LOL..


8. I'm going to teach Sophia how to say that in English & in Spanish just to mess with you...LOL

Brooke said...

Okay, back from lunch...and as usual you are are making me laugh :)

"ganip gaknaps" LOL!!

Permafro is right!

Austin, that rain yesterday was BANANAS!!

Speaking of which, did you have one?

Your girl will get the business one day, just deal with it.

I saw both The Hangover and Star Trek, both great - next!

Got a pass to see A Perfect Getaway for next Tuesday. Nothing yet for GI Joe...dammit!

Did I see correctly? Is Marlon Wayans in that movie?

What the hell is Titi?

THATgirl said...

-People don't seem to value kindness anymore. That kind of bugs me.

-To that effect, I constantly have to remind myself that my reward is in not here on earth, but in heaven.

-I hate driving, but I need a mini-vaca--so maybe I will go for a drive somewhere this weekend.

-The thought of outgrowing your friends is scary. Actually outgrowing them is scarier...but can be a relief.

-I hope I have a son one day. I picked his name out last week--like, its non-negotiable at this point.

-I wish I could fix/save/help every one/thing/situation.

-I'm so glad its Thursday.

-I think I'm gonna go shopping after work. I have an outfit stuck in my head--I have to go buy it. Today.

-I'm thankful to be alive. Someone...more than a few someones went to sleep last night and didn't wake up this morning. I may have woken up late, but I did. I may be having an effed up afternoon-but at least I'm experiencing it.

-On that note--lemme cheer up and get happy. I'm buggin.

Happy Thursday!!!

-V- said...

Not true Pretty Rick ... how 'bout (sounds like Veronica)?

Serena W. said...

THAT Girl is on point. Having a hard time but at least I'm here and alive. Too many young peeps are going out of here.

Praying on this second interview (working for yourself is a lot harder than anticipated).

Its all good! If I get this gig I can interface with the community which I love doing :)

Brooke said...

It's a great day to be alive Thatgirl (Lisa) :) Everyday is!

Did you say you had a blog topic for me?

Serena, so many blessings are coming your way it's not even funny!

Someone told me I look like an "island gal" - is that true? and what does an "island gal" look like?

Serena W. said...

Thanks Brooke!!!! Sometimes its hard to see through the trees!

And with the braids you did look like an island girl mon! Lol!

Sitting here waiting for my interview :)

Cynthia said...

Hello Brooke and Friends:

1. I'm bored

2. Dont like my nail polish, but will have to wait to change it in 2weeks, because mama dont have it...

3. Had 2 free lunches, freakin fat girl.. lol

4. Is sleepy has hell..

5. Mad that I found out my bro-in-law gave my son, who left to sleep away camp on Sunday, condoms to take with him.. He said, I rather he be safe than sorry, ONE.. he's 13, TWO.. its like saying here are some condoms, now you can do it... NOT!!! Is it me???

6. Did I mention I want to SLAP my bro-in-law

7. Can't get enough sleep...

8. Its freakin August, what the hell have I dont with the year so far...

9. I need a new car...

10. Want to move, to a bigger house, with bigger rooms, and more space, and maybe a maid, a part time cook, nanny, and driver...

11. Want a make-over

12. Want someone to pay for the make-over...

13. Wish I could just say what I want to type and watch it show up on the screen...

14. Why is Wendy Williams last day on the radion tomorrows? Is your tv show that good?

15. Just heard a girl say she took a dump in a bag and threw it at her boyfriends doorstep for cheating.. WTF!!

16. Just remembered I know someone that took a dump in someones living room and wrote the F word on wall.. nasty ass...

17. Tired of taking care of Pito's, Pookie's, JJ's, Shorty's, and Tisha's kids while they hang out on the corner all day and my ass is at work all day.. STOP HAVING BABIES IF YOU CANT TAKE CARE OF THEM.... I NEED MY TAXES...

18. Why am I feeling so destructive, like in fight mode..

19. once again, imma stop now, or I WILL be here all day...

Brooke said...

Okay Cynthia...#15? whoa...

#16? double whoa...and ewww!

Ain't that much anger in the world, that's just disturbing.

I know, I can't believe Wendy is leaving radio! I'm not so sure that's a good move, but hey, more power to her.

13 year olds have sex, not saying your son does...or will soon, but they do. Fast lil girls might tempt him! But I'm sure you raised him right :) It'll be fine.

Braids coming back soon.

okay, why did I almost nod off in the bathroom stall just now? I got the itis.

This day is forever.

Anonymous said...

hey people
little Sophia will be here around 8/10.....she is gonna chill and drive annamaria she is the first baby.....if you want her to come earlier then you and the baby daddy need to get busy!!!!!!

Brooke if you don't want uyour dinner just think after its been marinated it will be hella good....

did I hear something inthe news about a wpman decapitating her 3 month old baby

WHY IS MOROCCO SO HOT!!!!this is ridonkulous as Kyce would say!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes i think i am sooooo lucky...

but then i remember that it is GOD's favor. His Grace is sufficient!

Brooke said...


Kyce LOVES saying something is "ridonkulus"...what movie is that from? Bolt? Kung Fu Panda?

uh...Nicole, maybe because you're in HOT ASS AFRICA!!!

...well, Morocco gets cool too, but Africa in the summertime just SOUNDS hot!

Yolanda said...

Totally forgot it's Thursday.
I've been chained to the desk.

1. I need batteries.

2. I've got groceries coming tonight. I loves me some Peapod! Finally, I will have food in my house. My fridge was looking like a broke college kid's.

3. Annamaria's baby will have a taser, shank, aviator shades and a tase first/ask questions later attitude. I say she comes on 8/2 @ 3:31 pm.

4. Rameer takes a vacation and falls off the face of the earth. Good for him. I want a vacay :-(

5. Joe Jackson is the anti-Christ. Don't stare at him too long.

6. Did I mention how much work I have to do?

7. The baggage claim machine broke after 3 bags came out. I saw mine behind that rubber curtain, so I reached in and grabbed it. The lady behind the curtain chewed me out for reaching in. Whatever lady!

8. Where do babies come from. LOL (just seeing if you're paying attention)

9. Can't wait for Real Housewives of ATL. I know it's awful and I lose brain cells, but it's the perfect escape.

10. I'm fiendin' for the drive in movie. I must go back.

11. SOOOO happy to be home from trip #2 to Detroit.

12. I think when life hands you lemons, you should put them in a tall glass of Ciroc.

DMURRAY said...

1. My 7 year old is working my nerves

2. Leave MJ alone the man is dead. Someone lost a father, a son, a brother.

3. I miss my wife!

4. I am READY for some football.

5. Damn this was a rough week at work.

6. I have to start working out again. Can't let wifey get here are I be slippin'

7. I need to fine a good church.

8. How made would the wife be if I dropping $3,400 for 2 season tickets for the Redskins and did not tell her?

9. Don't mess with the PoPo.

10. Why can't I have a brew at Obama's house?


Brooke said...

uh yeah, she'll be mad that you dropped that much cash on Redskins better hide :-)

Yolanda, I wish I had something I need batteries for :(

Rameer is still lurking on FB, but not nearly as much...and barely on the blog. But he deserves a vacation. I bet the white people at his job are relieved :)

My nephew thinks babies come from the hospital gift shop :)

Serena W. said...

Yolanda where is a drive in out here?

D.Murray if my soror gets back from TX and finds out you spent $3,400 on 2 tickets she will paddle you!!!

Let me know what kind of church you want to go too. My home church is in MD.

Hi Malek! Have a beautiful time in Africa!

Babies from the gift shop lol!

2nd interview went good! Cross the fingers!

Found a $5.00 bill in the grocery store! Greatness!!!

Yolanda said...

Serena, the drive in is out past Baltimore. It's a hike but it's worth it and the snacks are cheap too!

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