Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That's What He GETS???

Happy Hump Day!!

People have been hitting me up left and right to guest blog for me - I feel so special! :-) Today's guest is none other than Rameer, aka illabstract aka the god Dirty Backpacks :-) You know he's always got something to say...should be interesting!

That's What He GETS??? Rameer Green

Yeah, it’s ME. I’m not apt to want to guest blog for Meryl much – I think she has great topics, has a wide variety of people who can step in for her, and I’m pretty cool with just offering up my opinions within the blog. But lately, due to a prevailing opinion that I find very disturbing, I wanted to chime in with something. And frankly, whether it elicits a lot of responses or not, I don’t give a damn – SOMEBODY needs to say it.

There are many different things that can be said about each sex. Some are flat-out true speaking in a general sense (most American men like sports, most American women like Oprah); other things are very dependent upon personal experience, environment, etc. I could easily write a blog taking men to task on certain behaviors, and I can do the same for women. I tend to lean more in the direction of not doing either, cuz I surround myself with people who buck said stereotypes, clichés and generalities. I will offer up my opinions about each sex’s general things, cuz that’s what we all tend to do at times.

This blog, however, is directed at women – and something I have noticed lately that actually gets under my skin.

I’m completely sick of women using the Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti tragedies as some type of women’s rallying cry.

Seriously. I’ve seen women of all ages, races, backgrounds, etc. try to use this crap as some old moment to almost rejoice and essentially say “mm-hmm – that’s what they GET.” Has certain women’s bitterness just absolved the fact that two men were MURDERED?!? Women are using these two TRAGEDIES as some ol' "Waitin' To Exhale" bullcrap-rallying moment. Truth is, there are PLENTY of older men with younger women, and vice-versa in recent years. Trying to make it like an older man being with a younger woman is somehow asking for it is, in my opinion, ignorant and socially irresponsible. It depends on THE INDIVIDUALS, regardless of age. Lorena Bobbitt was close in age to John Wayne Bobbitt - that still ain't stop her from chopping off his Jimmy! Brenda Harvey was the same age as Lionel Richie - never stopped her from BEATING HIS A$$! And Al Green took some hot grits to the face from his girlfriend, who was close in age, I believe - before she killed herself. Crazy comes in ALL flavors and ages. But I hear women talking, posting on Facebook and blogs, etc. – “that’s what THEY GET.” To any woman who has reveled in either or both tragedies – how would you feel if a large percentage of men said “that’s what she GETS” in reference to Jennifer Hudson’s mother being killed? Or grouped together to give the prevailing opinion that MJB, Tina Turner and Halle Berry all deserved the a$$-whoopings they’ve taken earlier in their careers? Laci Peterson – she’s responsible for her own death, right??

I mean, overwhelmingly, the people I’ve seen speaking ill of these situations are women - upset that McNair was cheating with a young chick, or that Arturo and his wife were said to be arguing earlier in the day and he had pushed her down during the argument. That justifies DEATH?? I don’t excuse any bad behavior – but I don’t think if anyone is cheating (McNair), they deserve death.

And the thing being missed in all of this – those women upset about the fact that athletes may date younger, naïve women don’t get that this has gone on since the dawn of time. Men with power, respect, adulation and currency always have dated younger women, cheated, and acted certain ways. Not all of them, and it’s not a prerequisite – but it’s also not a surprise. These deaths are NOT going to stop the 80% of professional athletes out there with “sidepieces.”

But that’s neither here nor there. My issue is the almost "happiness" that some have exuded at the death of two dudes. What went on in their households was THEIR business. Whether morally wrong or not, I don’t react with the same vigor and enthusiasm that some females have over these deaths. And it shows me just how bitter in one’s own feelings a person can be to take a tragedy and use it as a tool to jump on a soapbox to talk about how “these men are.”

A male co-worker said something to me the other day somewhat in reference to this. He said, “You know – when we as men gather, we don’t sit around and bitch about what’s wrong with the opposite sex or our ladies. But women don’t go a week without saying something negative about men or their man in general.” Now, I don’t agree that ALL women do that, and that no men bitch. But I WILL say that percentage-wise, I would agree that groups of women inevitably complain/talk about/put a critical lens to the male species way moreso than men. Even in the barbershop, we tend to clown the guy with that “all bitches are the same” mentality. “Naw, man – not MY girl. YOU just choose them hoes!” “Well, if you wasn’t so stuck on stupid choosin’ them crazy ones…” and so on.

I think it’s the overall attitude of some women that leads to this destructive mentality. Oh, men are not free of guilt – you have no idea how I can go on and on about our faults. But I’ve NEVER heard guys offer an overall “validated death” attitude over the murder of a woman by her husband/loved one. The closest thing was Nicole Brown Simpson, and that vibe was more like, “I understand how it could happen” rather than, “that’s what she GETS.”

I posted this as my Facebook status last week cuz it’s funny, but TRUE. It’s from comedian Corey Holcomb, who’s famous for his “ignant” comedy:

“Ladies, if you’re over the age of 30 and you still think ALL men ain’t sh*t…YOU’RE THE PROBLEM.”

I would say the same thing about a man over 30 thinking similarly as well.

Rest in peace to Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti - two of the great athletes of our time. Blessings go out to their families. Let them rest. The truth of the situation is what it is…it should not be used as an “Amazonian Masterhood” moment.

My $1.27 worth.



Anthony Otero said...

First Bitches!!!!!

Anthony Otero said...

I am not even sure what to say about this one. I will just say that love makes people do crazy things.

I cant speak for anyone, but people deal with love or lack thereof in may different ways and not all for the good.

Anonymous said...

Where are you hearing these comments from women? Street corners, the water-cooler at your job, eavesdropping on womens cell phone conversations, blogs, twitters or some form of techie communication? - I ask because ignorant lives everywhere, but maybe you should consider where you are hearing this from. I havent heard one "good for him/them" comment in my sister circle of educated black women. NOT ONE. Honestly the only negative comment I heard was from a male co-worker who stated "well if he wouldnt have been cheating with that young girl...& he even made reference to what McNair must have done to the young lady sexually to get her to the crazy enough to kill stage" - anyway, I digress, back to my point... consider the arena you are in and maybe, quite possibly that could play a part in why you have heard this kind of nonsense. - In a nutshell, yes the conversations I overhear in the HOOD or the liquor store are totally different the conversations I hear visiting the Schomburg Library in Harlem - it's different mindset!

DMurray said...


While I have not heard those comments; I have in the past heard the mindset of rejoice due to the unfortunate luck of an adulterer from both sexes. It is almost primal; however it is part of the human condition. The capacity to love so hard yet display such wrath. I know I talked about loving my girl's dirty drawz but I could tell you some things my ex did that were just foul. My man Latinegro said it one way and I will say it another; there is a thin line between love and hate. I have experienced both sides. There is a difference between thinking what vengeful act you could perform to get even and actually doing it....but maybe not much.

There is only one perfect judge and he has not returned yet; so be careful, no one is free from sin. We have all done something wrong and one wrong is no better than another. The real losers in this story are the 4 McNair boys and Arturo's fam. Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti rest in peace.


Brooke said...

Rameer said he won't be able to comment until this afternoon, so give him a minute.

As for my own response, I haven't heard one woman say "that's what he gets either." Not one. Women have said things like "wow, I feel sorry for his wife" or "I feel sorry for his kids." But no one I know said that he deserved to die.

I think in both cases, the women are the ones who come off looking crazy. They were so overcome with desperation that they felt murder was the only option they had - which is truly sad. Ant and D said it best, there's a thin line between love and hate sometimes, and unless you're of sound mind, some crazy people (men AND women) may feel driven to the point of madness. It's really scary.

When I posted my blog last Friday "If You're Gonna Cheat" many said my scenarios were crazy and the women said that they'd NEVER consider doing such things. And I'm sure that's true. But the men and women on this blog were not who I was referring to. Just like Dwayne said, we may have all THOUGHT about doing something crazy in the name of love, but our SANITY actually keeps us from DOING it. We've all had thoughts of revenge - maybe not VIOLENT or HOMOCIDAL thoughts - but we've had them. Acting on them is a totally different story.

No one deserves to be murdered, unless it's in self which case it's not murder. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with both families and I pray for peace for them all.

Annamaria said...

Tase, Shank, Tase & Shank....

Now on to business. I don't there should be a good for them attitude about any murder. Neither one of these men deserved to die. REGARDLESS they both left children behind whose lives will forever be affected. There is an article today in the daily news about Arturo Gatti's 3 year old daughter who hasn't seen him in a while thanks to his wife who forced him to cut off contact.

Now the relationship between McNair & his wife still has yet to be clarified. BUT if he wasn't trying to be cute picking up teenagers in Dave & Busters (DUDE YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN HAVING TO MEET A CHICK IN DAVE & BUSTERS) then he wouldn't have met this crazy chick & wouldn't be dead. There is nothing wrong with dating someone younger than you. I'm younger than my booboo. BUT if he was going to leave his wife & kids pick someone with some substance & something to offer you. STEP UP. Trust me if his wife were to have a jumpoff. He'd be the number one draft pick with a better contract. Better Knees & much hotter!
Gatti had a history of cheating & beating his wife. NO that doesn't justify her killing him BUT watch her 23 year old ass get away with his murder because of this shit. She'll get some high powered lawyer & walk cause she is going to claim battered wife syndrome & all the abandonment & abuse she endured and she will WALK. WHY I BLAME HIM?? Not because she is younger, or he picked her up in the strip club (REALLY???) BUT because his FIRST sign that something was wrong was when she FORCED A GROWN ASS MAN to cut off communication with his daughter because she was jealous!!! He should have showed her ass the door from that moment on. BUT no he chose the ass over his child & now he will NEVER have the chance to fix that relationship.
Point is. Like I said I don't think either of these men deserve to be dead BUT I do think the choices they made contributed to their deaths.

DMoe said...


First of all...Thanks for speaking on this. Second of all, I've heard such comments from a few females and agree with your take on that nonsense. While there are many level-headed ladies that have spoken on the fact that these guys didnt deserve "the death penalty", I have heard 7-too-many women scoff at the fact that the original sin led to these murders.

As a man, I feel for the families left behind, the children who will have to live lives under the umbrella of McNair's questioned legacy, and certainly the motherless Gatti child who has to face a life after "mommy killing daddy." Those are tragedies within themselves.

I also believe in the concept of "big lives having big deaths". One of my personal efforts on this earth is to try to live the kind of life that friends, family and acquaintances from miles around will stop at nothing to offer a kind word about me as I lay in the casket when my time comes.

That may sound morbid, but the idea is that my legacy takes personal daily attention, and in the end, when its all said and done - THAT will be all I have. THAT will be my personal path to immortality...To leave my favorable mark on those who knew me.

With that said, I'm pretty sure for those who knew and loved Steve McNair and Arturo Gatti, their legacies have some enduring images, both highly negative and highly positive.

The sad part in these cases is that we have no idea how the script ends. It could end right after a dispute and a drunken altercation, or it could end at the home of an associate who has reached the end of their proverbial rope. But when it is time, exactly what position we may be in will make some difference for those left behind.

Unfortunately, that will become the story - as opposed to life's details that mean the most in our time of death.

Thanks for reading this.

Your friend and mine,

DMurray said...


I am not totally sold on the idea that women step up when they step out. As a percentage they may be more inclined to do that but when you have a guy that has it all (financial & professional success) some folks just want the jumpoff. The personal trainer; the gardener, the dude on the grind that is just trying to come up and has not arrived yet.

It is a cause and effect thing - you put yourself in situations and bad things happen. However, do we blame the victim? If so, the chick that wears next to nothing act is asking for a jerk to say something rude to her. Better yet, the girl who is fast and comes home with a guy then changes her mind after she's at the crib and in the bed deserves to have the guy just take the booty from her. It is a slippery slope. Cause and affect I know; but lets be consistent with it and question the decisions that got us there.

To reiterate they made bad choices but did not deserve to die.


Annamaria said...

True women don't always step up. I'm not trying to blame the victim I'm just saying had these dudes made wiser decisions they may still be alive. They had soo much to live for & were truly great talents. Not to mention they had sooo much to offer their kids! Women have been triflin for years
IE: Kobe's accuser, Mike Tyson accuser etc etc..Learn from these mistakes....

Annamaria said...

Funny how I'm trying to think all diplomatic & stuff when I'm always thinking about tasing someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poor Austin... They would never find his body.

Brooke said...


But all I was trying to say with last Friday's post is be careful and pay attention. If you're gonna put yourself in a certain situation, try to be as "smart" about it as possible, if you can even do that...because there are people out there who aren't stable.

Hell, you don't even have to put yourself in certain situations nowadays to come across a crazy person. You could be standing on a subway platform and get pushed by a nutso, just minding your own business. Crazy is all over nowadays! Just be careful who you deal with.

Brooke said...

by the way, I had NO IDEA Al Green's girlfriend, or whatever she was, killed herself after she threw hot grits on him...NO IDEA!

That's crazy.

Annamaria said...

I agree that people not just men but PEOPLE in general should think VERY carefully before putting themselves in certain situations.

Rameer said...

I'm back.

First off - like Meryl points out to me on this blog almost weekly, just cuz I didn't hear something doesn't mean people aren't saying it somewhere or in other areas.

To anonymous - I'm from the 'Hood, but I don't hang around uneducated, more "Hood" types when having meaningful convos. The women I have heard this from are doctors, teachers, executives, TV and film employees, etc. and would be considered upper middle class and of a certain type of class. So that theory is DEAD - these are typical, educated, well-thought of women. So YES, I've heard them from women who would frequent the Schomburg Library.

Annamaria - all due respect, but philosophically speaking, everyone on this blog puts themselves in positions to die daily. Have you rode a plane? Guess what - if that plane crashed, someone could say you put yourself in that position (I don't ride planes cuz I don't trust them, not do I trust someone I know nothing about being responsible for my life). Like dwayne said - one could blame a rape victim cuz she wore something provocative and decided to let a guy up for a drink after the date. Let's not try to put it on them - they made bad choices, and most people are morally against some of the things they did in their lives.

Still doesn't mean they should've died or they are at fault in any way. No one would've guessed either event would've occurred the day before they occurred.

DMoe, thanks for the input and feedback. I feel your words.

Myself and many other guys have heard this opinion from a NUMBER of women, as my original post states. It is not a "rare" opinion when I speak to women in different cities and states, and to different guys in various places as well. Please believe, people - if I asked Meryl to guest blog, it wasn't just a handful of people I know from a certain hood yapping their gums.

It was the accumulation of A LOT of these opinions from a VARIETY of different women.

Brooke said...

Having had a stalker who I didn't know from Adam (yes, a real life "gotta get a police report and restraining order" stalker) - I can tell you that there are some nut jobs out there. Just because we could never see ourselves in these situations doesn't mean these people don't exist. They do.

As for Rameer's question about are women so bitter that we think men deserve death, that's quite possible. Most women wonder what it will take to keep men from cheating, and as Rameer said, it'll never stop.

I read a tweet that Holly Robinson Peete posted where she said "I told hubby if I get a call some 20 yr old waitress he was doin offed him - me n kids are boycotting the funeral - NOT even joking."

Sounds bitter, but I can understand the sentiment. Not saying it's right, but women who feel jilted or humiliated may not be thinking clearly. The pian is all they know, and maybe the women who make these comments only feel the pain associated with being betrayed.

It's funny how most men hate it when women say "all professional athletes/actors/singers/politiciansare dogs" but then say women shouldn't be surprised when they get cheated on. While we may know that that's what they do, MOST women want to give THIER man the benefit of the doubt and believe that THEIR man is better or stronger than the average man. So when they get betrayed, it's devastating. Whether McNair's wife knew what he was doing or not, I'm sure it stil hurt. I'm sure she doesn't believe he deserved to be killed, but I'm sure she's thinking that if he wasn't messing around with THAT particular woman, he'd still be alive.

Brooke said...

please excuse all the typos, can't type today!

Rameer said...

Well put, Meryl. However, I have to take issue with one thing you wrote...

What men do YOU know who hate it when you say that group of men all cheat?? Cuz I literally have met NONE on this entire Earth - unless they WERE on of those classifications! And even THEN, they'll admit that to be true amongst men, just not in front of women.

I made damn-near a LIVING telling women at SU that very thing, only to watch most of them not listen and get their hearts broken. I wouldn't/won't rat on a guy I know, but I WILL tell a woman that 90% of men in that classification engage in that behavior - and that they're VERY UNLIKELY to ever meet the 10% that doesn't...

Annamaria said...

1. Guys REREAD everything I have said. I've said about 9 times that I do NOT believe these dudes should be dead. I don't think these chicks should have killed them & NO I am NOT trying to blame the victim.

2. YES we do put ourselves in situations every day that we can die in. Taking a plane, crossing the street etc etc etc. BUT sometimes just sometimes we can make decisions that can affect whether or not we live or die. FOR EXAMPLE: WE can choose NOT to take drugs & therefore NOT run the risk of dying of an overdose.

Basically what I am trying to say is that WE as humans should think about the consequences of our actions before acting. NOT blaming anyone but sometimes we just do things & don't think & don't think they are every going to catch up to us. We think we are young & invincible & can't be touched. NOT THE CASE.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, pump your brakes bruh... & Please don't get so angry - it's really not that serious, (is it?). I happen to agree with you totally! No man/ woman deserves to die at the hands of a lover - cheating, young or otherwise...
I thought this was a forum for adults to discuss and share opinions(We aren't all going to agree and sing We are the world all the time on every topic, but its OK - uh, Bruh)
I understand that you feel that the professions you noted (doctors, teachers, tv & film employees)automatically equal well educated - but If these women are executives and doctors and they are saying "these men deserved to die" - whew, they may have gone to school, but how educated are they? Unlike you, I was never from the hood, and if I was I probably wouldnt wear that like a badge of honor. However hood does not equal uneducated either. Expand your circle Buddy, really... I truely believe the conversations would be different.

Rameer said...

Anonymous - I don't know you and you don't know me. As such, you have no IDEA how wide my circle is - and it's VERY wide. For you to tell me to "expand" it without first knowing me is insulting.

So pump YOUR brakes.

And I AM from the Hood, and I DO wear that badge proudly - cuz it made me who I am today. Just like Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, John Singleton, Oprah Winfrey and other accomplished, proud Blacks - that is where I came from and never forget. If you ain't from the Hood - good for you. But I AM, and the experience helped in making me a pretty decent human being for the most part.

This forum IS to discuss different opinions. Just watch how you come at ME in the personal vein...I'm pretty acrobatic.

Anthony Otero said...

No one brings up love in any of these of conversations. These are crimes of passion. Can you imagine how it is to love someone so much that you would kill them because they hurt you?

Yeah, it is crazy, but that is what it is. Love gone mad. I do not give a shit if people want to say...oh he cheated on his wife. I mean duh, there are reasons for that we do not know. But, lets not do down the road of saying..he has a side piece that meant nothing.

Clearly for Mcnair, that chick had this crazy love for him. Did he love her? Probably, we wont know.

Rameer said...

Good point, Ant. My boy actually said that last week - that no one's talking about the love aspect.

Brooke said...

well I think we did touch on the love aspect a saying that there's a thin line between that and hate. People think the opposite of love is hate...but it isn''s indifference.

These woman clearly acted out of passion, and is a crime as such. Desperation set it. Some equate being in love to being out of your mind, and you could argue that's true. But if you love YOURSELF more, or first, then maybe these women would have thought twice about what they were going to do. If they loved their children more, maybe they would have acted differently. Who knows. It's all up for speculation.

If McNair DID love this woman, that makes this story that much more tragic.

Rameer said...

You hit the nail on the head, Meryl:

"...if you love YOURSELF more, or first, then maybe these women would have thought twice about what they were going to do."

I disagree that the opposite of Love is indifference - I DO think it's hate. Love is such a strong feeling, such a strong emotion...the only thing that strong is it's polar opposite, Hate - which springs out of love. I've had this discussion many years ago - you can't TRULY hate something or someone unless you first loved it. That's such a deep convo, it should be saved for another blog.

Indifference? EVERYONE is indifferent. Do you care if they make a sequel to Howard The Duck? I sure don't...cuz we're INDIFFERENT to it. And so on, and so forth.

Other than that little discrepancy, again - I agree with most opinions presented by the usual suspects...

Brooke said...

I guess I just view love and hate as flipides of the same coin. To me, if I hate you, that means I still care on some level. But if I could care less if you fall off the side of the earth, if you're still breathing or not, to me that's not love...or's nothing. We can agree to disagree on that.

I couldn't even fathom murdering someone I love, no matter how much they hurt me. I've been cheated on and hurt to my core before, and not once did KILLING them so that no one else could have them enter my mind. To me, you don't stop loving someone just because they hurt you...and I couldn't imagine taking the life of someone I loved, especially not if they were the father of my children. It's scary to think a person could get to that point.

Rameer said...

And THAT'S why YOU'RE not the women we are talking about.

But everyone is different. And whether we realize it or not - we ALL know someone you would never expect to do something - that WOULD.

Anonymous said...

Dude - it's not a good look, you getting all sensitive and such.
Wow, You should change your name to Angry Black Man.

Ok - to the Blog Originator, this guest poster needs to learn not to get so darn personal and "ghetto" when a poster makes a comment - come on now really...(keep in mind I am no longer addressing my comment to him since he seems really irate right now (I must admit I am laughing at this guy right now) - and come on bruh it's not this serious). I like your Brookey Blog page it's light hearted but informative (I have told a few friends to check it out and vote for you too), but this dude needs to breathe - it's not personal it's all opinion. I still agree with his comments and noone deserves to be murdered because of love.

The Cable Guy said...

I don't think Rameer was being sensitive at all. And not ghetto either. I'm educated AND from the hood, and you make it seem like folks from the hood can't speak intelligently or have a serious thought. If I was Rameer, I'd be insulted too.

Back to the blog, I've heard women say that McNair deserved what he got, which is "buffoonery" to me, as Brooke would say. I don't care what he was doing, no one deserves to be murdered and none of us has the right to take a life. Let him be judged by a higher power - revenge is not ours.

Annamaria said...

I think that BOTH these men loved these women. Although I can NOT fathom the amount of love you have to have for someone to kill them. Tase YES kill nah..LOL...I just think something went TERRIBLY wrong with that love that it lead to murder.

NOW let's address the hood part. Just because you grew up in the HOOD (as did I and other people that read this blog) does not mean that you are UNEDUCATED OR that you only associate with "uneducated hood people". I associate with LOTS of educated & intelligent people who just happened to grow up in a neighborhood classified as the hood. As a matter of fact some of the people I know that grew up in more desirable neighborhoods aren't as smart as the HOOD people I know because they seem to lack the common sense & street smart factor. SOOO let's watch the stereotyping & classifying.

Brooke said...

Educated does not equal intelligent, most people assume that they're one in the same - they're not.

You can get your education in a classroom like Barack Obama, or in a jail cell like Malcolm X. Intelligence is being self motivated to learn for the sake of learning - and one pound of learning requires 10 pounds of common sense to apply it.

As for the blog and Rameer's last comment to me, I totally agree, that's what makes ME not crazy. But I think most people think all their friends are the norm. I couldn't believe all the comments I got from women offline about my blog last Friday that were like "what women are like that, I don't know any." And that's great. But that doesn't mean they don't exist and I didn't think my scenarious were all that far fetched. I may not HANG with any women who would behave that way, but I definitely KNOW some.

Rameer said...

THANK YOU, Cable guy & AnnaMaria. "anonymous" (how come everytime we get one of THOSE, some bullsh*t is bound to be written?!?) is a clown to me.

Though I don't HAVE to explain anything, I'm sure all of the regulars on here now I'm not the least bit over-sensitive, not do I tend to get "ghetto" as you put it. I HAVE wiled out and engaged in a few arguments with ANONYMOUS clowns who chime in with inane comments. But as for the people who frequent this blog - we never get into REAL arguments, cuz we all tend to be like a big blog family, and maintain a healthy respect for each other throughout our likes, dislikes, agreements and disagreements.

If you think I'm an Angry black man - so be it. It ain't changing the money I make, food that I eat or roof over my head. I would disagree, and people who actually **know** me probably would too. I just don't deal with crap, and respond when morons chime in. such as yourself.

You sound WILD ignorant with your "ghetto" comments. I won't lay out my schooling, where I work, what I do, etc. Suffice to say there are A LOT of people from the hood on this blog, and I can honestly say the people who frequent it with the intestinal fortitude to identify themselves when they chime in are extremely smart people. It's one of the reasons I read it everyday - no dummies, and honest opinions from smart, intellectual people.

Meryl - THIS was the theory I spoke of and why I don't like to chime in with guest blogs. Everytime I guest blog, or really offer an opinion on these things, an ANONYMOUS a$$hole always chimes in with something dumb to say. It's as definite as the sun setting in New York state - you can set your watch by it. And they always have something really dumb to say - this time, it's insulting all people who grew up from "the hood".

Question - who do YOU look up to? Who do you admire? Name 10 people, and I guarantee one of them comes from one of these hoods you speak of so derisively. YOU are the only person on here that sounds uneducated and ignorant. Some of the smartest people I've ever known come from the hood - and some of the dumbest people come from outside of it - presently company (read: YOU) included.

and just cuz I'm straight forward doesn't make me irate, angry, sensitive or whatever you ASSUME. It's ME - I'm blunt, and forward. I would never let a peon like you who I don't even know remotely get under my skin...I'm from "the hood", remember? I've got more pressing concerns - like bullets to duck and drug dealers to avoid.


Get a clue. And, find a new blog. We're good here - I thought we weeded out the chumps.

Meryl - as sure as a rooster crows in the morning, I told a co-worker some anonymous fool would pop up, and I ain't Ms. Cleo...but obviously...

"Me speak DA TROOF!!!"

Brooke said...


Yes Rameer, you sure DID say this to me yesterday when you brought up guest blogging for me today. And you're right, you and "anonymous" have a thing going on. Crazy business.

Sensitive? No. Blunt. Definitely.

Gotta love it! :-)

Rameer said...

Excuse the typos...I was trying to write that quickly in-between editing pieces at my "ghetto" job.

Yolanda said...

I wouldn't call either of these deaths a rallying cry for any woman. I'd day they should be a wake up call for men to start making some better choices in women. Crazy reveals itself. Trust! That cute little jealous thing she does all the time might turn into you missing a penis or some scrotum. I don't think women should be rejoicing and in my conversations, I have not heard any woman say that's what they get. Now, I will crack a purse strap joke (although Rameer will go all Ike Turner on me for making such a joke). I don't find Gatti's death funny at all. But DYING by purse've got to admit, that's some old school, 80 year old grandma type gangsta isht right there!

Brooke said...

Exactly Yolanda, that's what I was trying to say last week. All those scenarios I painted weren't "rules" but just things to say "hey, if you're gonna do it, these are things you may want to consider." Nobody thinks THEIR jumpoff is crazy...until she's standing over you with a gun or a purse strap.

And I see what Ant means, sometimes you can't help who you fall in love with, maybe it just happened, etc. I get that. But be careful...cuz the crazies are out there.

Rameer said...


Remind me to choke YOU...and not with a purse strap...

Bare hands. It's more personal.

I'm done for the day. See y'all tomorrow...I've got a sushi date for dinner!

Or maybe I should choose cuisine of a more "hood" variety...

(Yeah, Meryl - I ain't lettin' THAT one go for a while. Sooooooo ignorant.)

Brooke said...

Goodnight Rameer!

Thanks for the guest blog!

"woo saaaa" :-)

People have made alot of jokes about the McNair/Gatti situation (read a story called "Jumpoffs Gone Mad") but it's really sad. Maybe it's premature, but I wonder if they'll teach a class for rookies on how to spot a crazy chick.

Annamaria said...

I know Rameer is gone for the day BUT hopefully he'll read this later. HOPE instead of sushi you went to POPEYE's for some chicken & fries!!!!!!!!!! Straight up HOOD FOOD SON! lol

Brooke said...

I can't find a Popeyes in NY to save my life! LOL!!

their beans and rice is off the chain! :)

(different from rice and beans Annamaria :)

Did I mention Annamaria can cook her ass off? Her rice and beans are crack!

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